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2022 - How did I do?

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Here we go again. I hope everyone did well last year and had a great off-season. I did something new and drafted one already. I never do any before memorial day. 

Here it is from the 12. 

QB - Kyler Murray (8),  Watson (12)

RB - Swift (2), Montgomery (3), Pollard (7), Mattison (9), Mack (14),  Drake (15), Carson (16), Breida (19)

WR - Adams (1), Thomas (5), Juju (6), Kirk (10), Boyd (11)

TE - Schultz (4), Njoku (13)

DEF - Chargers (17), Rams (18)

K - Joseph (20)


Went high risk high reward at qb. Need 1 to hit 

Went with 2 high end rbs and then a bunch of back ups in good offenses or with starters with injury history. Got sniped on Swift and Montgomery cuffs at the 13/14 turn. Carson pick was a mistake by me and got timed out. 

Love my wrs. Only regret is taking Watson at the 11/12 over Lazard. Watson probably would have been there at 13 looking at the draft board. 

Love Schultz this year so I felt comfortable only take 2 tes. 

Really like this team so will probably finish 4 - 8. 

Hope to see some other posts soon. Good luck everyone. 

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