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  1. Let me swing by with our knucklehead and let you take him for a spin for a couple of days, then you can tell me how much "fun" it is. Having a dog smart enough to quickly pick up commands and the energy/athleticism to go balls out on hikes, or doing laps, or agility training is great. Having a dog smart enough to realize that if he is obstinate for long enough his "mother" will give in out of sheer frustration is less great. First time owner? My advice would bet this: Be honest with yourself. If you think you want a high energy dog, go about two notches lower on the energy meter as you honestly think you can handle. Would rather wind up with a dog who had a little bit of a governor on the engine than to find out I had just rescued the "Buggati of dogs" if I knew I was more of a "Subaru of people" kinda individual. Not fair to the dog either if you rescued, say, a boxer or some kind of herder that need to "work" every day to not be total spazzes. Beagles are great dogs (aside from sometimes being kinda smelly if you don't keep up with it). I grew up with tons of them(both as hunting dogs and pets) and almost universally they were good dogs. Barking isn't really the problem with them in my experience. It's the howling. At any time of day, with zero warning. That and the inability to ignore their nose for even a nanosecond. Will follow that thing to the next county if they pick up something they think is interesting. Awesome dogs though. Sweet nature. Pretty chill as they age. Can be pretty stubborn however, due to the nose. It really does rule their world, but you can deal if you realize that going in. If I ever get another dog it will probably be a beagle.
  2. He's just trying to avoid impregnating the sheets. (Could you imagine the sheer whiteness of that offspring?)
  3. Would also have to invest in bicycle suspenders (whatever the #### those are) if what we've seen reported in these parts is true.
  4. No way it's Furls. Guy doesn't know how to use his phone to record a damn thing. *Ahem* (I can only "imagine" how today went at the office, what with Discount Double Check cracking his torso in half on Sunday)
  5. Step away for a couple of days and that's the first thing queued up for me here? Gaddamit. So sorry, Hank. Perhaps it's just the scotch, but I don't think that's silly and I can totally understand it, even though my dog absolutely prefers my wife to me. He started out very sick and moved from that into being a handful pretty much immediately thereafter(and has remained so)...but in spite of that I became pretty attached to him very quickly, and I have dreaded having to eventually "make that last drive" with him since very, very early on. He's been my "accomplice" in all kinds of stupid pranks I've played on my wife, is my football watching buddy, hiking pace car, navigator on road trips, burglar alarm and wrestling nemesis. He's also the twitch in my eye from how skittish/barky he is with non-family members(even people he knows and likes), he's the gray hair on my temples from his stubbornness and is responsible for at least half a dozen ulcers I'm sure I've developed the last 5 years since he's been around. Regardless of all of that, I already know I will be a mess the first time I come home and he isn't flipping out from joy like a spazz at the front door(he was so excited when I got home earlier today that he nearly ripped a furrow in my cheek/lip with his front paw. Good thing I grew out the beard a couple weeks back). He is currently asleep on my foot, apparently dreaming of chasing rabbits, yodeling in his sleep, and I was getting annoyed because I needed to go into the other room. Not anymore. I'mma let him give the rabbits hell for a few more minutes.
  6. So, winter in Texas with a super pious, but non-drinking, septuagenarian? There's always guns. And church. Plenty of both of those to go around in Texas (actually willing to wager there is a church about guns if you ask around).
  7. Surprised "mother" let him attend at all. There were football harlots there!
  8. Sorry, I didn't get a copy of your credentials. You can ignore me. I have worked on/work on productions and was just sharing.
  9. Pathetic display today. No idea if Ben "still has it" or not, but I know he looks like he's 30 pounds overweight to me. First time I've been able to see them play all year, and he looks a lot bigger than I remember him looking last year.
  10. Ever worked on a production? Particularly one involving animation? Even if they were just rehashing everything in exactly the manner you're outlining, those episodes aren't getting animated in just a couple of days each. More like several weeks each (depending on the size of the team they're throwing at this. IIRC, a fairly large Canadian outfit handles the animation production, but I'd bet it's still a couple weeks of work for the artists per episode ). That doesn't include and pre- and post-production, VO work, etc, etc, that's necessary either. Just cuz the show sort of looks like a kid's coloring book doesn't mean it's easy or fast to pull off just the "wrench" work needed to get the story onto the screen, even if the writers were totally mailing it in.
  11. Texans game was still worse. This team, and the AFC North in general, pretty much stinks right now.
  12. Chocolate Starburst wrappers?
  13. Collects Starburst wrappers? Weirdo.
  14. "We can give you two tens for a twenty. We can give you four twenties, two fives and ten singles for a hundred. We can even give you twenty million nickles for your million dollar note. It's what we do."