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  1. If the team knew about his injuries in his hand and still made the statement that they were threatening to bench him because of his play seems bush league to me. I understand not wanting to divulge an injury to your opponents but it insinuates he isn't performing well and is fairly healthy. Like has been mentioned, he's been putting up good numbers on a bad team. It seems his downturn in play has been because of injuries. Should they bench him because of the injuries? Maybe, but at least be upfront about it.
  2. Pizza parties and politicians are a bit of a touchy issue I think!
  3. It should be as easy as possible for everyone all the time and especially should be made easier during a pandemic. The drop off boxes are already in place so why the rush to remove them? That doesn't seem like they're making it easy to do.
  4. Newt Gingrach? You're going to use Newt Gingrach as some kind of victim? I understand the point you're trying to make and agree that journalism has devolved into too much sensationalism but please don''t use Newt Freakin' Gingrich as some kind of victim. He is a major part of why politics in general is the way it is now. Should he have been asked that question? In a civilized world, no, but I have no doubt that he would use the same against an opponent if given the opportunity.
  5. Always think of this when I see his name, lol
  6. I keep getting ones from Salem Surround asking me to donate to Trump and I am a Canadian in Canada! I'm probably on some mailing list somewhere for something else but it is weird to get them.
  7. Moved him shortly after picking him up on the WW. Got a late 2nd for him. I am pretty deep at RB though.
  8. It infuriates me to see the gerrymandering, the voter suppression and even voter intimidation. Are you not the USA? The bastion of freedom? The example to the rest of the world that democracy works? That good men and women didn't, and continue to, fight and die in vain for these ideals? Is it not time to live up to these ideals? To shout down the demagogues and their followers? If not now, when? Maybe this is a Pollyanna view. Maybe we don't deserve a democracy. Maybe the time for this empire has expired. I hope not.
  9. It's pretty simple. The argument is about the precedent that was set by the original 2016 argument. They're not arguing the merits of the Republicans precedent but that the precedent was set. The 'popular will' argument was reset and now they want to reset/twist that decision. What Ginsburg wanted is/shouldn't be a part of this straight forward hypocritical about face.
  10. I waffle on my support and opinion of Assange and Wikileaks. I get clouded by his unlikeability and that shouldn't deflect from the facts but I am human, lol. The blog does make some very valid points. To be honest, after reading the article, I went to Wikileaks for the first time. I was underwhelmed but I guess its power lies in the revelations they reveal and how it all still needs the mainstream media to 'report' it to make an impact. One thing I found on Wikileaks was that there wasn't a lot of leaks from other countries other than the USA. I'm not sure what that means as they are not the only country with secrets. Maybe the underlying notion of freedom and having an ingrained ideal of a doing the right thing creates an atmosphere of courage not present in other countries. Is he a journalist, yes and should have the protections that journalists all around the world are hopeful to and should have. If there is proof he conspired or broke laws, then by all means prosecute but not just because he embarrassed you. However, this is the real world and we shouldn't be surprised that power doesn't like to be challenged and will retaliate.
  11. That article is about health care providers and first responders not everyday citizens. The purpose of everyone wearing masks is not to protect the individual but to protect others from you breathing out moisture. The mask and the social distancing is to minimize as much as possible the transmission of airborne particles. We haven't beat Covid at all. It has killed 200,000 people and without lockdowns, social distancing and, yes, masks it might have been more. And unfortunately, it will be more. We might never beat Covid but we must try and minimize and slow the transmission of it until we can find a vaccine or treatment for it. It's not fun for anyone to have to wear a mask or not be able to do things like we used to but it is reality.
  12. Interesting to say the least. But that's how con-men work, they use others integrity against them. I thought they should have been more aggressive and insistent in their pursuit of charges but they sort of deferred to the office and long held views which played right into the hands of Trump.
  13. I came across this article this morning and your comment prompted me to think of it.