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  1. He'll be writing something soon for this. He's worried too.
  2. It's a bummer for sure. I wrote this afternoon that I don't think we see him on the playing field this year. The bigger worry I think is if this is something to be worried about for 2018 and beyond. I think it might be.
  3. Maurile loves (or used to) the Chargers. Not sure how he feels about the Broncos these days. But that brings up a good question. I know some people like to keep talking about the games and the stickies help. But others like to see them removed. It doesn't really matter to us. I posted a poll here to see what you guys think. Please vote in the poll and let us know.
  4. The game threads are often a good place to discuss what's happening. Our Maurile Tremblay posts these and "pins" them so they stay at the top. The question we have for you guys is when you'd like to see them unpinned? Thanks.
  5. Keep it on topic and not about each other. And lose the "Krap" thing.
  6. This is fine for gauging support and how the board compares to the public. But do not use this as a place to post negative shots at the "other" side.
  7. Please turn it down.
  8. Please only use actual quotes when you're using the quote function.
  9. Please don't
  10. I can see that. It's a tough one I think.
  11. Thanks. Would your boss or employer have a problem if you were to tweet political or social positions?
  12. I think that's an area worth exploring. Without specifics, what type of job or work do you do?
  13. Apparently so General. The same question on Twitter had almost 40% vote don't care.