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  1. Two months vacation and you want a 53% raise? You are already away from work over 15% of the year. I don't think you are worth what you think.
  2. I wouldn't be so bold as to throw someone else's items away from the freezer. Maybe if it had been there for a month and I checked with everyone and nobody claimed it. What gives you the right to throw out what belongs to someone else? I hope some big lineman kicks your rear end for throwing out his stuff.
  3. He got big money and for me that is a strong enough indicator that they intend to give him a good deal of work. I'm not sure it will all work out but if you need a RB I think Mickinnon is certainly worth investing a 6-12 pick in. I would feel comfortable at around that 1.08 range but don't feel bad paying a little more if I needed RB help, I would want to pay a little less if I didn't have a RB need.
  4. It makes no difference to me if it's properly bagged.
  5. Neatly wrapped in a bag? I would just slide it out of my way when I am reaching for the ice. I have no problems with dead animals in the freezer. I have a quarter beef in one at home.
  6. I don't make salary demands. I don't want them to raise their expectations from me.
  7. At that current value if I were looking to add McKinnon I would wait until after the rookie draft just to see how things turn out. 1.08 does seem like a fair value though at this point to me.
  8. Curious we haven't heard anything on Clay Matthews who is every bit as much if not more over paid than Jordy was. Maybe he survives because they are in such need of a pass rush.
  9. I'm surprised as well if in fact the 49ers paid more for McKinnon than what Hyde got. I don't follow the 49ers but they must have really soured on him because I view "Jet" as more of a do it all receiving back than a guy that can handle a lot of carries over an entire season.
  10. I have a feeling Ty will always be a guy who flips back and forth from RB/WR as needed in Green Bay. I don't think he is great at either spot but is valuable as a guy that can effectively move around to either position.
  11. As much as I have enjoyed Jordy Nelson in total I like the net result. I will guess from a salary cap standpoint the moves will relatively wash each other out. Rodgers gets a real TE target for the first time in a long while. Hopefully some of the young guys can add the deep speed I have been concerned about.
  12. I have a hard time seeing them paying all of Graham, Adams, Jordy and Cobb.
  13. I have mixed feelings on Graham. He has been great but is aging. Certainly a big TE upgrade from what we have had. Still, who is going to be the guy to take the top off the defense which is an area Rodgers has been great at over the years. If my worries are right and Jordy has indeed lost a step or two I feel this club has to live on the short to medium pass routes and the long pass play opportunities go way down. I sure hope Jordy can still get open for the deep pass.
  14. Could Cleveland end up moving one of their early picks again for a boat load of picks? They are still Cleveland but I have liked what they did last year and this year.
  15. As each season passes I start to feel more and more that what separates Green Bay from most of the teams in the league is that they are fortunate enough to have a franchise quarterback. I'm starting to feel that the rest of what is going on within the organization isn't superior to other teams. It may even be sub par. It just gets covered up by the fact that having an elite QB like Rodgers is such an advantage. The drafts have been good at best, maybe worse. Free agency is relatively non-existent. You have aging stars that can contribute but aren't worth their salary. Maybe outside of having Rodgers the best thing they haven't done is overpay to keep players that have been over paid in free agency? Am I just feeling down because my team is once again missing out on the big names? Are they really doing a lot right or are they just lucky to have a franchise QB?