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  1. Hmmm, not that I don't like Barron, the player, but how do they see him fitting into the scheme? He certainly can't be asked to play outside with his hand in the dirt. Lining him up more like a hyrbrid S/LB I guess....which was supposed to be Edmunds' gig, non?
  2. He'd be a pretty great get because of that, if the cash/years were right of course. Not holding my breath, buuut....
  3. The funny five minutes? Not me, Squire. I like my scotch single malt, my quads Belgian, and my Uncle Phils MORBIDLY OBESE just like god(small "G") intended. (Also...was Will makin' out with his cousin in that thing?)
  4. I don't hate the Moncrief signing. They needed someone to be able to play outside to at least keep teams honest when they decide to roll coverage to JJSS inside(which, I assume, they will regularly), and when healthy Moncrief has been capable enough outside that he can't be totally ignored. I'm more hoping Washington makes "the leap" in that regard, since he is absolutely a better downfield guy (or was at OSU at least), but Moncrief should allow them to not force it with him (or any rookies they may pickup) if it's not there.
  5. Passive aggressive "putdown" monikers: Champ Chief Ace Boss Hoss Capitan Chachi Guessing it's not the first time Marc's done that. NTTAWWT.
  6. Guessing something along the lines of: "I'm super wealthy and connected so there's just about no way I'll ever be held accountable for jack. Doesn't matter what I say here."
  7. If he's to be believed he'd just neg some chick until she wrote it for him. (I actually am aware some dude that referred to himself as "Style" wrote that book. Just felt like making a peacock joke about your scarves. Sometimes my pleasures are simple.).
  8. Wait, wait,'re ex bestfriend's ex is THIS guy? All the scarves make sense now, you peacocking mutha'.
  9. Well, I hope the Bills invested in a fleet of new wheelbarrows, cuz I can see almost no way that Brown reports to some gulag like Buffalo without an exceptionally high number of those full of guaranteed money on a new deal.
  10. I'll never be able to think of Roger Miller the same way again. Well, well, well, look at the self-styled "Lenny Bruce of Oildale" over here. (What would that even look like? Actually, upon reflection I think I have a pretty good idea; 40 year old "Hee-Haw" jokes, liberally sprinkled with the eff word and nicotine.)
  11. Was gonna say "His wife's, IMO." then remembered that she only backs into stuff....unless she rammed someone with the front this time to throw furls off the scent.
  12. Skimming past on mobile, I read that screen name as "Hostage Dong." and did not think anything of it for a nanosecond. Didnt even realize I was wrong until I saw the quote in fish's post. "Hostage Dong posting in this thread? Yep, checks out."