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  1. I literally watched her last night standing at the kitchen island, leaning against it with her stomach while texting with her sister. That HAS to be it...It's the rubbing/standing on the counters. I'm going to be hyper aware of that now and see if she does it all the time... I like the cat theory, but the cat doesn't generally sit on her.
  2. Nope. But my son could put an eye out with his. I'm praying it grows "in."
  3. So I presented that theory a while back - She swears she has a few shirts she only wears around the house in yoga pants/sweats that have had this happen. At this point, I think it's more likely she wears them out more than she realizes vs. that not being it. It does make perfect sense. Re. weight - 2 kids under 5. Nothing more than to be expected. She was always more curvy than slim. and @bcdjr1 - No Belly Button piercings.
  4. Wondering if anybody here can help my wife and I solve a bit of a mystery. My wife has a tendency to wear really thin t-shirts or tank tops around the house, or layer them when going out. For some reason, all of her shirts eventually develop small holes right in the front/bottom, near where her belly button is. It's really strange, but literally EVERY ONE of her shirts will eventually get little holes there. They're very small, like the size of a pinhead. There's usually a few of them. She doesn't recall or isn't aware of any specific repeated actions that could cause them. They don't appear on her thicker shirts or button-down blouses, etc. I thought it might be moths, but it's ONLY in that spot on every shirt. I'm open to theories....
  5. I'm pretty far into the minimalist carry at this point. For keys, I carry the Volvo "sport" key for my XC90 - It's about the size of a thumb drive, with a small lanyard attached. No house keys as we use keypads. It's as small as I can get. Fits easily in my front pocket, don't even realize it's there. For my wallet, I've got a Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet, which is absolutely tiny. Roughly the size of a pack of sticky-notes. BUT...If Apple pay was accepted everywhere, and they could get my Driver's license and insurance card on my phone, I'd stop carrying a wallet altogether.
  6. Elliot Segal, host of the Elliot in the Morning radio show on DC101. I've listened to him on my morning commutes for the last 19 years. The last 10 or so years, it's been at least 1 hour each way, so a lot of air time. In terms of the sheer number of hours I've spent with any one person entertaining me, it's him, and it's not even close. The next closest one I can think of is probably Trebek as the OP noted. I used to watch a LOT of Jeopardy.
  7. I kicked in high school - I loved practicing onside kicks. I can kick with either foot, so we'd run it at odd times sometimes in games. We had 3 versions. I'd line up over the ball and run directly at it (parallel to the sideline). I could either go with the traditional, bounce-off-the-ground kick to the left or right, or try and drill it at the guy right in front of me if they put him there. We ran this 4 times when I was playing. 2 traditional bouncers, 2 drilling it at the guy in front of me. 0-2 on the traditional way - not even close. One sailed out of bounds without kicking up into the air, the other was too deep and easily fielded. 1-2 on drilling it at the guy, but to be fair, should've been 2-2. The one we missed nailed the guy in the leg as he was turning to run down field, bounced to our guy, who promptly butter-fingered it and lost it. The one we got cleanly was beautiful. Nailed the guy right in the facemask, bounced back to one of our WR's literally in-stride who caught it out of the air. I'm not sure if drilling it at the guy is the best way, but I can say the old way sucks. Too many variables.
  8. Oh man - I have a lot. Box Cutteraholic - I easily have 15 different box cutters. 10 or so old basic single-blade ones, 2 nice Dewalt folding ones, a really small minimalist Gerber one, a Milwaukee one, and probably another 10 or so I'm not counting of the basic plastic snap-off blade ones. I use the Dewalt ones regularly in the yard, and the Gerber one for opening packages. The rest are scattered around the house for whatever I need. Shoeaholic - I easily have 30 pairs of shoes. Probably 16 pair of dress oxfords, 5 pair of sneakers, 2 pair of snow boots, 6 pair of casual shoes, 2 pair of cowboy boots, and that's not counting flip flops, water shoes, sandals, etc. Dress shirtaholic - I have 40+ button-down dress shirts for work. I do dry-cleaning less than 1x per month. I used to live in NYC right next to the Century One discount store and I'd buy a shirt or so a week for a decent period of time...I've slowly replaced some of those with Charles Tyrwitt shirts as they've worn out. I too am a lawnaholic - My yard is almost 3 acres. I cut it myself, pay to have it fertilized, and do all the OCD things noted here. Despite having a lawn fertilization service, I'll go out and spot-treat weeds, water newly planted grass by hand, fill random low spots with topsoil, gradually add soil to cover bare roots, dig out thatchy spots and re-seed, etc. I too often just sit on my deck with a beer and look at my yard when I get a quiet moment. I've got 4 sets of blades for my mower - I sharpen them all up in the spring and change them out every month and a half or so. Work Gloveaholic - I have probably 15 pairs of work gloves. To be fair, I buy them 1x per year when Mechanix has their black Friday sale. I've got maybe 5 pair of yardwork gloves, 3 pair of the classic mechanix gloves, 2 pair of the insulated winter ones, and another 5 or so of some cheaper cotton gloves with the rubber-dipped palms.
  9. I didn't really mean to indicate Liv (or honestly Lennox or Arden) were THAT bad...just that there were a lot of unique names...Now "El Slicky" and Fenix...different story.
  10. My son just started kindergarten last week. We've asked him to provide us with a name of a classmate each day. So far: Lennox (boy) Liv (girl) Arden (girl) ...and one that he has consistently repeated with the same pronunciation, but I can't figure out. I can't WAIT for Parent/teacher night to figure out what it really is...El Slicky (spelled the way he says it, but I'm sure it's something else) Also, someone I knew from my past recently had a kid and named him Fenix O'Bryon. O'Bryon is the middle name, not the last name, and I don't think it's a family name. WTF.
  11. That's actually really pretty - Looks sturdy as #### too - what I'd need for these kids. I'll have to look into that more.
  12. I wouldn''ll get silt in the pit either way, and the fabric could impede water flow once it gets clogged up with silt. Those pumps are more than rated to suck up silt. Most are similar to sewage ejector pumps and can handle solids. I have a very active french drain (ALWAYS water in the pit, and the pump runs after most rainfalls). When I put in a new back-up pump a few years ago, I put in fresh gravel in the bottom, and set the pump on a brick to raise the intake up slightly. There's minimal silt in there now, and it's been 6+ years. If it ever got bad, I'd just dump a few buckets of water in, it'd stir up the silt, and then the pump would pump it out.
  13. So my house is the corner house on an 11-house dead-end street. My son just started kindergarten last week. He rides the bus with 7 other kids grades K-3. They all gather (usually with parents) at the end of the street (my lot). I want to encourage them to start waiting IN my yard, not on the sidewalk as people go WAY too fast on the road our street exits onto, and it's a blind hill just before our road. I have a nice maple tree on that corner. I just trimmed the branches up to raise the crown, now I want to put a small slate "patio" and a park bench up there. I want to put slate vs. JUST a bench because a few folks have told me they've done similar things and their benches have been stolen. I want to bolt the bench into the slate for security. I'm having a bit of a challenge finding a real, park-quality bench. New ones are $400+. The stuff in the non-commercial grade category are all very flimsy and don't appear to be built for the weather (and don't have bolt holes int he feet). Used stuff is hard to come by. Anybody have any tips?
  14. Yep. The bolded part was how my SIL described him after she met him. She said he was one of the most enjoyable guys she'd ever been around. Clearly that's changed for one reason or another.
  15. Yeah. My SIL dated somebody high up in the Steelers for a few years (around 2015-2017) who was also a WR coach for them for a time - She met AB several times at team functions, etc. She said he was a really nice guy early on, but that he basically became so disruptive and childish in the later years that they basically realized the writing was on the wall with him and at some point, they'd part ways. I think a lot of folks figured it'd be AB who would hold out for a whole season over some random crap instead of Bell last year. Nobody ever mentioned CTE, but I'd guess within the organization, they'd probably try and deny that connection and just say he's a bad apple.
  16. A guy at work pitched the CTE angle to me earlier today. 1st time I'd heard it, but it does make total sense. Since that Burfict hit, his personality has been different. He went from what I envisioned as a juvenile prankster and fun-loving ugy to a juvenile jack### diva.
  17. I had to cut my bill down. Called yesterday. Didn't do anything crazy and probably could've done better, but I was happy. I had an old package that was $99.00, plus ST Max from last year, and a bunch of random stuff that made my bill close to $200. Called, dropped my package down to the base one, which is sufficient for me now honestly, got the $60 off / month for a year loyalty bonus, another $25 bill credit (1-time), and removed some stuff that honestly, I never remember adding (Some movie add-on and a ridiculous protection package). My next bill will be a credit, and then after that ~$70/mos or so. Honestly, what gets me is how often a rep "gives" me programming for free and says it will automatically cancel, and it doesn't. That's how I ended up with some $5 movie add-on and the $20 warranty package (that covers iPads...WTF?). I could fight it, but it wasn't worth the time. This is all magnified by the fact that my internet log-in WILL NOT WORK 95% of the time, no matter what I do, and I often have no clue what I'm actually paying for. I'm to the point now where I won't even take "free" programming because I'll forget to cancel it, even if they say I don't have to.
  18. Sent you one - nas4a Sent one to @Deranged Hermit too...
  19. Kuznetsov gets ban from IIHA for cocaine... Certainly doesn't make those pictures that came out from him in Vegas look good...And as a Caps fan, doesn't really inspire confidence in him having a good year...
  20. I just tried this stuff last night via gummies - 20 mg per the stoner guy working in the local CBD store. To be honest, for me, I was just looking for a way to increase my level of relaxation when I need it. Long story short, one of my favorite things to do when the family was out of town was pop 1 Vicodin, drink 1 beer, and just melt into the chair in the basement and watch Marvel movies on the projector. My Vicodin were leftovers from my dental implant surgery and I'm all out now...I've been trying to find something that even comes close to that level of relaxation. It's not an addiction thing at all...I'd do this maybe once every 2 months or so, but it was so awesome. The CBD gummies had limited impacts from my perception. Honestly I noticed it more this AM when I totally did not want to wake up. I did sleep well, but I usually do. Will try again this weekend and see if I can tell anything different.
  21. We've gotten them for my son's last 3 birthdays. For his 4th, we had 100+ people at the house and bought two of the big trays. My son cried and cried when we ran out of water balloons. I cried and cried when the guests ate ALL the #### nuggets and there were absolutely none left at the end of the party.
  22. Had it for Breakfast AND Lunch yesterday.
  23. If I can, I will - but for certain products, it's hard to find quality even if you're willing to pay for it. That's my point - the market for certain products has become so overrun with cheap Chinese stuff that it takes a lot to even find something of quality to buy.