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  1. Is this a pick? Reminds me of the video games category from Genrepalooza #1 (I think)
  2. Love Goss and company. Drafted TUSA in the food draft. It's a pity that the blue garden isn't on Spotify.
  3. We're gonna play some pool, skip some school, act real cool Stay out all night, it's gonna feel all right
  4. 23.23 - Living with the Law - Chris Whitley (1991) One of the most impressive debut albums I've ever heard. It was one of those where you hear it playing in a record store and immediately grab it from the stacks. Whitley came on like an old soul singing songs that had existed forever but they were wrapped in an atmospheric production that made them sound totally modern. Whitley hated the record because he thought it was too pretty and recorded the follow-ups with an uncompromising sound stripped down to the bare bones. He made some other questionable career moves, became a heroin addict, kicked his habit, got cancer and died from it in 2005. Kick the Stones Dust Radio
  5. There was a rain delay on Sunday but they've been doubling and tripling up races to provide live sports content for Fox. There was supposed to be a race on Wednesday night but it was postponed. It doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight either.
  6. I should listen to more Allman Brothers The Clash to One Armed Scissor by At the Drive In was a smooth transition. Eight minutes of Jethro Tull. In this economy? One of my best friends in high school was a Tull fan. He's gone on to play the bagpipes. He plays at weddings and stuff so I guess he's semi-pro. Wolf Like Me - TVOTR This used to be in my mix when I used to run a lot. Still makes me want to kick for the next block. Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad - Derek & Dominos - It's got that Southeastern Conference rhythm section
  7. Hurst made it through 3 starts (16 IP) before injuring his shoulder. He's out for the year.
  8. Finally made it to June. The Rockies played .500 ball for the month but remain 3 games under at 24-27, 3.5 games behind the Giants and Dodgers. It's the most mediocre division in baseball. My Pete Smith was NL pitcher of the month so that's nice. Storm Davis has solidified the bullpen. The offense has cooled off though as A-Rod and Mattingly have come back to earth. Scott Brosius and Mark Whiten are having poor seasons at the corners and Matt Williams has an OPS+ in the 70s. Elsewhere, it's still the Yankees and Blue Jays. The Twins and Brewers trail Cleveland, while Seattle leads Texas in the West. In the NL, it's the same old story with Atlanta leading the Mets, Pittsburgh the class of the Central and the SF-LA battle. The Marlins are a couple of games over .500 which annoys me to no end.
  9. Panic is my "favorite" Smiths' song, but after seeing Morrissey in that video I don't think I've every wanted to punch someone more in my life. I missed the rcam story between phone and computer but that's some top shelf nerding right there.
  10. I've connected a Chromebook to my TV using HDMI to watch old episodes of the Flintstones. George Jetson would be appalled.