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Ascending Buys and Falling Knives

09 September 2014 - 11:38 AM

This is the opposite of the buy low / sell high thread.  This is to identify those ascending players whose value has risen, but there is still upside to be had this year (redraft) even at their new higher trade purchase values;


Or players whose value is falling and will probably fall further, so better to get what you can now (or conversely, stay away from buy low sirens)...


I'll start, week 1:


Ascending -






Knives -






Who do you see falling into these categories?

The Best Player in the 2014 NFL Draft

25 April 2014 - 11:33 AM

He's not who you might think.  He's not Clowny, Mack, Watkins or Robinson.  He's not Matthews, and he most certainly isn't Blake effing Bortles.  The best player in this year's draft is an undersized DT named Aaron Donald.




AD will be a force at the next level at either 3-tech or 5-tech.  Where he lacks in size (6'0'' 285) he makes up for with strength, leverage, quickness, technique and instinct.  It's ridiculous that this guy likely won't go in the top ten.  Someone is going to get a steal in the mid-to-late first round with AD.  Health permitting, he's got many pro bowls ahead.  He will be a top-five NFL 3- or 5-tech within three years.



Raiders Sign Brock Lesnar!

01 April 2014 - 12:06 AM

Darren Connolly IV‏@DConnollyNFL56 mins

Former WWE, UFC and Minnesota Vikings star Brock Lesnar will be joining the #Raiders 2 yrs $4 MM enjoy the show


Looks like we have our answer to the loss of Lamarr Houston!