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  1. Love the car and all of that but I'm not getting rid of my Corvette until the C8 comes with a manual transmission. If it never comes, I'll look at a gently used C7 or I'll jump ship and get a Porsche 911 when the time comes. I do really like the design, I've driven DCT's and they're amazing and all of that but I enjoy the experience of rowing my own gears. I don't know how many cars I've bought over the years but I've never bought an automatic for myself and I don't plan on it anytime soon.
  2. I'm pretty sure Kelly McGillis dumped Maverick for Meg Ryan. . . I hope I'm not giving away any spoilers.
  3. Looks like Ice Man has turned into Ice Cream Man!
  4. TurboFlex TF2465 - so for me, all glasses look (for the most) the same and I don't really care about the frame branding. At this point, I'm more about the function because I've bent, dropped, banged up so many frames over the years, now I just want something with some flexibility. Link to video demo on the frames. Insofar as lenses go, I get the HD progressive, transition, anti-reflective and UV coating. And I just have a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving. I get everything from Costco, I have eyeglass insurance through my work so most of the cost is covered, I think my out of pocket is like $250 or something for the everyday glasses and I think I usually hit a sale at Costco and get the prescription sunglasses for $50 or something? I get glasses every other year, my prescription changes about every 4 or 5 years.
  5. The first time I saw him in a movie (later in his career) I thought "huh, it's that bratty kid from Silver Spoons" And I agree with D_House, he's made a living out of playing Jason Bateman.
  6. Watergate scandal. I would have been about 5 or 6 and it was constant to the point where I (clearly) can remember not wanting to watch TV because this story was on. I didn't understand why it was on, I didn't understand why it was so important, etc. I get it now but as a 5 or 6 year old, it drove me and my brother to go play outside!
  7. It's really disgusting to watch that, completely inexcusable and uncalled for. I can't imagine what that psycho is like in private. God I feel horrible for those children and the people that have to suffer around him, what a nightmare. That turd in the white shirt that hit the woman in the brown/tan shirt is not much better. Again, disturbing and disgusting to watch that.
  8. My parents were married for 40 years. On their 25th anniversary they threw a big party, renewed their vows, went on a trip, etc. and as part of that my Dad bought my Mom a new engagement ring and my Mom picked out the dorkiest wedding bands you've ever seen. So fast forward to 1994, I asked my wife to marry me and a month later my Dad passed away unfortunately. We go back home for the funeral, my wife and I are up all night cleaning (can't sleep) and out of nowhere, my Mom said "you are getting married soon, I want you to have my anniversary wedding band." And, of course, my Mom being my Mom, immediately gave my Dad's anniversary wedding band to my older brother. . . who wasn't even dating at the time. . .and then she gave me one of my Dad's old watches. . . I think it was a Timex. . . I can't make this stuff up. My brother looked at the wedding band (later when we were alone) and he said "Hey dude, you're getting married and I don't want this f-ing thing do you want it?" So I traded him the watch for the ring. Anyway, I really dislike the band, it's uncomfortable, it's corny (they had a really cheesy "I love you" in script around the outside of it and a goofy thing written inside of it) and it digs into my finger but, since it was my Dad's and my Mom picked it out and I've had it for almost 25 years now, I'm sure I would turn the world upside down to get it back if I ever lost it. I really hate the thing but it has tons of sentimental value and it means the world to me as I always think about my Dad when I look at it as it's sharply digging into my finger. So, I continue to do my best to try to fill my Dad's shoes while I wear his awful ring. He was a great Dad and wonderful husband to my Mom.
  9. Line them up in the passing lane on the freeway with the blind in one eye guy driving over them then? I'm just spitballing here.
  10. You know, the thing of it is, every single moon landing denier (which btw, I seriously cannot believe is even a thing) should be lined up so that Buzz Aldrin can punch each one of them in the face! Reference link.
  11. Bravo sir! And I don't know exactly what Miracle Whip is but I can tell you exactly what it isn't. Miracle Whip is not mayonnaise nor is it a substitute for actual mayonnaise. The only thing miraculous about Miracle Whip is that people actually buy it. I've always assumed it was there to remind people of how awesome real mayonnaise is and how horrible the world would be if your only option was Horrible Whip. Kinda like Hunts Ketchup, it's just there to remind people of how awesome Heinz is and how crappy Hunts tomato soup in a bottle is.
  12. ful backpack and a stanley lunch box w/thermos (I eat a thermos of soup plus fruit everyday). . . and I work in an office so I get a TON of crap about the lunchbox such as "you look like you're ready for your coal mining job, nice lunchbox - ha ha, etc.)
  13. Agreed! Whomever does The Last Blockbuster twitter page is pretty funny too.
  14. That's true but if you got a bunch of death threats online and then this happened : I'm sure that would probably put even the best of us in a different mindset you know?