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  1. Thanks. I've had the turkey at the restaurant and it's great. The butter makes sense but I've never done that.
  2. Thanks. What do you call a "can"? I use the 3 pound boxes.
  3. Joe Bryant

    Work Travel Guys

    That's good advice. Everyone is different in this regard. What energizes some will drain others.
  4. The big question I think is ratio of salt to water in your brine. What do you like there?
  5. Thanks. Is that in the Franklin cookbook? I have it but it's been a while since I've looked there. Is that his recipe using the butter?
  6. That's a good question. I too wonder how the parents and students will react. I'd expect horror but my guess is we'll never likely know how they feel privately. You'd hope we'd see apologies. No idea if that will happen. We're a pretty forgiving country. That for sure seems like the appropriate response.
  7. I think I see the Wisconsin thing from another angle. As I posted in the thread, the pic is awful and the parents and students should be ashamed. Full stop. it's a lot bigger than just the awful picture. I'm encouraged by the reaction. What feels like the overwhelming condemnation of the situation makes me think this kind of thing is less tolerated than ever. Does it not seem like that to you? The picture prompted what I feel was the appropriate response - shock and outrage. That's normalization at all. As ugly as the situation in that high school in Wisconsin was/is, the near-universal condemnation to me seems like a positive in this regard. I have kids that are teenagers. For them, the worst thing you can say about someone is that they're racist. This is just my tiny group of people I'm in close contact with for sure, and I can't speak to other areas, but for my situation, this feels to me like it's moved in a positive way over the last 20 years.
  8. Awful. Students and parents should be ashamed.
  9. Joe Bryant

    2018 Elections Thread

    I can ask the moderators to look but this doesn't appear to be Eminence. Although to be fair, it's not that difficult to camouflage these days with IPs. @D Baseball if you're going to make claims, support them with links. If you're just looking to get a reaction, please don't do that here.
  10. Thanks for sharing these. Amazing photography and by far the best part of this thread.
  11. Thanks. Can you elaborate on this? The negativity for Hillary Clinton is interesting to me. I mean I understand of course why a Republican wouldn't vote for her. And I understand how a Democrat would think they shouldn't nominate her as there are other better candidates. But I don't understand "I couldn't imagine any scenario for me not voting for the next Democrat that opposes Donald Trump except for Hillary Clinton". Can you unpack that?
  12. Without knowing any details, I'd say over the line. You have to find a way there I'd think.
  13. Joe Bryant

    SNL On War Veteran - Over The Line?

    I disagree. For sure there are some wrongs so serious an apology isn't enough. But for the vast majority of things, an apology is plenty. I think this is one of those times. Good lessons there. This "never letting the other off the hook" is the kind of back and forth downward spiral race to the bottom where we all lose. What very often breaks the spiral is the guy who did something wrong sincerely apologizing and the guy who was wronged accepting the apology. Then we call move on and hopefully forward.
  14. That's no worry. I do think it's crucial though to relay my thought on the reporter. You guys all know it but lots of the people getting the email aren't as serious as you guys. I thought it was important to let them know how I felt about Schefter.
  15. What I sent to our subscribers tonight: I know this is in the other giant thread but wanted to talk about this specific thing here: I sent this tonight: My question to you guys - how confident are you Schefter's sources are right and Bell misses the deadline and won't play this year?