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  1. As a guy that has owned Gordon since he entered the league and held him in several zealots leagues I would be ready to sell for that too.
  2. I prefer the Adams side and it was a pretty easy choice for me.
  3. I would take the pick but I have never been convinced Kevin White will amount to much.
  4. As set as that one team seems it can afford to give those picks so it might be a case where it's a good deal for both teams.
  5. I would take Allen Robinson and 1.05 for Gurley. I think that is plenty fair.
  6. I have seen 1.03 bust enough that I would certainly take the deal and have 4 first round shots at hitting.
  7. I own him on a couple of teams and would love to trade him. The problem is I can't find anyone who believes in him enough so I am better off holding and hoping he is just being over looked again. Not a high risk gamble for me because I just invested some FA bucks in him last season.
  8. Honestly, I wonder if they are just better off not trying to spend all of it. You need to add as much young talent to this roster as you can and then when the young guys come together you have cap space available to make a run. Kind of a poor example but let's say like the Jaguars last year. They were coming off a year where they really made strides and they were a major player in free agency. Now, it fell flat because they bombed out last year but I think the plan was right, the execution failed. Keep your young guys together. Add some talent. When you are ready to make a run you spend to fill out a team. They seem to need a QB and defensive upgrades. The RB they have seem OK. Coleman and Pryor seem like they could be a decent couple of WR. It seems to always come down to fixing the QB spot.
  9. Just for point of reference I am a Packers fan and have grown up a Packer fan. I live in WI but near the MN border so I hear a lot of Vikings talk on the radio as I listen to KFAN in the car each day. Just on what I have heard on the radio over the last several years I can't see AP being a good fit in Green Bay. Then add that this team needs to pay out to retain/replace some OL, they need pass rushers, they need CB. I just can't see them spending money to bring AP in. None of it would seem to make sense.
  10. Do you follow Vikings news at all? Explain to me how you see AP as a good fit. The news on the Vikings talk radio all the time was the struggle with Teddy B. liking to play shotgun and how Adrian Peterson doesn't like a shotgun formation and plays far better when the QB is under center. Green Bay runs the majority of the time from shot gun. I think AP can be a good RB yet if he can find a team to run an offense around his strengths but that isn't in Green Bay. He isn't a fit for their offense. How do you figure Green Bay is the top landing spot. News from Western WI coming out of Minnesota is he seems very interested in the Giants. Funny how you want to key hole everyone in this thread but I don't see where 1- you think Green Bay is the top landing spot and 2-how you envision him fitting into a team that runs out of a shotgun formation the majority of the time. Please explain.
  11. No. You missed my point. That 5 million plus whatever cap space is available combined might get you there. Not a Cowboy follower but I assume Romo goes and that makes some space. I would much rather pay a stud defensive guy $10+ million than to give half of that to AP as insurance for Elliott.
  12. I don't know. I owned Brandin Cooks in one league. In the weeks where he was huge I blew away my opponent. I lost a few close games when he stunk up the joint.
  13. I'm not a Cowboys fan but if I were I think I would rather see my team spending that money to bolster the defense instead of another RB when you have a young Elliott. Heck, Al Morris can do fine if you want to save some wear and tear on Elliott. I also believe AP still believes he is a starter and wants to start, not be a RBBC type of guy. There is a reason he seems to be throwing himself at the Giants. It looks like a spot where he can go in and be the guy.
  14. I would pass on this all together. I'm skeptical on how high a ceiling I think Moncrief really has. He had a really nice stretch of getting TD down the stretch after missing 6 games due to injury but he now has 3 seasons in and his total yardage high is 733. Don't get me wrong, I think he has good potential and I like him. I just feel like you are trading a 2 for 1 and your team needs enough pieces yet that I don't think you can afford to be making 2 for 1 type deals. I would rather hold Ertz and that 2.2 pick. In the very least if you are a big Moncrief fan I would at most make that 2.2 the 2.8 pick as you asked. I just don't see enough difference between Ertz and Moncrief to want to give up a very important asset to swap them out.
  15. I start by looking at your team and I think your biggest areas of need are RB and TE (your team looks pretty good as is). After David Johnson I don't see a long term guy I feel really good about at RB2. Your TE are fine but this is supposed to be a great TE draft so if you don't do anything else one of those may be worth a look at 1.12. I don't mind looking at a guy like Gurley to see his cost but if it were my team I would keep Odell, Green and Robinson intact and it would have to involve other pieces for me to go get Gurley.