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  1. New draws for next debates: July 30 Marianne Williamson John Delaney John Hickenlooper Tim Ryan Steve Bullock Amy Klobuchar Beto O'Rourke Pete Buttigieg Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders July 31 Jay Inslee Kirsten Gillibrand Tulsi Gabbard Michael Bennet Bill de Blasio Cory Booker Andrew Yang Julián Castro Kamala Harris Joe Biden
  2. I thought "honking out loud" was a nice turn of phrase. I'm sticking with it.
  3. I didn't watch Magnificent Seven. Out of respect for one of my top 10 movies of all time, Seven Samurai, I just couldn't. It appears I liked Hateful Eight more than most. It's not something that I'd consider a "must-see," and I wouldn't ever watch it again, but I was entertained pretty much throughout. Highlights for me were the score (though as someone mentioned, it could have been utilized better), the cinematography during the first segment in particular, and much of the acting. I actually enjoyed the nearly cartoon-ish performances of Walton Goggins and SLJ and others; felt like the manner fit. Oddly, the most praised performance here and in general (i.e., Oscar nomination) - Jennifer Jason Leigh's - was my least favorite. Seemed over the top and unnecessarily gross in a way that didn't fit. I'm obviously in the minority there. I really enjoyed the second segment and felt like it was setting up a terrific "whodunnit"; I like the "talk-y" parts of this movie the best. I even liked the misdirection of the various explanations as to who they were - funny that the one that I expected most to be a liar (Walton Goggins's character) was the one who actually turned out to be a "good guy" (insofar as there were any), while I didn't question the hangman or the Gage guy or SLJ or anyone else so much. I liked the turning inside out of good and bad. But then it was certainly a disappointment when the basement character suddenly shot them up and we got a voiceover (arrrrrrrggggghhhh) explaining what had happened. Regardless, I was still interested in seeing it to its finish. I don't know, maybe a 5.5 or 6 of 10 for me? Anything that kept me watching for 3.5 hours or whatever it was, without ever feeling bored, shouldn't score lower than that. It's not edge-of-your-seat anticipation, and disappointing in many ways, but better than average for me.
  4. Jack's an amazing kid who can conjure a miracle. All my best vibes and healing thoughts coming his way.
  5. My thoughts in no particular order! As many have mentioned, Sir Paul's energy was indescribable. Our group each realized we were exhausted just from watching/dancing along, so how he could do this seemingly without a pause was incredible. No breaks, nearly three hours, over 35 songs. And he almost never even stopped for a sip of water! Highlights for me: I had the usual set list up, so I was ready in case this came on. He alternates between this and "We Can Work It Out," so I was thrilled to get my 4th (or better) favorite song. The first bit of the show was more tending toward newer stuff, so the crowd was less energetic. An exception was "Let Me Roll It," which was a blast. There was no part of the show more rocking, in my opinion, than "Band on the Run" followed by "Back in the U.S.S.R." Just a ####### jam. If I had to choose a favorite song, it was, shockingly, "Something." Paul started it by himself on ukelele, which gave a sweet start. Then it went into the full band but with photos of George or George/Paul together being beamed throughout. It felt intimate and loving and beautiful. Oddly, there weren't any such moments w/r/t John despite many John songs being performed. Anyway, it was a gorgeous tribute to George. Of the new songs, "Fuh You" was the standout in terms of performance and crowd reaction. Perfect power pop. "Eleanor Rigby" was performed with the keyboardist as the only accompaniment, joining Paul with the string parts done with effects on that keyboard. It worked really well. "Dance Tonight" would be a throwaway song but was elevated by the charming dance performance from the terribly-non-Ringo drummer. Super cute. Paul was amazingly facile with the crowd. Though he told a lot of (great) stories that began with, "I always tell this story," they seemed natural and unrehearsed. But more impressive was his interaction with the crowd. For reasons I can't fathom, people were allowed to bring signs into the venue, but it led to some nice moments where he looked into the crowd and riffed off the signs. One of the best was a woman who had been to over 100 Paul shows! I picked a bad time to go to a show with huge pyrotechnics as they had on "Live and Let Die," just having read (based on a recommendation in the book thread here) the book about 100 people dying due to pyro at a Great White show in Rhode Island in the early aughts. I spent the whole song eyeing the nearest emergency exits and evaluating whether we needed to retreat. His horn section and the rest of the backing band were mostly phenomenal. Only downers were the George Thorogood/Gary Busey mosh-up playing guitar/bass backup, and to a certain extent the drummer. The drummer was technically good, but mashed away rather than having the style and more reserved but compelling technique of a Ringo. Disappointments(!): "Helter Skelter" is a favorite (#25) of mine, but a combo of it being late in the set and the terrible acoustics of the venue made it a muddled mess, almost unrecognizable. There were a few places in the set where Paul had been doing an "either/or/or." I was sooooo lucky to get my #4 over "We Can Work It Out," as mentioned above, as well as getting my #12 of "All My Loving" over "Can't Buy Me Love." A little disappointed, though, to get "Junior's Farm" over "Hi Hi Hi," but massively disappointed to get "Birthday" over...are you ready for this..."Yesterday" or "I Saw Her Standing There." How does "Birthday" even make the list compared to those two? Not so much a disappointment to me, for the rest of the crowd, was when Paul announced he was going to do a song from Sgt. Pepper's. Much excitement! Then he launched into "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite." Much confusion! It was like no one knew the song at all. Well maybe they do now. ETA: Don't worry! Those three clips, plus a failed attempt at "All My Loving," were my only videos! I was just watching and enjoying.
  6. Ok, I'm more than a bit late with my Paul concert report. First the set list:
  7. Score of H8 blew away score of M7.* *I haven't watched M7 and probably won't. But that H8 score was the highlight of the movie.
  8. Hi GB! I’ll try not to take it personally that you quoted a post of mine and said the thread has died.
  9. As you would know, this drove me absolutely insane. There was a part in Act 4 with the same completely unnecessary voiceover.
  10. shuke, with both Billy Bragg and Wilco having done well in your rankings, was the omission of any Wilco/Billy Bragg song from either Mermaid Avenue record an oversight, or did those not move the shuke-ometer? I kinda love every song on the first album, but if pressed I'd choose California Stars as my favorite Wilco-focused one and Walt Whitman's Niece as my favorite Bragg-focused one.
  11. Like most married people, I often wonder what possessed me to do that, but then there are moments like this. I was expecting a package today and saw from Amazon it had been left in a storage locker two blocks away. Wearing yoga pants and a hoodie, I expressed to Mr krista that maybe I should change into something more presentable to make the four-block r/t walk. Him: “Whaddya, gonna wear a ballgown or something? Here, you should probably take some booze with you.” (Hands me a glass of sangria) [/scene]
  12. Great thread. Love hearing of people who are working hard on either side. I haven't done crap except contribute $$ to a few D candidates. I contributed to Mayor Pete (twice) and then to Castro and Inslee just because I wanted to keep them in the conversation. As a WA resident I'm not a huge Inslee fan but want his climate change agenda out there. Castro is probably too centrist for me compared to others, but I also wanted his voice to continue to be heard on immigration and other issues. I don't feel like Harris and Warren need my $$ right now, but I'll throw some in for them when the time arises. Mr. krista has pledged (and I'll hold him to it) to work hard canvassing for any of Warren, Sanders, Harris, or Mayor Pete if they win the nomination. I'm not sure if I will or will just throw more $$ at them. Just being honest. I hate going and trying to persuade strangers to do something. To be clear, both of us would vote for a set of googly eyes affixed to a debate podium before we'd vote for Trump, but this is where our allegiances lie at the moment. Living in Washington, there's not a huge opportunity for local/state changes. It's as blue as blue can be everywhere we turn. But we have supported our GB proninja's city council bid!
  13. Oh man. I get this in a way; there are some writers who are better as writers than as storytellers (Michael Chabon comes immediately to mind), but I just appreciate the writing so much that I overlook it a bit. Auster fits into that category. Yes, I wish it were both compelling storytelling and amazing writing, but the latter carries it to the point I'm blown away anyway.