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  1. Went home at lunch time and was going to catch the news. My directtv no longer has the minneapolis CBS at lunch time. I had been seeing warnings of a dispute. Is this just a regional thing? I'm dropping directtv now but not having CBS would be an absolute killer for me ever considering going back to them.
  2. Anyone try Playstation Vue? I have Directtv Now nut have been thinking of trying something else. It sounded like Playstation might be a better option for sports.
  3. We watched season 3 this weekend and I'm a big fan. My son thought season 3 was the best season yet. I certainly can't complain when we find a show where myself, my wife and our 18 and 16 year old kids want to sit down and watch something together. It really is probably much the same as the first 2 seasons so I think if you have watched a season and it didn't appeal to you then you can decide not to keep trying to make it work.
  4. I voted not poor sportsmanship. It's more of a I don't really care but it would seem at high school level this would be acceptable to me. I mean, our high school football coaches watch footage and try to pick up on any tells from the opponent and communicate that to the boys.
  5. 🤣 He had a nice career. That is it.
  6. I assume Brown was signed before the draft when they didn't know they would end up being able to draft Henderson? I'm too lazy to look myself. I'm just saying that I don't feel the Brown signing is a factor in what they think of Henderson. It might be a factor in what they think of their other backups?
  7. I hate this people too. Now I'm in a rural area so there is ample parking spots but 90% of those backing in are very poor at it and ruin at least 1 additional parking spot.
  8. Actually the best place to post this would have been in the looking for leagues forum. Sorry but it bothers me when we have a forum for filling leagues and someone posts like this where it clearly doesn't belong.
  9. I was hoping Joe B. jumping in would help this thread but it's still a total train wreck. I picked up Henderson very late in my dynasty draft according to most accounts here so I keep checking in but there is just a lot of cat fighting and little information. I guess I will check back in a month and see if there is anything useful.
  10. What is pennies? I have Williams in a league where I just took over a team and haven't inquired about Hyde. I'm not sure I buy Hyde being better than Williams but I could use a good idea on what Hyde might cost me.
  11. A few of my views from reading some of this. I like the call of the Redskins. The QB position may be relying on a rookie and it hasn't been a strong organization. They play the Giants twice and they might split that match up? I think Arizona is a strong contender as well. Rookie QB adjusting to the NFL. They play in a strong division as well with LAR, SEA & SF. Could have a tough time finding wins. Oakland is another strong contender. Another pretty tough division so they could also be 0 wins in the division. I'll disagree with Baltimore. I agree that the Jackson experiment could be a failure but that team always seems to have a defense that keeps them in games. I could just as easily see Jackson being able to contribute enough where if that defense plays well they are a playoff team.
  12. I used to play in the bar poker league when I was living in SW Minnesota. When we moved I never got back into a league. It was a lot of fun.
  13. I would much rather have Mixon. He is a young RB who already has a 1000 yards season. Guice has potential but hasn't done anything in the NFL yet and adding a late round 1 pick isn't enough for me. THe old saying a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush sure fits here for me.
  14. I thought it might be interesting to share my league draft from a couple weeks ago where I drafted Henderson at pick 3.07. I didn't own Gurley but his owner made 4 picks prior to me taking him at 3.07. He drafted DK Metcalf(1.03), Bryce Love(2.03), Justice Hill(2.05), and Clelin Ferrell(3.03) before I took him. It's just a snapshot of one league but the Gurley owner here didn't put a priority on having Henderson.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but has happened before I believe? And I think the Jets were involved? I thought they signed Teddy Bridgewater, drafted Darnold and then traded Bridgewater to the Saints for a pick? I'm going on my feeble memory so I may be wrong.