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  1. If it were me, I'd pay Scotts/Lawn Doctor/Whomever to treat your yard, and do some stuff to help. In the front - the lawn service will thicken the grass and kill the dandelions. In the middle, the lawn service will help take down the 80% weeds - once they're down, re-seed the area with more grass seed. The subsequent fertilizations will thicken that up. In the back, same as the middle, but I'd re-seed with a good shade grass. If you're sodding and/or planting grass and it's just not coming in, it's either watering, OR you've got a seed for full sun and you're trying to grow in shade. In general, your strategy needs to be to kill the weeds, then plan the appropriate grass, then fertilize that to get it established. Once the grass comes in thick, the weeds won't be an issue as much.
  2. IMO nothing is harder to get rid of than nutsedge. I hate that stuff...and the only thing that works on it is a niche, plant-specific product that costs a fortune and you can't easily mix in large batches.
  3. When I first saw his suggestion, I thought, "That's a good idea," but I never thought of the sear aspect. You're totally right. It's going to cook, but you won't get the sear or the differential texture from the bars.
  4. Sweet - I'll totally do that. The flavor bars aren't stainless, but they have such a thick layer of burnt rib-eye fat on them, they're impervious to everything at this point. Agree re. Weber Genesis. My FIL has gone through 3 grills in the same time-frame trying to "play it cheap." I paid ~$500 for my stainless Weber by stacking a memorial day sale, Discover Card 5% cash back at hardware stores, and the Lowes 10% off mover coupon (which used to work on Webers, but not any more). Now the equivalent grill is basically $1,000 and doesn't even come with a fully-enclosed bottom cabinet. Clearly they know what people are willing to pay for their quality.
  5. TIS - Quick question re. timing - my wife is looking to fly from Newark to Pittsburgh tomorrow night - impacts?
  6. FWIW - the side-effect of buying the stainless version of my Weber Grill back in 2011 was that in addition to the stainless exterior, I also got stainless grill grates. In retrospect, this was the best part. My stainless plates don't rust, and come clean after some brushing - They'll likely out-last the frame of my grill. I'm not sure if you can buy stainless grill grates a la carte or not, but if you can, I'd highly recommend. I likely won't buy another grill unless I can get stainless steel grates.
  7. How did your 14-yo daughter get good at woodworking? That's impressive. Woodworking AND crepes.
  8. Yeah. Our neighbors are great. To be fair, I wouldn't usually do it that early, but my wife goes to the gym with the closest neighbor's wife so I knew she was up to go to the class with her. The husband goes out for a run ~6:30-7:00 every day. He actually thanked me as his kids were pseudo-camping in the back yard and my mowing kept them from sleeping till noon. To be fair, we've got decent lots - 2+ acres, so it's not like I'm right on top of them.
  9. I'm about to throw in the towel on my poor tree, but I still don't understand it at all. The tree still has color - branches have a reddish hue to them. The branches are still somewhat soft and bend (don't snap). I scratch the bark on the smaller twigs, and they still have moisture and aren't dry. The little buds are dry though. They roll off the stem if you rub your finger over them. No signs of damage, storm or otherwise. It's really odd. I'm going to leave it, but I don't have high hopes at this point.
  10. My wife is the queen of naps. (See my "I hate gifts" thread - part of her birthday was allocating time for her to nap) I on the other hand don't nap much. If anything, I try and watch a TV show when the kids are napping and pass out from exhaustion. It's rarely intentional any more, and honestly 9/10 times I wake up with a headache feeling way worse than I did before.
  11. Officially no. Saturday AM was the first day since my son was born almost 5 years ago that I even had the opportunity. My parents have a townhouse (2nd home -live in VA most of the time) near us. They've had my son overnight a lot, but this was the first time they had my almost 2 y/o daughter too. My wife and I both were excited to sleep in at home. We've been out of town for weddings and such maybe 2-3x without the kids, but we always had things to do - this time it was at home, with nothing going on the next morning. We were excited to sleep in. I slept till 7:00, got up and went to cut the grass. Wife slept till 7:30 and got up to go to the gym.
  12. That's pretty cool - Reminds me of one of my GOOD gift ideas. After our wedding, my mother-in-law threw her bouquet away. My wife was trying to dry it, and had it hanging in a closet and her mom found it, and just threw it away. Why she did that is beyond me because the woman doesn't throw ANYTHING away. (I used a bottle of rubbing alcohol made in 1984 to apply a screen protector to her phone this weekend, and she had a winnie the pooh plate for my kids that belonged to my wife when she was a kid, 30+ years ago...) but anyway, my wife was really bummed about that. I found a guy on Etsy who made paper mache flower bouquets - he basically reproduced her wedding bouquet out of paper and I gave her that for our 1st (paper) wedding anniversary. It was flat out amazing. Speaking of which, our anniversary is June 4th - I guess I have to get started thinking of something else to get her...
  13. So we traveled to Pittsburgh for Mother's day to see her mom. Being totally honest, that made planning much for her difficult because we already had that weekend planned. Ultimately I told her that her gift was an NYC trip with at least my son (daughter TBD since she's so young). I told her I wanted to jointly figure out what we could/should do, but that I already talked to my parents to see when they can watch my daughter if we want to go with a lighter group. I also cooked dinner when we got home, got the kids clean, and gave her a nice foot rub. That seemed to at least be sufficient. Still, I personally feel like it wasn't enough, but...
  14. Wife doesn't have a standard desk and works at any one of 3 different offices in any given day. I'm telling you - there's no low hanging fruit with her.
  15. IMO It's the best way. What gift is better than what you were going to get anyway? I have an uncle like your brother. He used to show up to holidays with 5 identical packages. Every. Single. Year. One for my mom and dad, one for my other uncle and his wife, and typically one for my grandmother. The item differed each year, but the duplication didn't. My favorite was when he got everyone cooking aprons. All Denim with lace trim. My Dad and other uncle were quite confused.
  16. Yeah - almost 2 and almost 5. The $8.95 was my card. The LAST time I don't look at the price prior to buying. I only bought the kids a "real" card because I saw one with a Llama on it that I knew my daughter would love. (The Llama llama books, if anyone is familiar). She goes nuts when she sees Llamas. She pronounces it "llam-mala," which I love.
  17. I send my wife and mother a list of things I want for X-mas/Birthday...I even price it out with Amazon links and best prices. My Mom loves it, as do I, because I get exactly what I want. My wife calls it "cheating." Hence why she never buys me anything of my list, and hence why when I ask her what she wants, she NEVER GIVES ME ANY IDEAS. Hence this thread...
  18. To my wife, Naps >>>>>> 90% of the things I can buy her. Girl LOVES her naps. Since kids, she doesn't get nearly as many as she'd like. This shows both a) how much she loves naps, and b) why it's so hard to get her stuff that she'll actually like or care about. There's no way I'd get her one of those figurines, or any other nicknack. I had more random shelf-sitters than she did when we moved in together. She's purged all of them at this point.
  19. I already did the spa thing. That was birthday...2 weeks ago. Hence why I hate this time of year - I have maybe 1 good idea and I burn it on her birthday. I snuck out at lunch and bought cards from me and the kiddos at least. I about #### my pants when I was checking out at Wegmans as one of the cards cost ####### $8.95!!! EIGHT GOD #### DOLLARS FOR A CARD THAT DOESN'T SING, POP OUT, OR GIVE ANYONE SEXUAL FAVORS! WTF? It wasn't worth it to go back and pick out another and wait in line again, so I just paid it. Maybe I can just circle the price of that card with a red sharpie and be done with gifts? "Here honey, I bought you the most expensive one I could find."
  20. I have a feeling a lot of this is going to have to do with how old you are now - folks in their 80's are going to be a lot different than they were in their 20's vs. someone in their 30's is. Personally, I've changed a decent bit. Not completely. More mature, make wiser decisions, view life differently. While I wouldn't say I'm embarrassed by who I was, there are certainly things I'm embarrassed of - life decisions, how I treated certain people and situations, etc.
  21. We unfortunately have one. Her name is Lizeth and she comes every other week.
  22. She does the photo books for every trip we take, and also for each of the kids 1x per year. We've got like 10 of them. I love them and agree they're awesome - we do those for the grandparents as gifts a lot. The spa day is basically what I did for her birthday. Brunch, Went to look at a new car for her (haven't bought yet, but close), Spa, Lunch, home for naps (which we never get). I think I need to heed your middle comment - just get her something. I'm my biggest critic when it comes to that as I feel like I should have that perfect gift.
  23. x2. We're on a similar time-line... Year 1 - buy house Year 2 - Cosmetic upgrades (kitchen backsplash, swap out all switches and do home automation, new door handles/hinges, light fixtures, fans) Year 3 - Re-do guest bath Year 4 - Re-do Master bath Year 5 - Re-build/expand deck Year 6 - Tons of landscaping changes Year 7 - Finish basement Year 8 - 2nd kid turns 1, now mobile, time for projects was limited, so didn't do anything major. Year 9 - (this year) Need to refinish garage floor, and build a lean-to on the shed to cover my expanding collection of crap. Also need to figure out what to do about the driveway (want to re-pave/expand it)
  24. Every year around this time, I realize again how much I hate buying gifts for my wife. It's not that I don't love her or don't want to buy her things, it's that I just suck at it. This time of year it's the triumvirate of her birthday in late April, Mother's day in May, and our anniversary in early June. Combine that with the fact that she doesn't have hobbies (doesn't garden, doesn't drink coffee, doesn't hike or do outdoorsy stuff), and that we both generally buy whatever we need on our own, and I just generally never have anything to get her. She's cost conscious, so I feel wasteful getting her stuff like flowers. She's weight conscious, so I wouldn't buy her a box of sweets or some kind of treat. She's fashion-forward (and I'm NOT) so I'm scared to buy her clothes. She already has more purses/handbags than I can count. "Experiences" are an option, but very hard as we have 2 little kiddos, both have demanding jobs, and have no family within 4 hours, so finding time alone is difficult. So what does that leave? Jewelry - more and more jewelry. To top it off, she's the best #### gift giver I've ever seen. She can always find the coolest gift or neatest experience. I don't know how she does it. Much like female argument skills, it's something I'm convinced is gender-specific. Combine all these things, and I literally get headaches stressing over gifts this time of year. I WANT to get her something as awesome as she gives me. Mother's day is coming. I have ZERO. I managed to squeeze a birthday "experience" in there that was maybe a 6 out of 10, but nothing for Mother's day. Praying we can mutually agree to skip the meaningless 8th anniversary gifts so maybe I can get a reprieve on that one. [/end rant]