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  1. Thanks. It's not really any work. The best way to make this happen is to report a thread. And in the message as you report put something like "could we merge this thread with (the url link of the other thread you'd like to see merged with). The report button doesn't have to be something bad. It can be just a request like that for a thread. Thanks. J
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I can see the reports and their is lots from both sides. But this wasn't talking moderating as much as features or things we might try to implement. Aaron is very strongly not in favor of breaking out into another political forum as several other mods and I listen to them. I don't want people to interpret not doing what they want as not listening. That's all I was saying. J
  3. I agree GM. I hope folks remember that when do or don't do something they wanted. What might be seen as "not listening" is actually talking it over with people like Aaron and Maurile who moderate a lot and deciding how we keep things. J
  4. Not sure, Juxt. I started the thread to ask what folks thought about whether there should be more or less moderation and asked the question in a poll. You guys answered in the polls. That was why i started the thread. Several folks brought up other things they'd like to see and we talked about that some. I put a lot of faith in Aaron as he does a lot of the modding and he's has some very different views on some of the things suggested so we'll talk about that. That's pretty much it. J
  5. Yes. I think so. We've had the voting open for a while and the results from what you guys said seem pretty clear. J
  6. Not sure what you mean. It's been open for voting the whole time and is still open now. J
  7. It was from one of the shooting threads. Sadly, can't remember which one. I think Ivan asked it. It felt like most people didn't agree with it so I asked the question here and you guys answered pretty definitively. J
  8. Please drop it. J
  9. I can see that RW but it feels like it would be way more of a thing. And a natural progression of the thread for political stuff to come up. But I can see your point. I think I like Bentley's idea best with the up down voting. J
  10. I can see how that might work. J
  11. Thanks Bentley. Here's the question I have for the separate forums. What would be your guys take on how to moderate when as Aaron said, they topic start crossing over? Like when a "where to get best insurance" thread turns into a political thread? Are you saying delete the posts that are political? Or move the whole thread into the political forum? Like Aaron, I can see this being a regular thing as political stuff seems to creep into lots of different topics that start off non political. J
  12. I can see that. J