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  1. I personally saw this a good bit. I know people who voted for Trump holding their nose hoping for a conservative Supreme Court Judge appointment. We can argue they did the wrong thing. I'm just telling you what they did. And as we've seen here, it's exceedingly unpopular in some circles to be a Trump voter. Even in places like Tennessee where he won. I fully understand why they'd not be truthful on a poll. Denying Science and all that.
  2. Absolutely. Today's news changed his rankings across the board.
  3. Thanks. Big news obviously. It's like anything else, you take the info you have and make the best call you can. We did that. We thought it would be 2-4 but clearly missed there.
  4. Industrial Arts Wrench IPA last night. Followed by a Liquid Sorcery from Sloop. Outstanding.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion but we're ok the way we are. When someone reports stuff that's not close we let them know. All good. With that said, let's make this a Friday where you guys are exceptionally cool to each other. Thanks.
  6. About 20 a day usually. Some people report tons of stuff that's not remotely close to being over the line but for the most part they're usually helpful as it helps us see the board.
  7. Sorry. I think it's ok to question polls and I don't think those that do are "science deniers". That's about all I have time for tonight on that one. Thanks.
  8. Not at all. I'm saying I don't think someone who doesn't fully trust the polls is a "science denier". And yes, I've seen the "Educate yourself on margin of error - HTH " line.
  9. Lots of people reported him for that. He was not suspended.
  10. Apparently if you don't, you're a "science denier".
  11. Not sure where you get not totally trusting polls as "science denying". If that's the new definition of science denier, that'll be interesting for sure. And no idea if he voted for Gary Johnson. And I don't think he has any interest in keeping Trump as President.
  12. Oh I'm sure a lot of polls will disagree. I think that's kind of his point.
  13. He rambled some when I asked him. He did have this:
  14. He's arguing they were not born in America?