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  1. Spelling is my #1 factor in determination of facts as well.
  2. Using loopholes to your advantage is as American as Apple Pie. Ask Trump about his taxes and loss writeoffs.
  3. Well, once they come across illegally, I will join you in calling them illegals. Until then, they're just trying to get into the greatest country in the world by legal means to join the million other immigrants we let in each year.
  4. My position is that calling the asylum seekers 'illegals' is incorrect. I'm not sure where you're going trying to assert that they can be detained, but if you would, don't beat around the bush and get down to whatever point you're trying to make.
  5. Have they not? From the time they claim until the time their final hearing, they are completely legal.
  6. Gives a reasonable overview. has some stats from 2015-2017
  7. Asylum = on US territory, claims can be either affirmative (let me in!) or defensive (don't kick me out!) Immigrants definitely should have a visa before showing up.
  8. No more probable cause is allowed for surveillance applications. Only concrete evidence.
  9. Well, the IG has completed his investigation into FISA abuse. He's working on his report, might get to Congress by the August recess.