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Made Playoffs - HELP



LOL.  So happy.  It took a big night by J Conner on Monday night but he delivered so I'm in.  Now time to figure out who to start week 15 and I have a real conundrum at QB and RB.  Wish I did at WR but weak group so whatever.

Oh yeah, redraft non-PPR standard scoring.

QB I have 3.  I know odd to have that many been a weird last few weeks.  I have Hurts, T Hill and Tuagolva (sp).  Hurts has been my mainstay but it's hard to sit Hill.  Tua was an emergency start and I'm only hanging on to him because my opponent is in need of a QB unless Lamar plays.  Right now lean to Hill.

RB - I am embarrassed the league let me get all of these.  I have Chubb, Taylor, Conner, Montgomery and Foreman.  I can only play 3 of them.  Leaning towards Taylor (duh) Chubb and Conner.  Feels weird sitting Montgomery but what can I do?

As if it matters at WR I have Higgins, A Cooper and J Jones.  Not scintillating I know.

TD - Cardinals or Texans

Would love opinions on how you'd start this week. 



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I would go with the following:

  • QB:  I would lean Hurts (vs Was) assuming he gets a clean bill of health.  I don't like Hill vs TB with a hurt finger.  I see a down game from him.  I also wouldn't completely rule out Tua as the Dolphins have zero RB's available (currently) and they play the Jets.  This could be a Tua game because of all that.  I lean Hurts>Tua>>>Hill
  • RB:  It really just comes down to Conner vs Monty.  Conner got injured on the last play and Edmonds is lurking.  Both have solid matchups so it comes down to health for me.  If Edmonds is out and Conner is healthy I would go with Conner.  If Edmonds is playing and/or Conner is hurt then I go with Monty. 
  • DEF:  I go with the better defense as they both have solid matchups.  Cards is my pick.  
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Thanks Gally.  Seems like the stars are aligning for me with good matchups across the board.  Hurts vs WASH (#32) feels good and Conner vs DET (#31) if healthy.  Heck even if Edmonds is active I think Conner is the lead back now.  He has shown more explosion, physicality AND pass catching chops these last few weeks than Edmonds has all year. 

Weird part is I am playing against the team with the best record in my league.  He is 12-2 and I am 8-6.  Yet I led the league in scoring with 1446 to his 1366.  Shows how random this game can be.


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