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  1. Agreed. It's almost always non productive to call an idea you disagree with silly. If you disagree, disagree and say clearly why. Trying to make the other guy's idea look bad is prtty much guaranteed to cause the discussion to go downhill. J
  2. Thanks. Please use the report button to let us know the specific posts you see that are over the line. That's way more helpful than trying to be able to read every post of every thread. Thanks. J
  3. Understood. Let us see what we can for regrouping on the FFA board. Not sure of the answer there. J
  4. And dmac, I'd love to get your feedback on the beta version of MyFBG when it's ready. Getting feedback from you folks that are power users will be super helpful. Stay tuned here for details on when the beta version is ready. Thanks. J
  5. Hi dmac, Thanks. As I said, I'm sorry but we don't have any free subscriptions to add for folks. If you'd like to cancel your subscription, you can let Clayton know and he can process a refund for the remaining time you have left. J
  6. Hey Guys, I hear the folks asking for more than a 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee so they can have a chance to buy now at the Early Bird Loyalty Discount but try out the MyFBG. Here's what I can do for you: We won't be changing the stated policy on the website but for you guys on the board here, we'll extend our Money Back Guarantee to be 30 Days after MyFBG goes live on the site. Currently, we're targeting June 30 for having MyFBG ready. So that would mean folks would have until the end of July and a full 30 days to see how MyFBG worked with your league. If we have MyFBG ready earlier, it'll be 30 days from whenever the live version is ready. That way you can be sure of how it works. So what that practically means is you could buy today at the Early Bird Loyalty discount and have about 120 days to get your money back assuming MyFBG was ready June 30. Which brings me to another point, we'll have some MyFBG beta versions ready before then. If anyone would like to get a sneak peek of the beta versions and help us see what's broken and where we need work on things, stay tuned here as we'll have more info on that soon. What I'm talking about on the 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee though is 30 days from when the live version is ready, not the Beta versions. Thanks. J
  7. Sorry to hear this wasn't resolved for you dmac. I'm not sure what happened as we use Zendesk for our Customer Service structure and it's usually good for that. Our plan is to absolutely have MyFBG working smoothly for 2017. We don't have any free subscriptions to offer but if you're on a multi year subscription, you can send our Clayton Gray an email at and request to cancel your subscription and receive a refund for however many years are left on the subscription. Thanks. J
  8. We no longer offer multi year subscriptions. But if you're in a multi year subscription and request a refund, we just cancel and refund the pro rated amount left on your subscription. J
  9. Cool. We'll dig into what's possible for carrying over with MFL towards the end of this 2017 season. For carrying over scoring rules, I can't make any promises but it's in the conversation there. Thanks. J
  10. Hi Slient Mark, I'm glad to hear you're happy about separating the DFS from the Season Long. I think it make sense as I know there were people like you. We knew we were spending money on DFS content that not everyone would use. This way, people get a choice. Your subscription price this year will be $5 less than it was last year so I know people like that. For Dynasty, we don't have plans to make it it's own separate area. It's related enough to regular season long that we'll keep it organized as we have as a component of our season long coverage. Thanks. J
  11. Also, on MFL, there is a little bit of housekeeping that has to be done at the end of each year with rolling to a new year but that seems like something that's doable. The plus for MFL is that they're great friends of FBG and will work with us to help I'm sure. J
  12. Hey Folks, I asked this question for Dynasty content and you guys were super helpful. Let's do the same for IDP. I'll ask it the same way: Branching off of our conversation started the other day about asking questions, I wanted to focus a bit on IDP. We've got a significant challenge this year as our beloved Dr. Jene Bramel is going to have to pull back from his IDP writing. He'll still be doing all the great content with related to Injuries and Rehab and Game Expectations he's always done for us. It's a bummer as Jene's awesome on IDP as you know but it's a reality of life thing for him. That leaves us with decisions to make for IDP. As I said, my goal is to keep the level of content the same. What we have to decide is if that means trying to have other people do features like Jene was doing or maybe that's other features. We need your feedback there. And please hear this - I'm asking for feedback here. This is not any offer to do all that's suggested. Not even close. I'm just trying to hear and understand what some of you like. Sometimes people view these things as if we don't do all the things suggested then we're "not listening" or "don't care". So please don't do that. But if you'd like to share some of the things you'd like to see for IDP Content, please do it here. So it's most usable, please use this format. 1. The feature (rankings, article topic, etc) 2. The time frames you'd like to see these. 3. If possible - specific examples with links of how you're seeing this done now in other places. 4. How popular you think the feature would be with the broader IDP audience. (Understanding most every guy on this board is nowhere near the "average" IDP player) Thanks. Again, no promises at all that we can do more features. I wanted to give you guys a place to talk about what you'd like to see. J
  13. Agreed. That's the goal for the future after this year. J
  14. Thanks Hankmoody and others. Fantastic work. J