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32 Team Dynasty Salary Cap IDP league openings

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I've got 5 openings heading into the 2022 season for a 32 team league that is set up to mimic the experience of an actual NFL GM.  This league has been going strong since 2015.  The normal buy-in is $150 with a $150 refundable security deposit in year one, then $150 every year after that.  I am offering these spots at a $50 discount for year 1, meaning you can pay only $100 + $150 deposit to claim your spot!  We use Leaguesafe for league dues with a 'majority rule' payout setting.  

Some highlights of this league:

32 team league, split into 2 16 team conferences each with their own player pool. 
Individual defensive players
We follow the NFL salary cap
46 man rosters with a 12 man taxi squad
Dispersal draft for new owners
Full 7 round rookie draft in April - Rookies get 4 year contracts.  1st and 2nd rounders can be given 5th year options.  All can be franchise tagged. 
Slow veteran auction draft in June - Players won can be assigned 1 to 5 year contracts with 1 year extensions available as well as Franchise Tags. 

New owners will have a dispersal draft to start their teams.  This means all players that are under contract for 2022 on the orphaned teams are thrown into a pool from which new owners get to have a draft from.  This way, you have some say in how your teams start rather than just taking over orphaned teams.  

Here is a link to the rule book: https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=14408&O=26

Scroll down below the settings until you see 'Commissioners' - This is where the full rule book starts. 

Here is a link to the dispersal site where you can see all the available players by conference through the links on the homepage:


If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to me at gmanning102@yahoo.com

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