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  1. It's Murgatroyd, you Philistines. Master Furls: "Who run Barter-Town?" Auntie Little ####: "You know who...." Master Furls: "Say..."
  2. MBA from Harvard or Univ. of Phoenix? No difference. Makes sense! "We Rise!!!"
  3. "Oh my stars!"? "Oh my" ####### "stars!"? You really are, like, 150 aren't you? Has anyone (fae persuasion or otherwise) said "Oh my stars!" since 1870?
  4. He isn't throwing them though. The "Vernapult" is. "Modern design!!"/ballistics/physics are throwing them, etc, etc. I feel like I need to do a schematic here. Fine, you also get two giant rubber bands.
  5. One Verne isn't supporting one Verne though, in my hypothetical. It's 3-4 Vernes supporting one Verne, then maybe two other Vernes(more if needed) pull yet another Verne back in some kind of "baby bjorn" that's connected to a couple of giant rubber bands. I'm not arguing that they could "fight" anyone. I'm arguing that the Vernes could use other Vernes as projectiles to, potentially, take out an adversary that decided he'd get cute and climb to the top of the cage.
  6. As I said....shouldn't be needed with unlimited Vernes. As long as the amount of Vernes needed to fabricate/support a Vernapult doesn't exceed the critical mass of Vernes(whatever that might be), at some point there will be a sufficient number of Vernes to make it doable. Although, I suppose you could argue it may take more than the cage could contain. I'd probably disagree with that though.
  7. Fine. What if the unlimited Vernes are given two of these Verns to act as anchor points? Honestly, it shouldn't be necessary. With "unlimited Vernes", at some point you've got enough to be able to support a Vernapult.
  8. That's just one Vern trying to lift what amounts to another Vern. 3 or 4 Verns? I maintain they've got enough gumption to be able to pull back a giant slingshot to launch a single Vern.
  9. He only weights 50-55 pounds? They can at least get 3, maybe 4 Verns involved there. It's sorta like an ant....just because they're small doesn't mean they're not strong. So, those 4 Verns form the base for another Vern to be launched off of using some kind of giant rubber band(or something). Also, do these Verns have their Larks/Hoverounds, or no? That ups the ante in Verns favor too, if so. Could fit them with antipersonnel devices. Or just whizz off them. That'd at least slow most people down a bit.
  10. This assumes that these endless Vern's aren't also capable of logic. They could make a Vern pyramid/ramp and jettison multiple Verns at you from behind cover while you were attempting to King Kong it from the top of the cage. No need to attempt to cling at all if they escalate the arms race, so to speak, and had Vernapults/whatever. To say nothing about what happens if they go all "rat king" on yo' a$$, and come at you with a 7-headed Vern with 14 arms that's now 9 feet tall?
  11. That was the story. Assume he took care of that after he got home, but it's not like I was an eye witness either, soooo......yeah.
  12. But you got some Vicodin out of it? Go. Now.
  13. Unless you, you know, do it in the butt. Cuz I had a buddy who claims he did this after a very messy divorce. Ex was totally whacko. Addict, cheated on him, neglected their kid, the whole nine. Went through the whole divorce/custody proceedings, etc. Finally went back to get the last of the remaining belongings that he was awarded in the settlement from their domicile. Took it upon himself to have one more go with the ex-wife (to which she was agreeable), and went in through the out door, as it where. Finished, got dressed, left immediately.
  14. My wife binged watched that about a year ago. I made almost the exact same observation after about three episodes of being in the periphery of her viewing it. Started just leaving the room when it was on. Didn't want any additional outside influences bringin' my a$$ down. I do just fine on my own, The Killing, thanks all the same.
  15. I'd quietly move said email to the trash and update my resume at my convenience. Maybe call a few old colleagues to let them know I was looking for something new. In the interim, I'd also probably quietly install one of these in the company break room.