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  1. Yes, in best ball especially. He’s had a ton of injuries but he has also had very sneaky-valuable weeks, kind of like a Theo Riddick type. Would be a tough start unless he really establishes a consistent share, but I think a decent end of draft dart that can be dropped within a few weeks if usage isn’t there.
  2. For some reason the “What’s wrong with this picture” sketch always strikes me funny. I guess it’s basically a copy of the old Jeopardy sketch but I like it. “That family is all white and that just doesn’t fly these days, there needs to be at least one weird one” was a good line. Unrelated but I may have a thing for Chloe Fineman.
  3. Any advice on not settling an estate? My mom died last week (husband died last year) and she basically had nothing outside of her town house which she owed nearly as much as it was worth, and she left it in bad shape. Likely a small amount in the bank and a bunch of debt. If we do “nothing” I know we forfeit any assets but in this case is there any reason to go through probate or whatever? Hiring someone seems like a waste, as does getting the house all cleaned up, etc.
  4. As a Gopher fan, I was shocked to see him drop so far. Dude is a gamer. When the Patriots and that hodgepodge of WRs took a kicker before Johnson I really couldn’t believe it. Lots of mouths to feed in Tampa but I think he will definitely stick and eventually be productive.
  5. Anyone watch Dark? I was intrigued by first episode but the dubbing (original was German) is a little annoying. Just want to make sure it’s “worth it” to continue.
  6. Good article. Kind of shocked that he would want to play again.
  7. This. That game was amongst the most depressing things I have ever watched. Just dominated on both sides.
  8. Rodgers hasnt said anything about only playing a couple more years, has he?
  9. Yeah I like him, just wanted Lamb. Kind of a lot of holes to fill though...
  10. 0 star recruit? Why did LSU even sign him? Hope he’s not a product of Burrow!
  11. They’re doing their best but this is still vaguely depressing. Vegas would have been epic.