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Joe Bryant
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  • clarify....that "Fake Tim" is posting "likes" to things that the real Tim would never like.

    In case you haven't noticed......someone with the moniker "Tinchochet", most likely, a "Timschochet" knock-off, is posting likes to my comments...either to make Tim bad or to set me up like I'm doing it.

    Just FYI

    Assuming I should stash Golden Tate on my bench, who should I drop?

    My RB's McCaffrey, Ingram, K. Johnson, D. Montgomery, and Gore

    My WR's TY Hilton, Tyreek Hill, J Edelmen, M. Jones, and D. Sutton

    Our PPR league starts 2 RB, 2WR, 1 Flex

    Please don't underestimate the want to belong. You built a community here MOST police themselves.

    Ya know Joe sometimes I have trouble navigating this board. I never insult people or even respond. I think saying you are Josh Gordon isn't cool...but I was shown the way by some of your most excellent posters how wrong I was.  Lock all you want but that nugget will never go away unless you say no. Shtick or not I don't like it. Either way thanx for your time doing what you do.

    Seriously Joe, they have been trying to get me bounced for days now.

    Don't understand.

    Best thread going. 

    You could at least, message me.

    Their loss.

    Joe Bryant
    Joe Bryant
    Please dial the intentional agitating way back. Make a point and back up with facts. Period. 

    Do you consider a Q Post to be agitating?

    I will do what I can but it would help if I knew how I am agitating. I am seriously confused, 

    Appreciate the feedback anyway.

    Hi Joe,

    I hold my tongue and thoughts in public forums, more often than not.  I give you and your team the benefit of the doubt more often than not.  

    PLEASE get MYFBG Classic capable of synching with FANTRAX again, and relatively soon.   Please.

    MYFBG feature not working really sucks.  MYFBG classic doesn't even have my main league website (Fantrax) available to synch with anymore.  Damn it.

    I appreciate that you are owning this situation.  You are a true FBG and a straight up dude.  Sorry I never got you the original BlackHole shirt you asked me for back in our (BlackHole) heyday.  

    I respect and thank you for all the developments you and your team have brought to this "sport".  I have won more than my share of titles and "xmas bonus" cash thanks to this site and my "trolling" and utilizing the insight and tools.

    I implore you to get MYFBG classic to be able to synch with FANTRAX.  Again, please, please, please.

    I HATE that the MYFBG feature that has been so helpful now sucks.  I am very frustrated.  It is somewhat sad that I need to use tools like this so much, but such is life.  

    Like many of us, I've been in this hobby for more than 20 years.  Like some of us, I've been a FBG/Cheatsheets guy for around 13+ years (my oldest is turning 12 and I remember being on with friggin dial up internet before she was born)

    MYFBG actually helped me to more easily stay in multiple leagues and now is failing me.  I am F'd trying to keep up with my 3 leagues this year if you don't get at least the Classic version working.   

    Anyways, I hope you have a good 3 day weekend and a great FF season.

    Best regards,


    I just saw this again and I'm still annoyed that FBG used to support Fantrax but has decided the last couple years that it's somehow not worth it anymore.  The worst part is it took me over a year to get someone to finally just admit that. I spent a year asking why it wouldn't work and was just ignored.   

    Joe Bryant
    Joe Bryant
    Sorry to hear you were ignored. We try to never ignore anyone. Things might change in the future but at this point, we have no plans to expand our coverage beyond what we covered for 2017. 

    Please make the background on the message board yellow, instead of white, to make it easier on the eyes.

    Thank you.

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