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  1. Warhogs

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Scrooge McDuck for me and it wasn't even close. I think he crapped gold coins.
  2. Warhogs

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    I don't know much about him but he did play 75 snaps last week so they seem to be going with him and he should at least be on the watch list.
  3. Warhogs

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    Did I see correctly? Back down to 4 snaps for Bucannon? That team is puzzling. I see they were talking about trying to trade him but that is no way to increase trade value. Former first round pick that has put up pretty good numbers in the past and now can't even hardly get on the field yet they find him 40 snaps one week and 4 the next. I wish he would get traded or released and escape that mine field of turds known as the Arizona Cardinals.
  4. Warhogs

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Simon is a watch for me at this point. The low snap count worries me at this point. I try to roster guys that see a high percentage of the snaps as I feel they will be more consistent.
  5. Warhogs

    Everson Griffen???

    Sharing as best I can recall from talk on the radio here so I am doing the best I can. There may have been mention that it was possible he had stopped taking the meds at the start of football because there is a belief that they can negatively effect how well an athlete performs on the field (not be able to be at peak performance level for the athlete). Again, this may have been a lot of speculation by the radio host but it does fit a possible scenario. He stops taking meds thinking he doesn't need them and they will hurt his performance and as it turns out he needs to be on these meds. Let's hope that is the case for him and he gets things straightened out quickly and can get back to a stable life for himself and his family.
  6. Warhogs

    Everson Griffen???

    I believe I heard on the radio up this way last week that he has been dealing with an issue for a long time and had been taking some sort of medication to help him but he had stopped taking his medication a while back. I believe they were saying this was coming from his wife? This may be a lot of speculation but from what I am hearing he has dealt with something for quite a while and had been prescribed medication that he had decided to stop taking. I would also think it's likely they get this under control to the point he could resume playing at some point in the future if he chooses to do so.
  7. Warhogs

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    I know next to nothing about this guy but I see he had a big stat line. Who is he? Is he a guy to watch or a guy to grab?
  8. Warhogs

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    That Cardinals staff looks like a complete train wreck to me.
  9. Warhogs

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    How long can one hold onto this guy? I have had him on my team for his career and he has survived as a keep when we cut to 36 players each off season. He has been very reliable. Now I can't start him and I question if I can look at him as a keep when we cut down after the season. I think he is fast approaching my next cut when I find someone I want on the free agent wire. Ugh. He is still young enough to have a few more good seasons in him but if he isn't getting on the field he can't put up numbers.
  10. Warhogs

    Everson Griffen???

    Word I am hearing (and there haven't been a lot of details) is this has been going on for a few weeks and it is quite serious and not at all a moment brought about by inebriation. An interesting point mentioned on the radio this way this morning was Everson had been ruled out for last week for a personal issue prior to the incidents that happened on Saturday. Not much has been made public but the issue seems quite serious and football will take a back seat for an undetermined while at this point.
  11. I put him out on the trade bait list in the league where I own him. The question will be what is someone willing to offer. I traded for him while he was suspended a couple years ago for I think a 4th round pick. I'm growing tired of carrying him on my roster.
  12. Warhogs

    Adrian Peterson Status Updates

    I have him and while I feel he will break down I am going to enjoy the ride until then. If anyone can surprise me and keep this going at his age AP just might be the guy who can do that?
  13. Warhogs

    Should I eat it?

    I'm sure he is fine. Give us a big thumbs up Fat Nick!
  14. Warhogs

    Week 1 waiver thread

    For what it's worth most of the local sports media feel that Treadwell has very little upside. He is what he is, a guy that is good enough to make a roster and see 2-3 targets per game. Don't bite on the idea he was an early draft pick. He is a role player.