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  1. Another kick in the teeth for idp players using footballguys. The site just isn't willing to put a lot of resources into idp.
  2. I traded the pick for the players.I'm not sure who the other owner is after but I will say he is incredibly deep and has been trying to trade Lockett for a long time with no success. He may have simply decided he needed to cash out some of his crazy depth on his bench for a younger prospect before they lose value? For me it was an easy choice. I took over this team a year ago and started a rebuild that had me coming into the draft with 16 picks, including 4 in round 1. Lockett becomes my #1 WR and Waller my #1 TE and I still have some good young guys I drafted last year and a boat load of picks to work with.
  3. 12 team ppr. QB,RB,WR,WR,TE,Flex,Flex,Flex. Pick 1.11 for Tyler Lockett and Darren Waller.
  4. Are you OK with us being critical of you posting a link that doesn't work? 😉
  5. I like the kid but like said above he is buried and when he gets his opportunity it is probably post Brady era.
  6. Spot on Pipes. They have been fortunate to hit on Favre and Rodgers and their QB spot has probably been the best in the NFL if you look at all 3 decades in total yet their approach is questionable in my mind with not enough urgency to win now. So yeah, we can boast look how well we did with Favre and Rodgers and sure Love could be the next great one but he isn't like Rodgers who went from being talked about as potentially #1 overall pick his rookie year to the slide. Love wasn't considered that high and my view of him was he was the one QB who might go in round 1 to a team desperate for a QB and willing to reach. Heck, it didn't have to be a WR in round 1 for me even though I question that position, I would have even been happy if they had traded up and took one of those two ILB that went just after they took Love after the way SF gouged them last year. When you have an aging Rodgers I say make every pick make your team immediately better for the years Rodgers is still there. You have a HOF QB with only one proven weapon to use. Sure they will probably add some WR later but for one damn time spend an early pick on an elite target for him.
  7. The trade for Kizer. The move up to draft the UCLA kid, I forget his name at the moment, prior to that. I'm in the camp that feels a lot of Rodgers' years were wasted by not looking at immediate needs over trying to find his successor.
  8. Why does this club keep spending capital on the Rodgers replacement when they could be building around him? Horrible.
  9. That seems like a very big IF at this point as others have said that is going to be a tough contract to move and Melvin Gordon a free agent. I drafted Henderson in the 4th last year which based on FBG was an all out steal but he really didn't impress in preseason and didn't get much action in the regular season so if he were looking like a potential starter I would put him toward the back of the rookie RB that looked like they might start.
  10. If what the trade was is true I can only assume Hopkins has CV-19 and they are afraid it will spread to the whole team.
  11. The Kirksey signing tells me that with the money they threw out at the Smith brothers last year they couldn't afford to keep Martinez and Kirksey was the best available in the price range they were willing to spend at LB. I can't say I have ever seen him play. He has had some decent tackle numbers and injuries recently.
  12. I guesss Blake Martinez won't be back and we signed Kirksey. I think I'm OK with the move. It seems to me like the club really likes this sort of move of signing guys in their mid to later 20's to contracts taking them to about 30. Now I hope they are at least looking at Hooper or even Ebron at TE. I think they fit the same type of deal of signing free agents playing out their 20's.
  13. Missed lineups is the only thing I have serious issues with in dynasty and I feel you need to have a clear set of rules on how to handle. Maybe something like: 1X = warning by commish 2X = loss in round 1 pick next year 3X = expulsion Note that your league may want to adjust that for what they see fit and it may reset annually or whatever you want. The point being a league should clearly state what sort of penalty there is for missing lineups. I would say you can't force owners to trade or make waiver claims. Going back to the original post: It is tough to force the fun stuff like trading, especially in the off season. I still say the OP maybe needs to more adjust their expectations of the off season activity instead of forcing new rules or fees on the other league members.