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Russell Wilson's value in 12-team superflex dynasty?



First time playing dynasty and really struggling to pinpoint the value of a QB like Russ.

I'm already knocked out of the playoffs because my RBs/WRs have been struggling this year, so I feel like I should be getting a jump on a rebuild. I also am holding Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, and Mac Jones as my other QBs, which makes me think that Russ is the most valuable piece I can flip.

I've gotten one offer so far: Russell Wilson + Damien Harris for 1.02 + 1.07 + Carson Wentz

I like the idea of getting a young-ish ok-ish QB back so I'm not screwed by an injury, and I feel like selling RBs is a popular rebuilding move so I don't mind that he asked for Harris.

On the other hand, I've heard that a lot of people are down on the 2022 rookie class, plus I've never done a rookie draft before so I don't know how picks are valued.

Is this a good trade for me? Should I ask for more? Should I try to get proven players instead of picks?

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I am not sure how you know what pick number you will be getting as most dynasty picks are based on the previous year's finish and this year isn't done yet.  Are those (1.02 and 1.07) locked in or are these estimates?


You are doing the right thing in shopping a QB because you don't need 4 of that caliber.  Unfortuantely for you the most likely trade candidate (Russ) is crapping the bed right now. I think it all has to do with his injury as he is high on a lot of throws and I think it's because he doesn't quite have the strength back to follow through completely.  


Without knowing your RB situation it's tough to comment on Harris but Stevenson has looked great so I don't think Harris is a great value and moving him now is worthwhile if you can get enough in return.  


I like the return here and would likely lean towards accepting that deal but I might try and get another piece thrown in that you are high on in terms of a dart throw.  Somebody that you think will be useful next year or the year after.  A WR5 or RB4 type guy that you are high on for whatever reason.

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