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  1. We try our best to respond to posts that people feel are over the line. It's how we've tried to do things for a long time here.
  2. That would fall under keeping it 10/10 on good information. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes, it's about 30 minutes of work for me so far in this hour.
  4. Keep it 10/10 for good information. I dropped into the thread, read one post, clicked on the link thinking it would be good info and it was a joke. My experience was the opposite of what I'd want a person in this community to have.
  5. I read one post in this thread and it was a joke linking to a fake mask. Now I have a ton of reported posts. One time warning - everyone be way more cool about this. Meaning be cool to each other. This is not a place for making jokes.
  6. I haven't read any of this thread but saw the report asking the title be changed. Is this a joke thread or are people trying to offer serious advice here? It seems as since people are dying from this and some have seemingly legit concerns, we could do without jokes in this one.
  7. No worries GB. All good. Written communication is not a great way to communicate oftentimes.
  8. And if you think both China and Russia are equally completely opposed to us, then the answer for both countries would be a 10.
  9. Sorry to hear you think that. I don't have time to ask questions I don't think are serious.
  10. I didn't say it was an easy question. I addressed that too in the OP. Are you just trying to argue? I usually try to anticipate things people will complain about and went out of my to specifically address both the things you brought up in the original post. I think it's helpful to get a take on what people are thinking. I realize it's not an easy question. But I also don't think it's great when someone asks "How much of an ally is China? or How aligned are we with China?" that the answer is just
  11. That's why I said what I said about political scientists and real terms. I'm not asking that. I'm asking what I'm asking here.