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  1. Hey Guys. Quick headsup. There has been some good discussion. But also a lot of the old stuff that's more taking shots at the other guy than it is discussing the topic at hand. Please get back to that. I don't want this to sound heavy handed but I've asked the moderators to get back to where we were a couple of weeks ago. But please consider this the warning. Thanks.
  2. I'm guessing this is :honda: but didn't see it quickly. So I'll post anyway. Thought this was interesting. General Robert E. Lee on Civil War Monuments:
  3. I'd heard that too @Chemical X Agreed, 1 is too many. But 500 - 1,500 vs 10,000 is worth knowing I think.
  4. I hear you. What is better? I didn't know what to put there. I want to make sure it's not the overall crowd size.
  5. This may be in the other thread somewhere but I didn't see it. Please keep things civil but I think it merits it's own line of discussion. Like most everyone else, I was sickened by the pictures of people with torches and Nazi salutes and such we saw in Charlottesville. I was struck by how they seemed unashamed to show their face. And by how many were young. With that said, do we have a good handle on how many were there? I've seen people say 10,000. I've seen others say 1,000. Granted, I'd rather there be zero. But the trend in which this is going seems important. Please cite your source. Do you have a good count for how many were there on the White Nationalist / Supremacists side?
  6. Take a couple weeks off. If you come back, be way cooler.
  7. I hear you but I expected him just not to say anything. The fact he was one of the handful of people to say something was surprising to me.
  8. I asked my facebook friends the same question I asked here about if they knew anyone who would remotely consider going to the Charlottesville rally. I have a (what I think is interesting) mix of friends there as they span from far right to far left. The right ones think I'm a raging Liberal. The left ones think I'm a hard Conservative. I think that's maybe how it should be. I have one friend who is super supportive of President Trump. Interesting guy as he's a very successful small business guy. Also does a ton of charitable work in Africa with clean water. I always knew him as super hardcore conservative but was very surprised to see him get behind Trump so staunchly. I asked the question today about if anyone they knew would go to Charlottesville and his reply was "I wonder the same thing. Who are these people? I know lots of people and none would endorse this hatred." I'm While I don't think this guy would ever in a million years go himself, I cannot believe he finds it surprising people would go. I'm honestly not sure what to think of that.
  9. That kind of goes with what I was asking yesterday about political strategy and all. I don't know what he felt internally, but outwardly, he was clear on things like this.
  10. Thanks. I think this likely helps too on the discussion. I know people like you're saying that likely would talk badly about a black person after they left. But these people are miles away from showing their face at a rally like Charlottesville. I mean that seems like an entirely different level of intensity on the racism scale. At least to me.
  11. Not sure what you mean about adopting "pro white". I guess that leads to another question. How did the crowd break down. I'm assuming Saints you live in New Orleans. I know your town has had much discussion on the statues. I agree it was the right thing but I think that's an honest conversation to have. I've not been involved up close in any of those conversations but I assumed they weren't conducted by the guys in home made riot gear. That's what felt different about this.
  12. What kind of jobs do they do? How old are they? What kind of people would you say they are?
  13. I guess I mean by real people in real life. @Henry Ford are you saying you know these people in real life?
  14. Can you describe them and why they would say they were there?