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  1. Thanks, buddy. Maybe I could get an IRL friend/family to record. There is a component where you can listen online - I have that part in addition to listening in my car - but I'm not sure how it works with the seven-day trial. I'll try to figure it all out tomorrow. I'm sure you did, though I'm not sure if it's relevant to this thread. And I don't know.
  2. Someone whined about getting a three-day timeout. The poster who is now Good Posting Judge (IIRC) posted something like "you know who else got a three-day timeout? Jesus" and then something about how instead of whining about it he just flew right up to heaven. Something like that. Great callback by Nipsey.
  3. I love the "mono" designation. I can't believe you did this one and did it so well. Tucking it away amongst my favorites. Thank you so much for it!
  4. I reinstate any and all requests I've made that have not been fulfilled in the prior pages of this thread. Thank you.
  5. Nothing but love, my friend. I've already sent PMs to people from whom I've requested edits. There aren't many.
  6. I did my recording and listened back; thought it sounded a little low energy. I had to follow their script this time rather than winging it. Also the #11 Beatles Channel listeners song is not in my top 30. Sent to the guy anyway and told him I'd redo it if necessary, and he responded that it was "perfect." Yay me.
  7. You know, I try to never think about what anybody looks like but am always surprised regardless. It's a weird sort of dynamic. Maybe the psychology of it is good for a thread. Whoa, you guys were prescient.
  8. It's very few posts, and only when I criticized or mock-criticized someone IRL. Relax, nerds.
  9. The screaming goat posts are a must! I'm only going to be editing my own words, not anyone else's. I only am going to ask that you either hide or edit your own quotes of my posts. This is the rare situation where I'm glad we no longer have automatically nesting posts, so not as many to edit. I'm almost halfway through and only have a list of four requested edits so far.
  10. From page 58 of the thread, and I've been thinking this for over two months now. I'm going to make a change.
  11. I'm doing a little thread clean-up of some of my own posts. Have only edited so far but might have some I hide in their entirety. Not much - only two in the first 40 pages. Just warning you here because (1) the thread might get slightly shorter, and (2) I will be messaging a few of you with requests to edit or hide your posts in response to mine. TIA for your help!
  12. Someone had to say it. Seemed like a good dude and had an excellent showing considering what he was up against.
  13. You could sign up for a free seven-day trial and then cancel it? Also perhaps someone could record it, but that won't be me. I'm not going to listen!