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  1. Lucky for you Cooks was quiet and it appears this was a breakout game for Fleener.
  2. I think too many people forget that Rashad Jennings rushed for 432 yards in the last 4 games of last season when he was put into a workhorse RB role. He is 31 but has only 780 rushing attempts in his career so we hasn't been heavily used. I still think it's more likely he assumes a 3 down load when he is back from his thumb injury.
  3. I would jump on that. Things have been looking good so far but Henry is a real threat in my mind and at his age he will lose value dramatically in the near future.
  4. I think the guys that are prefect trade targets are guys like Larry Fitzgerald but he shouldn't cost you a first round pick. Michael Crabtree would be another target that shouldn't cost you a first round pick. These older guys that just keep producing are the nice buys.
  5. Of course, Snead is out meaning Fleener could be a bigger target. It would surprise me to see Fleener have a bit of a breakout game but yes, Tamme seems like the safer play.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Jennings gets almost all the work and there is no 3rd down RB. I think as long as he is healthy enough to play they will lean on him.
  7. So you are looking at 0-3 and yes, it's time to take some chances. Let's first look at your roster. By far your weak spot to me looks like TE where Burton just doesn't cut it for me. Time for an upgrade. You need to also take some calculated risk to turn things around. Identify those guys you think will continue to have a big year and go hard after them. For example: I believe Indy will be relying heavily on TY Hilton with Moncrief out so I would go hard after him. Maybe you think New England will ride Blount all year now and you are willing to overpay for him? I don't really feel that way. Identify other slow starting teams that need to do something. You have to take some risk and overpay for the guys you think will rebound. Then also be active on the waiver wire, grab 2nd string RB on teams that produce good RB statistics and see if you get lucky on an injury.
  8. Are we talking dynasty or redraft?
  9. I'm not sold on Anderson yet but at least he is seeing a large majority of the work. You know Hill and Gio will split and you are guessing as to which week will be Hill's. I would stick with CJ unless I felt that would be a very early first round pick.
  10. I would not be interested in that. What QB do you have injured? I would rather look at the waiver wire or trade a later round future pick for somebody.
  11. Back to the days of Kordell Stewart. Ah, the memories.
  12. Jones should be a good WR all year but Green Bay was missing a lot of guys yesterday in their secondary and Clay Matthews was out too. They were a pretty weak defensive group.
  13. I would say Jones but I think he shoots you down. He might shoot you down on Floyd too. I think he would be nuts to give you Jones.
  14. I would stick with what you have. I think both of your guys have better weapons than Wentz. I also think as teams get some tape on him they will find ways to make things more difficult on a rookie QB. Siemien has better weapons than Wentz but most weeks he will still be a game manager and not put up big numbers.
  15. I like Fitz for the season over any of the choices you listed. I find what is available uninspiring. That week Fitz plays at Pittsburgh and Siemien is home against Atlanta. I think I would prefer to play Siemien in that week unless you can trade Wilson or Bortles for a QB you like, I'm just afraid you might be selling low on them. I wouldn't trade for Ryan who will be playing at Denver that week.