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  1. Number 9, THE Ohio State Buckeyes, All Conference. . . beat SC 3 years ago in the Rose Bowl. . . Johnny Freakin' Utah!
  2. It's funny you say that because I was honestly in the same boat for years and years. And I think for me, when I was much younger, when I saw that movie when it came out (compared with movies like Jaws, Star Wars, etc. that I saw in the same time frame) a lot of those other movies were big, action packed, fast moving movies. And those really grabbed my attention but Close Encounters bored me to tears at that age (10-12) and then it was on a bazillion times on the regular channels filled with commercials so it made it even harder to pay attention for a young person. Anyway, fast forward to my early 30's when I either rented it or watched it on a pay channel (HBO or whatever) and I remember thinking "wow, this is a really good movie, why was I so bored with it when I was a kid?" Just my take.
  3. He nailed it in Close Encounters, absolutely nailed it. But I think the thing of it is, there is no Close Encounters if he doesn't crush the Matt Hooper role so well.
  4. I love Shawshank very, very much, I've seen it so many times I have it memorized but I was (quite literally) blown away by Pulp Fiction. Not only is the movie well written and Samuel L. Jackson CRUSHES it but even Christopher Walken's cameo is brilliant. Honestly, I find something new to love about Pulp Fiction every time I watch it, something I missed the first 100 times I watched it. The other thing was the out of sequence part was pretty bold, I loved that they had to guts to go through with that. Overall, I think that movie was pretty spectacular. The Usual Suspects, to me, was another one that I thought was just very clever and the way the ending unraveled like a big ball of string was pretty amazing to me as well. loved that movie.
  5. NFL's premiere franchise? I thought you said you were talking about the Steelers?
  6. Have you driven one? The only reason I ask is b/c I have a 2016 WRX (manual) and this is my 2nd Subaru so I'm a bit of a fanboy (I'm told) and every time I get a loaner from Subie it has that CVT in it and, I don't know man maybe it's me, but I absolutely hate that transmission. I can't eloquently say why other than it feels like a big rubber band to me. The non-turbo, 4 cylinder Subaru's feel gutless to me in the first place but coupled with that CVT and I just feel like a Forester or Outback (for example) just cannot get out of their own way. As far as a turbo car goes, I'm on my 2nd turbo Subaru, my brother's on his 2nd turbo Subaru. We've had good luck with the turbos but I think that's because we both stay on top of the maintenance. I put 125k on my 2005 OBXT MT when I traded it (oem engine and turbo, I replaced the clutch because it had a worn out throw out bearing around 85-90k miles) and I think I have around 35k on my WRX. He put 250k on his 2004 WRX (original clutch, turbo and engine when he traded it) and he's got around 100k on his 2015 STi. Change the oil with the manufacturer's recommended oil (or better) at the recommended intervals and I think you'll be fine with a turbo. Anyway, my wife is due for a new car in a year or two, we were originally thinking about an Outback or Forester or Legacy for her but after driving these cars as I'm leaning more towards a RAV4 or Highlander, RDX or MDX for an SUV or if it's a sedan a Camry or Avalon or TLX.
  7. Great advice but sorry Warren, the Beatles beat you to the punch in 1967. . . All You Need Is Love! Nice article, thanks for posting it up Joe.👍
  8. Two cups of coffee Wake me up to ask "Did I have coffee?"
  9. As a Bengals observer (I refuse to call myself a fan again until Mike Brown steps down or the Bengals hire an actual GM) I nominate Mike Brown. And I say this because he doesn't just embrace mediocrity, he wears it proudly on his lapel as a badge of honor. I firmly believe he knows EXACTLY and quite PRECISELY what he's doing. In fact, my cynical side believes he intentionally aims for the middle. If you hide in the middle you can avoid the scrutiny of being at the top and the ridicule of being at the bottom. I think that he learned this lesson amid the anger and protests of the early 90's and I think in his mind he runs the franchise like he runs any other business with the sole purpose being that it just needs to make money. Period. Wins don't matter, losses don't matter, making money matters. I think he's an extremely intelligent businessman but that he's completely incompetent as a football GM. However, I am convinced he's well aware of this and he's totally indifferent to it. I do not think he possess one ounce of passion for the game and I think he does just enough to fly under the radar, earn a ton of money while growing the franchises' value year by year. I think THAT makes him the WORST owner in ALL of sports in my mind, that lack of passion for the game that his father so brilliantly possessed.
  10. That is a fantastic compromise, that would be pretty awesome!
  11. Flat entrance fee (to me) makes more sense during slow periods and if it's super busy ramp it up with per play because there's always gonna be "that guy" that either is dense, a troll or just that much of an ssA hole.
  12. My parents would not allow any of us (my 3 sisters, my brother and myself) to even get our driver's license unless we made the honor roll. Not just drive but even get our driver's license. I think the big deal for my parents was that if we were all on the honor roll then they got a big break on auto insurance back then. Now this is back in the 70's and mid 80's, I don't know if that's still true or not? Our middle sister was not big into studying so she didn't care about even getting her license so she didn't get hers until she was 18, the rest of us got ours at 16.
  13. Bummer, I liked his voice. They did two videos for "It's My Life" and I found this out years and years later, I kind of stumbled upon or rediscovered Talk Talk a few years ago, I don't recall being into them back in the 80's, I quite like them now though. Anyway, on one of the videos, most of the video is footage from wildlife documentaries and when you do see Mark Hollis, his lips aren't moving, sometimes there are hand drawn images over his lips but all of this to take a jab or make a statement against lip-synching videos that were all the rage back then.
  14. My son will be in Catholic high school next year. Cell phones : he's not permitted to have a phone turned on during the school day without permission, it's to be kept in his locker or car during the school day. Dress code : blue or khaki pants and shirts are polo school logo shirts, school logo sweater, school logo sweatshirt. Tardies/Attendance : I think this is similar to his current situation, get it on time or get a tardy, etc. Bells go off, get to your classroom when the bell rings, pretty standard HS stuff. For him, I just don't think this is a big deal, he won't have to adjust to much that way. Honestly, this is really just an extension of grade school/middle school policies really, similar dress code, same cell phone policy, same attendance policy, etc.