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Embarrassment of Riches



I have to choose two of the following:

  • Najee at Chargers (#31 vs run)  #6 RB in my scoring
  • Taylor at Buffalo (#3 vs run)   #1 RB in my scoring
  • Mixon at Raiders (#26 vs run)  #5 RB in my scoring
  • Dillon at Vikings (#27 vs run)  #23 RB in my scoring (but no Jones this week)

*Scoring:  1/2 PPR; 1 pt/15 yds rushing & receiving;  4 pt bonus at 50 yds (can get it for both rushing and receiving)


Who you got?



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Wow, nice problem to have, I would guess Mixon and Dillon, but this is a tough call.

Mixon is coming off a bye, so hopefully he is rested and healthy, Dillon has been coming on lately and Aaron Rodgers sat out two practices with a toe issue this week, and with no other RB worth playing a lot for the Packers, I see good potential for Dillon to have a good week.  If Green Bay gets a lead, Dillon might be needed to run out the clock.

Big Ben for Pittsburgh has just came back from the Covid list, and he is starting, so no telling how he will play today when they paly at San Diego.

Since I have am a Packer Homer, I am disclosing some possible bias in this decision, but I honestly do like Mixon and  Dillon today.

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It's a SF league and with Lamar being ruled out I was able to play 3 of them.  I went with Taylor, Dillon, and Najee.  Taylor scored 48, Dillon 12 and Mixon 24.  Looks like I should have gone Mixon over Dillon and we will see what Najee does.

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1 hour ago, football fan said:

Boy was I wrong.

I ended up being wrong too.  Najee ended with 11pts.  So I sat Mixon with 24 for Dillon and Najee who didn't even total 24 (12 & 11 respectively).  All were decent but game script for PItt last night was terrible.  So was giving Najee 2 carries only from inside the five out of 7 plays.  He scored on one of the two but instead of fooling around with passing and jet sweeps they should have just lined up and given the ball to their best offensive player.  Ugh.


Anyway, I am up 10 against Evans while I have Antoine Winfield and Succop.  It will be close.  

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