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  1. I'm not a Fisher fan either. I can't believe he still has a job.
  2. I'm going off memory here and since I'm pushing 50 I'm not sure how reliable that is. I believe that heading into the draft most experts had Goff ranked ahead of Wentz and it seemed most thought Wentz had a lot more to do to be NFL ready. I think most of this was tied to fears that he was coming from a small school and the step up. Again, I'm not sure how well I remember this. I also believe in my fantasy drafts Goff was drafted ahead of Wentz in all of them. My point for this thread is I don't think you can credit or blame the NFL coaching staffs for where either of these guys were at in their development at the start of last season. They simply hadn't worked with their new QB for a long enough period of time to impact their development that much yet.
  3. Thanks. That probably was a clearer response to what I was saying. While Ben for Jimmy G straight up wouldn't do it for me I don't think it was so far off that I would quickly dismiss it. Big Ben is at that point we all have to deal with at some point. A player too valuable to us to give away but not enough value to someone acquiring him to pay a lot. Think Carson Palmer a couple years ago when he was roughly a top 5 QB in scoring. Tough to give him away but you weren't getting anything but an average player or pick.
  4. It sounds to me like you will be carrying Big Ben the rest of his career. He seriously considered retiring this off season. I think Jimmy G. was an OK offer if you are looking long term. I can understand saying I'm not going to sell him to help another team out for 2017 because he should still be putting up QB1 numbers but be prepared that you could get nothing for him. His value will be low due to the retirement talk.
  5. I don't want to sidetrack this too much but just wanted to say I think you are giving a little too much credit to the Eagles coaching staff for Wentz. I think simply that Wentz was more NFL ready when he was drafted. In a way that seems like an unusual statement because a a lot of the talk heading into that draft was it would take a small school QB longer to be ready to start but Wentz earned the starting job in week 1 and started out red hot. My take on this was that he was a lot more NFL ready than Goff and we just didn't know it.
  6. Oof. I'm going to continue to carry him through the summer when my league rosters are expanded but if things aren't looking positive when we have to cut down to start the season he is gone.
  7. I will usually still always try to deal with these owners and make a fair offer but if we are just way off I quickly move on. I tend to do this with good owners as well. If you start with what you feel is a reasonable offer and the other owner values the players involved a lot different than you odds are you will never reach a deal so move on to plan B.
  8. This might come down to type of league and what you consider prepping? If reading stuff on sites like this is considered prepping then I'm year round. But in any redraft league I am in I really don't start really putting in work until just before the draft. I feel I am pretty prepared anyway because I do read up here year round. Come redraft time I will wait until close to my draft, print out some rankings, and then add my notes about players I am moving up or down.
  9. I think there are a couple of things I loom at. 1-Is the question they are asking written in a manner that you can understand what they are asking? 2-Do I have a clear opinion? I think many times someone is asking do I trade this for that and the responses are limited because not many have a strong preference for one side or the other.
  10. I saw some information but haven't followed it closely. I clicked on the one in the shark pool it it looked to be more poll type postings. I'm starting to wonder if this forum stays and the one in the SP is quick poll type questions? I do see it says closing soon so maybe it is a complete move?
  11. Also, if a keeper how many do you keep? The depth is nice but how many of the 3 pieces can that team keep next year?
  12. I guess it depends on what you could get for Gronk but his value is probably lower than what it will be if he can start the season with a few typical Gronk games.
  13. I will take McCoy. Watkins hasn't sold me yet that he can be a WR1 so if I am spending that cash I'll take the RB.
  14. I agree that if you want a guy don't be afraid to reach at least a little. I would have no problem using 2.09 on him if you like him and what he does for your team more than anyone else. I have a guy that I will be targeting in several of my leagues that is projecting as a 4th round type guy. Depending on what is available in my leagues I could see me grabbing him at late round 2.
  15. A ways back but I think the first guy that comes to mind is Colston who was a TE his first year then a WR. In the day, there was talk of Jermichael Finley maybe being classified as a WR because of the % of snaps he lined up as a WR. I'm not saying this should be a huge concern but if you have two TE prospects ranked the same it might be a tie breaker?