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  1. Here you go James. Draft Dominator Classic for Mac J
  2. Hey Guys. Good news in that we were able to move up the release date for our first set of Apps. These are live now. Draft Dominator Classic VBD Excel App Projections Dominator All of these are available for free right now to everyone. Then as we move along into summer, you'll need to have an Insider PRO or PRO Plus subscription to get updates with the latest stat projections. Early Bird Discount is in effect for a few more days. Have fun. J
  3. The mobile site is the best through the season. J
  4. Hi Houston, There's been a lot of good interaction in this thread - probably worth the read if you have a minute. The platform for MyFBG is brand new but will hopefully feel more like what we did in 2015 where it worked well. The mobile site will be basically the same as in years past. We will have essentially 3 tools for drafting. 1. Draft Dominator Classic. It's available to subscribers who purchase the Insider PRO or PRO Plus. This is the downloadable draft software we've had for many years and this program will not have new features added. It will be the same program we've had for a while. 2. Draft Dominator Mobile App. As it's been every year, this is not part of the Insider PRO or PRO Plus subscription. It's available for separate purchase on the iTunes and Google Play store as it has been for several years. 3. Draft Dominator Desktop. It's available to subscribers who purchase the Insider PRO or PRO Plus. This is going to look and feel like the Draft Dominator Mobile App but it will be available for desktop and laptops. J
  5. Hi Gatorman, Yes, the old VBD Excel App will still be available. J
  6. Agreed. That won't happen again. Twitter is different than FBG. But that doesn't matter. Our focus is on giving our readers the best info we can. J
  7. Thanks. We'll take a look for later on seeing if rookie ADP is something we can add. J
  8. Thanks. I can't promise they'll go up earlier than our normal schedule of Tuesday like they did last season. It's a tough balance. We could throw up something Monday morning. That would be worthless for accuracy. We could put up something Saturday night that would be awesome for accuracy but worthless for usefulness. The timing of what we've done in the past is where we've landed as our best balance. I know that's not the answer everyone wants. But it's what we're able to do here. J
  9. We don't have ADP for rookies. For those guys, we feel best about our rankings. Thanks. J
  10. Yes, the auction values will be part of the 5,000 cheatsheets coming soon. Hang tight. J
  11. No need to apologize. These are things we need to polish on our end to make sure we're consistent. Different opinions are always going to be the case. That's part of fantasy football for people to disagree with where we have a player ranked. But that's very different from a comment that doesn't match it's own rankings. That's on us to be consistent. Thanks for pointing out as it helps make us better. We'll continue to polish. Thanks. J
  12. Rolling out our Team Reports. We've also got something fun for Offensive Philosophy we hope to have implemented with these next week. Houston Team Report Indianapolis Team Report Jacksonville Team Report Tennessee Team Report J
  13. No, it's not your end. We had some comments that were showing up across all the formats. And as always, we'll continue to tweak the rankings. It's why it's great to start in early May and continue to polish. Thanks. J
  14. Hi James. It's us not you. MyFBG and Draft Dominator are not yet ready. We'll be shouting about them in the Email Update and here when they are. Thanks. J