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  1. That can be a useful discussion for the future. For now, it looks like the choice for voters will be between President Trump (assuming he makes it to the election) and whoever is the Democratic candidate. For a lot of people I know, it'll be a question of which candidate is the most conservative. Not saying that's right. That's just how a lot of people I know will vote.
  2. That would be the hope. Instead it turns into "these guys are diabetes poster child" type stuff I'd rather do without. I think the board pretty well has enough positive reinforcement for a negative view of Trump voters. Seems like we can be a lot more productive talking about issues. Thanks for helping there.
  3. Thanks @AAABatteries That's been a hot topic for me. I completely disagree with the way MacArther and the others acted there. I think women should absolutely be preachers. I have a good friend who's a woman and a preacher. FWIW, the article notes the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear was instantly supportive of Beth Moore.
  4. Yes. Most of it was the angle of "let's laugh at how stupid these people are" and we're trying to do less of that. Thanks.
  5. I don't disagree some people are difficult to understand. In this case, I know a ton of people from Texas. Texas is my second home. If someone said, "I support Trump. I'm from Texas". I'd assume they meant they 1. Grew up in a mostly conservative state that they're very proud of. 2. They have strong pro 2nd amendment focus 3. Enforcing current immigration laws is a primary concern. 4. They likely have a preference toward policy that helps the Oil / Gas business. I guess that's "profiling" but that's what I know of lots of people in Texas. Given the choice that person had in 2016 and knowing that about them, I would expect them to lean towards a vote for Trump. If I were to have a deeper conversation with that person, I'd get more into other specific things. But I think I could understand them. That's the thing about understanding. It's not just them telling you. Sometimes it takes some effort on the listener's part.
  6. And I shared with my friend It's how we discuss things often and I think it's healthy.
  7. I know the "Christians as Sheeple" thing is popular and not doubting the role of leadership in any group. I'm not saying you're doing this but it's fun to be smug and talk about how dumb everyone is. Bof Sidez do this. And I know many Anti Trump folks have zero interest in understanding the folks who did vote for Trump. In my opinion, that's a mistake. But I'm a noob and fully admit I know little about political strategy. But in my experience, the opinion of a James Dobson matters next to nothing for the Trump voting people I know. In my experience, it's mostly about choosing the candidate they saw as most conservative. I had this conversation with a close friend of mine last week. His answer was
  8. Just wanted to say this is a good example of furthering discussion without taking shots at the "other" side. I know little about either sides position in this. But sharing a different viewpoint from a reputable source without a snarky jab is helpful and moves the discussion forward. Thanks.
  9. If you want to post here, drop this kind of thing. I get it we're keeping it more civil than most boards. If that's a problem, I'm sorry.
  10. Hi @Sinn Fein Sorry for the off topic interruption but saw your thread and it reminded me. Were you able to receive the PM I sent? Thanks. **** Apologies everyone for the side track. Please carry on with the topic.
  11. Drop it. Keep your posts 100% on the player and not other posters here. Last warning. Out of patience with the board.
  12. Let's go ahead and wrap this thread up. Thanks to those who will help us in trying to do what I'm asking. I've got some more thoughts on this I'll try to put together into something coherent for a future thread. I'd rather stop this one here before it veers completely off the tracks. I will say this - I trust you folks. I trust that you have good intentions and good hearts. I think we all want mostly the same big picture things. We may just have different ways to get there. I know that sounds naive but I think it's true. And I think the key that, at least for me and the maybe not normal way I think, is civil discussion. And for me, that's being excellent to each other. Not just recognizing differences but accepting differences. Instead of demonizing the "other" side or weaponizing our points Or their points. We've got a lot of work to do. And I fully recognize what I'm striving for is probably tilting at windmills and futile. But I'm still going to try. And I'm going to ask you folks to help me. Thanks. Peace and Grace to you.
  13. No. He's doing as much injury work as ever. He's got detailed Injury forecast analysis hitting every week all the way up to game time on the Footballguys site. Then a big article every Monday recapping injuries and then forecasting up to the next week's game. He's crushing it and it' better than ever.
  14. One last time. Several people are about to be suspended if you dont ALL start being better. Patience is beyond thin. There won't be another warning.