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  1. Sure. Not crazy at all. We used to do a lot more with board participation in the past. It tailed off a good bit and then this year seems to have come back some. We'll look at this for 2019. The FBG Facebook account is another area where this year we got a ton of good participation. Thanks.
  2. Everyone in this thread be way cooler if you want to participate here. Respect the other posters and argue your points and back them in a way that's civil. If you can't do that, find another board.
  3. On that note. Let's start using way more links to offer backup to what is being said. Assume you need to support your claims.
  4. That would be an inaccurate conclusion. If you see something that is over the line, please report it. Thanks.
  5. Please report things you see over the line. Thanks.
  6. Not sure what is offered for Football Outsiders, but all Rotopass subscribers get access to the Footballguy Season Long subscription.
  7. Not sure what you mean @Gottabesweet It's been a steady flow with more and better articles this year than ever. We call out in the Email Update each day what's new.
  8. Matthew is a friend so I'm biased. And I'm sure Ed Werder and John Clayton are great people. But this is a good example of the real world and "What you bring to the table?" and "How difficult are you to replace?". Matthew is VERY good at what he's asked to do there. And he'd be extremely difficult to replace.
  9. One big reason people loved the multi-year subscription was for convenience. It was something they didn't have to worry about renewing each year. Totally get that. Many sites these days do the auto billing thing for credit cards and we've not done that in the past. I understand the draw of it for both sides.
  10. A super deep discount for being paid in advance was something we did not want to continue doing.
  11. The $10 DRAFT deal is for 1 year of Season Long Pro subscription. Entering $10 worth of contests on DRAFT will automatically upgrade you to the All Pro subscription. If you do that, it'll be added to what you already have at Footballguys. Note that it takes about 48 hours for DRAFT to process the upgrades to All Pro. We of course don't have any idea what you enter at DRAFT so if you have any questions there on the upgrade, please let them know at Thanks.
  12. Yes. Info here with exactly what you get on the Season Long Pro and the DFS Pro. And as has been mentioned, an easy way to get the Season Long by making a deposit of just $10 into using the link on the page if you're a new customer to We stopped the 3 year subscription deals a couple of years ago. They were basically just like borrowing money at a high-interest rate and that's something we didn't want to do. Totally get that even the $10 deal with DRAFT is more than some folks want to pay. We get it and that's part of business. We think the value far outweighs the regular price of the subscriptions. The market will be the decider.
  13. Thanks. If you don't see it in 24 hours, please let our guys know at Also let them know for sure you used either the direct link to from our site or used FBGSUB as the promo code on Your subscription will come to the email address you use when signing up on
  14. Yeah. Sadly I remember that day well on the board as I know many others do as well. Once we get through the season start up I'll ask Keith to take a look there and see what, if anything, can be found.
  15. Yes. If you want to accuse people of things, please provide links and quotes of what they said. This goes for all topics on "both" sides.