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  1. I tell my Christian friends frequently they have no idea how much of the country sees us. And for sure, much of it is earned and we don't do ourselves a lot of favors many times. Shame on us. But I'll also say tons of the negative perception doesn't match the reality of what I've seen and experienced personally. However we got there, it breaks my heart to see how many folks see us.
  2. Thanks @FBG26 It may not be a great answer, or one I want to hear, but it doesn't drive me nuts at all. You said you had no idea what it's saying but I think you got it clearly: "Don't worry about the election too much and instead focus on teaching others about Christ."
  3. Two quick thoughts. 1. Definitely find a body where you feel comfortable. 2. Recognizing a bit of all the ways I'm hypocritical has given me a little more grace to others on this.
  4. If I've learned anything this year, it's nothing is a lock. I just want us to stay vigilant on this. They've obviously been great so far. We just need to keep it up.
  5. Hi @krazyka85 thanks for the thoughtful feedback. We can't change much of what you're asking for. Especially the multi year discount. I understand folks want to pay as little as possible the but hard reality for us is we just couldn't operate our business selling at those prices. I fully understand your point and the desire. I hope you can see our side and understand there is a floor for us. For the features, thanks for the feedback on those as well. Obviously, we'll never be able to do every feature every reader would like. Sometimes that means changing what is offered exactly like a TV network will make changes with the shows they have. Every show that is canceled every year was someone's favorite show. i get that and i like them too. We'll continue to do what we can to bring the best value. This year we've added major things like the DFS Single Lineup Builder that was a huge project for us. And new features from Sigmund Bloom and Matt Waldman and Chris Allen and others. We'll continue to do our best there. I do like the idea of adding Sigmund's Sleeper article to the DFS content. I hadn't really thought of that but I can see how the content he covers would be useful to the DFS players. Thanks and we'll make that change for next week. Thanks for being a part of Footballguys and we'll keep doing our best here.
  6. I thought this was an interesting article. From the popular Christian site Relevant. What Is The Christian Posture For The Upcoming Election?
  7. I hear you and I understand. I would offer i don't think it can be overstated the difference between the demographics of a local church body and what it means to follow Christ or Christianity as a whole. There are tons of Christians and churches that have a congregation where Biden is the favorite if that matters.
  8. I too wonder about this. I'm pretty sure I didn't opt in to either side's list on this. I wonder how they're handling the anti spam rules.
  9. Please don't post stuff like this here. Please use the Assistant Coach Forum for posts like these.
  10. Thanks. Seems like a really odd way to judge if a person was a worthy appointment.
  11. It's a disappointment she's a 48 year year old devout Catholic with 7 kids?