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  1. Not sure if this is the right thread for this but it kind of ties into trade.
  2. What if it was only al dente? Would they still serve you?
  3. I didn't think it was a big overpay and was more than happy to make the deal. I can see how it might be viewed as an overpay though.
  4. Christian McCaffrey For Darius Guice, AJ Brown, 2020 1st, 2020 2nd
  5. Chris Godwin, WR, TB for DeVante Parker, WR, MIA 2020 1st (mid to late)
  6. Yeah I have Zeke, Gordon, Chubb and Guice ahead of Ingram so felt my depth was good enough to make the deal.
  7. Needed WR help. Sent Mark Ingram and 2019 3.07(Benny Snell) Got Robby Anderson and 2020 2nd late
  8. I moved him earlier in the year for the 1.07 this year and a 2020 late first (pretty stacked team).
  9. That's not lazy. Lazy would be to wait for a tow truck!
  10. Maybe that Mike Kaiser gave a random number on a form at a fundraiser or something. Just your luck.
  11. Saw him go for the 1.02 in one of my leagues the day before the latest trouble.
  12. It is an 'out there' theory or thought but not without some possibility.