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  1. Thanks Buddy. Exactly what I was looking for. And so you guys know, this "make it so Joe can understand it" is something guys like Maurile and Keith Overton and Simon Shepherd do a lot.
  2. My Buddy @Maurile Tremblay linked to article recently entitled Why identity politics benefits the right more than the left . It claims racism has been decreasing and straightforward bigotry is declining precipitously. That struck me as I don't know if that's how most people see it. So I thought I'd ask. And for sure, it's nuanced. But I thought I'd start with a poll.
  3. Thanks Buddy. Two quick things. Can you give the Maurile quick summary of this? Secondly, do you agree with the author's premise that racism and bigotry is declining? I tend to. But I think the general consensus is racism and bigotry is exploding and much more prevalent than it was in recent years.
  4. I don't want to get into parsing definitions. It's not bullying in the traditional sense but it's the same effect. It's creating an environment where people I want here like DW decide it's just not worth being here. I told him this repeatedly and he denies it. Maybe actually hearing it directly from someone like DW will make him believe it. With that said. That's enough of criticizing Tim. I'll close this and we can move on.
  5. You didn't get it or you wouldn't have been surprised at DWs post. Give it a month and see how it goes.
  6. This is exactly what I've been trying to say. DW's post didn't surprise me in the least. Coupled with the fact no opinion is expressed here more than your opinion. And it's not even close. It's a legit part of why this place is such an echo chamber. It's why when you say you're just going to keep doing it and you don't care if it pisses people off. I say I do care. A lot. Because you're causing people to post less. Some a lot less. You can keep denying that it's bullying or has an effect all you want. That doesn't make it so. You and I have had this exact same conversation multiple times and nothing seems to change. I have no reason to expect it will in the future but I remain hopeful.
  7. My last thought on it. You're far from a nobody. From the sheer number of posts, there is no opinion on this board expressed more often than your opinion. And I care if what you say pisses everyone off when it's unfair accusations of bigotry and racism as adonis and yankeefan have repeatedly addressed. I care a lot. Because when the guy who posts by far the most on the board is doing that, it hurts discussion. Full stop. Please do less of that.
  8. No disagreement there it's unfortunate. I'm just saying I agree that's how the right sees it. And that's also too broad a brush. It's way more accurate to say "some on the right seeing" this way.
  9. No. As you can see the post was edited. What I agreed with was "Honesty, it feeds right into Trump's hands. The right sees the left as juvenile and vulgar." I've since unliked.
  10. We'll just disagree there. Thanks.
  11. I think it's clear he's not going to listen. He absolutely did try to bully adonis out of the conversation yesterday, using the tactics he's shown here. The worrisome thing to me is like with most bullys, it works a lot of the time. It takes a special case to stand up and not take it like Adonis did. The good thing though is the tide will often instantly turn like it did here.
  12. I unhid the original thread. @HellToupee please leave it open. It's not fair to hide a whole thread when others participate. Even if the software has the ability to do so. I'll lock this one and you guys post in the other. And please be way cooler to each other than you had been.
  13. I don't think Adonis is losing on this issue. I don't think he's with you on this. The point that keeps being said that you don't seem to be hearing is "You don't do anyone any favors by calling folks with reasonable concerns racists and/or bigots." You tried to bully him out of the conversation yesterday. He pushed back thankfully.
  14. That's what I don't understand. But I don't need to understand it. I accept that's what you think.
  15. But you acknowledge there are things like "Italian Culture" right?