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  1. Word I am hearing (and there haven't been a lot of details) is this has been going on for a few weeks and it is quite serious and not at all a moment brought about by inebriation. An interesting point mentioned on the radio this way this morning was Everson had been ruled out for last week for a personal issue prior to the incidents that happened on Saturday. Not much has been made public but the issue seems quite serious and football will take a back seat for an undetermined while at this point.
  2. I put him out on the trade bait list in the league where I own him. The question will be what is someone willing to offer. I traded for him while he was suspended a couple years ago for I think a 4th round pick. I'm growing tired of carrying him on my roster.
  3. I have him and while I feel he will break down I am going to enjoy the ride until then. If anyone can surprise me and keep this going at his age AP just might be the guy who can do that?
  4. I'm sure he is fine. Give us a big thumbs up Fat Nick!
  5. For what it's worth most of the local sports media feel that Treadwell has very little upside. He is what he is, a guy that is good enough to make a roster and see 2-3 targets per game. Don't bite on the idea he was an early draft pick. He is a role player.
  6. Skai Moore didn't do much in week 1. Cut bait quickly? Free agent bidding has guys like Kyzir White and Ja'Whaun Bentley available. Not much else at LB but several more decent IDP options. I viewed him as a grab and see how he does but I'm not very committed.
  7. Close. Have dog poop on newspaper, put paper on neighbors porch, light with match, run like hell.
  8. Hey Scooby, where are you? I couldn't resist.
  9. That added info helps. You maybe could have included starting requirements for all positions for better feedback. My preference would be to shop a RB to get another one of your starters locked down. If you trade for a LB or a WR that might give you more direction with your pick. I would consider all deals but I think I am lower on Derrick Henry than most and I feel his name, youth and viewed opportunity might net you the best return in a trade. I would try to get a trade done involving a RB before your draft.
  10. How many RB can you start? I would probably go WR because you need them badly and I think finding a solid LB later will be easier than finding a WR. I am fully against hoarding mediocre starting RB over a more balanced keeper approach unless you are starting like 5 RB. I don't think hoarding RB and LB and having crap around them would be a good strategy.
  11. Just one guy's opinion but I would say mid round 2 (around pick 15-20) for me. He has shown ability and is with a franchise with a very good QB. Blocked right now behind Tate and Jones but I like his situation.
  12. How many RB can you start? If I'm getting a top 3 RB in round 1 I'm not sure I would draft 3 RB in the first 3 rounds but I suppose it depends on your league settings. If I were picking 2 I would go with Freeman from those listed easily. Safe pick on a good offense. The others on the list scare me a bit due to lack of proven track record or being on an offense I don't trust as high scoring. My next choice might be Drake. He put up nice numbers when he got the chance last year and he can run and catch. Howard would also be in consideration for that 2nd guy on that list.
  13. It was the late 80's when I discovered this. I would go out and buy a magazine and pretty soon I too was rosterbating. How could a young man not, looking through that magazine. I'm much older now. I don't know if they still even publish those magazines. So much is done on line now. I still like to google, but I no longer rosterbate.
  14. I reluctantly cut bait. He would be on my add list if he signs with a team but I need guys that are playing now. I can't wait on a 30 year old LB hoping he finds a new team and can still step in and put up good fantasy numbers.