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  1. Thanks for the links. Pretty wild how this is playing out.
  3. God Bless the FFA. I never fail to learn something here and today I learned not everyone agrees In N Out fries are awful.
  4. To be fair, I'm not sure how "Italian" it is.
  5. ?
  6. All good. But I would agree with you it's odd. But easy to fix!
  7. No. You did it right.
  8. Agreed. I think that's part of what makes it so remarkable.
  9. Not sure being a snob or hipster would disqualify one from iconic food. I love food that is connected to a region. Few regions and foods are more iconic or recognizable (or delicious) than Chicago Pizza and Italian Beef.
  10. Let's get links to pics.
  11. On the idea of not trying to keep a strict schedule, I was a big fan of Bourdain's take on this:
  12. I'm a rookie for Italian Beef, but I love Al's. Was there today for lunch. Regular Beef with sweet peppers and American Cheese. And for sure get the fries. On that note, I do not like Portillos at all. Feels like a hyped up Chilis to me. Al's #1 Beef is great. Aaron likes Johnnies. For hot dogs, now that Hot Dougs is gone, I love
  13. And for sure, at Lou Malnati's get the butter crust. I'm not sure why they even offer it the other way.
  14. I went for a few years thinking Lou Malnatis was the best Chicago Pizza I'd ever tasted. @Aaron Rudnicki converted me to Pequod's and I've happily never looked back. Going tonight. It's stupendously good.