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  1. I'm waiting on that curing childhood cancer very shortly promise.
  2. How would you try to address someone who said all FBG predictions you have ever made and ever will make were trash because the Dominator didn't have Mike Evans' floor at 0 points last week.
  3. Posting in here for posterity. Week 5 Milly - 20% Mini1 - 22% Mini2 - 18% Wk5C - 12%
  4. Anyone know what a DoJ entourage trip to Italy costs, roughly?
  5. Did he and his staff reconstruct the translator quality when determining this?
  6. I'm just hoping that no one refuses subpoenas or exerts executive privelege so there is no guessing.
  7. How's everyone doing a third of the way through regular season? Running 18% winners in the milly, can't complain.
  8. Am I misunderstanding, or isn't this what the 'Wrap Text' button is for? Apparently I am misunderstanding. Sounds like something you'd use a Text Box for to escape the rules of cells.
  9. 1. No, I don't think this week will be some statistically significant outlier in terms of ownership. Every week has an abundance of chalky plays. 2. No. 3. No.
  10. Are there any plans to add DK single game showdown slates to the optimizer?