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  1. I enjoyed the cross section of what I believe is a tibia on the whiteboard in the background.
  2. Several Steelers/other Pitty athletes over the years (including a conversation apologizing to Merrill Hoge for my "friend" being an a$$clown. He was pretty chill about it. Jack Lambert was a frequent patron at a place my mom worked, and he worked locally after his retirement from the NFL so got to bump into him a handful of times. A few others too, but just "hi, nice to meet you" kind of things. Mark Recchi, Mark Bruener, Ulf Samuelsson, etc.) Dave Navarro (Tiny little man, fwiw. I'm 6'2" and felt like he could fit in my pocket. He was also wearing what could only be classified as a blouse. Was also pretty chill.)
  3. Or dropping a "pm shuke" when you're trying to get people to stop bothering you about something.
  4. Optional strategy: Tell her she "looks pretty great for half a century." Report back.
  5. Depends on which part of the sandwich you're inserting the pickle in.
  6. Sooo.....not Mike's Way? Got it. I always go with Shuke's Way: #13 on oregano parm (with the parm drizzled into the shape of a Bearcat's logo), extra oil, extra vinegar, and Twizzler's served in a high-topped Converse All-Star (red and white, preferably).
  7. This, Clear push off. Got caught. Flagged. *yawn* As was mentioned upthread, the worst part was how boneheaded it was for Kittle to do it because he already had his guy beat. Could have made the catch without pushing off at all, most likely.
  8. I'm close to this, particularly with regard to professional stuff. I rarely will get angry outwardly in the workplace, but when I am critiqued/judged by someone that I am certain doesn't know what they're talking about (and it happens pretty frequently when you're a working creative, as you well know yourself) it bothers me. Sometimes a LOT. Not because I care what they think, per se, but because they clearly aren't valuing my expertise over their own lack of it. That CHAPS me. It's similar on personal stuff,I suppose, but it's more dependent on who is doing the critiquing. Some rando? I may have an initial "WTF does this person think they are?" moment, then I forget it.
  9. PM shuke. Typical day? In by 9 and started within 10 minutes. Ostensibly, I'm a lead, so the questions usually start shortly after I walk in the door. I line up crap I want to bust out before morning stand ups (10:30am daily) the day before, so I already have a plan going in. My EOD is when I slack, if I'm going to. Responding to emails, providing feedback to juniors if required, documenting...whatever, prepping for the next morning, etc. That stuff usually only takes about 5% of my brain power, so that's when I'll surf/check my personal emails/play games on my phone. Atypical day? I may be there for 10-12 hours (and it isn't that atypical, sadly), so I don't feel bad about putting in 6 hours of real work over 8 hours here and there.
  10. Always wondered whatever happened to Wayne Van Dyne all these years. Guess this is what washed up local news anchors do? Neat.
  11. Also keep in mind...just because Rooney doesn't think they need to doesn't mean Colbert/Tomlin agree with him. It's not like Rooney is a Jerry Jones type of owner. Colbert has always seemed to be able to make his own calls on personnel.
  12. "You shut your whore mouth!" - Tanner Effing Quakers.
  13. The peel is certainly a big part of what is turning me off, but the flavor is just "okay" to me. If I want an "okay' tasting apple, I can buy Opals for $1.50/lb less. The skin is certainly a bigger deal though, as was the texture of this batch. If I wanted to have to chew through Kevlar to get to spongy fruit, like some kind of hobo, I'd eat a Red Delicious. (Then vomit, and punch myself in the face for buying said Red Delicious.)
  14. Finally found some Cosmics local. Meh. Totally unimpressed, especially with the texture.