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Criminals, Traders and Cheats- 32 team, IDP, PPR- $50/season

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"Criminals, Cheats and Traders"



Replacement Owner for Mob Related franchise

Top level owners needed for expert level league. Very active owners are needed, as this league is dynasty in concept and schedules events all year around.

The format promotes trading by positional scarcity and a scoring model that is time tested by other leagues including sister leagues Rockers and Gridiron Gods.

Competition Level: High

– serious interest in NFL football and high activity level is required to

succeed – year around waiver activity with rookie drafts in May – if you want

to learn football inside and out, this is the way; This league will have owners

that are commissioners, college coaches, and others with high knowledge of


Comprehensive rules are on the site that should ensure fairness. Scoring is setup to value defense sufficiently to allow for trading of defensive players for equal offensive players.

Cost: $50 / season; $1,600 prize pool (LeagueSafe) ($50 deposit which is returned to you when you leave the league as long as you have all of your draft picks for the upcoming draft)

League theme: icons and franchises must fit theme

Open teams in this league- (double copy league)

Open Franchises

Leudtke Luciano
Tyrion Lannister (filled)
Whisky Nick (filled)
Project Mayhem (filled)
Lando Calrissian (filled)

League Characteristics

Dynasty format – 32 teams with 41 man rosters plus 10 taxi squad players, 2 copies of each player

Starting Lineups – 23 starters: QB, RB, 3 WRs, TE, 2 Flex (of RB, WR, TE,) PK, Coach, PN

IDP– DT, 2 DE, 4 LBs, 2 CB, 2 S – many starting configurations; High value of IDPs.

Cost: $50 / year with full payout of all moneys to winners of divisions, conferences, super bowl, suicide pool, yearly high score, losers bowl, and weekly high scores.

To join:

Contact: themojoworkin@gmail.com

Please include a short fantasy football bio including experience in 32 team and IDP- Thanks!

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