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  1. Got one today. James White for Mike Evans. Been a while since I got one like that.
  2. The difference I see in this comparison are White/Lewis were RB that developed into pass catchers. Montgomery looks to me more like a WR who has been lining up as a RB due to injuries. Again, he has filled in admirably the past couple of weeks, he just doesn't look like a very natural RB to me from what I have seen. Any other opinions on that? Maybe others watching the Packers feel differently so I am curious about that. I still think if Starks gets healthy he will get most of the RB work.
  3. I expect Knile Davis to be much more involved on Sunday. Prior to last game he only had a couple days with the team and was just playing on the scout team. With 10 days between games he should be ready to be more heavily involved. Ty has done great filling in as needed I just expect those snaps as a RB to be quite a bit less. I would still say I think Starks is the favorite to get most of the RB work once he is healthy.
  4. This has been discussed many times but most leagues use positions assigned by an outside source or just have a rule saying no positions will be adjusted during the season. In my opinion you have to have something. I played in a league a long time ago that Kordell Stewart was playing QB but allowed to be played at TE. If J.J. Watt plays a few plays during the year at TE do you make him TE eligible? If Julio Jones lines up at TE in a formation can you then play him at TE? Some of this obviously gets ridiculous but setting a threshold for position eligibility becomes murky rather quickly.
  5. One of my first thoughts was already mentioned in narrow goalposts. Hate all the drives where it seems teams are happy kicking for 3. I go the other way on celebrating and don't like seeing it even after a touchdown. If you are celebrating because you made a tackle or jumping up and signaling first down after you get a first down (especially when you are down by 2 touchdowns) you need to be punished. Not sure if I want that player kicked out of the game or just want the other team to go maul on said player? No players calling for a flag to be thrown. You do your job and let the refs do theirs.
  6. It's all speculation but I would expect a lot more knile davis next game. He has 10 days to get ready. Montgomery has done a nice job of giving them something but he isn't really a rb. In a few weeks starks will be back and may end up starting. He has been around longer and has played well in moments.
  7. NFL network was just reporting Jackson would start about half hour ago. Fluid situation?
  8. It's sort of a guessing game so here is my guess. You will see a fair amount of Montgomery in the backfield and catching swing passes if that is successful which it worked fairly well last week but let's not forget the Green Bay WR are also banged up so Montgomery will need to do some work there as well. I think Don Jackson will have the most carries by a wide margin. He is the only true RB that has been there long enough to have comfort with the playbook. All this really means is that Jackson will have first crack at grabbing that job. If Jackson fails to impress Knile Davis will have 10 days to get ready for their next game.
  9. I have said before the season started and I'll stay say it now, I don't believe Lacy's weight is an issue. I and several others keep going back to a Jerome Bettis comparison but it's a good comparison. He is an agile and nimble big guy. I think he always will be. He takes on a lot of contact, runs hard and has an incredible spin move. He is a talented big bodied RB.
  10. Green Bay needs bodies. Lacy is beat up, Starks is out, they had to line up WR in the backfield last week. Davis did have a string of a few good games early in his career. A playing opportunity is there for him and if he takes advantage he could be a Starks replacement in 2017. That said, he hasn't shown up for a couple seasons now.
  11. Dr. Brew, I think Adams has greatly improved this year. It seems to me Rodgers has a lot more trust in him and I think it's going to be tough for Montgomery to jump ahead of him. To me that puts Nelson, Cobb and Adams ahead of him. He is in the mix after those 3 but he had done nothing until this week and got the opportunity because he was the best fit to lineup as a RB and make some plays. I even remember the commentators talking about how I think it was Rodgers had commented that Rb might be a better position than WR for Montgomery. He can be used a little all over and he had a nice week this week but I would expect spotty numbers from him and his plays lining up as a RB to diminish as Lacy and Starks get healthy or if they add another RB while they are hurt. I'm just saying he feels like a long shot to be very fantasy relevant this year.
  12. I can't imagine having enough quality at WR to consider benching Brown because I was worried about Ben being out.
  13. I'm a Packer fan and this is how I see Ty Montgomery. He was drafted as a WR/KR guy and he is very good in the open field but has too many WR with a better skillset than him in that offense. Yesterday Green Bay was really thin at RB so they had plays designed to line up Ty in the backfield and catch a lot of short swing passes. He isn't any further up the food chain. He may continue to see some extra looks in that sort of play design until they get some RB depth but I don't see him having a big piece of a receiving role for a very long period of time.
  14. Shorts and a baseball cap vs. top hat and walking cane?
  15. Charlie was probably glad to get his walking papers. When pressed into action he probably thought, what? wait...I'm just here to hold the clip board.