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  1. He can be had fairly cheaply in some leagues. I added him by swapping my first round pick next year for a 2nd round pick next year. If last season is an indicator it would be Martin plus a late 2nd round pick for a late first round pick.
  2. Personal preference but I don't generally fall into the group going in with a plan to go cheap at QB and TE and spend heavy at RB and WR. I feel too many owners go in with that exact same strategy and they get in bidding wars at those spots. My general strategy is that I want to land 2 or 3 top tier players at whatever positions and then bargain hunt. I wouldn't be afraid to jump on a top 4 QB if they seem cheap. I actually prefer to go cheap at RB because I can generally load up at all other positions. I do like to throw out guys I think are over valued that will go for a lot of money to get others to spend a good chunk of their budget.
  3. I agree with a lot of what was said here. Part of me think why Balor won was just as much about creating some story lines until the next main event. Seth Rollins can be obsessed about getting a rematch and doing in Balor who is preventing him from getting the only achievement he is missing. I was most impressed by the Banks-Charlotte match. They are taking women's wrestling to a new level. Some of the crazy high risk moves they put on were amazing. Watching the 6 person tag match later showed how far and away better what they were doing was. I'm a huge Lesnar fan and always love seeing him come down and do a beat down. I don't think the severity of the injury was planned to be that bad. When I saw that immediate pool of blood I told my son they were going to have to stop that. The beast of course didn't mind still coming back and pounding Orton a little more after the stoppage. I didn't find much entertainment in the rest of the card. I'm a huge Ambrose hater. I just don't find him all that entertaining.
  4. I would need to know how many you keep in this keeper league. You need to have enough keepers to be able to keep Kevin White in the future or you keep Cousins unless you think White is going to make a huge splash in his first year.
  5. I think I would do that deal. I think Freeman in round 4 is worth more than the drop of 5 picks.
  6. TE required? I don't think it matters much as you should be able to beat these 3rd graders again that made OBJ, Cam and Brees available for last round picks.
  7. So did you draft AJ Green in round 1? I would be tempted by that trade but it may mean you would draft very young in this draft as you would be behind the other teams for this year by not having a round 2 pick. If I made the pick I think it's a real tossup at this point but I would lean toward Dez if you pick.
  8. To me that is a horrible low ball offer. I'm trying to figure out what you are trying to improve upon here? It sounds like your 2nd flex spot is Lockett or Rawls and that's what you are trying to improve? I'd probably be trying to pry Ingram if that's the case.
  9. I think a lot of what you do comes down to knowing your league. In the leagues I play I'm not fond of loading up on a particular position or two and waiting at others because it's just way too hard to find someone willing to trade. Based on my experience I'm concerned about your QB spot. Both of your players have proven to be inconsistent in the past. I would be actively looking for a QB upgrade. Adding Eifert might help your TE spot but do you really want to drop Miller? I thought Eifert could be iffy for the start of the season. Overall I think this team is decent, I would just be looking to upgrade some of the weak spots sooner rather than later.
  10. For me I would say Booker, Washington, Howard then Michael. In all cases each needs poor play from the starter or injury to get an opportunity. I believe Denver will be a good offense with a great defense that wants to run the football. Anderson might be more established than some of the other starters to choose from but I think this is the best opportunity for the backup to produce huge numbers. It seems like I have only heard positive things about Washington since he was drafted. He seems to be rising quickly and that offense is growing. I expect he could put up very nice numbers should he get a chance. For me there is a bit of a drop to the next 2. Howard seems to be coming along well. The starter in front of him isn't all that established. I think what pushes him down a bit is I'm not a huge fan of the Bears offense. I think he could put up good numbers if he gets the opportunity, I just don't feel the wow factor with him. I put Michael last. This is a better offense than the Bears but it seems we have been waiting a long time on Michael and it hasn't happened. I think they would be more likely to use a committee approach.
  11. I would say no. He was going slightly above mid round in a 16 team league this year and next year is supposed to be a deep draft.
  12. 14-214-1
  13. Health is an issue, reports on Michael have been good, they drafted 500 running backs on draft day. Rawls looked good last year in a small sample size. Rawls himself was an undrafted nobody a year ago. Seattle has shown willingness in the past to play the guy who is looking best. Remember when they played this Russell Wilson kid over there big free agent signing Matt Flynn? I would feel much safer adding Moncrief, especially if I felt I would still get the guy I wanted at that pick.
  14. I feel the other way. I'm very skeptical of Rawls and suspect he could easily lose his job. I would be all over dropping one spot and adding Moncrief.
  15. I don't even know how to comment. I'm befuddled at how your 2nd keeper would cost your last round pick and your 3rd keeper would cost your 3rd round pick. Who the heck comes up with this crap? Obviously if you keep one guy you want to keep 2. I think the question is whether or not your next keeper is worth 3rd round value. To me your #1 keeper is Hopkins. AJ Green for round 2 seems fine. In most leagues Cam in the 3rd feels a little high but not far off. Charles is probably reasonable at this point as well. I think either would be acceptable considerations or could be a toss back if you wanted to fish for something else.