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Help with QB for Championship - I will help you back



6 points for passing & rushing Td's. Bonus points for any TD's over 40yds. 

Would you start Kyler Murray @ Dallas or Trey Lance vs Houston.  My hesitation with Kyler: his inaccuracy has been very frustrating, the offense looks lost/broken and no Nuke for big plays.  Dallas looks to be a tough matchup.  NOTE: Rams play the Ravens in the early game, if the Rams win that game and clinch the NFC West Division, how will the Cardinals respond?  

I appreciate any insight you lend and I will help you back.  

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I also have Murray (and the Dallas D!) and I'm totally with you being worried about this week. That said, the downside with Lance is legitimately the basement. This DAL/ARI game should be pretty high scoring so at least there should be a somewhat safe floor with his legs. It's also a dome game fwiw, so weather won't be an issue.

Have a peak at mine?: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/802368-week-17-who-should-i-start-thread-official/?do=findComment&comment=23792882

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