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  1. Hey Guys, I don't have a full answer yet but I do have a little clarity on the missing Trump thread. For some reason the thread has been archived. It's not deleted so it does look like we can get it back. But the mystery is Keith can't tell why it was archived. He thinks it might be a bug with the Invision software we use for the board. I'm not sure we've had any threads larger than that one so one possibility might the size of the thread triggered something. Keith has contacted Invision for help and he thinks we should be able to get it unarchived and back available. He'll know more once Invision gets back to him. I'll let you guys know when I know.
  2. Thanks @Henry Ford Can you expand on what "fighting words" entail and how the line is drawn? Thanks. And sorry for appointing you as FBG Legal Counsel. I just know you have training / experience in this area.
  3. Hi @Henry Ford You're way more qualified than most to do this - would you give us the simplified version of what is and what isn't allowed for 1st Amendment stuff? Yelling fire in the theater stuff / "fighting words" / illegal activity / security / privacy and such? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the headsup. I don't know what happened there. I'll ask Keith and see if he can tell what's up.
  5. Sorry but I don't know what happened. Like most things at FBG, let me ask Keith and he'll likely know.
  6. Good question. I don't know the answer.
  7. Yes. I think I would lean more to neutral. I actually have many more news sources "liked" like Vox or Daily Beast that I would have thought would have tilted me torward liberal. Regardless, thought it was interesting.
  8. Sorry if Honda but saw this today and thought it was pretty wild. I was surprised at how many apps had some sort of access to my facebook. Stop What You're Doing and Check These Facebook Privacy Settings on Your Facebook Account. I Was Truly Stunned by Mine
  9. Sorry if honda. Thought this was interesting. Facebook has labeled you as liberal or conservative. How to see it. What did it say for you? Facebook labeled me Conservative. My guess is my faith was the deciding factor. As my feed and friend mix is about 50-50 conservative to liberal.
  10. I'm quite sure his insurance company is aware. They make no attempt to hide anything. I think he's saying he'd rather pay the lower premium and not be robbed. At a more basic level, I suspect he'd say he's a person who doesn't depend on someone else to solve the problem of him being robbed.
  11. That part isn't complicated. It's a convenience store / lunch restaurant / check cash place in a higher crime area where lots of people use cash. Not unlike a liquor store might be.
  12. I think what he's looking at is the real life practical bottom line. He used to get robbed often. Now he doesn't get robbed. Period. There might be a chance of an accident or suicide or something else. But that hasn't happened. It's a risk he's more than willing to take in order to not be robbed. As far as insurance, that's a good example of how people are different. I understand some people would accept they are going to be robbed and pay a higher premium to cover repeated robberies. My friend is one who chooses to solve the problem himself.
  13. It's interesting too (where maybe it shouldn't be) that if feels different with an armed guard vs an armed cook.
  14. Thanks HF. I hear you. I think for me, I was posting more out of my own confliction. From a philosophical point, I'm generally against the cook openly carrying a glock. But from my friend's point of view, I absolutely understand it. And I'd likely think about doing it myself if I were in his shoes. This was mostly me thinking out loud.