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  1. Could he go home in a sense to Green Bay if they paid him over Blake Martinez? Let's face it....these coming home connections rarely work that way.
  2. Another factor that gets overlooked is just how good is your team. If I am stacked top to bottom I am more willing to give up that pick swap. If my starting lineup has a couple of meh starters I would rather use the draft capital to improve one of those meh starters because that probably benefits my overall starting lineup more.
  3. I suppose you could also look at draft rankings and ask yourself if Elliott is say #5 overall and Hill is #20 overall would I give that pick value up to move up. My general opinion is that in scoring formats with a lot of flex spots many owners tend to over value a RB compared to a WR.
  4. Yeah that probably was a bit of a lazy point of analysis and I would probably look into a longer stretch of time and the situations more closely if it was my trade.
  5. I don't know that it is an instant accept depending on starting requirements and scoring. Example: I play in a PPR dynasty league where you must start at least 1 RB and up to 3. You must start I think it's 2 WR but up to 6. WR gains some value in a PPR format where you can start as little as 1 RB and up to 6 WR especially with the short dominant career span of most RB. That said, in this instance Reek has had some injury concerns so he is no slam dunk either. Both have had some off field issues in their past. I would be curious on starting lineup requirements and their PPG averages last year in your scoring.
  6. Andy, I have a zealots team too and I have played there for a while so I will give my input. I know you have played their for a while too so you probably know that in rookie drafts the top LB generally goes late first round to mid 2nd (pick 10-18) and DL generally seems to go mid round 2 (pick 15-25) but when an elite DE comes up they sometimes jump to round 1. DB seems to slide into that late round 2 to somewhere in round 3 range so lets say (pick 20-30 range). I generally think IDP guys in zealots (especially DL) rookie drafts get drafted too early. That being said if I had to assign a value to Leonard and Hunter I would say Leonard is probably in that 11-16 range and Hunter in that 12-18 range as their perceived market value. I know I am loaded with picks this year (3,5,11,12,15,17,27,32,36,39,45,51,60,63,65,72) and a handful of them are in Chase Young territory but I am hard pressed to draft him based on my need on offense and owning C.Jones, Clowney, Cam Heyward, Hubbard, Ingram and Ioannidis. While it takes reaching with a pick a bit to get a guy like Miles Garrett or Chase Young if I am drafting the smart money is passing on them with your picks. For the most part my guess is I would be lucky to get round 3 picks for what I have at DL and I added Hubbard and Ioannidis on the free agent market last year so I feel I can find DL help when needed so I think what I outlined is a pretty accurate market value I find good LB difficult to acquire and DL easy to acquire in general.
  7. I'm not sure it applies. Meaning: some other talk is that the Vikings have to make a lot of choices on who to sign long term while being up against the cap. I remember one afternoon of discussion about is it worth it to give Dalvin a big money contract when so many teams have success using two or three RB with inexpensive contracts. My point is that Minnesota as a team could look very different in the next couple of years due to cap space issues, but maybe that is the case with any team? I suppose it means trust a player's talent more than situation?
  8. Backing up what Gally has said I know on the sports radio up this way the Minn OL is generally considered one of their weakest areas.
  9. This seems to be one of those times where you offer up any and all of those guys and see which guy gets you what you want. You sometimes find that you can trade a lesser guy for a lesser RB but you might get an offer for one of your better WR that greatly improves your RB position.
  10. 12 team league ppr league. I was just offered Ryan Tannehill, Sony Michelle and Julian Edelman for 1.03, 1.11 and 2.03. 🤣
  11. I had the t.v. on for all 4 games this weekend and watched off and on. What can I say? I love football. I will be watching the games and I find it better than most anything else on t.v. on weekend afternoons this time of the year. If they can control costs I think they have a shot at surviving.
  12. Maybe if you don'y own them they are guys to consider trading for with a pick discounted from where they were drafted last year?
  13. The start 2 QB thing makes this a lot closer but I think I do this if Mack upgrades a starter. Tannehill probably enters the season as a starter and Mariota probably enters the season as a backup so you won't be flush with bench talent.
  14. I like him every time I see a 49'er game which isn't a lot. I wouldn't mind owning him but I would say at present his upside does seem to be limited by the fact that the 49'ers are built to run the football and play great defense and when they pass Kittle really is the best weapon so I feel his opportunities will be reduced some.
  15. I thought when it was happening live that it was obvious PI. Replay made it look more minor but still the right call.