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  1. Looks like you got banned for 1 month for:
  2. That's a real question. Talking about Nazi's winning a civil war is one thing. Cheering for Nazi's to win a civil war is another thing that we won't have here. And I don't know what you mean by "if that's what you think". I don't think anything there. That's why I asked a question.
  3. Before you post anymore, please answer this. Do you want the Nazi's to win the coming conflict? Yes or No? No fuzzy roundabout answer. Yes or No.
  4. I do think acknowledging this in this way is helpful. It is intellectually honest to say, "We're trying to address the 1% and think we can make that better for our schools and kids". My perception of the pro gun friends I have is that they believe the anti gun people think most of the gun deaths in the country are caused by assault rifles, not suicides. Being up front and acknowledging the reality will help move the conversation forward I think.
  5. That's probably a good idea. Although to be fair, most of my facebook has been pretty civil stuff. It's been kind of pleasantly surprising.
  6. Another one from a friend. Sorry to you use you guys here as my rebuttal writers, but I know many are much better versed and more knowledgeable than I am on the topic. For a civil rebuttal, what would you say to this:
  7. Thanks. I'll gladly drop any analogies to get back on what I think is the real point. Lots of people seem to have a disconnect between what laws are already in place and what laws we'd like to have in place. As one who'd like to see more gun control, I think that's a significant point. The last bit of this thread has been a good example of why it's hard to talk about this type of stuff. It becomes more a discussion of how apt the analogy is or if there's another thread on the board like this. I get it. I do it too. It's a good reminder for me that it's important to stick to the issue. Thanks.
  8. I see that too. And that's the perfect time to introduce the "If kids were getting regularly murdered by Corvettes, do you think we'd do something?" The other thing I like about it is it's a real live example of how opposing sides are currently existing. Another common thing I see is the "slippery slope" argument. I understand it. It's a real thing and the government doesn't feel trustable by many. People will say, "If they limit one type of gun, they'll keep pushing for more and more". My answer to that is a speed limit. They set the speed limit to 65. If people feel good about that, there is no real push to move it to 50 then 40 and then 30. It stabilizes. I think we'd see the same with guns. I think most people in favor of gun control aren't looking to eliminate every single gun. Most just want something that feels reasonable to them.
  9. Because I think the distinct issue of "We should have way more strict gun laws" contrasted with "You guys don't even know how strict the gun laws we already have are" is worth it's own thread. If you think that's "egocentric" or wrong, we'll just have to move on and disagree. That's not a conversation I'll have. I believe knowing when to stop the conversation is a big part of having a conversation. No hard feelings but not sure what else to tell you.
  10. Cool. We can just disagree there.
  11. I think the analogy starts working when you contrast the AR15 to a Corvette. It allows you talk about how things might be different if kids were regularly murdered by Corvettes.
  12. I think it does help. The people like me clamoring for more restrictive gun laws while others are saying we already have those laws in place is a pretty important topic. That gets easily lost in the bigger thread in my opinion.
  13. I think the car analogy works because it's a good example of how we've been able to basically solve the problem and find a mostly happy medium between what both sides want. Of course it's not a perfect match. But I think it's one people can understand and get their minds around.
  14. Those are both fair points. And when you think about it, a good example of how what feels like common sense can work. The ends of the spectrum may be "70 mph throttle limits on cars" vs "drive whatever speed you want". But in reality, we seem to work this out as a society pretty well. The Corvette guy and the Prius guy can coexist. It's sort of a "you do what you do as long as it doesn't hurt me" thing. Now if people racing Corvettes at 140mph were killing a bunch of bystanders regularly, the discussion would be different. Am I on the right track there?
  15. Full disclaimer. I'm not a gun owner and never have been. I have lots of friends and family who are and I think I understand the pro gun ownership side of the issue pretty well. I am in favor of more Gun Control Laws. I've never bought one myself, but my perception is the current laws are not too tough. I had a friend post this today: Without being snarky or dismissive because it's, what is the rebuttal? This doesn't sound true to me. But I'm also not knowledgeable on current laws. In a civil way, what is a good rebuttal?