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  1. Yeah I like those along with maybe some AZ and Sea, which basically become moneylines
  2. Headed to Vegas next weekend so interested in any leans. At first glance I like: Cincy +13 vs Balt (Seems high) AZ -6.5 vs Jets (Because, the Jets) Jax +6.5 vs Hou (seems like a tight game) Miami +8 vs SF (walking wounded)
  3. I know no one cares, but drafted him in the 5th in my rookie draft but was my last cut When we had to get to 23. The kind of thing that haunts a dynasty team for a while. Sure looks the part so far....
  4. Definitely wouldn’t do that with the pick, probably wouldn’t do it without it either. Obviously it depends on how you value the players, but feels like 2 nickels for a dime. Im not sold out Conner being relevant for long though.
  5. Probably a more drastic split than usual, but it’s hard to beat the better teams, obviously. I’m kind of indifferent on Zimmer, the bigger issue is we overpaid a bunch of halfway decent players and can’t really get better. The Indy game was just like the SF playoff game- destroyed on both lines and never in the game. 0-2 is one thing, but the way they lost is pretty disheartening. I’m not sure how they solve it without starting over but it’s hard to see them winning more than a few games this year, in my opinion.....
  6. Playing with Dechambeau has to be exhausting. Over analyze every shot, complain after every shot, and plays pretty slow.
  7. Blowing smoke the last month saying it was no big deal. Neck injury is nothing to fool around with, but IR means he’s not close to playing, obviously. Sucks....
  8. Also think they are serious about the Taysom Hill possibility. Just hard to roster a ton of guys with no current year value and no taxi squad eligibility (league and roster size dependent, of course)
  9. Where does this put him realistically? In 10 teamer, trying to decide if he is worth drafting. Still behind Ruggs and Renfrow, no?
  10. For some reason this really hits home. Same age as me. Is colon cancer screening still age 50?