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  1. Then it needs more marionettes.
  2. The flask you take in your pocket sez "100% chance, Dan."
  3. Which President is on that one? (And don't say "All of them. They're having a party", cuz that's the 10,000 note. Jimmy Carter is passed out on the couch, IIRC.)
  4. I'd say "wooooow", but that's almost exactly what I envisioned before I even clicked the link.
  5. No way. Plait it up and Gimli that ####, just like Prof. Tolkien intended.
  6. Buy a good, double-edge safety razor and shave like a real man, you bunch of Sallys. Or, just keep the freakin' beard like evolution intended. Chicks dig them.
  7. Typically, one issue voters love them their one issue Especially, in many cases (not all), if it's couched in a heapin' helpin' of "Jesus." And while it is purely conjecture on my part, I feel pretty confident that a ton of the "non-crazy" conservative votes that Trump landed in Nov. boiled down to nothing other than that. He had an "R" next to his name, so the one issue conservative types translated that directly to "Against baby murder" or "Keep out them Moose Lambs" and then didn't even bother to care any further about the candidate's other ideas on policy. It's how the one issue voters operate. It's nothing new, sadly. It works in the opposite way for a certain demographic of liberals too, and it doesn't make any more sense in that case either.
  8. So, what exactly is this rally supposed to achieve? (I mean....other than keeping him out of the Oval for another weekend on our dime). He's seriously going to go "campaign" again, or something? He may want to think about staying in town and minding the store on a Saturday shift for a change, given all that's been going down, but what do I know? (It's also a nice touch that he pretty much chose the butthole of the Space Coast for his little get together. Guessing Brevard must've been pretty heavy duty in the Trump camp last Nov?)
  9. This is the name of my "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" cover band.
  10. Assumed he meant he was headed to his funeral. That guy is still drawing breath? Has gotta be running on only Moon Pies and Everclear at this point.
  11. My work here is finally done then. I can finally set down my burden and just start walking the earth like a bitter, underemployed Kane. (And Eyes Wide Shut is still, undeniably, an utter piece of excrement.)
  12. Wheat pennies express leaving the station again?