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  1. There's not a show on Animal Planet called Pit Bulls & Actuaries.
  2. I want to see her sneeze in slow motion.
  3. I think there's nothing to see here, but I respect those who believe this is some big conspiracy going on here. We all have our opinions & I respect yours.
  4. The federal government is no longer forcing everyone to buy their version of health insurance. The horror. The "Affordable" Care Act will take some time to fix.
  5. "I care about finding out who created that GIF" - no one, ever. Attempting to associate this reddit user to President Trump is a reach. Even for CNN. That tweet is absurd. Any level-headed person without an obsessive Trump avatar can see that.
  6. If a funny GIF falls online and no liberal around is offended, is the creator of said GIF found?
  7. This is a description of every politician that we've voted for.
  8. Christie is the Andre Nowzick of the Republican Party. Get him out of there.
  9. You voted for a woman who was cool w/ her husband getting bjs in the oval office. Pretty sure honesty wasn't her #1 trait.
  10. He'll be pushing his agenda for the next few days while the CNNs of the world talk about his WWE tweet. #winning
  11. Since when do Liberals care about our white privileged, slave-owning founding father?
  12. That sucks. Someone give this man a roofie or two.
  13. Online, the community of Hell Itch sufferers has agreed on only one surefire treatment: A constant regimen of boiling hot showers until the itch subsides. Have you tried this?