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  1. B*tchin Camaro Wait we can say vagina but not b*tchin???
  2. Not that long ago I needed something, I can't recall now what it was, but I tried to buy something from but my credit card would not recognize as a secure/legit site so it simply rejected any request and flagged those requests as either invalid or something, I can't recall the exact rejection reason. I thought I was typing in my CC number wrong at first but immediately afterwards I got text warnings saying "invalid request from non-secure website or something" and I remember thinking "wow." Basic stuff everyone should do : Automatic updates/security patches on all your devices, I would suggest not purchasing over WiFi if you can help it, I would consider using a VPN service and a lot of them have apps you can also d/l to your mobile devices, complex passwords but multi-factor for the win. Just a few suggestions : - A lot (I realize not all) but many websites let you purchase as a guest so you don't have to create an account and upload your credit card to the site that resides in their database, just something to consider if you have that option available. If you purchase as a guest, perhaps use a one-time generated CC number and that way you have executed a more secure purchase and so then your CC, username, etc. isn't stored on a database on that server. - Anything I'm leery of (like, I suggest using a credit card that allows you to generate "one time credit card numbers." It's really handy and secure, I do that all the time. - Again, I HIGHLY suggest everyone take advantage of multi-factor and add multi-factor to everything that has the option available, it's free, why not? I mean, it's not 100% secure, but it's another obstacle. Gmail, yahoo mail, amazon, pay-pal, e-bay, your bank accounts, your retirement accounts, anything and everything you can, add multi-factor authentication. - Article about VPN's I was hacked a while back, someone got a new iPad and some other gear from Apple on my dime on one card and then right after that someone else got some shoes from that I paid for from a different card - it's a sinking feeling but it could have been a hell of a lot worse. Will it happen again? Probably, and I'm not preaching, I'm just sharing some suggestions for people.
  3. Sullie

    Thinking of trying pot

    Now look at this. Someone made a thread earlier about this site being a ghost town, meanwhile we've got secret 420 information hidden within craigslist disclosed and a weed hookup connection generated in like 90 minutes. Man, we've got movie recommendations, sex survey threads, generic cialis site reviews, politics. . . pretty much have it all going on here. . .Ghost town my ###!
  4. It's definitely out there but 159k texts in 10 months, claiming to be the guy's wife (after one date months ago), taking a bath in the man's house and threatening to make sushi out of the dude's kidneys kind of trumps the door bell licker dude. . . although that makes me want to smear a ghost pepper on my doorbell camera just in case this becomes a new "thing."
  5. I wish he could have lead the Buckeyes one more year but I totally get it, if I were him I would do the same thing. I wish him nothing but the best, I will miss him, he's the QB I have wished for, for a long time. His style of throw first I mean. I think he was a good leader on the field from what I observed. Ah well, I hope he wins multiple super bowls somewhere, that would be awesome for him! And I hope he comes back to root on his Buckeyes! GO BUCKS!!!
  6. C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! I have absolutely nothing more to add other than that. . . not sorry.
  7. Sullie

    Hollywod and Pro Wrestling

    Natural transition?
  8. I picked the same two before I read your post. . . interesting. My thought was that both teams are hitting their stride right now. If this happens, and I live here in Indianapolis, I fear the Saints will clean up b/c they have SO many weapons on that team plus they have a really good D. I'll root on the Colts but I don't believe they could overcome the Saints this year if they get this far.
  9. Schiano has been at tOSU since '16 and they've had decent D's under him but either way, from what I saw of OU's defense this year, as long as he can stand upright and breath he'll be an improvement over what you had!
  10. Honestly, when he came over I had high expectations but after the year I witnessed, one of the worst defenses I've seen here in years, I hope this is all part of "cleaning house" because what I saw this year in Columbus was a worse defense than the previous year. The D gave up 26 to IU, 28 to TCU, 49 to Purdue, 51 to Maryland, 39 to scUM. . . I wasn't very impressed. I've never seen our D look so out of place and confused, it was pretty shocking at times to be honest. I can't get that Maryland game out of mind, my God the tackling was horrible. And I kept reading on tOSU fan sites about how bad the players were and I'm thinking "B.S. these are 4 and 5 star recruits, it can't ALL be on them!" Well, Grinch has some tiny shoes to fill b/c OU's defense was worse than ours. . . and that's saying something! At any rate, good luck with him!
  11. That's how I always looked at it.
  12. I've had a ful free fallin' for some time now. I carry an older 17" Dell Laptop, a newer Sony 17" laptop (it's ultra thin) and an iPad plus all kinds of other things. I "think" I got mine at Costco but I cannot recall. The only difference between mine and the in the link is that mine is black. There are a couple of things I really like about it, the first being capacity, I can carry a lot of crap in this thing. Secondly is the design, I thought the little back pads were a silly gimmick when I bought it but it turns out those are really useful, I like that a lot. The back straps are thick and padded, that helps too. I don't know if you can notice it or not but the bottom is some sort of thick vinyl, mine has hardly any wear and I think I've been using mine for at least two years now. There's a ton of little extra pockets and pouches on the thing as well plus the zippers are all metal, again, mine has held up very well.
  13. I can't hear anything, my, my ear is uh. . .can't believe you did that. You think I shoulda bargained with that guy? Yeah, I do, you coulda missed, coulda killed me. Yeah. How bad's that ear? It's terrible, I'm gonna have permanent hearing damage. Lemme see it, come here. Can you hear what I'm sayin' now? Yeah. I don't bargain. . . you hear that? Yeah. Good.
  14. Gotcha, it's your thread but I would rename it "Classic albums. . . and drek that sold in high volume like the bangles." I'm really just kidding around about it man, it's not horrible or anything, it's not classic to me either but who gives a crap what I think? Cheers Tim, carry on.