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  1. I wouldn't. You have a nice RB/WR balance to start with now. Look at how many times Bell has been in trouble with drug arrests and suspensions, now add on the injuries. No way do I want to mess around with that when I can just plug in Watkins.
  2. I know it sounds cliche but draft BPA in every pick. This is dynasty, you have plenty of time to make trades to adjust your roster so you want to acquire the best dynasty talent you can with each pick.
  3. I own Gordon in a few leagues and maybe it's because I've held him all this time and am frustrated but I couldn't hit accept fast enough if I was offered any first round pick for him.
  4. I did make a trade yesterday sending RB Eddie Lacy ($37) away for RB Gio Bernard ($15) and RB Jeremy Hill ($12). This allows me to carry the rest of my key guys and add a decent TE at auction. I also felt it lessened my risk of Lacy with a high contract potentially not bouncing back. My key group now with $150 cap start QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE-FLEX-K-D. .5 PPR league. QB Brees ($23), Flacco ($2) RB Bernard ($15), Hill ($12), CJ Anderson ($5), Abdullah ($4) WR OBJ ($40), AJ Green ($25), Cooks ($4), Hurns ($4) That's $134 spent and needing TE, K, D and then depth guys and my 2 rookies. I feel pretty comfortable with this group now.
  5. Anything is possible. I'm just saying at this point I would put him closer to long shot than a threat for Lockett touches which is what Chasers Dawg asked.
  6. I would probably take OBJ. Assuming 12 team league I can't see taking a QB first overall. RB I would consider Gurley or Elliott but as others have said that position tends to have guys break down sooner. I think all the WR listed are solid considerations but I put OBJ at the top. He is only 2 years in and has been incredible so far. Really when you start looking Brown, Julio and OBJ types (or Hopkins too), it may come down to personal preference. I could even see a vote or two for Gronk but he has had enough injuries that I would worry about him breaking down a bit early and would avoid him.
  7. You can't count on him for anything. He wasn't an established WR. Baldwin and Lockett both look good in front of him. He is a longshot that you could take a stab at but I wouldn't be worried about him hurting the value of Lockett if I owned him.
  8. To me Charles and Martin are the easy choices. It's close for me for the final spot and I would give Anderson the edge.
  9. The tricky thing about answering here is there is no set rule of thumb that you can follow. It sounds like we are talking dynasty and I think it all comes down to you looking at each player and measuring what you feel is their long term value vs. the market rate. This also includes draft picks, not just players. All players have a sell point and I think strong arguments can be made to sell any player after a career year if you can get a monster deal. I remember trying to trade Ray Rice after his monster year. In that case I never got a huge offer and ended up keeping him and didn't get much more of a career out of him. Leveon Bell is falling into this oh, if only I would have sold him last year or the year before. I think it happens more with RB than any other position. Guys like OBJ and DeAndre Hopkins may be at that point and I would consider monster offers for them but in some cases you do also need some studs so you sometimes have to be willing to not get maximum value if you ever want to win. I would say that today some guys that I think are interesting sell candidates are Cam Newton (does his play style allow him to be elite a long time?), Andrew Luck (young yet and has put up some big numbers but was struggling a bit before the injury so will he be elite for a decade more?), Gurley (if you don't like investing a ton at this volitile position now might be the time to get maximum value), EE (hasn't played a down yet but is valued just as high as Gurley). You also need to evaluate during the off season for free agency and rookie drafts and it's a best guess as to what will happen do to moves being made. I was one who felt Miami wouldn't just hand the starting job over to Ajayi (I would have sold earlier this year do to my beliefs). Rawls is a guy that I haven't been as high on as what his price point has been. He is a high risk/high reward guy that I have less faith in. I might be wrong. The summary is it's always an evaluation and you need to always ask yourself if the market for any guy is higher or lower than your view and then buy or sell.
  10. Shocking news. Living in Western, WI I heard him a lot when he was coaching the Vikings and I always felt he was a pretty darn good coach. RIP Denny Green. They were who we thought they were.
  11. Nah. Not even in consideration with the options you have for your 3rd and final keeper.
  12. Bell once again facing a suspension...Stay far away.
  13. I'll take Hopkins and Zeke easily. Bell injuries and drug suspensions is a guy I want to avoid.
  14. I also think I would keep Cam as I suggested earlier. My point in the 6pts for all td was that while it is true that it maybe moves some other QB closer to Newton, overall QB scoring is greater than other positions in this format.
  15. It's a great dilemma and I think Cam is also a consideration with all TD worth 6 points. Tough call for me but I would rank them Cam, Reed, Nelson, Olsen.