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  1. Shocking news. Living in Western, WI I heard him a lot when he was coaching the Vikings and I always felt he was a pretty darn good coach. RIP Denny Green. They were who we thought they were.
  2. Nah. Not even in consideration with the options you have for your 3rd and final keeper.
  3. Bell once again facing a suspension...Stay far away.
  4. I'll take Hopkins and Zeke easily. Bell injuries and drug suspensions is a guy I want to avoid.
  5. I also think I would keep Cam as I suggested earlier. My point in the 6pts for all td was that while it is true that it maybe moves some other QB closer to Newton, overall QB scoring is greater than other positions in this format.
  6. It's a great dilemma and I think Cam is also a consideration with all TD worth 6 points. Tough call for me but I would rank them Cam, Reed, Nelson, Olsen.
  7. I received a new offer last night. I would get Frank Gore($27), Justin Forsett($4), and Eric Decker($4) for Drew Brees($23) and Brandon Cooks ($4). My initial thought was I don't want to give up Cooks as a WR1 option on his team with that low salary but the way the salary scale here works you need to treat these more like a redraft or at least a hybrid type league. Meaning if you play Cooks and he plays well his salary will be at market value to how he played the following year. I think this would really come down to how well Forsett does this year. With a RB group of Lacy($37), Gore($27), Anderson($5), Forsett($4), Abdullah($4). Any thoughts on the deal as presented? Keep in mind that there is a lot of talent dropped each year that you can go after if you have the cap space and you must start 2 RB. Guys available now include: Andrew Luck, Jonathan Stewart, Arian Foster, Doug Baldwin, Michael Floyd, Tyler Lockett, and Dez Bryant. I fully expect at a minimum Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkoski will be available. There will be a few more superstars that will be dropped before the auction to get cap compliant. This means if Forsett is a RB1 or RB2 for fantasy purposes he would be a huge value but he is 30 and coming off a season ending injury.
  8. I think the point here in all the posts is that if you are a Gurley owner in most cases you aren't going to get enough back on the Gurley for Elliott swap to make it worthwhile. As Gally has said, those owners of Elliott hold such high hopes at this time due to talent and situation that his value is way high.
  9. I would be surprised to find many Elliott owners willing to trade him along with a future first round pick for Gurley. The hype is there and with Elliott landing in Dallas his value immediately popped up right in that Gurley range. In the end it's who do you like best because in terms of trade value these guys are close. I'm thinking if you own Gurley and want Elliott you might be willing to get the Elliott owner to throw in something with 3rd round rookie pick value, I would be quite surprised if you got first round value thrown in. I prefer Gurley at this time but I just feel the market will dictate these two are close to the same value at this time.
  10. Any gain at RB in this trade is very short term. I wouldn't make this deal because if I had your team I wouldn't be downgraded any assets for a short term RB fix, I'd be looking for a better RB solution in a trade.
  11. For me I would take Gurley over Elliott straight up because you know you have a young stud in Gurley. However, Elliott is coming in so highly regarded that I don't think that something else you are going to get is going to be very much. In this case I would either just keep Gurley or you need to trade Gurley for a less valuable RB plus something more to help your WR situation.
  12. Assuming a 12 team league, going to 2 QB makes them very valuable. Some weeks literally any starting QB is going to give you value. If you can trade before cut down I would still be shopping anyone (even Brown) to see if I could get a QB offer I liked. If you keep none and can't draft 2 starting QB in the draft you are going to be in for a long season.
  13. I would be curious to see the makeup of your team. I think it's reasonable considering OBJ is more established than Johnson and plays at a position that players last longer. What is the salary cap? Jeffrey looks like a value as well. I think without knowing more details I would rather keep Johnson because having to add Jeffrey at a cheap price seems like too much unless the salary cap is pretty low.
  14. With your QB situation I can see moving him for Floyd and a QB that helps you especially if you really like Floyd. For me though Bradford is just another guy like Sanchez. I don't feel he is an upgrade of Taylor. Higgins to me is in line with your prospects depth. I feel you downgrade your lineup for another body at QB you hope you never have to start. Getting Matt Ryan would make it feel better because he can probably start for you over Taylor or at least be a matchup play. I too feel the DT value drop with Manning gone has been way over played.
  15. I wouldn't even think about that offer. Bradford is nothing special. Higgins is just a rookie that is a pure gamble. Floyd is the only real value and I easily want DT over Floyd.