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  1. Robert Plant Stevie Ray Vaughan Jimi Hendrix Scott Weiland Kurt Cobain Bruce Dickinson Bon Scott Jeff Healey Geddy Lee Axl Rose Diamond Dave Sammy Hagar Lemmy Sting Rob Halford Klaus Meine
  2. It will probably never happen but I would love to see Alex, Geddy and a fill in like Taylor Hawkins or Dave Grohl do a limited number of shows. Again, I'm sure it will probably never happen but I would pony up the cash because I would really enjoy seeing that. I think Alex and Geddy have a lot left in the tank.
  3. I love the original Matrix but damn that movie for creating the "punch through brick walls, crash through cinder block walls, etc." effect. It totally made sense in the Matrix, they're in a dream world, it's not real, etc. But then now, a normal dude gets into a fight and he and the bad guy are smashing through brick and mortar walls like they're Kool-Aid from the 70's, it's just dumb and played out. Jumping off skyscrapers/airplanes w/out a parachute, landing on an awning/car w/out getting hurt is dumb too. I know it's a movie, I know you're supposed to suspend your disbelief for a couple of hours but come on man.
  4. I love my Honda mower, I think mine is 11 or 12 years old now. So far I've had to replace the transmission in it (I think I paid like $80 at my local Honda shop installed) and I had the same shop replace the original carburetor this winter for $25 and I replaced one of the cables for $30. Honestly, the most expensive thing on it are wheels which I really don't get. I replace the wheels every 2-3 years. Other than that I change the oil every year at the end of the year, replace the air filter every other year, adjust the self propelled cable and I run the gas out right before winter and drain the carburetor, all in maybe $30-$40 and 20 minutes of my time, maybe I take a couple of minutes to clean it with a rag and whatever cleaner I have laying around (purple power or whatever). Oh, I have two sets of blades for it, I change them out ever other year, it generally doesn't need it but it's another 10 minute job.
  5. 1^ Don Shula 328 2^ George Halas 318 3* Bill Belichick 273 4^ Tom Landry 250 5^ Curly Lambeau 226 6* Andy Reid 207 7 Marty Schottenheimer 200 8^ Chuck Noll 193 9 Dan Reeves 190 10 Chuck Knox 186 ^ HOF * Active RIP Coach Shula - one of the hardest tasks in the world is getting a win in the NFL, you did it more than anyone else. Hats off!
  6. I could not possibly agree more, the man has an amazing voice and I agree 100%. Don't shed a tear, Tempted plus his Mike and The Mechanics work are all outstanding!
  7. USB wifi dongle from Amazon for $15-$20, plug it into your USB port, bam wifi and Bob's Your Uncle. Your other option is to just replace the Wifi card in the TV, it's actually a fun project. I replaced a Wifi board in my Dell laptop, the laptop was about 3-4 years old, pretty easy and inexpensive. I used a USB wifi dongle from Amazon until the replacement wifi card came in. I also replaced a board (it was a totally different board) in my Sony TV about 1 - 1.5 years ago, it's pretty simple actually. Here's a youtube video on how to replace a Wifi board in a Vizio.
  8. Boz Scaggs - JoJo Gordon Lightfoot - Beautiful Jim Croce - I got a name Wings-Goodnight Tonight - This is such an amazing song really, so many moving parts, the intro is amazing, the bass, dueling solo's in the middle, it's like a swiss watch it's so precise, complex yet simple at the same time. I'm not a big Paul McCartney fan but I think he did some of his best work in Wings. The Babys - Isn't it Time Ace - How Long - Freaking Paul Carrack Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People Billy Joel - Rosalinda's Eyes - I really don't care for 90% of Billy Joel's songs but by God he hooked me on this one!
  9. Ready for your minds to be blown? Hop into the way back machine with me and let's revisit Breaking Bad, way, way back in 2011, Season 4, Episode 10, pretty famous episode entitled Salud. Linkage. Our curious, now famous/infamous, bottle made its debut.
  10. He played 3rd base for the Reds wearing birth control goggles looking a lot like Spuds MacKenzie the Budweiser bull terrier from the same era.
  11. Toss up between Pete Rose, Chris Sabo and Larry Bird to me.
  12. I never got to see him in person but I watched him on TV a LOT when I was a kid. Okay, so THIS happened on Wednesday Jan. 5th, 1983 and on Thursday, Jan 6th, 1983 a couple of high school kids (one being yours truly) got into a MEGA debate for the remaining time we were HS about who the coolest NBA player of all time was and I will go to my grave believing it was Dr. J. One guy in particular argued with me, each and every single day, that Larry Bird was this and that. I grew up in Ohio, I live in Indiana now and I've actually run into Larry Bird (in passing, no words spoken) and he's huge. He's done a lot for Indiana, specifically the Pacers, I love the hell out of the guy and he was clearly one of the greatest players of all time. . . but if you're putting guys on the Cool Wall, Dr. J is FROZEN - Larry Bird is luke warm at best, sorry, he's always looked like the biggest dork on the court to me. Awesome, amazing, brilliant, once in a generation player but you can't get much dorkier looking than Larry the Legend, sorry Larry.
  13. Dr. J by a mile and it's not even close.
  14. I don't often disagree with wikkid but I have to disagree here. Don Rickles did this decades before, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase were doing this on SNL before Letterman and there were times Carson used to get a bit sarcastic/deadpan, it wasn't often but you'd see it from time to time. I always felt like my generation (gen x) grew up on this from the Bugs Bunny cartoons (loaded with a lot of sarcasm) to Spiderman of the late 60's, Mad Magazine had a huge influence on me (snappy comebacks, etc.), SNL, comedians of the day were just this way it seemed. I've thought about this a lot, I grew up extremely sarcastic but it was just a way of sticking up for yourself, you'd mess up, guys would give you hell about it and you could either sit there and take it or bite back and the harder you bit, the less crap you were gonna get, so we arrived at this kind of smartalec level imho. I'll say this too, in my observation, this younger generation is SO SO SO much nicer than my generation. Damn near every younger person I work with appreciate my sarcasm, they get it, but they aren't mean like we were. Kids like my son just aren't as mean as I was. . . maybe I'm just a jerk, who knows?
  15. I voted for Johnny Carson but, honestly, it's not that cut and dry. Dave was way more fun when it was Late Night with David Letterman from 82-93 than damn near anything on TV at that time. There was a whole "them (upper management/bigwigs) vs us (Dave's show and the audience)" mentality plus Dave would go right up to the edge and push things. If you go back and watch the early shows, I don't know if it still translates or not but it's so much more relaxed and fun. From the stupid human tricks, to the suits (alka seltzer, velcro, etc.), top 10 lists, throwing things off buildings, on and on. It was so fresh and innovative, Dave and his team were busting their tale's to be original, funny, edgy and entertaining. On the flip side, at some point, all that seemed to go away and Dave (to me) became grumpy, bitter, formulaic, boring and stale. I think that happened sometime in the mid 90's, it felt like Dave just gave up and settled for 2nd best. Carson was always classy, fun and entertaining in a consistent way. The thing I loved about Carson, which I didn't notice until later, was that he gave up and coming comedians a TON of opportunities. This is really, really missed these days. Carson was a better interviewer, he got so much out of people, it didn't feel like an infomercial, it felt very professionally done but most of all it was "must see TV" back in those days. I was grade school / high school / college age when I used to never miss Carson and Letterman. I used to watch Leno pretty regularly, I thought Leno was very good, maybe 60-70% Carson but Dave just got to be unbearable for a long stretch of time. Towards the end of his run he seemed to come around and be more relaxed. I would throw in Arsenio Hall, for a period of time, was very, very good as well until he got burned out or whatever. Lastly, I always liked Conan back in the day, he was good but not great, highs and lows with him.