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  1. Thanks @AAABatteries Reporting a thread is tons better as all the moderators can see the post in question.
  2. I wish I could, but I sometimes don't read every post. That's why we ask that people report posts they see as over the line. It's been removed now. In the future, if you see something that's over the line, please help us by reporting it. Thanks.
  3. Of course they don't want to lose Elliott. I think everyone understands that. Please drop the LOL for anyone who has a differnent opinion than you.
  4. FWIW, "Maybe" is leading on the Twitter poll I asked.
  5. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting "Dallas is signing veteran RB Ronnie Hillman, per source. A sense: could be indication of concern over NFL decision on Ezekiel Elliott." What's your take on if this tells us much about an Ezekiel Elliott Suspension?
  6. Yeah, maybe it's better I don't know. I did post Biden's Full Stop tweet today and got a lot of approval. But I have a lot of friends who are conservative and I'm not sure what they think on this.
  7. I would lov I would have liked to have done this poll with my friends on facebook. I 'think' it would have been close to the same. But not sure.
  8. Really? This is about exactly what I thought it would be. But I wasn't sure so I asked.
  9. I'd rather you report it. That way we don't have to try and see 1,000 posts an hour.
  10. Please report anything you see that's hateful and suspect is an alias. Thanks.
  11. Thanks @Koya I guess I'm sensitive to sarcasm or humor on something that serious. I know it's serious to you too. I just didn't want it too far down that path.
  12. Yes. Guys please don't make accusations as serious as they want to ban black people or women without some significant backup for a claim like that. If you really think that, please give a lot of details as to why.
  13. Hi Footballguy, Surprising and possibly worrisome news out of Washington today. TE Jordan Reed has been placed on the Physically Unable to Perform List by the team. From Washington Post Beat Writer Master Tesfatsion: “#Redskins announce TE Jordan Reed has been placed on the PUP list. Big surprise.” It’s surprising as reports for Reed had been positive this summer. Staff Writer Jake Kring-Schreifels wrote this about Reed on June 13. “Near the end of the Redskins’ first minicamp practice on Tuesday, with time winding down on an instituted two-minute drill, quarterback Kirk Cousins unleashed a 25-yard strike to tight end Jordan Reed down the right seam though some traffic for a touchdown. “He’s back babbyyy,” yelled Cousins, as he ran to greet him. … “Reed has spent the bulk of the last couple of months training in Miami at Legacy Fit, where he’s done a lot of cross training and conditioning while working in the afternoons with Seth Minter, known as the “Foot Doctor,” running drills to tighten up footwork. “I feel great,” he said. “I feel explosive. I feel conditioned. I feel really good.” Here’s what had this morning on Footballguys in our Washington Team Report for the TE Section: Starters: Jordan Reed Backups: Vernon Davis, Niles Paul, Jeremy Sprinkle [R] Jordan Reed may be the most talented tight end in the league outside of Rob Gronkowski. Unfortunately, the similarities between the two don't end there -- both have seen their careers hindered by injury. When healthy, Reed is a matchup nightmare because he has the size to dominate defensive backs but the speed and route-running prowess to dominate linebackers. When he's on the field, Reed is Kirk Cousins most dangerous weapon, particularly in the red zone. Vernon Davis resurrected his career filling in for Reed, and earned a handsome new contract in the process. Rookie Jeremy Sprinkle will attempt to dislodge Niles Paul from the final rotation spot. ******** For now, don’t panic yet and let’s see how this unfolds. It’s July 26. But it’s also a guy with a history of injury. We’ll stay on top of this for you so stay tuned to Footballguys. Have a great rest of your Wednesday. J
  14. Thanks. That was thoughtful and serious. People may not agree. But nobody is going to say you were flippant or just throwing insults. Thanks.