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  1. The software allows the original poster to hide the entire thread. We ask people not do that. Once other people post, it's not their thread to hide anymore.
  2. I have messaged directly with him. Thanks.
  3. Unhidden now. Dr. Dan aka interseptos, you're killing us here. What other threads have you hidden?
  4. Unhidden now. Dr. Dan / aka interseptos, what others have you hidden?
  5. That has little to do with Amonra's point. It's fine though. That's part of the point. And it's why he doesn't post. I totally get it.
  6. 100%. I think any conservative poster would feel exactly like this @Amonra And I know the average person in the 85% thinks this isn't true. I know a ton of Conservatives and I know they would feel exactly like you here.
  7. I'm surprised you're surprised. Reading over the forum, I'd think it's super clear it's 85%+ Anti Trump. Which is not to say it's 85% Democrat. I'm pretty certain the reason it'll stay this way is simply just numbers. It's how majority and minorities work. I have thoughtful conservative friends who voted for Trump who look at the forum and just laugh when I ask if they would post. I would never post on this forum if I were a Trump supporter. The same reason I would not post on an Eagles Forum if I were a Cowboys fan. It's just not worth the argument. I'm sure there are plenty of boards that are the opposite of ours. An Anti Trump supporter there would have the same problem on a board that is 85% Pro Trump as the Pro Trump guys do here I don't know there's any real answer. The handful of Trump supporters we have are people who by definition, don't mind being the minority under dog. I'm certain we suffer as a forum from the lack of diversity and being in a bubble. I just don't know what to do about it and have given up trying to change it.
  8. 15% is probably on the high side. And what I'm saying is a suspension of one of the minority 15% is more impactful than a suspension of one of the 85% majority just because there are so many fewer Trump supporters.
  9. Unhidden Dr. Dan - what others have you hidden? You said yesterday you'd told us all of them. This is not cool. These threads are not yours to hide once they have other people comment.
  10. I do think this is a fascinating area. By virtually any measure the world uses to measure success, President Trump is a zillion times more "successful" than I am. And he operates in public forums very differently than I do. So I'd be dumb to say his style doesn't work. It's just not the way I choose to operate. And with this board, I've chosen to create a place where others can have community and require that we mostly operate in a way very different than the President does. He'd probably say my way is wrong. It's certainly not as successful by the worlds standards as his way. But I'm ok with my way.