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  1. During the interview, Trump said it wasn’t his first time in the bunker. He said he had been there “two and a half times” to get a feel for the space, not to protect him from any potential threat. How are you in a bunker for 'half time'?
  2. 14 Team PPR Melvin Gordon & 2021 3rd for Robert Woods & 2021 4th
  3. I bought for a 2021 1st and the 2020 3.08.
  4. 14-Team PPR finished on Sunday. A little different order than usual for the top 9.
  5. Drake and the picks for me. Drake for the 1.11 just went down in one of my leagues today.
  6. "Other countries are calling us to find out what the **** we are doing," I think there was an omission when the phone message was written down and given to him.
  7. You were right. I do not understand this from Detroit but I'll take it.
  8. Detroit doesn't have much to lose moving down two spots and picking up more pick/picks. Unless Chase Young falls or they have a specific target, they're going to get one of two players for sure.
  9. I agree we need to find that homerun QB. At some point you have to make the plunge. The injury concern is big but if not for that Tua would probably be in the running for the #1 pick. Is it worth it? I've come around to taking that risk too. Find out sooner rather than later if you've found that QB.
  10. More testing would help determine how the virus works. Is it as deadly as we thought? Why do some people recover? Why don't some people have symptoms? The more information we have the better able we are to make decisions going forward. We all want things to open up but we need to have a good plan with defined benchmarks, good leadership and lots of communication.
  11. I still think Darnold has a chance to be pretty good. It seems like he's been around a while but is actually 6 months younger than Burrow.
  12. And he's still very young with 2 seasons under his belt. He's younger than Burrow! I think he'll be a good one but definitely needs an upgraded O-line.