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  1. I stopped jotting down impressions but Maggie May is still a stone cold classic. Wouldn't have figured out that Level 42 song if I had infinite guesses.
  2. I think clogging would be a bigger issue but you can always blast it with a hair dryer if that happens.
  3. Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator - Joe Perry's solo is the best part of about 75% of Aerosmith's songs. Talking Heads Crosseyed & Painless - I saw them on this tour in 1980. The ushers were being real ##### about dancing which put a damper on my memories. Angelique Kidjo's full cover album of Remain In Light was one of the best of that small ilk. Daft Punk - Face to Face - Definitely a repeat. If I'm gonna dance, I like my beats to have a little more je nais se quoi. Stevie - Missrta Know-It-All - Wish this was on my island. Mrs. E has a saying "music is my joy" which seems fitting here. CSNY - Black Queen - Love Y but have always been meh on the other three letters. Glad they're all still alive and kicking. Novos Bianos - like very much. Favorited
  4. I took over Dr. No's Crab Key and am claiming responsibility for Elon Musk's rocket "accident".
  5. He's definitely an artist best explored by compilation. A lot of Fela's albums are a side long jam with the instrumental version on the b-side.
  6. The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling - I used to love these guys. Mental note to listen to them again. Cracker - Another Song About the Rain - Cracker has some great anthems. Lowery always play NYE in SF which seems a long way off right now. Phoenix - Armistice - Another one like the Black Keys that fell off my radar during the endless search for the next Phoenix or Black Keys. This song has a bit of Talking Heads to it. Captive of the Sun - Parquet Courts - Never really got into them but liked that song that sounded like Elvis Costello. This wasn't it. Black Crowes - My Morning Song - Love this. So groovy. Terrapin Station cover - Sixteen minutes. Sorry gang this was mine but what's a Grateful Dead tribute if you won't go on for a while. But yeah this is way cool if you hang around for the percussion and strings stuff in minute 12 or 13. Tom Waits Eggs & Sausage - If I had to make a call, I'd take his Island records over the eariler ones on Warner Bros.
  7. Comedy on record is tough but I was disappointed by how poorly this held up. YMMV.
  8. I remember seeing one of his posts and trying to figure out which corner he was standing on. It was South of Market if I recall correctly. Your selections are cool. I just wanted to use the sentence vomit is my jam.
  9. Why do left handed hitters get all the cool stances? Us righties end up looking like Brian Downing.
  10. The long version of I Heard It Through the Grapevine has about five minutes of riffing.
  11. I thought I was listening to the draft mix but I was on the Basquiat soundtrack instead. The Gorecki was the clincher.