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  1. And neither were Ghoulardi. . . so I was always told by older sisters.
  2. - I wanted to 2nd that. Selfishly, I wish Fick would be the permanent coach at UC but realistically I know he'll move on to a bigger program that pays more at some point.
  3. I lied and watched it and I enjoyed it. Truth be told my son (15) reminded me and we both enjoyed it, we're rooting for 12 gauge (Cardale Jones)!
  4. The Caves of Altimara Is one I didn’t see listed and Don’t Take Me Alive is amazing. The intro from Larry Carlton on Don’t Take Me Alive is just spectacular. I didn’t vote because honestly , I couldn’t even pick a favorite album let alone song.
  5. If this is true then, uh just wow, that's about 10/10 on the cheapskate dirtbag of the year award. Are you really 100% sure? Are you sure he's not just f-ing with you? Are you sure he's not trolling you and hiding a stash of butt wipes under the sink or something? I mean, butt wipes are where it's at for the most part but you still need to finish the job with tp. I don't believe this for a minute plus, I mean, chicks only poop once a day or less, come on.
  6. I also think that the NFL product is very subpar right now. I think there are too many teams, players are spread way too thinly across those teams and the result is a lot of uninteresting games plus oversaturation, the Thursday game is too much imho. My problem with the XFL is time and competition for entertainment hours. On the weekends, we're scrambling to do shopping, get caught up on chores, household work and when it's time to relax there are College basketball games, Netflix, Amazon Prime, regular television, rental movies and things that have been DVR'd throughout the week and sometimes Youtube. And the problem is, just like with the original XFL, I forget it's on and I forget which channel(s) carry it b/c it's usually on a channel I don't watch, I'm sure as hell not DVRing it so I'll probably miss it. . . again.
  7. I do have a funny story about this. So, the year is 1984 (so this means no googles, youtube, nor interwebz at your fingertips, etc.) and if you wanted music knowledge you had books (library, bookstores in the mall, etc.), your buddy the know it all music geek, AM/FM radio and the record store and that's about it. I was (and still am) a huge Jimi Hendrix fan, partly because as a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, mostly because Jimi was amazing. Anyway, it's late at night, I'm 16 years old, I'm driving along the highway, FM radio playing and they play the Bob Dylan version of "All Along The Watchtower" and as I'm listening to it, I started laughing because at first I thought it was a joke (this is when FM stations had the wacky DJ's doing kooky on air pranks, SNL was doing the Bob Dylan impression, etc.) and then I thought, "oh wait, that's actually Bob Dylan, not a spoof" and then I'm thinking "oh my God he's destroying Jimi Hendrix's song" and then I got pissed about this stupid remake Bob Dylan did and I wanted to call and complain but I thought "I'd like to hear an explanation about this and this better be good!" And to put this into a little bit of context, Bob Dylan (in my mind) had a bit of a resurgence with his Infidel's album, MTV exposure and Jimi Hendrix songs (to me, at that time) were seemingly bubbling up to more airplay at that time, I think partially b/c of SRV playing some of his songs so, again, in that context I thought this was a PR stunt for Dylan to sell more albums. Anyway, when the DJ explained it was Bob Dylan's song, blah, blah, blah I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet. I lived 16 years not knowing that was Bob Dylan's song. I felt like an even bigger idiot though when I asked my HS buddies the next day and it turned out, I was the only idiot in the group that didn't know it was originally Bob Dylan's song. D'oh!
  8. I didn't have this experience but I did just have a side thought about our HS gym teacher. He wasn't creepy, he was just a complete and utter jerk. He used to run around in track suits, I'm pretty sure he thought he was all that. Anyway, I remember one of the track suits was all black and another one was all red. So, when I was in HS (it was kind of a rough HS at that time) but anyway you were allowed to eat "off campus" which for us was a pizza shop about a 10 minute walk from HS. A lot of us would walk down to the pizza place and get a meatball sub sandwich and a coke for a $1.50. Anyway, the HS gym teacher would walk in and the Seniors would say "hey Knight Rider" if he was wearing the black or "hey Big Red" if he was wearing the red. He didn't respond but you could just tell it pissed him off, holy crap was it f-ing hilarious and no-one deserved to get it more than this guy. His brother taught a class and he would sometimes say "my brother is the gym teacher, you know, the jerk that runs around the school in his pajamas."
  9. 5th grade for swearing - a bunch of girls ratted me out - I just got chewed out by our female principal, she threatened to tell my folks, etc., I'm sure I cried my eyes out because 5th grader. I will just say this, we had some friends that lived down the street from us, their Dad was a truck driver. We were fluent in the fine art of properly and effectively swearing by 3rd or 4th grade, so, guilty as charged but lesson learned, all girls are evil! 9th grade in HS for "skipping a class" which was a big nothing burger. I had gotten sick on a test day and missed an Algebra I test. The math teacher had said "when do you have study hall?" 6th period. "Okay, so come down to the room at 6th period, it will be empty, you can take your exam then" which I did. I told my idiot study hall teacher where I was going, pos still turned me into the truancy officer who sent me off to the vice principal's office, thanks pal! When I got there and explained myself he simply said "no problem, go get a signed note for me and bring it back." Done deal. I was kind of crapping myself b/c that guy was huge, I walk into his office, he's got his feet up on the desk right beside a large drilled out, heavily varnished, wooden paddle, reading glasses halfway down his nose. pretty intimidating looking.
  10. The last two times I bought non-dealership cars were out of state purchases. The first one, I drove over to Ohio with a bank check, test drove the car (93 300ZX) and I paid full asking because it was a very good price plus I could tell the guy wasn't going to move on it (this is like 15+ years ago I think.) We went to his bank, handed over the check, seems like it took forever but eventually he handed over the title and that was that. Second time (this was damn near 10 years ago now I think) I drove up to Michigan, (09 Corvette) it was pretty much an identical process. Handed over the bank check, waited around for a bit and the guy handed over the title and I drove off into the sunset. I sold the first car to a friend from Ohio, actually he lives in Cincinnati (which is where I picked up the 300ZX from so that car was meant to be in Cincinnati apparently) and I just deposited his personal check, I've known the guy for 30 years. I still have the other car.
  11. 1.) Columbo is my best/favorite closely 2.) Magnum P.I. - because I spent my teenage years trying to figure out how I could live in paradise, be a beach bum detective, have tons of hot girlfriends and drive someone else's exotic cars while I live in their mansion. . . with endless use of their expensive toys, wine cellar, etc. 3.) Midsomer Murders (seasons 1-13 w/John Nettles) 4.) Sherlock is just an amazing series - I get the impression Cumberbatch is mostly being himself though 5.) Foyles War is pretty excellent Others: 6.) If The Wire is considered a detective series then The Wire 7.) Rockford Files - I haven't watched this since I was a kid but I was glued to the tube when it was on t.v. way back when. 8.) True Detective first season was amazing
  12. I wanted to circle back to Joey's post about Alex and Fightingillini's post about the band. I agree 100%, easily one of the most underrated and underappreciated musicians, so much so it's damn near criminal how overlooked the man is. I know he absolutely HATED the keyboard era. Back in the 80's when I used to buy audio tapes I used to copy two Rush albums onto one tape (maybe more?) so I didn't destroy the original. I used to carry a walkman with me everywhere (thinking back to college) and every now and then a tape would jam up and get ruined so, early on, I made copies of my tapes. I hated Hold Your Fire so much, I never made a backup of it because "not enough Alex" or "Alex is covered up with those damn keyboards, grrr!" However, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, I put my Rush collection on digital and stumbled upon the Hold Your Fire album and my first thought was "wow, you're an idiot Sullie, there are some great/amazing songs on here. . .minus Tai Shan. . . that still sucks." Anyway, on that album, Alex absolutely crushes the solo on Turn the Page. It's a quick, 30 - 35 second solo right at the 3:00 minute mark but it's so, so damn good, almost angry and you can not only hear but feel him fighting against the keyboards, it's really outstanding. I like the song but I absolutely love that solo and what I always liked most is that the end of Mission leads into it, as was mentioned above, the solo at the end of mission is amazing. The solo in Open Secrets is another one he nails (just listening to it as I type this.) Agreed. I had seen them several times in the 80's and 90's and not only were they punctual but, my God, they used to just nail everything they played. I'm sure, knowing them, they probably felt they had "off" nights but not once did I ever feel they were anything less than excellent. And the older I got, the better tickets I used to purchase so the last time I saw them, I could see them actually having fun with each other and the audience. They didn't look bored or angry, they all looked like they enjoyed each other's company and what they were doing unlike so many other concerts I had been to, it just didn't always feel this way.
  13. Both teams deserved to be there, Clemson put up a good fight, LSU fully deserved to be the National Champs. Congrats and hats off to LSU, players, coaches and staff on a job well done and sincerest congrats to LSU fans.
  14. Beyond the Lighted Stage is such an excellent documentary. I had heard the tale about the 2112 album, from a very close friend of mine that used to be a newspaper reporter years ago and I always wondered if it was actually true or not and to hear them tell that story, very closely to the way I had heard it, was amazing. Years ago, I first saw Time Machine 2011 - Live in Cleveland on AXS TV (I think it was) and I was so amazed with how good that looked and sounded that I had to buy that, I still have no regrets, love that show, it was pretty much well (to me) about as perfect as you could get. I had not seen Rush live in a while and, honestly, I was blown away at how awesome they still were. And I like Geddy's voice now more than I did from years ago.
  15. You may be right but unfortunately we will never really know now.