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Tight end - rest of season

Phantom Knight


I am in a 10-team, short bench league with non "standard" scoring... 

  • PPR
  • 0-49 yards = 0 points
  • 50-74 yards = 2 points
  • 75-99 yards = 4 points
  • 100-149 yards = 6 points
  • RECEIVING touchdown = 3 points
  • RUSHING touchdown = 0 points 

So clearly number of receptions is the "safest" point base.  I currently have Goedert and Gesicki.  Logan is sitting on the wire.  

Which 2 do I want the rest of the season?  I am tempted to go Goedert and Logan although Gesicki has been the higher scoring of the three so far for (clear reasons).

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Agree with the first answer -- all three are fine options and I wouldn't hate any of them, but I'd personally feel most comfortable with Dallas Goedert and Logan Thomas.

Goedert and Thomas feel like more integral parts of their offenses, whereas I could see Gesicki bouncing between superstar and afterthought depending on game script, opponent, etc. I say stick with the higher floors, and I think those two are safer than Gesicki.

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I just realized that I was overlooking an important issue - both Goedert and Gesicki share the same (and not yet passed) Bye Week 14.  We must have exactly two TEs. So that clinches that one of the two had to go... Had to go because Gesicki is no longer on the squad.  Thanks for confirming my thoughts on the matter!

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