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  1. Bernie isn’t my first choice right now, but I wanted to weigh to say I love you.
  2. There are going to be some fabulous bargains out there. Getz, I’ve heard great things about Viking river cruises. Hope you’ll go and have a fabulous time!
  3. They definitely will. Cruise lines have also given refunds and credits to people who canceled due to the virus on Asian cruises that were later cancelled entirely, but I wouldn’t count on their continuing to be that generous as their businesses get killed. Definitely hold tight and see what they do. Keep in mind that your ports might change, though.
  4. I just said that because at this point, if available at all, it would be prohibitively expensive to get “cancel for any reason” insurance, which is what he needs. See above.
  5. Do you already have travel insurance? If not, then I wouldn’t say get it now. If you do, do you have “cancel for any reason”? Unless you do, you’re unlikely to be able to use it for this unless you actually become sick from this and unable to travel. I have a European trip in seven weeks I don’t plan to cancel unless I have to (I.e., Delta isn’t flying). I have a Caribbean cruise in a week that I’m also not canceling. This is just based on my risk tolerance, though. I could see others reasonably making different decisions.
  6. Went to Costco this morning for exactly this reason. Just got food since I don’t usually keep much around, and also disinfecting wipes since I’m going to be on a lot of planes in the next couple of months.
  7. Thought I'd give a little update since I stopped regular postings after meeting my goal. I've lost another 5-6 pounds off my initial goal. I'll be settling in somewhere around this weight, maybe will lose a few more before I put myself in "maintenance mode." Still doing WW officially. Keeping up with the @Tecumsehchallenge, which I started the day after Thanksgiving, meaning today was my 89th day. Still have only missed two days - Dec. 26 and 27 - and on the other 87 days have done some sort of purposeful exercise of at least an hour. I'll continue this through at least March 15, as I'm also still participating in my group challenge that ends then. Mmmm, I guess that's about it.
  8. "Then you should go be with them." Killed me. The first time I burst into tears watching the show was at the end of the first season when Nora found the baby on the porch. After all the wrenching sorrow of the whole season, that bit of hope: "Look what I found."
  9. Yep. There were actually three times during the show that I burst into tears. Like, really "burst" into them. It's not something I've ever done watching another TV show.
  10. Carrie Coon is Mr. krista's celebrity crush and frankly might be mine, too. In any case, she must have been deserving over whoever was nominated in those years. She's spectacular. I binge-watched this about nine months ago so was too late for this thread and just saw it when you bumped. This show rivals The Wire as my favorite of all time. It just crushed me. Need to re-watch.
  11. The last I'd seen (earlier today) in the Japan Times, there were still ~300 passengers and the thousand or so crew still on there, but that could be outdated compared to what you saw. A lot of the crew are cleaning and disinfecting now, and I believe they are under an additional quarantine before they leave. By the way, in case it hadn't been mentioned, the crew are all receiving two months of additional pay, including approximation of their usual tips, as "hazard pay" (not sure it's been called that, but essentially). Glad to know they'll be compensated in some way. @shader, I know you're not going to include cruise ship numbers anymore, but I think your numbers have been off the past couple of days because there have been many reports of people who were cleared to get off the cruise ship and have now tested positive after going home in their evacuation flights. This is in addition to the 14 that got on the US flights after testing positive. I believe there were seven in Australia, six in Canada, a few more in the US, and at least one Japanese citizen who was allowed to leave and took a train home, only to test positive later. I was amazed and horrified at the time that Japan let those who didn't take the evacuation flights just get off the ship without further quarantine, and it turns out that indeed that was a bad idea. By the way, to answer the question of why anyone stayed, some (including quite a few US citizens) chose to take the chance that they would not have to be further quarantined in Japan after leaving the ship. So instead of taking a flight home on Feb. 16-17 and then facing another 14 days of quarantine in the US, they hoped that they would be able to get off after the initial quarantine, say on Feb. 18 or 19, and then just tour around Japan or other countries until they are cleared to come back into the US. Seems like that worked out for them, though it's not the choice I would have made. At this point those still on the ship are likely awaiting test results. They had to do the tests over several days, and the results take a couple of days.