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  1. In what capacity? Seriously, message me.
  2. Well, then I guess you'll be missing out, won't you? It basically meant "date them both at the same time without letting either realize you're doing it", in a mild reference to an episode of the Brady Bunch(albeit the gimmick there was that our buddy Pete had met his "identical double" at school and used him to try and help pull off the "two dates at the same time" ruse). They can't all be gems. I'll try and do better next time.
  3. If true, "he's" going to make soooo much paper out of you(cuz, y'know, all those atoms). Just stacks and stacks of Lambskin notes: "I love the FFA forums. - Hags"
  4. Great Britain is pregnant? Welp...congrats, Liz, I guess. Didn't think you still had one it in you.
  5. You forgot to incorporate something about dongs.
  6. http://imgur.com/a/oNDMC
  7. Well, you've got that going for you then. And Summers off.
  8. You were really searching for "anal easing the Constitution", weren't you? WEREN'T YOU?!!?
  9. I actually know the answer to this one: It's Nevada. Looks kinda like an arrowhead pointing to your junk. Carry on.
  10. "Go with hiiiiim."
  11. Trying to decide if the best part was them putting on sun hats every time they got out of the car, of that they put a live chihuahua inside a loaf of bread.
  12. "Father *yes son* I want to kill you." "Mother....I want to smother you with my giant chicken bag." Seriously, did Manzarek steal his mom's church sandals?