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  1. If there is a God (there isn't)/the Universe has any sense of timing/humor you were on your way to the proctologist.
  2. "I called her stingy old bag of goat cheese!" Mrs. Garrett couldn't carry Adelaide's feather dusting jock. There, I said it.
  3. Did they look like Mr. Drummond? I'm going to continue to imagine they looked like Mr. Drummond regardless, but was curious enough to check.
  4. And I think I chime in whenever I see you bring it up. Reno was a LOT better than I expected it to be when my wife and I lived there. It gets kind of a bad rap from what it was 25-30 years ago. Admittedly, downtown is overall a pretty big dump (there are pockets of it that are being revitalized, but still too much of it is still stuck in the 70's and backward), but the outlying areas (particularly the old ranch lands south of downtown) are great, have a lot of space, are relatively cheap and are 40 minutes from Tahoe in one direction and Squaw in the other. Tons of trails, wild horses walking into your yard during spring time, etc etc. In general there the people were also very welcoming and kind/laid back. Sparks isn't horrible either....though both it and Reno proper are probably going to see a housing spike VERY soon with Tesla/et al coming to town. Still, as long as you don't go near Sun Valley there are far, far worse places. We have toyed with the idea of going back if/when we are able to not have to worry about working 100% of the time. You can't beat the views/proximity to probably one of the most beautiful places on this mudball.
  5. This movie should have been trash....but if I come across it while I'm surfing I ALWAYS stop and finish watching it, wherever it may be in the run time: "I didn't know Jews could sing like that!" "No, no, they couldn't at the time. That's why they had to dress like clowns." "You see, Ronnie? his #### is the gun!"
  6. A LOT worse. It could be Polk Co., FL. I'm guessing he wasn't sitting on a patio in the middle of Crenshaw. If he's anywhere in the OC? My god...there's way too many bored police officers around here for anything major to go down. Property/financial crimes? Those are a thing here. Violent crimes? You probably have a better shot at being struck by lightning. Twice. Taxes and housing costs suck a tailpipe here, that's a given,'s the part that most people who haven't lived here for an extended period usually don't understand (I was one of them once): You're getting what you pay for. I've lived all over the country. East Coast, West Coast, Deep South and Northeast. Few places have really compared to Souther California (by which I'm meaning South of Los Angeles, which is admittedly an armpit) for quality of life; convenience, availability of work, weather, culture, proximity to beach/mountains/desert if you want it, nubile co-eds pretty much everywhere (or rocked up dudes if you're into that). Yeah, you know what, I should probably move to Nebraska or something cuz the rent's cheaper.
  7. "Glamping" sounds like an archaic term that a dandy would use to refer to coupling with a strumpet stricken with syphilis.
  8. So, you're rocking a Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart? Rad. Totally. As long as I am still carrying around this horse's mane, I will have fun with it. I don't care if it turns green as long as it's there. "#4 on the sides, # 6 on top"s need not apply. I'm considering getting one of the chicks at my local shop to cut the back of my hair to look like a pine cone, but it'll be a while before it grows out enough to make the attempt. Had the "John Wick" hair Oats is pining for a few years back and sorta miss it. Wouldn't mind going back there again either, but it'll take even longer.
  9. Frequently (every year or so) change it up. I've got horse-tail thick hair, but it's coarse and has a mind of its own. Even haircuts I really llike over time have a tendency to want to start doing odd things, so I'll change it up. Kind of "scorch the earth" to get back to ground zero, if you will. I've had just about every length of hair over the past 20 odd years (other than the gauche "Number 2 everywhere, Gino!" What are you? 8 years old? Unless you're a Marine...c'mon, man.) from "Jesus" to "Final Fantasy VII Character." Rocking a semi-undercut now that's starting to grow out. Need to do something else with it.
  10. If you don't mind sharing, what part is he living in? By "semi-retired" I'm guessing you're talking part-time there/part-time states? Or are you meaning he's there all the time, but still does some work? I did a lot of reading on both the ex-pat/full citizen angles for relocating to Wellington about 7-8 months ago when my job here went sideways (for what feels like the umpteenth time in the last 5 years); comparisons on cost of living, "quality of life" type stuff, etc, etc. I honestly think the biggest reason I stopped pursuing it in earnest was that I wouldn't know what to do with my dog if I decided I wanted to live abroad (maybe permanently) even if I could convince the wife to do it.
  11. I've actually looked into moving to NZ NOW, screw waiting for retirement. There's a fairly robust slice of my industry there (relatively speaking, of course. NZ isn't very big) and not a ton of population to pull from to fill all necessary positions. Logistically, I just don't think it'll ever work out (and I'd probably have to leave my 'fraidy cat wife here if I really intended to take that kind of a leap), but I could probably talk myself into doing it pretty easily. The landscape there is beautiful, the Kiwis I have got to meet through work/etc. have all been genuinely positive and/or empathetic individuals, and it's far, far away from most of the frothing yahoos I've been forced to deal with in these parts the past couple of decades.
  12. Well, a brown lady is allegedly doing it now, soooo.....maybe at least for a few minutes?