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  1. I mentioned this in another post, but their bites give me a rash also. It took finally going to a dermatologist and she was like, oh, those are bed bug bites. I was shocked because it had been going on for a month and my wife showed no signs of them and I never noticed the bugs in my bed. Turns out she just wasn't allergic to the bites like me. I guess what I'm saying is, you should check your bed(s) also. Once they exterminator showed we where they were hiding, I threw up in my mouth a little.
  2. I'm going to assume you traveled recently and brought them home. If so, make sure the exterminator also sprays your luggage. The bugs often travel home in the crevasses of your bag too. Or just nuke it from space. Only way to be sure.
  3. Look in cracks/crevasses near the corners of your bed. You'll see small brownish bugs and/or black specks (blood from them feasting on you or the person in the room before you). I use the flashlight on my phone to help spot them. Since the infestation in my house and now being diligent about checking every hotel room, I have found them twice in different hotels I went to - once around Harrisburg, PA when I was at a tournament and once at the really big hotel at Cedar Springs. When I got to a hotel, I basically just check the four corners of the bed. If the bed also has a headboard, I check in the cracks around that. As someone else mentioned, I usually just leave my clothes in my bag if it's a short stay. If it's a long stay, we do risk it and put the clothes in the drawers.
  4. had an exterminator do most of the things you are mentioned, also. showed me the typical places they hide (in my bedroom, they were hiding in the headboard).
  5. sucks, happened to me before, twice. both brought back from vacations. now i check every hotel i ever go to, no matter how nice and clean it appears. get ready to do a lot of hot laundry, throw things away, etc. i also get a rash from their bites.
  6. i can't hear the word practice and not say that quote.
  7. We talkin' bout practice. Not the game. PRACTICE
  8. I'll put my money on it arriving sooner than that.
  9. Try to go to bed earlier than I used to. I found this brings on less nighttime depressive thoughts and generally makes the mornings much better.
  10. guy was hired knowing he wouldn't work weekends because he has another job. you need someone to work during the week and if he doesn't care about getting bigger commissions (because he has a 2nd job), why is that any business of your buddy's? also, if the buddy wasn't his boss, the guy has no real reason to listen to him. at some point you may have said he is his boss now, but i skimmed after you included so many unneeded details. anyway, if he sucks at the job, boss should fire him. but not working weekends (when he was hired with that known in advance), shouldn't be a reason imo.
  11. Canada Mexico Bahamas Antigua Turks & Caicos Domincan Republic France Ireland