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  1. I'm familiar with Izenberg's TV work but this is the first I've read of him. He has some great material to work with and he tells it with color and humor. It opens with a history of mob involvement in boxing and then gives a chapter each to around a dozen fighters (Ali gets two). The chapters are self contained and read like extended magazine pieces. The ebook was part of Prime Reading when I checked it out a few months back but it's not there anymore.
  2. My WIS team has satisfied the need for mediocrity in my life
  3. If anybody cares about the outcome of my book crisis, I'm going with A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. I liked her Manhattan Beach. I'm going to put the headphones, read a book and spend quality time next to Mrs. Eephus. Good night and have a pleasant round 43 in the morning.
  4. We rarely get thunderstorms and never in the summer. I miss them in an abstract way but the novelty would probably wear off between zero and two storms.
  5. Drifting back in the mix after looking at books. There was some Elliott Smith in there and Queen. Don't remember any others but my mind was elsewhere. The Shins - New Slang - lovely tune Sinatra - Change Partners - Sorry Frank but I'll always associate you with the death of a dog. Just like Mitt Romney. I probably mentioned it fifty times in the Sinatra thread but his records were beautifully crafted. Stevie Wonder - Another Star I know this is a long one. Not my favorite Stevie. The disco beat is just there all the time which limits the song's possibilities. Aretha - Just Right Tonight - Oh yeah. Long big band intro and Lady Soul enters just before the three minute mark with some scatting. The verse doesn't kick until 3:30. There are so many great voices but Aretha's is one of the best.
  6. Reading the sports page during the 60s Packers championship years is my earliest memory of reading. I remember being read to by my parents and there's a gap to the Pack.
  7. Jerry Izenberg's book about heavyweight boxers. He has a great old fashioned sportswriter voice and knew everybody from Liston to Holyfield. I always alternate fiction with non so I'm picking between novels.
  8. Finished a book last night. Choosing my next one is a bigger commitment than throwing another album into the shipping container.
  9. Thought I was top of the page on the last page too but it was two pages ago. Time flies.
  10. The National - Don't Swallow the Cap - Thought it was some long lost 80s song until Berninger started singing. He sounds more energetic then than now but weren't we all. Faith No More - Caffeine - this is cool. Non linear song structure. Liked the quiet parts better than the screamy ones Bowie - Sufragette City - Rules. Why can't they make all guitars sound like this? Slint - Good Morning Captain - Mix needed a talking song. Sounds late 90s with that awful snare sound I hate more than the Eagles. It's a 7 minute song, he can't talk all the way through it can he? I'm expecting guitars and there they are. Not a solo just chords and now comes the quiet part. Drums are back and so is the talking guy. I should have paid more attention to the first part of the story.
  11. Dinosaur Jr. Get Me - That's a guitar solo. Good to close on it rather than go back to the verse. Pixies - Digging for Fire - Don't know what it is but they don't move me like before. Stones - Memory Motel - Always liked Black and Blue. It doesn't get enough credit as a step toward Some Girls. Keith's voice never sounded better but it's really not a seven minute song boys. Panda Bear - Comfy in Nautica - Never heard this before. Still waiting for the song to get going at the halfway point. I guess that's it. No social distancing on the album cover Uncle Tupelo - Graveyard Shift - Rockin tune. Never was a fan of Farrar's voice but liked this a lot. Velvet Underground - Candy Says - Its beauty leaves me speechless Golden Smog - Beautiful Mind - I got these guys the other night too. They're the supergroup and not Bill Callahan. I think this is a different song though.
  12. Billy Joe's huge love for the Beatles comes through strong on his side-projects