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In Topic: Defensive Line Tiers [updated 4/17]

19 April 2014 - 07:09 AM

Thanks, Jene. I like the new table format. The brief one-liner makes for a nice summary/reminder of why some players are where they are or where they're headed.

In Topic: Dynasty: QB Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Bucs

12 March 2014 - 01:04 PM

From Twitter:


@gregauman: Bucs' Lovie Smith, asked if Josh McCown is his quarterback: "Yes, he is."

In Topic: [Dynasty] 2014 Draft Prospects

24 February 2014 - 07:36 AM

Not sure if this is correct, but it looks as if Sankey had a 6.75 3-cone (best time for a RB at combine) as well as the best S. shuttle....

Just more kudos on the Bishop Sankey pile.....


Sankey's done great. Still, I'm a little disappointed to see that Crowell, Hill, West, and Seastrunk all skipped the 3-cone, and Mason only ran the short shuttle.  Hard to make comparisons. 

In Topic: *** Official 2013 St. Louis Rams Thread ***

23 February 2014 - 08:26 PM

Thanks for sharing the Wagoner chat. I like his Watkins/Lewan thoughts, especially after Lewan's good combine performance.


The worst part about this is that we have 73 long days until the draft. 

In Topic: *** Official 2013 St. Louis Rams Thread ***

12 February 2014 - 08:12 PM




So Tavon Austin owners, are you hoping the Rams pass on Sammy Watkins or do you think adding him could actually help the little mighty mouse?

I don't think they grab him. The key to the offense there is not another young WR; it's the offensive line. They need to protect Bradford and give him time to throw. The seasoning these young WRs get with another full year or finishing a full year should help them tremendously.
I agree. Based on early draft scatter, I'm leaning towards the theory that the Rams will move down a few spots and pick up Greg Robinson.  Basically, trading with whomever of Jac/Cle/Min/Oak blinks first and wants their guy at QB.   I don't think it'll be a huge deal like RG3; something like swapping firsts and picking up a 2nd rounder might suffice.
All of the WRs have shown things in spurts. I think they give the kids and Bradford 2014 together and assess. It's a shame our running game didn't take off until Bradford was out.


WR is a moot point without better protection (see DAL and first SF game). Robinson's upside is as high as anybody in the draft, after Clowney. Matthew's could be a better pick, he is more developed technically in pass pro, great NFL genes. Robinson is the most dominant run blocker in the class, could be a pro bowl guard at first (Ogden started at guard), fill in at RT, provide injury insurance or a hedge against a slow return from Jake Long, and be the heir apparent there.

Long was also injured increasingly during his MIA tenure and is approaching 30. Saffold probably better than even odds not coming back. RT Barksdale only signed through this year. Wells has missed nearly half of the games since 2012, and with Dahl, is about 33, one or both could be cap casualties. Rotational LG Williams may not be back. Potential future starting center/guard Jones is a question mark, he redshirted last year.

Without time to throw against a divisional team like SEA, even Manning was humbled. Last year, when the OL took care of business in the run game, STL beat IND, CHI and NO, and nearly SEA. When they got stuffed, they lost. The passing attack was very effective when Stacy was inserted into the starting lineup and they set up the pass with the run.

Austin was misused early, but flashed his potential when used better (crossing routes use his speed to stress and spread out the defense, RB out of the backfield). Bailey didn't get a chance until the last few games, but is the best route runner and has the best hands on the team, he should be starting. With more time to throw, maybe Givens can regain his rookie form, and Quick can show more. If just one of the latter two improves, that should be enough with Austin and Bailey, since they also have TE Cook. He could also improve with more chemistry, timing and rapport.

They still have enough holes they may not get everything done this year. But a blue chip, elite LT/guard increases the chance the QB is around, they can add a WR next year if needed (or even WR like Evans at 1.13?).

As far as the draft positioning mechanics, not sure they drop to MIN (1.8), that could get hairy if they want to be sure of getting Robinson or Matthews. ATL (1.6) might be as far as they could drop with those targets in mind (including Watkins if relevant). Interestingly, the GMs in both STL and JAX are ex-personnel men groomed in ATL.

As far as what they could fetch, there is heist level (RG3 - who I still like a lot, but it was a historically large price to pay), face value by the chart and lowball (OAK only getting a second to drop from 1.3 to 1.12). Even if they don't get a heist level return, the dynamics of this draft should be conducive to doing better than a lowball return. If HOU takes a QB like Bridgewater, that could leave teams vying for Clowney and Manziel. And JAX could take either, which would make 1.2 a logical destination to jump them. I would be surprised if they don't get at least an extra first (a 2015 first equals about a 2014 second in value), possibly more. To me, it wouldn't be worth the risk of losing out on their target dropping to 1.6 or 1.8 just for a second. In that case, I'd rather just make the pick.

If they opt for LT over Watkins, WR Evans is a possibility at 1.13, but leaning to best DB, possibly with a trade down. FS Clinton-Dix or Pryor, CB Dennard or Gilbert. There is a slight chance with a trade down from 1.2, they could trade up from 1.13 and add Watkins, too (OAK has a lot of holes, they took a second to move from 1.3 to 1.12 per above,  would they be amenable to a move from 1.5 to 1.13 - but they may want Watkins of a LT themselves?). But that would preclude adding a DB there.



I think we’d be ok if we traded down to 8. Presuming Houston takes a QB, that leaves Clowney/QB/QB for Jax/Cle/Oak.  Jacksonville is really sort of win-win; if someone trades up to #2 and takes a QB, they take Clowney. If someone trades up and takes Clowney, they take one of the top 2 QBs, who might be #1 on their board anyway.  It's Cleveland/Oakland/Atlanta/Minnesota that I think really have the motivation to trade with us, and very importantly, two of those teams (Cleveland/Tampa Bay) do not need tackles. 


Jacksonville - QB or Clowney

Cleveland – QB, maybe WR

Oakland - QB. Tackles are unproven, so there’s a danger here.   

Atlanta – Could use an upgrade at RT, but greater needs on defense. DE (Clowney at 2 would be a coup) and FS stand out. Clinton-Dix or Pryor could go here.  Or a LB. Ok. Definitely defense.

Tampa Bay - WR. Tampa’s really the wild card here. I don’t think they have any motivation to trade up. They have too much talent on their team, especially on D.  Jackson is aging and Williams seems untrustworthy.

Minnesota – QB has to be high on their want list, but it’s hard to believe that they’d be content with the 4th or 5th off the board after reaching for Ponder and failing. They need a few things..LB, DL. Really, now that I think about it, I could see them trading down to accrue picks, much like the Rams have been doing to fill all the holes in their roster. So they probably wouldn’t trade up unless they really thought that QB2 was their guy. Which really makes this whole post pretty moot. 


Anyway, I've been banging the drum for Clinton-Dix at #13, but I don’t know if he’ll make it that far.