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  1. Will JPP even be a DL when the Giants likely go 3-4?
  2. If I did that she'd have to be on top. *burp*
  3. Sorry to hear this Colonel. Hugs and thoughts for you and yours.
  4. I'm a rebuilding team in a Zealots league and around midseason I was offered Graham for what was likely, and turned out to be, the 3.12. I didn't have any use for him due to his age, but figured I could hold him for a week or two and flip him to a contender for a 2018 2nd. None of the contenders bit on the offers or countered. I then offered him to everyone with a third round pick. He's still sitting on my roster.
  5. Team A: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Robby Anderson Team B: Davante Adams, 2.09, 4.10
  6. If the Browns are serious about helping Gordon, they could hire a Johnny Narron, who shadowed Josh Hamilton to the point of even carrying his cash to keep him clean.
  7. Bortles. I'm strongly considering him over Goff.
  8. Driving. She drives better in reverse than I do going forward.
  9. Just ban rich people. I'd buy an assault rifle if I had an extra $40,000 to $60,000 just laying around. A 1918 BAR would be sweet. I'd settle for an MG-42, but I'd probably just melt the barrel the first day.
  10. Drafted from the 10 spot and missed all the RB runs. Did the Zero RB draft, but not by design. Start two RBs, PPR. Ended up with Woodhead, Gore, Riddick, Duke Johnson, and Jamaal Williams.
  11. Bounced into Z47 no problem.
  12. Just invite Adrian "I'll play for less than $5M" Peterson in for a visit. Instant leverage.
  13. Would've been better if Angie had moved to Louisiana instead of Hawaii a few months ago.
  14. I have a Raiders hard hat that I wore in public once with a Lester Hayes jersey.
  15. You've had enough contact now to place her on the Hot Crazy Matrix. So? In case you're on of the 2% who's never seen it
  16. "Girls on Trampolines" was always my favorite part of The Man Show. Good job, and enjoy the scenery.