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  1. Thanks. About what I figured. Trying to figure out the time as I've got a small amount of time. May try Stiles Switch. Been following them on instagram but have never been. Thanks!
  2. You guys killed it on the Pittsburgh thread for me. Can we do the same thing for Austin? What are you must see/eat/drink/do places in Austin? Thanks.
  3. Yes BB. They are. @whoknew do you have info on the line? As long as ever? Worse?
  4. Ha. Sorry Guys. Wrong forum but I'll leave here as I know you guys are smart.
  5. You guys killed it on the Pittsburgh thread for me. Can we do the same thing for Austin? What are you must see/eat/drink/do places in Austin? Thanks.
  6. Agreed. I think it's totally fine to drop a conversation if you don't feel it's going to be productive.
  7. No savor. You guys are good. Part of the game. I know you're being lighthearted but I do think it's been a nice vibe to the board lately. A few that didn't want to be part of what we're doing and they're out for a bit but by and large, I think we've had some good discussion. Thanks.
  8. Maybe a whiffle ball bat Buddy. Not lead pipe.
  9. Agree for sure. We all (me first) can do better there reading comments charitably. And asking questions like you did today. It's the old Steven Covey "Seek first to understand, THEN to be understood" thing. It's basic communication 101 but I see so little of it. The same idea extends to all communication or relationships. Assume the best of others. Some will laugh it off as naive. I think it's a better way to live. And I think it absolutely produces better discussion.
  10. Thanks. We'll just disagree there on what people think. As I said, I've just experienced too many people instantly writing off the NFL Network guys to think otherwise. I know I have. I don't think it has anything to do with checks on white male privilege. Certainly not with Faulk or Sapp. And I don't think it's fear. I don't know any of the women personally who've come out with accusations but I don't sense any joy in dancing in the ashes at all. Most seem to be sincere and reluctant and restrained. I think if I were in their position, I'd feel similarly. I think if Affleck's situation were to happen today, we'd have a different reaction. I think it's a new reality of where we are in society.
  11. There's always nuance to it. When someone as beloved as Manning is accused, there's so much goodwill on his side there has to be damning evidence. I don't think there was enough for him. Not sure on Winston. There's a petition with 16,000 signatures asking the Academy not invite Affleck to the Oscars. Shaun White didn't seem to suffer much. Marv Albert was fired after being there 20 years and then was brought a couple of years later. But all of those cases were in the past. This is a very different time now.
  12. You answered it in your next post. I mean more like who has the burden of proof. For what we're talking here with people like Sapp or Evans, it's more like a civil case, right?
  13. @Henry Ford am I remembering right that you're an attorney? I'm just a Footballguy. You're way more learned in this type of thing than I am. I'm assuming there are legal principles and such that deal with this kind of thing, right? Like where a crime is serious enough that things aren't exactly "fair" in how guilt or innocence is presumed? Granted, lots of this is more in the court of public perception than a real court of law, but are there principles that cross over?
  14. Sure. I'm talking more in hypothetical terms. Even if it turns out Evans never did any of the stuff that's claimed, my guess is he doesn't have any sort of similar type job for quite a while. Maybe ever.
  15. Cool. Nothing outrageous or piling on. Just more "That's terrible about Faulk. I didn't know he was that kind of guy" type stuff.