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  1. Citizen? "Birddogging chicks" involved playing Post Office at Friday afternoon's buffet down at the Help Center, I take it?
  2. Thinking about a career change. What would be best for someone who.... - Doesn't care for authority from idiots - Expects to be compensated generously for services rendered/experience - Probably doesn't care for people that much in general Best options I've come up with so far: Politician: Seemingly zero accountability with ample opportunities to get paid. Although I doubt I'm quite deplorable enough to pull it off. I suppose I could work on it. or Professional Grifter: Upon reflection, this may actually be nothing more than another name for "Politician." I suppose "gun for hire" would probably fit too(and sounds better than "hit man.")
  3. Only if those ####ers are baked. Otherwise, you can just flush them directly down the toilet.
  4. I just had a horrible thought....I haven't had full time work in nearly 5 months. So, I guess I've technically "had this Summer off." On top of that, earlier this evening my wife showed me a Twitter photo of her crazy cat lady friend's most recent stray and, although I did not post them, I almost immediately came up with 4 or 5 pithy, meme-worthy captions for it. Does this mean I'm going to start craving chicken tenders and Mexican hats? If anyone catches me adding any Cheap Trick to Spotify just go ahead and put me out of my misery.
  5. Just put it in a bottle with a sesame oil or soy label.
  6. 10 per transaction? He said Vietnamese, not Thai.
  7. So, when did they say you can expect your 4 ladyboys to arrive?
  8. Her stumpy, little, murderer fingers weird me out.
  9. Tell him there will be cycling socks involved and your chances of him showing will likely jump exponentially. Throw in a Yeti sticker for his new Lopifit and you'll have him on lock.
  10. [closetalking]COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT GUY DRUNK!?!?!!? I MEAN, COULD YOU?!?!? I'LL BET HE'D DO EVEN MORE FINGER POINTING!!!!!![/closetalking] *does stupid discount double check wrestling move*
  11. What the actual ####### ####? So...he's some kind of Michael Jackson-esque Sith Lord now? Guy must have the best publicist ever to actually book a gig at all, let alone one that involved that super sweet album cover art.
  12. Sounds like Courtney may have a lawsuit in the offing, unless they had her in on the design phase of course.
  13. Not necessary to wear boots, but make sure you have your Yeti accoutrements at the ready. Perfect accessory for the new man-bun you'll be rocking.
  14. <queues up The North Face vs. Patagonia chat>
  15. According to that website you should also have a man-bun and hipster beard.