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  1. he's been climbing all offseason in ADP. he's getting drafted around 2.01 now. was going around 3.05 at the NFL draft.
  2. i'm intrigued by travis homer in deeper leagues. profiles a bit like nyheim hines and grades well as a pass protector, so he could find his way onto the field. he'd need help to be fantasy relevant, but the guy has some quicks and is generally being ignored in the fantasy world. but i dont think there's anyone who could come out of the gate (like lindsay last year) that hasn't already been mentioned...
  3. hopefully he's not hurt too bad... but early reports aren't promising.
  4. i honestly think ronald jones is a lost cause at this point. a lot of people thought he was a turd when they drafted him, he looked like a turd in preseason, and has looked like a turd in the limited action during the year. and in a lost season, it's a pretty bad sign when week 4 of your rookie year is your highest snap %... i mean, if the team turns him loose this weekend feel free to take a look. but it would take quite an impressive performance for me to turn my head and forget what we've already seen.
  5. i signed willie parker for 3 years at league minimum because of that week 17 & then all the training camp hype that was going on. (man, it sure was a different fantasy football landscape back then!) patrick mahomes was this guy last year--he showed he had the goods in his only start. this year, i'd keep an eye on CJ anderson. he's still only 27 and even though he's never been a gamebreaker, he has often been an efficient runner. another strong performance could land him a decent deal somewhere else next year. obviously, i'd keep watching damien williams closely, too. depending on KC's offseason, there's probably gonna be a wide range of opinions on him next year and i'd like to have my own opinion on him at least. ballage, jaylen samuels, rashad penny are other guys to keep watching as well...
  6. losing sanders hurt. there were 10 men near-ish the line of scrimmage almost every snap. i am a lindsay fan so maybe i'm biased but it certainly felt like the browns' primary defensive assignment was keeping lindsay in check. and it worked! i also think the broncos kicking a FG on 4th n 1 on the 4 down 4 with 4 minutes to go without any healthy CBs was.... foolish. they didn't even try to draw them offsides AND they still managed to get a delay of game penalty. lol.
  7. debating him vs. deshaun watson against a higher scoring team in the semis. right now josh is in the lineup but all the experts say that's a mistake. (3 pt passing TD league. no penalties for turnovers.) i've held josh for much of the year. but actually starting him is TOUGH!
  8. that video was from sunday. not that i think he plays, but worth pointing out.
  9. gordon just said he's a gametime decision. it's not clear to me, but it also sounds like he hasn't practiced since the injury... i'm trying to think of another player who missed a couple games and returned without taking part in a practice.
  10. i started him with 80% confidence last week. the 7 for 12 against the bengals does not instill a lot of confidence in me this week...
  11. not a lot of fantasy playoffs love for this guy, eh? i'm intrigued and considering him this week. but... the lions have allowed 62 QB rushing yards all year and they've faced jimmy g, dak, aaron rodgers, russell wilson, trubisky, cam...
  12. it's really tough to start him after posting a 7 for 12 + 2 for 23 vs cincinnati. right now, he's on my bench behind jaylen samuels or corey davis.
  13. why do people get so triggered when someone makes a claim like this? aggressively pretending you know what happened just because you dont think someone else would say something bad in public is... well... lame. (i've also been to jets games and i agree with the posters here that say: the stands there are a hostile place and a lot of nasty #### gets said, racial or otherwise, and it usually draws a mix of laughter and hatred in response. seriously. large groups of grown men still laugh at stuff like this. i'll never go back.) fournette might be lying. but if you want the problem to get better, then i'd suggest you don't go scorched earth pretending you were there. you're not solving anything and all you're doing is making it more comfortable for scum to operate. you're basically being tucker carlson and you shouldn't be tucker carlson.
  14. i know i was pretty much the only person worried about it, but josh gordon played 87% of the snaps yesterday. nice to see him on the field a lot. hoping for a monster game next week!