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  1. Maybe this will help make the decision. Their slogan: Pickled Eggs; Pretty Much Satan's Queefs (Also the name of my Grim Reaper tribute band)
  2. Would prolly work better in all caps.
  3. If eating exorbitant amounts of random junk food for diabeetus is wrong, you don't wanna be right? You'd think so, but you're in for a pretty big disappointment I'm afraid. They smell like the smegma of 1,000 hot yoga instructors(not yoga instructors who are attractive, mind you, just those that instruct in the performance of hot yoga) sealed in a tomb for 50 years and taste like what I imagine the scum off the eyeball of a jackass would.
  4. Yeah, I'd wager it's pretty unlikely. I had doubts they'd use the tag on him even before this honestly, since I think the Steelers(probably correctly) view the RB position as extremely volatile with a very short shelf life. It's not usually worth sinking that kind of money into one guy at the position unless you're talking "generational talents." Throw that all on top of his injury history AND now the drug stuff? I expect he'll be getting the "good luck in your future endeavors" speech at the end of the season unless he was willing to sign a ridiculously friendly deal(and obviously stays clean/punctual/whatever). Some other team will ignore the red flags though and back up a dump truck full of money at his house. Quite certain of that. That said, with the amount of talent slated to come available in the '17 draft, it's a bad year for a RB to have any sort of question mark, let alone two or three.
  5. It won't matter. This will almost certainly be his last year in Pittsburgh now. They aren't going to give him anywhere near the cash he feels he's worth when he's one toke away from a full year suspension. Especially with the RB talent that will be available in the '17 draft. That DeAngelo Williams contract looks like a massive, massive steal now.
  6. So, we've all got that going for us I guess. Figured all the radiation from the old CRTs would get me. This? I'm probably okay with this.
  7. Reports that Gordon offered Rog a nice spliff, you know, sort of as a symbolic olive branch are as yet unsubstantiated.
  8. Screwed? Nah. Insurance companies always look out for the best interests of their customers first and foremost. Oh, wait...
  9. If you have to ask you can't afford.
  10. Deviled and/or pickled eggs are never anything other than disgusting. They both look and smell revolting. No idea how any of you put that stuff into your gobs.
  11. T-minus 10 minutes until the Calvin Broadus funded fleet of canabis powered jets launch from JWA. Exhaust will, of course, be piped back into the cabin.
  12. I probably should have known that. Not at the top of my game today, apparently.
  13. Interesting. I'd have probably pegged Chmura as more of a HJS kinda player.
  14. You're ###### right you can, especially when some of you Philistines start doing crazy crap like singing the praises of pork rinds, or Moosehead, or referring to a chicken tender as a chicken wing, or something equally ridiculous like that.