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  1. moe - Rebubula or something like that - kind of like a proggy Spin Doctors thing.  The stop/starts and sharp turns take musical skills to pull off.  11 and a half minutes.

    Sturgill - The Promise - The best covers unlock something new from a familiar song.  This one's lovely.

    Stone Temple Pilots - Atlanta - I lost touch with these guys early so this is new to me.  Weiland's voice has been better and a whole lot worse.  Big orchestral production for a simple ballad.
    Sturgill again - Call to Arms - Same singer obviously but couldn't be more different from The Promise. Don't love this one for some reason.

    Sabbath - A Bit of Finger etc. - Any time a song has multiple slashes in the title, you have to check your watch.  This one's 14 minutes but it rules.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Yo Mama said:

    I was originally thinking of going with eponymous albums or albums with the band name partially in it, but was scared off by the 40 drafters. I’m glad I chickened out because I would have gone on tilt with Rage and Van Halen taken between my 1st and 2nd round picks (Who’s Next would have been my 1st rounder). Plus I really like my island playlist so far without using a draft shtick. 

    Peter Gabriel would have been your friend.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Binky The Doormat said:

    I have a theory that she is obsessed with becoming president and hasn't given up.  She is "biding" her time until the party until the Dems realize that she is their best hope and beg her to come on board as VP.  Also becomes the best "fill-in" if they decide Joe becomes to much of a liability (health/voter questioning health).  

    The winds don't seem to be blowing the flames in her direction right now.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Binky The Doormat said:
    5 minutes ago, simey said:
    24 minutes ago, krista4 said:

    Luckily we have Top Chef in just three days.

    I need to start watching that again.

    do we have to download bravo app on the amazon firestick to get this season?

    The finals start on Thursday.

    Three episodes to go.

    ETA:  and 100% less Brian Malarkey

    ETA 2:  unless they bring him back to sous chef for some poor schmoe

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    3 minutes ago, Ilov80s said:
    3 hours ago, simey said:

    Heart Like A Wheel -  Linda Ronstadt (1974)

    You're No Good

    Faithless Love


    I didn’t think anyone took this and was lining up for nest. Great choice! 

    I listened to this album over the weekend but went with Jackson Browne instead. 

    There are so many great songs on the album and Ronstadt can sing anything.

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  6. 34.18 - Murray St. - Sonic Youth (2002)

    Previously drafted at 8.05 by @Bonzai (Daydream Nation)

    Daydream Nation is a more important and probably better album but this is my favorite Sonic Youth record and definitely better suited for a small island IMO.

    It's their first album post 9/11 and their second after Jim O'Rourke joined the group.  I guess you could say it's a quieter and calmer SY but they're still capable of bringing great noise.

    Rain on Tin

    Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style


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