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In Topic: So we haven't done this in a while

22 October 2014 - 01:55 PM

I think we have to take at least 20% of so-called "moderates" and "libertarians" and add them evenly to each side.  Seriously, guys like KookAndrews will claim he's a moderate (or even Libertarian) when in reality he's hard left.


Ive never claimed to be a moderate. I am mostly anti-KooK, which puts me squarely against you and your silly political ilk.

In Topic: Gov't Ineptness & Obamacare: Approval at 31%

22 October 2014 - 01:37 PM

Man I really hope people look at that chart in the post above.  I find it to be extremely telling.


How in the world can you look at that chart, with it's breakdown of uninsured over an income spectrum both pre-ACA and now in an ACA environment and not call this a HUGE transfer of wealth?  The system before wasn't "broken" (and by broken I mean folks being uninsured) because of "pre-exisiting conditions" and "non-compliant plans" and all those things the left/media wants to use - it was "broken" because of nothing more than economics.  If the entire population was over 400% of the NPL then we would have had less than 2% uninsured and the ACA wouldn't have been needed (in it's current form)- with that in mind how was this not just an economic problem?  I'm not saying the economic problem is easily solved or anything like that, I'm just saying the old system wasn't "broken" for the reasons many are claiming. 


The old system may have been expensive and thus unfordable for many, I get that.  Trust me I'm the one showing the rates to individuals that have to pay it and I understand that many either struggled to or simply couldn't.  Like I've been saying the entire time, though, those rates (which many under 400% of NPL either couldn't afford or choose not to pay in favor of other things) were the way they were because of the cost of care that they were covering were so high.  I really, really hate to use this as an example, but I will - my FIL has stage 4 cancer.  The last few months of his care has already added up to well into the hundreds of thousands.  That just is what it is as the alternative is grim, and by grim I mean short.  Why are his drugs so expensive, which then has to be filtered down to everyone else?  If those drugs weren't so expensive, then everyone's coverage could be less. 


To me, that's the forest through the trees. 


Sorry to hear about your FIL.


The reason those drugs are so expensive is that we dont leverage the weight of the marketplace to lower the drug costs. That is why the same drug sold by the same company costs so much less in Canada. We only do it in the VA. 

In Topic: I am a closet.......

22 October 2014 - 01:28 PM


In Topic: There are many more conservatives in this forum than liberals

22 October 2014 - 01:25 PM

So started a new poll for those that want to get a new look. 4 choices Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian and Moderate.


You left out the KooK option.

In Topic: Looting in Missouri after cops shoot 18 year old

22 October 2014 - 01:18 PM





From interview with forensic expert on CNN. Bodes well for the officer.


Latest leaks from the grand jury have the officer getting punched in the head, Brown being shot at close range, possibly within arms reach. Gun powder reside on his hand. Also, radio transmissions may indicate that not only did the officer know a robbery had been committed at that store, but the description fit Brown. Timeframe may indicate that is why he backed up to confront them.


I almost want to see a trial so that when they put that friend up on the stand, the defense destroys him. There is no way the prosecution can coach him up on what would come his way. He would be a valuable witness for the officer.

While that points to the fact that they had an altercation at/in the police car, it does not show:

1. Who initiated the contact.  Was it the officer pulling Brown from the window - with Brown not attempting to attack until the gun was pulled.

2. Whether Brown was in fact surrendering himself to the officer, with his hands up and defenseless. 


This statement is really comical. Goes totally against logic. A much larger human is standing above you in a dominant position and you reach out of your car and try and grab him. Makes perfect sense. :rolleyes:


It has already been asserted by at least one witness that the officer reached through his window to restrain Brown.  May sound comical to you, but its not out of the realm of possibility.  You need to also consider that one individual is a police officer.  While a normal sized person may not pull on a much larger person, a cop may. 


MAY sound comical? 

Yeah, I guess the officer wanted to pull Brown into his vehicle through the window...and not only that, he induced Brown to come stand by his car, so he could do  grab him.



The witness said the officer pulled up right next to them and opened his door rapidly, which bounced off Brown and slammed shut. If we accept that happened, the officer could have thought Brown slammed the door on him (and Brown may have) and reached through the open window and grabbed Brown, which is what the witness said happened. From there, the struggle could have ensued. It sounds perfectly reasonable and not comical at all.