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  1. Both of you drop it now. Keep it to talking about the player. If you want to whine about each other, find another board. J
  2. As usual from Maurile. This. I think the degree to which this election was surprising represents how much of a bubble one lives in. A third of my facebook feed thinks Trump is the Messiah. A third thinks he's the Anti Christ. And a third are like me and in the middle. For what it's worth, that was the exact same breakdown for Obama. It is what it is. J
  3. It's good to have facts. With tension understandably high over Trump's talk of deporting, it's important to weigh that against our current situation. I was surprised to know these numbers from ABC News showing President Obama has deported more people than any other president. Some questions. 1. Does this surprise you that President Obama deported this many people? 2. Do you feel immigrants should be deported who are here illegally but not otherwise breaking laws? 3. Do you feel immigrants should be deported who are here illegally and also convicted of breaking other laws?
  4. Yes. Please be cooler to each other. Focus the talk more on the player not on back and forth with other posters. Thanks.
  5. Guys. Let's please keep this to McCoy and not going back and forth to each other. Wheels thinks he has something but won't disclose sources. That's dangerous territory at best so please let's leave it that and drop that angle. I'll take you at your word above wheels and this will be your last time you address it. Done. For everyone else, please keep it focused on info and analysis for McCoy and how you think he'll do in this week's game. Thanks. J
  6. Take a week off and please come back if you can be cooler. I think the likely thing is we're just not macho enough for you. Good news is there are plenty of boards out there for you. J
  7. Thanks Guys and thanks for the offer to help. As David said, our priority #1 is to get this much improved for next season where it's smoother and less manual. Thanks for all the help on this throughout the thread and for being the community that wants to help. I think that's been the hardest part of us - we know how much folks love this tool and we know that most of the frustration is because they want it to work for them properly. We're not certain of next steps here but we'll likely take you up on the offers to help as Just Win said above. Thanks. J
  8. Awesome. Doug is the Man there. J
  9. That's correct. We break it out to CB and S. I'm not sure what that means for how we handle the Top 200 in the database but DB may be something we can look at for the future. But it's not available now. J
  10. Thanks. I wanted to make sure you'd seen all 3 email responses from Simon and Mike back to you. We make mistakes and try to fix them but never want it be "deaf ears". Thanks and apologies again on the trouble getting it going for you. J
  11. That's true mq. But better is the report button. If you see someone that's just intent on wrecking a thread, always use the report button. That's how we saw this. J
  12. Take a couple of weeks off. If you can be cooler when that's up, try again. If you can't, please find another board. J
  13. Hi King We've had some issues synching with the MyFBG classic that we've been working through. That's why we created the Troubleshooting article as it's focused entirely on anyone that has trouble with the MyFBG Classic. If people are having trouble, we're asking that they send to and we'll do our best to help. J
  14. I don't know anyone who felt this went well. We made a mistake and we did our best to fix it. That's our bottom line. I'm pretty sure we'll make mistakes in the future in we'll do the exact same thing and try to fix them as well. And there was no email to customers as we had the current MyFBG Classic ready where the vast majority of our people never knew we'd even tried something new. We sent the "How To Get The Most From FBG" article to help people make sure they knew how to get going with it and then the Troubleshooting article to try and help people who had trouble. I'm sorry if you wanted something more but that's what we've done. J
  15. Thanks. We'll try to do that. We'll definitely keep working hard. Again, what happened was we tried to implement something that wasn't quite ready. I'd love to promise we'll never make a mistake again but that would be foolish on my part. I think it's safe to say we learned some valuable lessons about new features for sure. And definitely I hope we can move on to trying to help folks win their leagues. Best to you in all of them. J