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  1. I'm not sure what to do with Lynch yet. He has played against the top 2 rush defenses and managed 6-18 and 9-12. In his other games against weaker rush defenses he has 18-76, 12-45-1, 12-43-1, and 13-63. He hasn't been burning it up in those easier match ups. The Chiefs D looks like a solid match up for running. He then has a couple of tougher match ups and then overall weaker run defenses for the stretch. This next week might be the time to sell if you want to bail on him so it might depend on where your team is at.
  2. I like Howard a lot and my first reaction was give me Howard and I probably still like Howard but in a full ppr this gets a lot closer.
  3. I don't know that I would call it collusion but in my leagues it would probably be considered an illegal trade. In my leagues you can't trade future undefined considerations. Trading the ability to use a future waiver claim not defined would be illegal. Also, in my leagues all assets to be traded need to happen at the same time so trading a future pick now for players to be determined through future waivers not yet defined now would not be allowed. Now, if you traded a pick for the guys waiver pick this week (or probably better defined in my leagues the team with the waiver spot would have to pick said player and then trade that player to me) that could be constructed and allowed.
  4. It's been a slow week for Gordon news....
  5. So what happens to all the rest of these players when the NFL owners compile a list of those who refuse to stand for the National anthem? I have to assume such a list has been put together.
  6. If Curt is anything like Kirk Cousins I'll take Kirk in that deal.
  7. Not the worst but I would want OBJ. I feel Cooks is more of a fantasy WR2 and Henry is still fighting for playing time with Murray.
  8. I don't want to dismiss his strong game this weekend and he has always been a beast but at his age and with all the punishment he has taken in his career I think there is a big question about his ability to hold up. So why do you think he can be startable both this year and next? No David Johnson coming back this year? I assume you feel he would be startable on another new team next year since David Johnson is in Arizona? I'm just not as optimistic and if I were looking to cash in on AP I would gladly take any round 2 pick if offered.
  9. Another stinker. I really liked this guy last year and own him on a couple of leagues. He just isn't gaining any traction. I don't see the games or get any Redskins news but he seems to have inexplicably disappeared in 2017.
  10. I think you are a little crazy. Most competing teams will be picking in the later part of round 2 so they won'y have an early round 2. I could see a competing team in dire need of RB help maybe gambling a late round 2 pick but it has been one decent game and the threat of David Johnson being back come playoff time should cool the boil. If you find the right owner you might get lucky and get that late round 2/early round 3 pick value.
  11. Meh. When David Johnson is ready he will get in and get his touches. Can you even count on AP to be healthy when Johnson is ready? The guy has broken down in 2 of the last 3 years and is 32 years old. If you believe David Johnson is elite, and I do, you don't worry about this.
  12. I'm still optimistic and am looking forward to see what Hundley can do with a week to practice and game plan knowing he is the starter. He has the tools to be a good NFL QB. I understand they didn't build a game plan for him being in there Sunday but it is so frustrating watching them put in a young guy like this and then each series run twice and ask him to move the chains on 3rd and 6. Trust your young QB to make plays and don't force him into 3rd and long and then ask for a play.
  13. This is tough to answer without knowing some things such as roster sizes. My take on Hundley (I own him in half my dynasty leagues) is that prior to the injury to Rodgers I felt he is one of the potentially better backups out there that was probably in a position to get a starting opportunity with another team in the next couple of years. He gets his opportunity now. I would put his value similar to other young rookie prospects that are good prospects but not thought of as sure things. This year most of my leagues had a group of guys like Mahomes, Trubisky, and Kizer go mostly in round 2 and I put him in that same grouping. I would be wanting to land a round 2 pick if I were trading him.
  14. I still hope Murray can get it rolling but I just don't know. I would think for the most part he is a hold. If you are a contending team you may as well hold and hope because his value is depressed. I imagine of you are not contending you could bail if you want to accept pennies on the dollar because he isn't going to be a hot commodity.
  15. I hate this deal for you.