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  1. That's a great question too. In some ways, it's a two sided thing I guess. And for sure, I'm a noob at this and far from any political scientist or sociologist. I've never even played the games where you build a country. If you're a country in need of people and in need of workers to build or further a country, one could make the argument it's a benefit to the country to bring in people who can do those things. The other side of that is a humanitarian thing where you bring in people to give them shelter or refuge from a place they're trying to get away from. And then I guess there's a whole lot of people more in the middle who would just like to live here. I know people had fun with the "nobody in Norway would ever want to live in the US" stuff but the reality is for a lot of world, we're seen as a good place to live.
  2. I'd also throw out the question - how did we do this many years ago? Like all the people coming in on ships through Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I'm assuming we were way less restrictive back then, right?
  3. Yes. I know you love saying that. I was hoping to discuss the specific policy and how we decide who we let in and who we don't let in. I know a perfect solution for many is we open the floodgates and let everyone in but that's not a political reality. In years past, how have we decided this question and do you think we've done it well?
  4. Dumb question - how is the doctor selected?
  5. Yes. Or are we saying all people from all countries should have an equal shot? I think that's the crux of the issue behind Trump's comments.
  6. So if it's lottery, does the whole world get a shot? 1% of China's population is different than 1% of Haiti's. How does that part work? Assuming China would even let one immigrate. Back to the President's stuff, does Norway get a higher percentage of lottery shots than another country?
  7. Thanks Jonesed. I didn't know that. So it's lottery and not merit based?
  8. I'm sorry Saints but I'm ignorant on 1965 INA or 1964 CRA. Can you elaborate?
  9. Teacher vs Engineer vs Doctor are fair questions too. How do you think we decide? But I don't think you can take out the limited education guy. So it becomes Teacher or Doctor or Engineer or Limited skill set guy. Where the first three are likely all having a pretty good life in Haiti but could also "contribute" a good bit to the US. Where the limited education does not have a good life and he would benefit much more in the US. But won't "contribute" as much.
  10. It's ugly talking about how to determine who gets in. Because it naturally starts assigning "value" to them. I get it. Think of two people. You can only let one in. And your choices are: 25 year old Haitian educated engineer. Economically better off than the "average" Haitian. 25 year old Haitian with less education and no real skill set beyond basic construction labor. Economically, he's an average Haitian. The engineer would likely add more to the US workforce and command a higher salary here in the US as he has more "marketable" skills. But he doesn't really need to immigrate. He can have a good life in Haiti. The uneducated guy likely doesn't add as much to the US workforce. But his life is not great in Haiti and if we choose him, his quality of life likely improves much more than the engineer's does. Are those fair things to say?
  11. Discuss. Don't call what you don't like "ridiculous".
  12. Thanks Folks, How has it been done in the past? Under Obama and Bush?
  13. Specific countries and immigration has been a hot topic. We have plenty of talk on that already. Here's a topic I'd like to see discussed. Obviously, we don't have completely open borders where anyone can immigrate without regulation. That means there is going to be the uncomfortable business of deciding who gets in and who does not. My question: In the past 20 years or so, how has this been decided? For the future, how do YOU think it should be decided? Please be kind and non snarky in the posts. Thanks.
  14. I asked you nicely to be cooler. Come back in a couple of weeks and if you can contribute without constant insults, you can post here. If not, please find another board.
  15. Please everyone be way cooler. Keep it 100% on topic.