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  1. More than "showing signs", if some insiders from back then are to be believed. Of course, none of the physicians who directly attended him have ever admitted to thinking that, that I can recall, even in hindsight.
  2. "Video games in the cafeteria!" (Some kid got elected class president during my HS years promising that. As with 45's tax cuts, WE'RE ALL STILL WAITING FOR KARATE CHAMP TO SHOW UP AT 11:45, DUDE!)
  3. Guessing that whatever the REAL reason was for the beat down, you prolly had it coming. There's probably, at minimum, 3 or 4 of them in this thread.
  4. This. Gave 'em hell right til the end, RBG. **pours out some scotch for the old girl**
  5. Indeed. (But not nearly as fascinating as fifty pages of discussion that ends with at least half you dorks still dying on the "OMFGcantaloupeisdeliciousfightmeeeeee!" hill would be.)
  6. It's not all I have. I also currently own an annoying hangover, and a schedule full of conference calls. This will be great. AND I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGIVE HIM FOR THAT.
  7. I'm pretty sure they were just raging against Irvine, CA having too many white people (FWIW, I guess they won, cuz it's mostly Chinesed now).
  8. My biggest issue with Macfarland is that he seems perpetually hurt.
  9. No problem from me on Highsmith. They need Edge depth too, and his athleticism is freakish. No real interest in Fromm or Eason with either 4th.
  10. It doesn't? If they had a halfway legit #2 a year ago they make the playoffs easy. I don't know if I'd classify it as "most exciting" to me, but I wouldn't hate them taking a QB. Eason and Fromm don't do much for me, but sure looks like there's something there with him to me. Incredible athlete, but can still make the throws you need. Yeah, he has some things he'll need to improve upon, but all he's ever done is win. Allegedly good leadership qualities, etc, etc. Prefer it if they could delay until round 3, but if they did it at 49 I'm not going to crucify them for it. Massive black hole at quarterback behind #7 on this roster.
  11. Nah, it's the OTHER guy who's yelled at every Publix cashier he's ever encountered...I think.
  12. I would not complain with Hurts in round 2 at all. They just cannot continue anymore with the trash behind Roeth that they've rolled with since, like, Leftwich . Ben's still the man, but he's older now and he's likely going to break more readily. It's almost a given that you're going to need a legit #2 for 2-4 weeks any given year going forward with Ben.