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  1. Really hope some walmart surveillance video surfaces on this.
  2. Watching it live, thought it was pretty obvious. Replay showed it was milder, still a fine call.
  3. I'm curious to see what the House will do if the McGahn court case resolves favorably for forcing testimony.
  4. Let's focus on the real issue, the identity of the Chinese whistleblower and what kind of motivation they had to leak info.
  5. Well, if there were supporting documents that the WH provided to substantiate that claim, it would provide a massive boost to Trump's numbers and acquittal on charge 1 would hopefully be bipartisan if not unanimous.
  6. I didn't see a named source. 99% chance this is a false assumption.
  7. I think the money/anything/Ukraine bit afterwards really seals the deal on something nefarious. Or it might be about being able to find a singing platypus for her birthday party. Can't make any assumptions.
  8. No, I'm asking why a guy who killed hundreds if not thousands of Americans isn't a household name.
  9. If he killed hundreds, if not thousands of Americans, why was he not a household name like Bin Laden?