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  1. FWIW, my thought on the "I'm also possibly competing against some of the people who have been getting access to the spreadsheet." This is a decision I think everyone in the industry has to make. I think you have to be either all in on one side or the other there. If you're going to give advice, you have to throw out any consideration whatsoever that you're helping someone you compete against. That's just life. I don't think it's possible to do a good job giving information if you're holding back any at all.
  2. Hi @SameSongNDance Thanks for the contributions on the board. I'm thankful to everyone who posts great content and I should do a better job of individually thanking them. My apologies. Sorry to hear you won't be continuing but I fully understand. The work to reward has to balance and that's different for everyone. Best to you in all you're doing and thanks the great posts. All the best to you.
  3. Has there ever been a NFL player not play in the playoffs "saving" himself for next year with another team? I can't think of one. But the fact we're even considering Bell might do this is pretty remarkable to me.
  4. Do you agree with college players skipping their bowl game as they enter the NFL? What if PIT is a big underdog going into their Wildcard game?
  5. To be clear, I'm not saying I think he won't play for $30k in a playoff game. I'm saying it's not logical if he believes it's not worth it to play for 850k a game. But people do illogical things all the time. For what it's worth, if it were ME, I would have either taken the long term deal PIT offered or I would have been there in Week 1 for the 850k per game plan as everyone expected.
  6. I think it's super interesting. The logical thing is for him to not play. Why would he? He's not playing now for $850,000 per game. Why would he risk injury for $30,000 per game? Sitting out makes complete financial sense. It's the same argument you see from college players skipping the bowl game as they enter the draft. The other side is there are lots of people who cannot fathom an NFL player skipping the postseason because it doesn't make financial sense.
  7. Tangent poll related to this.
  8. Hypothetical here. And apologies if Honda. Clearly, it appears Le'Veon Bell is looking to maximize his value with a long term deal next year. A key part of that strategy is preserving the wear and tear on his body this season. Let's say Bell returns to the Steelers in Week 10 in time to fulfill his obligation for this year. Let's say Pittsburgh winds up earning a Wild Card Spot. Playoff games aren't covered with annual salary. Players typically make something like $25,000 - $30,000 per game for these. Does Bell play in the Wildcard Game? Thoughts on whether he should or not?
  9. It's not ok. Please don't post league specific questions here. That's not the "wider pull" we want here.
  10. I only saw a couple of reported thread reports for this. There should have been 20. Please report when you see things going wrong like this. It's sometimes the only way it will be seen. He's gone for the year and then mods will look at it then. For the record, first time a date says "No", that's the end of it. Full stop.
  11. I can see this. I think a lot of the "trade the car before the engine blows up" hinges though on how competent you feel the Browns are with evaluation. And if they're that much smarter than New England is. We'll see.
  12. I have no idea what it was. It might have been a small thing that was the "last straw". But it was big enough to make them do something pretty drastic. We'll see.
  13. That I think is the bigger question. And one we likely won't have an answer to. We don't know what - but something happened. And that something was enough to make them throw away all the work they've put into Gordon. That's not insignificant.
  14. Nope.
  15. Correct. I do think it's important to recognize where info is coming from. The "he wasn't himself" stuff was Mary Kay Cabot. If it had been a drug test issue, he'd be out. I'm not sure if the true details behind what caused the change of heart for Cleveland will come out anytime soon.