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  1. What's the going rate for a gift amount for a cousin's wedding? It's my baby cousin (at 30, the baby) with whom I have little in common but whom I absolutely adore. And yes, I'm also flying across the damn country to a cold-weather locale the day after Christmas for this. It's a modified "you go to the funeral"; you go to the wedding.
  2. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at this, so I went with "thinking."
  3. Week One: -6.0 lbs Week Two: -3.0 lbs Week Three: -2.2 lbs Week Four: -3.0 lbs Week Five: +1.0 lb Week Six: -4.4 lbs Total: -17.6 lbs
  4. Aw, my friend. I'm sorry but also glad that he's moved on from the pain. Love to you, mom, and the family.
  5. Why are all these high-school students in their late 20s? Were they all held back?
  6. I'm only five minutes into Carrie but predict the 70s grooming habits will be the most terrifying part of the movie for me.
  7. Awwww. Will pull out my Nick Tosches Reader later today in tribute. There's no way I'm watching that video link; would make me too sad.
  8. All the likes. I'm dumbfounded at how much I used to eat and drink. I've realized now (maybe already knew) that the drinking was mostly a habit; once I broke the habit of "it's 7 o'clock, shouldn't I have a drink" I haven't missed it. That's not to say I'm not drinking at all, but not nearly every day. And now I usually only have one, but if I get to two glasses of wine, I'm so full I couldn't drink any more than that. I suppose your reasonable eating isn't as entertaining for the thread, but you are kicking ### on doing this right! I'm happy for you.
  9. I liked it a lot, but I enjoy the gradual builds that I could understand some might find too slow or boring. To me, it was incredibly terrifying due to the metaphorical aspects; I've probably not been good at addressing grief, though hopefully not to the extent of the mother!
  10. All this talk of it makes me want to watch this today; going to fire it up. I'm fitting in a few horror films this month that SmoovySmoov (does he post here anymore) recommended on Facebook. Watched The Babadook yesterday on his recommendation.
  11. I was reading through the first paragraph thinking, "This is another great point," and then got to end! You have made two excellent and highly reasonable posts here that I appreciate. At work if I have a difficult message to send, I'll type it up and then set it aside for a bit, to re-read with fresh eyes and attention to tone. Your suggestion to consider the interpretation from someone else's POV is spot-on, though the problem in this forum can be when someone specifically intends the negative interpretation. I would add that @jon_mx's terrific post on the first page is one that a lot of us (including jon himself) should re-read and keep in mind when we're posting. I think at times we can all fall into one or more of the traps he describes.
  12. Ah, then you're right at the average. I just re-checked and I get about 4.5 miles from 10k steps. I'm the gnome.