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  1. The anyone who doesn't agree with me is clueless shtick is never what we want to have.
  2. By reporting them with EXACTLY what you claim is false. If you want to claim someone is saying something false, say you think it's false and copy and paste the exact quote that backs your point.
  3. I would have suspended someone for that. If you think something is across the line, assume it is and don't post.
  4. It's an incorrect statement. But not unusual. Lots of people think others who think differently than they do get special treatment. Don't call people liars when you don't know the reality.
  5. Please don't say watermelons in any thread where race is discussed.
  6. Take a few days off. If you can be way cooler, you're welcome to post when you're suspension is up.
  7. If you come back after your time off, don't do this.
  8. No, the National Anthem isn't the Trump anthem. But he effectively made it that with his words which directly challenged the athletes. I think most people could have guessed how his words would have been received and how they would do nothing but have the side of the protestors energized. Trump was able to make Robert Kraft publicly support Roger Goodell. That's strong.
  9. Understood. But we're trying to avoid the "all you people too ignorant to know how right I am" type generalizations. In my experience, "ignorant" is rarely used that way. It's almost always just a nicer word for "stupid". Agreed though, not a huge deal. We're just going to try and avoid the generalizations here.
  10. And as far as President Trump goes - my thought is his talking about it the way he has with the "fire the sob" is having the exact opposite effect of what he intended. This was something that seemed to be waning. And now because of Trump's words, it's more impassioned than ever.
  11. I think it's the same thing. The Courts have ruled things like burning a flag is "free speech".
  12. I guess what I mean is if you're looking for people to apologize about things they said about President Obama, good luck with that.
  13. That's the driver in my opinion of 99% of the people who just want to see the other person say they were wrong. In my experience, it's not productive for the person who wants their pound of flesh from the person who disagrees with them. Plus it rarely / never happens.