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  1. No AP please. He has broken down 2 of his last 3 years and sucks in an offense where the quarterback isn't under center. He isn't a fit at all.
  2. I don't think that offer gets it done. If I had 1.07 I might not even take mitchell, 2.06 and a 2nd in 2018 but that might be about right.
  3. Well, at least his story isn't Lawrence Phillips bad. Yet, anyways.
  4. I have been trying for a long time to get one of those QB for round 2 value with no luck. Their owners have just wanted more. My guess is it would take one of : 1.08, Paul Perkins, Tyreek Hill, Breshad Perriman. I actually think Perrimen alone doesn't get it done. I see those as the most likely key pieces for getting one of them though. This is based on my experience in trying to land one of them.
  5. I like the Quizz call too. Maybe even a Ryan Matthews and deal with his numerous injuries. It probably means you let Eddie walk unless he is willing to sign a favorable deal and you wait until the first waive of RB sign before you look at RB. Chris Ivory could be another name if he is cut and makes it through the first group of RB. You probably spend low at RB and expect some sort of job share with Ty and then add a RB late in the draft or as a FA signee after the draft.
  6. I was all for signing Eddie but I'm taking that back a bit. I am still interested but I'm also interested in what else becomes available. I heard reports Eddie had multiple fines for weight. I might rather see them bring in someone like Latavius Murray if he is available. Maybe Doug Martin if he is available. I'm not as excited about Adrian Peteron or Jamaal Charles because I think you may also have to draft a youngster then and I would rather see them toss all their picks at CB and edge rushers.
  7. This team does have the WR depth to cash in Dez Bryant, Keenan Allen or Tyreek Hill to move up and get a RB so it is a solid option. It probably depends on your thoughts on each guy. Is Dez ready for a fall from elite status? Do the injuries catch up with Keenan Allen? Is Hill a one hit wonder? If you feel that way about any one of them I could see moving one of them plus your 1.08 for either a top 2 pick, or a younger RB like Todd Gurley or Davonta Freeman or Melvin Gordon. RB is not a need yet but is an option if you are ready to cash out on one of those WR.
  8. I agree with Gally. You are in a position to win now so do it. McCoy and Ingram are a solid set of starters. Just draft best player available and you should always have depth if you end up with a need.
  9. It seems I have heard a fair amount of talk about this QB draft class being pretty weak. I don't spend any time doing my own draft analysis. For that reason alone though I can see a team willing to part with say an early round 2 pick in a package and going with Jimmy G.
  10. Just look at the poll they are doing in this forum now. That is what I am basing my position on. No way is just about anyone taking Robinson before Hopkins. Hopkins went #10 overall. It looks like Robinson might have a chance to go #14. He might go more in that 15-18 range. In reality we can split our differences and Robinson might only be half a round cheaper.
  11. I stand by my point that I see little value difference between Hopkins and Robinson at this point in their early careers. Thus for me, Hopkins is more over rated because he costs probably a full round more in start up drafts to acquire. It's really the issue you have when dynasty owners were trading value equal to 3 first round picks for Hopkins last year. They are looking at his age and coming off a big season and they are projecting him to give them 1500-10+ each year for the next 6-8 years so they are disappointed. Again, my statement is that there isn't much difference between Hopkins and Robinson other than one guy is a year older and has one more good season. I believe in Robinson enough to think he has just as good a chance as Hopkins to string together good seasons for the next 6-8 years but he is cheaper.
  12. Pretty much my thought process. If you are ranking a wr as top 5 you aren't happy with 1200 and 6.
  13. That was what he thought about countering with. The offer was for James Stewart, Sammie Coates, Ted Ginn, Tyler Lockett, Cam Meredith, Eli Rogers 2.03 and a 2019 2nd. I believe most of the comments are focused on the offer and not a potential counter offer.
  14. Sure. It may have come across as being more to it than what there is. I don't consider Hopkins as having 2 big seasons, only 1. His 2nd big season was 76-1210-6. Those aren't bad but he is a year older and has one double digit td season (11 td) which is the same as Robinson (14 td). What I meant by my comment is that generally everybody has Hopkins ranked ahead of Robinson but they both very similar. Very similar stats last year, both had their big year 2 years ago. One has an extra year of good production but it's because they are a year older and had an extra season under their belt. On top of that I feel better about Jacksonville's offense with Bortles still in place and hoping for a rebound over the offense in Houston with a very unsettled QB situation. So my view is that I see very little difference between ARob and Hopkins but Hopkins is generally held in much higher regard.