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  1. I don’t understand the point. The question was about our actual names. My first name is not common. If you google my name you’re not coming up with these others, and adding a bunch of unrelated names doesn’t make any sense. These are not nicknames or variants. Good lord. People here will decide to argue about anything. What a stupid thread this is now going to be that I’ll have to avoid. Wish I could un-blackdot.
  2. I’m not sure what dozen variants there could be to my name - I’ve got Christa and maybe Crista? - but the question asked about our name.
  3. Easy question since my first name (ahem) is not terribly common, and my last name is very unusual. I'd expect I'm both the most successful and the last successful.
  4. I could do 40. Right now at 30 I'm getting into stuff I don't think anyone else would take, but if we're going 40 then I have some more "commercial" picks that I would wish to take first, which is why I'm wondering.
  5. @Northern Voice, any thoughts on extension past 30 rounds (I'm not suggesting we go one way or another)? Within the next few rounds, it might start having an effect on picks.
  6. WHOA, as I typed that, "Black Out" came on the mix. With like 100 hours of music on there, that's spooky.
  7. This wasn't already taken? I would have sworn it was, too. I took it off my list. What the heck?
  8. Well hello, Marcus King. ETA: To be clear, this was based on the music. Afterward I looked him up, and no. ETA2: Amazing music, though.
  9. Yes!!! Here's my list of stuff so far that I like enough to check out further. A couple are songs I'd heard before but I'm just being reminded of again. I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem (all songs) – Frightened Rabbit Cowboy Song – Thin Lizzy Catch Hell Blues – White Stripes Resurrection Fern – Iron & Wine Hyperballad – Bjork Thieves in the Night – Black Star My Brain Hurts – Screeching Weasel Welcome to Earth (Pollywog) – Sturgill Simpson Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G. Dead Man’s Hand – Lord Huron Colors – Black Pumas Cindy Tells Me - Brian Eno ETA: Houdini - Foster the People