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Make This Trade OR Cut 1: Need to Activate Hunt off IR



14 Team Dynasty:

Need to cut 1 or make a trade to activate Hunt off IR.

1. Who do I cut? 


2. Would you trade Sutton and Wilson Jr. for Tee Higgins to make room for Hunt?

My team:

Mahomes, Hurts

CMC, AJones, Chubb, Montgomery, Hunt, Wilson Jr., Hubbard, Herbert

Nuk, Dionte Johnson, Hollywood Brown, Sutton, Aiyuk, Julio 

Kelce, Goedart, Kmet



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I would probably cut a running back and it would probably be Wilson.  I don't trust Shanahan... I don't trust Wilson's ability to stay healthy. 

After Wilson, my cut candidate would probably be (sigh) Julio.  I just don't think he will ever be 100% healthy again... he very well may have a couple of huge games a season, but you'd probably miss them (and maybe even have a few duds before missing the explosion - making a bad experience even worse).  I just wouldn't want the bother.  If I could ANYTHING in trade for him, I'd take it at this point. 

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I agree with Phantom Knight that you don't have any obvious cut candidates, and I'd cut Wilson if forced.

However, I value Higgins over Sutton, so I think you're better off making the trade rather than cutting Wilson. Sutton just signed the contract extension, but I actually feeling safer with Higgins' future since he's tied to Burrow, while Denver's QB situation is up in the air (Rodgers to Denver is a popular theory, but there's no guarantee he ends up there, or how long he plays if he does). They're both young, have shown their upside, and are in offenses with lots of competing targets. So there's not a huge gap if you prefer Sutton, but I'd consider Higgins an upgrade.

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