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  1. Not sure, Juxt. I started the thread to ask what folks thought about whether there should be more or less moderation and asked the question in a poll. You guys answered in the polls. That was why i started the thread. Several folks brought up other things they'd like to see and we talked about that some. I put a lot of faith in Aaron as he does a lot of the modding and he's has some very different views on some of the things suggested so we'll talk about that. That's pretty much it. J
  2. Yes. I think so. We've had the voting open for a while and the results from what you guys said seem pretty clear. J
  3. Not sure what you mean. It's been open for voting the whole time and is still open now. J
  4. It was from one of the shooting threads. Sadly, can't remember which one. I think Ivan asked it. It felt like most people didn't agree with it so I asked the question here and you guys answered pretty definitively. J
  5. I can see that RW but it feels like it would be way more of a thing. And a natural progression of the thread for political stuff to come up. But I can see your point. I think I like Bentley's idea best with the up down voting. J
  6. I can see how that might work. J
  7. Thanks Bentley. Here's the question I have for the separate forums. What would be your guys take on how to moderate when as Aaron said, they topic start crossing over? Like when a "where to get best insurance" thread turns into a political thread? Are you saying delete the posts that are political? Or move the whole thread into the political forum? Like Aaron, I can see this being a regular thing as political stuff seems to creep into lots of different topics that start off non political. J
  8. Do you guys think most people would like the "like this" or the "up / down" system? J
  9. I think there are points to be talked about on both sides. I know you don't agree but I don't think it's a one sided slam dunk thing. That's why I thought talking about it more was good. J