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  1. I replaced our 10 year old Kenmore Elite dishwasher with a Bosch 500 series about 2-3 months ago. Very simple installation, since I've had 2-3 months with it, I have to say it cleans really well but, my God, I love how quiet the thing is. I think I paid $1,000 for the old Kenmore dishwasher and I think for this 500 series Bosch I spent about the same but, to me, it's light years better. As I was installing the dishwasher, I noticed it has a screen/filter at the bottom of the dishwasher and I am certain my old one didn't have that that screen/filter deal. I used to just reach into it, pull out a bunch of smelly gunk at the bottom and then run a bottle of dishwasher cleaner through it every now and then to make it smell better.
  2. It's funny, for me it kind of went like this : 1.) Baseball. . . hmmm, that's a tough one, Bull Durham or The Natural. . . I'll come back. 2.) Football. . . where's The Longest Yard, done. . . damn forgot about Rudy, ah well, too late. 3.) Okay where do I vote for Hoosiers err I mean where's Basketball at? 4.) If Slapshot isn't on there for Hockey. . . there we go. . . I did like Goon but there's no 2nd place in each category. . . dammit alright Bull Durham for Baseball it is. . . shoulda picked The Natural. . . nah, I'm good.
  3. I would stick with the flowers, maybe double up on what your normally spend and I'll bet she would appreciate a handwritten card where you write something personal, tell her how much she means and that type of thing.
  4. Woody Hayes and Bob Knight would agree, nothing to see here, move along. I didn't want to leave that comment as flippant without context. FWIW, I love both of these guys (Woody and Bob), both changed the game for the better, I think both guys were/are good guys, I mean, hell I don't know if most people realize this but AFTER Woody was fired at tOSU, he maintained his office, he was on the payroll and he continued to teach at the University. Bob Knight donated millions and millions of his own money to IU. Again, both admirable men, both were wrong. I'm a firm believer in chain of command, I'm a firm believer in mutual respect. I think laying hands on someone, in anger, is intolerable. Even in the the heat of battle, let alone the heat of entertainment, are grounds for discipline.
  5. I'm a huge fan of Travis Kelce, I'm a fan of OSU football first but I also root on the UC Bearcats so I've been rooting for both Travis and Jason for a while now. Having said that, honestly, I think he should have been sent to the locker room immediately after that and I believe the team (at minimum) should suspend him for at least 4 games. Again, to be clear, I don't say this as a KC hater or Travis Kelce hater, I say it as someone who detests this kind of disrespect. There's no place for that, it's incredibly uncalled for and it should be punished. Yelling, disagreeing, etc. is not what I'm talking about. I'm saying, if a coach did this to a player I would fully expect that coach to be suspended for 4 games without pay, same thing. There's no call for it either way.
  6. I'm 51 and I work in IT and most of my co-workers in IT are also 50+, after spending the weekend working on a technical issue with my other co-workers, child please. It's as bad or as stupid as people whining and moaning about these "damned millennials" which is another baseless, stupid stereotype. One of my co-workers is a millennial and he runs rings around many other people I work with in and out of my department another one of my co-workers is a millennial and he's completely useless. One of my co-workers is 50+ and he's utterly useless others are 50+ and I'd be in a world of hurt without them. I have the 20% 80% rule and I find it applies across the board on many levels and areas of things. 80% of the people are good with change and you spend 20% of your time on those people. 20% are just confused. . . about everything . . . all the time and you spend 80% of your time holding those peoples hands through everything. . . all the time. And that's just the way it is whether it's HR, IT, whatever the case may be.
  7. FFS - I get done with my root canal and the endodontist says “there’s a pocket at the base of this root here, see that? Don’t get a crown on that tooth, that tooth might be broken there and that might get infected, I want to keep an eye on it.” Awesome.
  8. I believe he got annual blood work done through his company so he could get a rebate from insurance. He has had a TON of blood work done since, he has hypertension, which does not surprise me because I have it, as did my Dad, my mom and 2 of my sisters but that is it. While he was going through this, they checked him for everything you can think of, cancer, HIV, anything and everything and he came back clear. He had a follow up and, again, his blood work came back good, he doesn't even have high cholesterol (none of us do in my family.) I wanted to add another side note - so his company used to offer the flu shot and as part of the on-site wellness check he used to get the shot but when they quit offering the shot some years ago, he just said "meh, I've still gotten the flu even when I've had the shot, I think it's useless, etc." so he would never go out of his way to get a flu shot. So, when he got the flu in December, he did not go to urgent care (this was early December) and he got through it and seemed completely over it to me. One bit I did leave out was that the week he came down with the flu there were 3 other guys at his office that came down with it so he's pretty convinced he got it all over again from a co-worker. In fact, when he was in the hospital, his boss visited and he said "3 of his co-workers are sick with the flu right now." All of those guys are much younger (in their 30's) and all of them bounced right back.
  9. I read your post and it gave me chills man, it's so bizarre because those words and the shrug and all that is EXACTLY the same words and attitude my brother had. I am absolutely nobody, I'm not an expert or anything close to being an expert. I am merely some random dude on the internet so I totally get it, I wouldn't listen to me either, honestly I don't mean that in a sarcastic way, I really mean it, I just wanted to reach out and share this story is all. When my brother was laying there and we were told he may not make it, I googled things like "ecmo+flu+survival" and what not. I was just looking for hope when it all seemed so hopeless. One of the results from that search is that I found this story online from a man that went through almost the exact same experience but it happened in San Diego. Here's a link. I believe one's mind has a way of protecting you because I read that story and afterwards I was completely full of hope you know? I felt really good afterwards so when someone was asking me about it, I sent them this article and in searching for it, I went back and reread it again because I thought it was an uplifting story. So, what my mind filtered out at the time was this part “When Ryan was in ICU, there were five other patients on ECMO [a life support system] for the same condition he was in. Ryan was the only survivor.” I think it's funny my mind filtered that sentence out.
  10. A couple of good points here I wanted to emphasize. Several years ago my Mother-In-Law was diagnosed with lung cancer and she had to go through several rounds of chemo and radiation. Because she had a compromised immune system ALL of us, in her immediate family, made sure we had flu shots before we visited her. If any of us had the sniffles, a sore throat or anything of the sort, we refused to visit her no matter how much we wanted to. And, even back then, that put my mind in the place of "wow, how many people around are themselves or have family going through chemo or radiation, etc." another eye opener. When my brother was first put in ICU this year and I would go visit him, it was rare that I would get to speak with his team of doctors. I believe he had 8 doctors, they would do rounds and by chance I was able to speak to the group a couple of times. I was asking specific questions about my brother's situation and even though I've been a big believer of getting a flu shot for well over a decade now, I asked that team point blank "why is he here, does he have a heart condition or some underlying condition that caused this, etc.?" And the lead physician was a big, blunt guy and he spun around (he heard me talking to the lung physician) and he said "hey look, we can connect up to 8 people to an ECMO and we have 8 connected right now, all of them are here with the flu, none of them got a flu shot, that's why he's here, he didn't get a flu shot." I asked my physician about it and he said "I don't agree with that, I have lost patients to the flu that have gotten the flu shot, your brother is actually very, very fortunate to be alive to be quite honest. However, I feel pretty strongly about people getting flu shots and I think if you're going to get one, get one earlier in the season so your body has a chance to build up its immune system earlier, that's just my theory, I've been doing this for a long time and it's my hunch."
  11. Last week I got my dental implant done and on the very same day I complained that one of my upper molars hurt like crazy. I mistook that pain for a loose crown. Nope, it turned out that I needed to get a root canal. So I had three different appointments with three different dentists last Thursday, implant put in at 9:00 am. Root canal started at 2:00 PM, they finish up the root canal today. This on top of my wife getting a root canal last month and my son needs a root canal later this month. We all three are super vigilant about taking care of our teeth, just bad luck I suppose, most definitely crap timing!
  12. I really like this show a lot and I completely get that it's not for everyone but I think one of the reasons I like this show so much is because it's so out there. Good stuff!
  13. My brother is doing really well, he has gotten his flu shot and because of all this he also got a pneumonia shot and he’s working out and he’s cleaned up his diet mostly because he’s got a doctor now and his doctor rides him hard about his weight, my doctor is always on me as well.
  14. I've been getting a flu shot for years and years now. I think our son was 2 (?) when he came home with the flu, then my wife got it and then I got it. Those two bounced back really quickly (this is like 13 years ago) but for some reason my flu experience was not at all like theirs, I got so sick that at that time I swore I would get a flu shot from then on out. My wife and son have been getting them for years and years now as well. And what makes it even easier for me is that my work has a company come in and they provide them for the low, low price of free. So, for me, it's a no brainer.