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  1. I think some parts are repetitive for sure, but I enjoyed it. Even though I’m done with the story I’m still playing to take out all the hordes.
  2. -2 through 7 holes tonight and a double chunk double bogey on #8 😫
  3. Looking to join another....
  4. Yeah I’ve heard a lot of people use that. Since we only have two trips to make (Vatican, Colliseum) we might just take the easy way out😁
  5. Sounds good, thanks. I guess no matter where you stay you’re probably cabbing somewhere. Just a bit away from the main sights over there. We’re only there 2 nights anyway.
  6. Found a cute little hotel in Rome called Liberty Boutique and booked it but it’s kind of by the train station and there doesn’t appear to be much else around. We don’t mind cabbing to the few places we’re going to check out, but would people encourage a different part of the city?
  7. I’ve kind of talked myself out of La Tagliata too. Looks beautiful but I don’t eat that much anymore and seems kind of gimmicky. Of course I’ve never been there and defer to the experts here but we will be skipping it in favor of Da Vincenzo’s and La Sponda. Anyone been to Il Tridente or Il Rotrivo?
  8. Yeah this is where I’m at. It’s supposed to be entertainment. I find myself going to Vegas now and spending more money on dinners and spa and stuff than gambling. Amazes me the amount of money people will gamble away.
  9. Casino Royale always has $5. I like Harrahs though because they have a ton of $5 table games. Because, I’m not playing $15 Ultimate Hold Em somewhere when it’s really 15 + 15 + 15 and then potentially more on the flop.
  10. Did this and works well except it always tells me I’m not in sync when I try to open a treasure chest. Oh well, at least another way to accumulate some gems
  11. I think all run hot and cold. Joker wheel is the fastest which helps.
  12. Thanks, never heard of that. I think with Wynn you can play as guest and enter name only when redeeming so should work well
  13. Thanks will join. Sucks I only have 1 phone!
  14. Having trouble finding what you refer to, except a little blurb. You have 3 phones?