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  1. Thanks. I thought we were talking about the Over and Under Value article. Chad's article may have used MFL for the ADP. We have him higher for the ADP we've gathered. So I guess the answer to your question about where is Brees at ADP of QB 10 is that he's there on MFL last week when Chad's article was written. These can change day by day. This will shake out more obviously as more drafts happen and we get way more inputs into the average. It's always a bit jumpy this time of year. J
  2. Bump for Matt.
  3. And for the original question, for sure discussion is welcome. For the best use of the forum though, it's way better to keep the threads focused. In other words, a thread titled, "Evan Engram for real?" and then quoting what we wrote and then laying out what you think and why you disagree will be tons more productive than a general thread that rambles. J
  4. Hi Matt, Thanks for the headsup on the Shanahan error. We'll tweak - had Ryan (another excellent but unfortunately likely overvalued QB) on the brain. Can you point me to where it says Brees is a value at QB10? That's clearly and error and we need to correct. We have him as QB4 in ADP. Thanks. J
  5. Hey Guys, For the Our View blurbs it's a team effort with Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom and myself with Cecil and Sig doing the heavy lifting. But I'm the last one to touch it and the "Our View" ultimately rests with me. Many I'll leave as Cec and Sig have them and for the ones, I don't agree with, I'll change. Part of the positives of FBG is multiple voices but I'm also very aware that end of the day, we have to make a call. J
  6. Ha. Sorry for the multi posts and thanks for the headsup bostonfred. Sheesh. I was getting error messages posting and apparently each one was successfully going through. J
  7. Hi Folks, We're looking for a few more testers for our MyFBG system for 2017. We've got a new system that helps us organize bugs and known issues a lot better this year. We're using it in a subforum on Reddit. It's how we did our Draft Dominator App beta testing and the functionality of Reddit was super helpful for us. If you'd like to help us out with MyFBG testing, please email your Reddit username to with the subject "MyFBG Testing". Don't reply with that info in this thread. In the body of the email, please include any pertinent info with things like: 1. Past history using MyFBG 2. What league provider you use 3. A quick word on any special details about your league - especially what might make it different than a "standard" league. Don't copy and paste your scoring system but let us know stuff like IDP, multi conference, more than 14 teams and that kind of stuff. We don't have room for ton of testers and we're not able to pay anything but if you'd like to help out with the MyFBG beta testing, email your Reddit username to Simon and if there's room for more testers, he'll let you know there what to do next. Thanks. J
  8. Thanks Matt. Good point. I started this thread back in the spring for folks to ask general questions about features and direction and such. I think it was super productive to help us set up the season. But it's probably run it's course as we're now into providing the features we've been talking about. I'll go ahead and close this one as I don't want there to be questions here that don't get answered. But for 100% sure, this isn't going to be a customer service on specific issues thing. We're won't try to do customer service in the forums as we're building a completely new system for all that that will get your questions to our people as quickly as possible with the goal of getting answers as quickly possible. We'll never be able to use the entire forums for customer service on specific issues as there's no way to make sure we see everything. For any Draft Dominator Questions you have, please shoot them to Bruce Henderson at as Simon said. We'll have all the other options for Customer Service help ready soon. If you've got a question on something else, please shoot it to me at for now and I'll try to point you in the right direction. And we may try to do a new thread that is focused entirely on general feature type stuff. Thanks. J
  9. Hi James, Please shoot an email to our Bruce Henderson at and he should be able to help there. J
  10. Hi dmac, The whole thread is worth reading if you have time. The plan is for MyFBG to be able to synch to new teams on July 1. When it's operational, you should be able to reset things. Thanks. J
  11. What Maurile said. J
  12. Hey Guys, Quick note - we're looking to add some Beta Testers for the Draft Dominator Mobile App. If you're interested, please understand it's not just a "sneak peek" at the app. If you're interested in getting the app early and testing it out and giving feedback, you can sign up here. We'll be doing all our testing and feedback on a subreddit we've set up specifically for testing. There isn't compensation beyond getting the app for free. Thanks. J
  13. I'd say that's a fair assessment. Tons don't vote at all. And most that do vote aren't remotely active in their party and are just moving on as you say. J
  14. Agreed. It was intentional to say that if any party does something, everyone in that party must be ok with it. Which is of course not true. J