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  1. Mrs. eephus just asked me to make her a tuna sandwich. If she's pregnant again, I'm moving to the island for reals.
  2. Vital Signs - The Boys Are Doing It - Worst Wyld Stallyns cover ever. Get this out of here. Blur - Coffee and TV - Oasis was a better band at the outset but Blur got better and Oasis got stagnant. Cool song but went on a little too long. Alanis - You Oughta Know - Karma gets me for speaking ill of her earlier but Morissette is like a more annoying Sophie B. Hawkins. Justin Timberlake - SexyBack - My cultural appropriation sensors are working overtime this week but this is still a banger. Paul Simon - Under African Skies - Wish I had this album on my island. The suppleness of this bassline after the metronomic one in the Timberlake song was a big contrast.
  3. Classical music themed comedy series on Amazon. It ran for four seasons I think but it's been canceled. It was kind of uneven as most things get over forty hours but Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal was outstanding as the conductor.
  4. STP - Interstate Love Song - Great hook. Never cared for Weiland as a frontman Beastie Boys - Sure Shot - Get this party started. C'mon shuffle don't bring it down. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist - A DJ couldn't have transitioned better. Seger - Turn the Page - I had a roommate from Detroit who was a big fan. I was surprised the Springsteen/Seger thread was as even as it was and I've been known to be contrarian at times. GBV - Game of Pricks - Pollard would have been good a desert island artist because he has so many records. Rosanne - She's Got You - Love this. She doesn't try to kill the song, unmannered delivery. Beatles - Here Comes the Sun - I love it when the band comes in after the first quiet verse. Beatles records are always gorgeously recorded. Most records from the same era haven't aged this well from a pure fidelity standpoint.
  5. That Reasons I Drink song she put out last year was awful. I remember watching her sing that on a late night talk show; we couldn't go to sleep because we kept laughing about it.
  6. My neighbor the drunk (who was last seen drumming in his swimsuit next door about 100 pages ago) hates Mozart. When there's a symphony program featuring Mozart, he won't show up until intermission. He's a barbarian. I'd go with Beethoven because I think there's more variation and career progression than with Mozart. Mozart has beautiful melodies of course but the orchestration gets kind of samey samey after twenty or thirty symphonies.
  7. I'm half Japanese so I've experienced racism as a kid in an all Caucasian part of Milwaukee. But I blend in much better in California. We've been together a long time so I recognize casual racism when I see it but I expect things are worse when I'm not around. Being multiracial was certainly something we talked to the kids about from an early age. We knew that the world would identify them as Black; like with everything else, you prepare them the best you can but you have to send them out into the world. My son moved out of our house right after graduation and rented an in-law until from his grandparents in a heavily African American part of SF. In the first year after he moved to the Bayview, he was stopped by the police six times. He was never cited for anything. I cried the night he told me that. He had always wanted to be in law enforcement from a very young age. and trained at the SFPD academy in summer during high school. Getting pulled over repeatedly put a damper on his career plans. He joined the Air Force and is three years into his stint. When he came back at start of shutdown, I asked if was still interested in law enforcement but just smiled and shrugged. He's a funny kid-he usually signs off our family videocons with "stay Black".
  8. I still have Simey's Holiday Tunes somewhere in way my too many playlists. I'm old fashioned but I'd love it if Spotify allowed hierarchical filing of playlists and favorites.
  9. My daughter was out demonstrating in front of the police station but she came back to her apartment at five minutes before curfew. She has I'm Black and I'm Proud written on her forearms in magic marker.
  10. The stuff I've heard from Skinner recently hasn't been good. I suppose it's better than the DOT but that was just dismal.
  11. i really liked Shangri La but I think I've only listened to the album once. So much music even when you're not doing much of anything else.
  12. Since everybody else is assuming side projects are theirs, don't forget to pack Divine Fits. I love that record.