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  1. I can sleep in about an hour past my "normal" time, then my bladder wakes me up. But, I can often fall right back to sleep and stay that way for hours after that.
  2. i recall seeing it many many years ago. around philly.
  3. I don't mind cooking the things I know. I stress a bit about cooking new things.
  4. i feel like the weekly breakdown of food in my house is: i cook 2-3 nights wife cooks 1-2 nights 1 night of leftovers 1 night of "take out" and occasionally 1 another night of take out or eating at a restuarant
  5. Every vehicle I have owned has been a different make/model until the last 2. I bought a 2007 Honda Pilot about 10 years and then bought a Pilot again last year after I got in an accident with the 07. Only time I've ever repeated.
  6. Bowser, Donkey Kong, Mike Tyson were the 3 that immediately came to mind. And the Pac-Man ghosts if collectives count.
  7. He asked and I believe that is the main reason. It's obvious Joe is reading this thread so maybe he'll reconsider his stance.
  8. Over moderation on most of the entertaining topics, posts and posters.
  9. i was a young teen and ate 21 slices of pizza (including crust) and was damn proud. have been also been in donut eating, wing eating, and hot dog eating contests
  10. Ireland Hispanolia Hawaii Puerto Rico Think that's it
  11. i do those types of trips and i usually spend about 2,000-2,500. for like honeymoon or a big anniversary i think it might have been more like 3,500-4k. for that type of vacation i'd think that 5k or higher was more than i need to spend. i mean, i'm sure it would be awesome but i'd rather just do 2 weeks at the other place for the same price.