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  1. And if she is like my wife she is on the phone texting A LOT.
  2. I agree with the frustration. I generally empty my pockets onto my desk each day. Things are changing though. We just changed to a policy where you need your fob to get into the office even during work hours so I have to carry it. I imagine I have to deal with it until we update a system where you can use a finger print or eyes or something like that to unlock the door for you. The technology is there but your employer wants you to haul that fob around.
  3. I'm 52 and completely disagree with your opinion. More from the standpoint that you seem to be measuring value based entirely on their ability to be handy with new technology. Those in their 50's know and understand a lot more practical issues and generally have a keen sense of the business/industry they are working in. Maybe you should lift your head up from your i-phone and have a conversation with them and realize all the non-technical things they know. Just my opinion.
  4. I think he simply isn't a starter. Not unlike Eric Wilson for the Vikings. Wilson looked good two weeks ago but last week he was back to a backup role. White looks to have gotten about 1/3 of the snaps last week and Perryman got 2/3 and the Dolphins team didn't keep the Chargers D on the field very long.
  5. If a guy comes running up to me with gunshot wounds I'm out of there, no time to be looking at a duffle bag he is trying to hand me.
  6. Is CUZ short for because or cousin?
  7. I read this thread and it gave me the mid day boost I needed to get through the rest of the day. Thank You.
  8. I'm almost 52. I think the last time I ran was around 1994. My cardio is non existent.
  9. For me probably every 6-8 weeks. I keep thinking I want to grow it out but then I get tired of dealing with it. I'm in my 50's now and I would like to get through the I can't stand it phase it would like to be able to say a year from now that I haven't had it cut in a year. I want to try old the long gray haired dude look.
  10. I wasn't a big fan of the Trevor Davis trade when it happened. Even loss so now if Adams misses any time. The defense was exposed last night. Sure the team speed is better but you better be able to stop the run. Adjusting to stop the run may slow down the pass rush of the Smiths going forward. Let's see if they can make adjustments to tighten up the defense and the offense still has work to do and Jimmy Graham needs to catch more of those tougher catches.
  11. I own all 3. My guess would be that if Coleman is ready he and Breida will share touches and Mostert gets little work. I think though that if either of Coleman or Breida are ineffective they will have a short leash because Mostert has proven himself as very capable.
  12. I took a flier on this guy but he barely showed up and has now disappeared. Safe to cut bait I assume?
  13. I got confused here too. Is your daughter 8 years old and doesn't want to play? So like a 3rd grad kid? Assuming I got this right and it's your 8 year old my opinion is I wouldn't force them to stay in because they will hate it and never try it again. My kids growing up tried and quit a few different sports until they figured it out in Jr high and stuck with what they liked. It sucks that it costs that much in your area as our cost for young kids trying sports is cheap. I'm just of the opinion if you force them to stay in at that young age you will lose them forever after this.
  14. About 10 years. Had the previous one for about 25 years. I may never own another one again?
  15. Pretty bad one went down in my dynasty league. Team A trades TE Vance McDonald, 2020 5th round rookie pick, 2020 6th round rookie pick Team B trades TE O.J. Howard This is my first year in the league. Team getting Howard won last year. I wonder why with these sorts of trades?