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  1. I think we're the only two people in the universe to have drafted these guys in the past ten years unless Earth has a nerdier doppelganger planet on the far side of the sun. ETA thinking I've forgotten somebody else in the draft, maybe someone from the football leegs
  2. 37.23 - Dead Man's Pop - The Replacements (recorded 1989, released 2019) Artist drafted at 4.19 by @otb_lifer (Let it Be) and 7.36 by @Bonzai (Tim) Dead Man's Pop is a three disc set released last year that resurrects the Mats penultimate album Don't Tell a Soul. Its centerpiece is a restored original mix of the album by producer Matt Wallace without the sweetening done by the record label in an attempt to make the band into the Georgia Satellites or something. The box also includes a few outtakes, a live show (from Milwaukee!) and some tracks recorded with Tom Waits. I always loved some of the songs on Don't Tell a Soul but thought the original album lacked the immediacy of their earlier records. Dead Man's Pop at least sounds like the Mats we knew and loved. The new mixes of songs I've heard a hundred times like Achin to Be and I'll Be You sound more different than better strange but some of the songs are greatly improved by removing the aural sheen and big drums. They're Blind (Matt Wallace mix) Achin to Be (Matt Wallace mix)
  3. Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home - I like their earlier more proggy stuff better but this is a lovely piece of Pop. The Band - Chest Fever - Their harmonies always sound so casual but they're spot on. Ten stars for the french horn. Foo - Walking After You - The transition from Everlong to this song is so great. Doobies - Another Park Another Sunday - Never heard this before only know the hits. It's a good song but the guitar solo broke the momentum a bit. Talking Heads - Mind - Fear of Music has the best blacked out album cover ever
  4. Elbow - One Day Like This - Anthem. Chris Stapleton - TN Whiskey - This one caught my ear when it came on. Nice shuffling beat and Stapleton has a nice high register. Went on a minute too long. Richard Buckner - Jewelbomb - This is a cool rocking tune. I remember him. He used to be based in SF I think. Pretenders - Talk of the Town - Martin Chambers has got to be the second most Ringoest drummer ever. Golden Smog - Another Fine Day - Good noisy track. Are these guys a supergroup or is that just Smog. Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place - A glass of lemonade would be nice right now.
  5. And I finally took Greetings five rounds ago or so. Tunnel of Love is the most recent Springsteen drafted so far. Late-period Boss is easy to like but hard to love for me. There are always enough great songs to keep me coming back but mister he has some stinkers.
  6. I have three albums from this century ETA: recency of the 2010s draft is a big factor.
  7. I set my alarm to wake me in 2021 but I had to get up to pee.
  8. Matt Johnson who is The The for all intents and purposes had a near death experience recently.
  9. Costello performed Tramp the Dirt Down at Glastonbury a couple of months after Margaret Thatcher's death
  10. Listened to this again over the weekend. Tramp the Dirt Down has been on my mind a lot lately. Well I hope I don't die too soon I pray the lord my soul to save Oh I'll be a good boy, I'm trying so hard to behave Because there's one thing I know, I'd like to live Long enough to savor That's when they finally put you in the ground I'll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down
  11. Glad you attended the protest, and you're feeling good. Found out today that my 80 year old mother-in-law was at the same demonstration I went to yesterday. Grammy took a knee in front of city hall. God, I love that woman.
  12. I knew Highway 61 was gone and assumed BIABH had to have gone as well. Tough to put out 2 original albums in 1 year yet alone 2 classics. The first three Costello albums were released in a span of a year and a half but in three different calendar years.
  13. One of his finest songs. Tonight our bed is cold I'm lost in the darkness of our love God have mercy on the man Who doubts what he's sure of
  14. 36.18 - Tunnel of Love - Bruce Springsteen (1987) Artist drafted at 2.32 by @Northern Voice (Born to Run), 6.07 by @MAC_32 (The River), 7.16 by @The Dreaded Marco (Darkness etc.), 9.15 by @Chaos Commish (Live 75-85) This is probably my third favorite Springsteen album after Darkness and Born to Run. It's a more introspective affair delivered in the midst of professional success beyond his wildest dreams and the personal trauma of his failing marriage to Julianne Phillips. Sometimes you have to listen past the 80s synths but the collection of songs is among Springsteen's strongest, especially the heartfelt second side (tracks 7-12). Brilliant Disguise While You're Alone
  15. I guess that means it's @Raging weasel @Raging Bull @raging weasel. @ragingbulldawg @ragingmoose