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  1. Welp, I've been rooting for "Team Cholesterol" for a while. Maybe it audibles and runs something outta the Wildcat and takes it to the house after the 2 min warning?
  2. If it starred 90's era Mitzi Kapture, I'm on board.
  3. Probably not, but it was only a relatively "very few" votes that put the current baboon into the Oval. Yeah, we've elected Obama, had a woman as the POTUS nom for one of the major parties, etc. That last 4 years has made it much, MUCH more A-okay for bigots, racists, misogynists, homophobes and their ilk to crawl out into the sun though. I want to feel like you/Krista do; that it shouldn't/won't matter....but I've spent too many years living in the Deep South (as I know you still do). There's unfortunately still way too many Westboro types around for me to feel completely comfortable that Pete being gay is "no big deal" when it comes to an election. All that said, right now I'd still probably am most comfortable with him as the nominee over the field. That's a stone cold lock. What ever the over is, take it. Psycophants in his orbit like Stephen Miller, et al, would make that page one or two of their playbook for him.
  4. For realz. May as well just skip the candy and leave hummus.
  5. Many didn't think a 70 year old, corpulent, phony, frogmouth with no intellectual curiosity could win it either, but here we are. ETA: I've been impressed with Mayor Pete. I think I'd be fine with him as President. That said, I'm expecting there's a large swath of the electorate who would not be for a single reason that is; a)in no way relevant, and b)none of their damn business at all.
  6. Even if that is true, which is debatable, it significantly effects the rotation. Having a guy like Alualu available in reserve to give both Tuitt and Heyward plays off is a pretty big luxury they won't have now.
  7. Not scrappy enough! I agree, Switzer is balls. Has this dude EVER made a play for the Steelers? Returner or WR? I don't recall one. Have to believe someone else would be doing better with his reps.
  8. I know the Chargers are kind of the suck, but the defense looked pretty legit this week before people started getting banged up. Even with that, there were, what, two/three dropped INTs on top of the two they brought down? Can't recall the last Steelers' defense that got their hands on the ball that much in a single game.
  9. This is the correct answer. Aaron Jones is a contender also.
  10. The people in this thread I assume you are referring to will never say that. Those particular individuals complain when the Steelers win. So, an unlikley turnaround that allowed Pitty to take the division will still get the joy sucked out of it because "Tomlin!" (or whatever). Best to just throw them on ignore. I fully expect a lost season here, but I will be happy to be wrong.
  11. Guessing still drunk, and beyond past time for her to return home.