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  1. Gave: Zay Jones and Trey Quinn Got: Jordan Poyer and Kevin Byard
  2. Houston tagged Clowney as a linebacker instead of as a defensive end, even though last year he played 729 snaps at DE and just 33 at LB, according to ESPN.
  3. 1. La Croix Poured it out. I don't like flavoring in my Alka Seltzer.
  4. If you think the second rounder you're getting back is going to be really early, then it becomes Green for a mid first and a couple of spots at the turn. That's not bad.
  5. IF you've got a decent WR or a great TE to slot into Thomas's spot, and IF you think that team hasn't improved much since the end of the season, I think I'd roll the dice and take it.
  6. Never. My house and car are always locked. A gun in the car's console or in a bedroom drawer is secured by the car and house locks. P.S. I've only read the last two pages of this thread, in case this has been covered fifty times already. P.P.S Full disclosure. The sole purpose of the bedroom gun is kill someone breaking in and trying to harm us.
  7. Learn from the Master.
  8. Another Zealot's PPR IDP: My best team, but I would stand no chance against Andy Dufresne's team above. I can not beat a team with a bird mascot in the playoffs. All my players turn into Randy Hickey in December.
  9. My dad took me to see Billy Jack when I was six. It was very educational.
  10. So the next time when someone beats him up for real, there will be no charges?
  11. I'd take Hill for this, even if I have to wait a year.
  12. Justin Houston may be a DE with the Colts now.
  13. The exact opposite way he reacted to Crabtree and King?
  14. Apparently KO doesn't fit Tom Cable's scheme. I'd rather they lose Cable. The Raiders had one of the best interior lines, hand picked their tackles, and went completely off the rails last year. Cable is beyond terrible. Maybe he'll punch another coach and get fired again.
  15. I really doubt the Raiders trade Carr now. Hey Antonio, here's a rookie to throw you the ball.
  16. There would probably be oh, about 31 teams that would be reluctant to deal with the Steelers in the future.
  17. It's easier for me if I assume that there is no plan.
  18. I just got Laura Linny. eta: Screen captured it as proof!
  19. <----- Lives in Southern VA I looked out my windows, but didn't see Northam anywhere. I'm not really concerned about the Coonman reference. I conjure it's animal related. We use animals a lot in conversation. If I haven't seen someone in a good while I'll sometimes say "I haven't seen you in a coon's age". It's kinda like donkey years. I also have a friend that goes by Brown Mocassin, who is fairly white. 😀 <-- Grinnin' bigger'n a barrel of possum heads.
  20. Read the books twice; not sure I want to watch the series at all. The preview looked terrible.
  21. So if two SB wins is the criteria, when does Jim Plunkett get in?
  22. I hope Mayock remembers not to post his mock draft next Spring.
  23. I think he gets claimed by someone today, does his time and comes back late next year.