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  1. "I applaud the south for not letting the slaves get away with their uppity behavior that was clearly just a ploy to get attention." In before someone says "But the blacks didn't make a choice to be black, the gay girl chose to be gay"
  2. Not sure I get the disdain for Wallace in this thread... Hes a career 60%, 2:1 TD to INT passer who has shown the ability to be at worst, an average starter in this league. For a 7th round pick? Thats awesome.
  3. MC, I've never worn sunglasses regularly because the bridge of my nose is extremely wide and that when i wear any sort of glasses it results in the frame tilting up at a 10 degree angle or so, resulting in me looking constantly surprised. Im a fairly thin guy, and my head and nose is reasonably sized; its just the wide bridge thats an issue. Is this something that is common, and is there a way to deal with it? Any retailers that make glasses for the wide-nosed individual?
  4. So, did Kristy decide she lost fair and square? I feel like I must of missed a page of this...kinda went from lots of legal advice to a hilarious trainwreck pretty quick.
  5. Here's the 2nd link down. Where does it say Sept 18th? Gosh guys, I apologize. I know the innernets are hard, and when you didn't see it on the 2nd link, you were left in a state of confusion; unable to click any of the other links on the google search page. I should have double checked to see if their myspace page was in fact the 2nd link down when i posted that, but it turns out it was the 6th link. (wiki was the 2nd). So for all of you who clicked the 2nd link, and spent hours laboring through the several paragraphs of text on that page, I apologize. If you click "back" and then go down to link 6, skipping over the video'll find the IASIP myspace page with your answer.
  6. LinkThat's great! would be funnier if he actually linked to the answeri can't find it on google either Sept 18th, 2nd link down on Google.
  7. When my current gf of 2 years broke up with her last boyfriend before she started dating me, he immediately started dating Rory from GG, who he apparently knew from HS.