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  1. No. Please help us by using the report function. It's WAY more effective and will let us see things much more quickly. I know it's not as fun as the "these are cool now" posts where anything that stays online for a bit while no one reports it is somehow endorsed. But they're way more effective in helping us moderate the boards.
  2. Please explain exactly what you mean by this. Not some google it answer.
  3. Thanks. We have a separate database for entering the data on the matchups and it wasn't taking the Week 11 game for TB MIA. It was all written and entered but didn't come across in the final output. We simply missed it when it was mailed. Our mistake 100%. Lots of people let me know when the email was sent and we figured out what was wrong. Apologies for the error there.
  4. Thanks. I'll see what Clayton can do there.
  5. This. They're not remotely close as restaurants. Yardbird is just a completely different experience. This is Yardbird This is Gus' Yardbird has Butternut Sage Ravioli with chive blossoms and sunflower seed brittle for a $16 appetizer. Gus has Fried Pickles for an appetizer. Or Fried Green Tomatoes. Yardbird has artsy type pics of Elvis on wall. Gus' IS Elvis. Just night and day.
  6. I've done a couple of events there. I don't know of anywhere in Las Vegas that marries the sports book with restaurant better.
  7. C'mon Kutta. I'll take care of you.
  8. Hi Jnb I'm not sure I follow. What are the owners risking? Goodell works for the owners. I'd be shocked if every team that benefits from Elliott being out didn't put pressure on Goodell to be strong there. Same with Brady. Are you saying you disagree with what Dan Patrick said about the owners putting pressure on Goodell? I don't think anyone is talking about being "bought". But decisions are often influenced by your bosses. Goodell is in a weird spot as he's got 32 of them.
  9. Thanks themeister, We tweaked another part that was holding up the LD. Apologies there. Let us know at if something isn't working there. Also, try out the beta version of the Online Lineup Dominator when you can and see what you think. It's part of the Insider PRO subscription for the rest of this season.
  10. Oh I think Dan Patrick is 100% right here. I'd think most people would agree. Goodell works for the owners., I'd say he gets pressure on just about every suspension that's made.
  11. If the reporting there is accurate and the threshold is just two teams to qualify as collusion, this could get super interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't happen frequently. I would guess lots of owners have a couple of owners they're close to who would "go along" with their friend. Not saying it's right. I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't happen frequently.
  12. For sure. Like so many things, it's about prioritizing and trade offs. On the face recognition, what's been the vibe there? I ask in that I can think of few features that work better than the thumbprint unlock on my iphone 6. It's perfect. Secure and easy and natural and I'll say works 99.5% of the time. When it doesn't, it's for good reason and the backup to enter the code is super easy. So why the facial recognition? It seems to me if face recognition had been first and the thumbprint had come later, people would be raving about how awesome an improvement the thumbprint was that now you could discreetly open the phone.
  13. Thanks bb. I know it's stupid but I find myself hung up on super minor things like that. 1st world problems I know. "This computer in my pocket won't show me the exact percentage of battery life!!!" SMH
  14. I'd think this would be the case. But not sure how much of a story it is. Jones feels the kneeling hurts Papa Johns which he's affected by. I doubt Papa John has many people he considers more in tune with the NFL than Jones so when he says something, I'd guess Papa John would be inclined to believe it. This feels like Jones looking out for his business interests. I'm not sure what's a story there.
  15. Quick thing as I'm too lazy to look up online. Is it true the X doesn't allow the % battery life to be shown without a gesture?