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  1. Joe Bryant

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    It's funny in I didn't start this post because of this tweet and video from SVP, but it's right in line. A friend pointed me to it just a few minutes ago. I love:
  2. Joe Bryant

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    Yes. Sorry. I'll add for clarification.
  3. Sorry for sad news but part of the beauty of this forum is it's a community and we can share real stuff. My Mom died last night. She had been in poor health for a good while. She'd had two heart attacks over the past ten years. She went to the hospital Friday with chest pains and had a heart attack Saturday at the hospital. It had been an up and down thing in the hospital for the past few days. She was better then worse then better then died Wednesday night. Monday, she was better, she was off the breathing tube and pretty much all there mentally. We talked and laughed and got to have the "You're a good mom - You're a good son" talk. I started it and I'm not sure why I did but it felt natural and right. She felt it too I think as she clearly told me goodbye as I was leaving. She said, "I'll see you on the other side". I said, "How about I see you tomorrow". She was mostly right. I'm ok here. Don't worry about me. I don't share this looking for sympathy or anything like that. My Mom had a very strong faith and I don't see this as a tragedy at all. 76 years with a family she saw grow up that she loved dearly and loved her the same way is about as good as it gets. It's the natural progression of life. My world feels a little different today as you guys who have lost a parent can attest, but it's not unnatural. Rock on, Mom. Much love.
  4. Joe Bryant

    Betting Trends Discussion - (Was $$$$$$$)

    Keep it 100% to Football. Full stop.
  5. Joe Bryant

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Agreed. This thread was so much better when it was 8 pages of why nobody is here. Drop the other board detective work and the slap fighting please.
  6. Joe Bryant

    Kareem Hunt and Left Eye and Andre Rison

    Done. If you want to talk Football, do it here. If you want to do what most of you did for the last 4 pages, please find another board to talk about it.
  7. Joe Bryant

    Dynasty: WR James Washington, Steelers

    If you disagree with something, say so. And the other person can say what they think and why. But please dial down the accusations like this. Thanks.
  8. Joe Bryant

    Do Difficult Things

    I love this angle. 99.999% of people aren't going to run 100 miles. Most won't do an IM. That's my frustration with these kinds of videos as they're cool but there's too big a gap between them and most people. Meaning most people can't really see themselves in the story. I'd rather it be way more about real world stuff. And I think you're right in that the process is similar to an athletic thing. Plan. Train. Do the Work. Overcome obstacles. Tough it out. That kind of thing.
  9. Joe Bryant

    Do Difficult Things

    This is about a year old but I hadn't seen till today. Thought it was excellent. How To Run 100 Miles Important note: I think this message is lost oftentimes because stuff like this so often is connected to athletic races. And that's not applicable for lots of people. Same principles apply for all kinds of stuff. Find stuff that's possible but difficult. And go after it. Thoughts on this? Difficult things you've tackled and overcome? Or not overcome? Lessons?
  10. Joe Bryant

    Another Restaurant Buying Thread

    Thanks for the update @pollardsvision ! Awesome to read along with your journey. Best to you.
  11. Joe Bryant

    CookingGuys - Best Knives?

    Thanks. Not familiar with tri-stones. Can you describe?
  12. Thought this was interesting from Eater. If You Want a Good Knife, Ask a Line Cook Thoughts?
  13. Joe Bryant

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Are you offering to be the antagonist?
  14. Joe Bryant

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Thanks @SlaX