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12 Openings- 100 Team College Themed Dynasty League

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College Fantasy Football (CFFB) Dynasty league is into its second year. CFFB is where young NFL players (1-4 years) aren't done being the BMOC. Coaches compete against 100 other programs. Fighting for recruits to come to their program. Climbing over other teams week after week in the National Rankings for a shot at the playoffs. Gain seasonal rewards from your success to help continue domination over your conference rivals next season. If any of this sounds like a fun competitive and interesting format for fantasy football please consider joining.

  • League hosted on MFL
  • LeagueSafe used to collect buyins & payouts
  • Slack used for primary communication
  • No Trades or Waivers to keep track of
  • 30 player rosters
  • H2H Weekly Matchups- 8 man Starting Lineups (1 QB; 1-3 RB; 1-6 WR/TE)
    • 0.5 ppr/0.5 pp1d scoring system
  • 100 teams total
    • 6 conferences with 2 divisions in each
    • 5 Conferences (80 teams total)-$50 buyin
    • 1 Conference ( 20 teams total)-$25 buyin
  • Limited Player Pool; Focus on NFL players with 1-4 years experience
  • 2 copies of player in each conference

Other element to look forward to in this league:

  • Competitive Conference Recruiting Auctions
  • Recruiting Budget Bonus Awards
  • Redshirts (Medical and Traditional)
  • National Ranking
  • Conference Championships
  • Playoffs and Bowl Games
  • Player Awards (Heisman, O'Brien, All-Conference, etc.)
  • Devy Element
  • Able to schedule some of your games each season

If interested in learning more please check out our bylaws and current league page:

If interested please let me know. I'll also be sure to answer any questions you might have! Thank you

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