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  1. On 6/14/2019 at 12:00 PM, -fish- said:

    As you're well aware, normally an intervening criminal act would break the chain of causation, but where that is a foreseeable harm, such as SC keeping loaded guns in his glove compartment, liability attaches.  Although shown this on multiple occasions, SC still argues that he cannot be held responsible for someone stealing his unsecured weapons.   

    As a responsible gun owner, do you leave weapons unsecured in your home or vehicle?

    Never.  My house and car are always locked.  A gun in the car's console or in a bedroom drawer is secured by the car and house locks. 

    P.S. I've only read the last two pages of this thread, in case this has been covered fifty times already.

    P.P.S  Full disclosure.  The sole purpose of the bedroom gun is kill someone breaking in and trying to harm us.

  2. 54 minutes ago, menobrown said:

    How incredible would this be if Steelers reneged on the deal?

    Gerry Dulac‏Verified account @gerrydulac

    Steelers source emphasizes AB trade is agreement only and “it’s never over till it’s over.”

    Aditi Kinkhabwala‏Verified account

    Aditi Kinkhabwala Retweeted Gerry Dulac

    I was told exactly the same thing by a member of the #Steelers organization this am. I don’t believe it’s the same person who told Gerry that and that makes it all the more interesting...

    There would probably be oh, about 31 teams that would be reluctant to deal with the Steelers in the future.

  3. <-----  Lives in Southern VA

    I looked out my windows, but didn't see Northam anywhere.

    I'm not really concerned about the Coonman reference.  I conjure it's animal related.  We use animals a lot in conversation.  If I haven't seen someone in a good while I'll sometimes say "I haven't seen you in a coon's age".  It's kinda like donkey years.   I also have a friend that goes by Brown Mocassin, who is fairly white.     😀  <-- Grinnin' bigger'n a barrel of possum heads.

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