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$100 Entry paid through LeagueSafe - https://leaguesafe.com/join/4009376

20 Spots Available 

(1st-$1000) (2nd-$300) (3rd-$175) (4th-$125) (5th-$100)
$100 Prize each week rounds 1-3 for High Score.

4 Rounds -

1st Round will begin with 20 Teams for the start of the NFL Playoffs starting 1-14-22. Teams will submit a lineup for that weekends slate. At the finish of the wildcard games, the top *15 teams will advance.

(*All teams tied at the 15 spot will advance.)

2nd Round – The weekend begins with approximately 15 Teams, but only the top *10 scores will advance to Round 3.    

(*All teams tied at the 10 spot will advance.)

3rd Round – The weekend begins with approximately 10 Teams, but only the top 5* scores will advance to the final Round.   

(*All teams tied at the 5 spot will advance.)

Final Round – Super Bowl weekend begins with approximately 5 Teams.

(1st-$1000) (2nd-$300) (3rd-$175) (4th-$125) (5th-$100)
$100 Prize each week rounds 1-3 for High Score.


This format will allow more people to have a chance at winning money. Every week your score is reset to zero, this is not a total points format so all you need to do is make the cut every week. In traditional postseason leagues having a bad week can end your chances at the top prize, but with this format everyone that is still alive in the final round has an even shot at the top prize.


100% Payout, Salary Cap DFS style, set your lineup weekly throughout NFL playoffs

1QB, 2RB, 2WR,1TE, WR/RB/TE, 1K,1DST

More information –



Joining –

If you are not already a Fantasy Postseason member, please create an account at https://www.fantasypostseason.com/user/register and navigate directly to the League's page with this link https://www.fantasypostseason.com/league/76543.Once you have registered your team, you can pay your entry fee here –



To minimize the number of ties, players from the biggest underdog each round, will score a 1.3 multiplier. For example, if in the first round Miami is the biggest underdog of the weekend slate, any player you roster from Miami would have a 1.3 multiplier. So if you used Jaylen Waddle in your lineup and he scored 20 fpts, with the multiplier, you would get 26 fpts. This will create more variation and reduce the amount of ties each week. Each round the team with the multiplier will be announced as soon the lines are announced weekly.     


Roster - 1QB, 2RB,  2WR,1TE,WR/RB/TE, 1K,1DST

Build a new roster each week - Score Resets to 0



This will a weekly elimination type tournament where you will try to make the Weekly cut in order to make it to the final round. Only 5 Teams will play in Final/Super Bowl Round

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