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  1. You do realize you could still defecate on undercleave, right?
  2. Sweet. I'm in the market for an increase in cashflow. How is it for gaining money? Oh, wait...
  3. Y'know what a good, Jewish boy like Fyvesh would have never eaten instead of a delicious, crisp, kosher dill? Some sort of Nazi-bread-and-butter abomination. So, you've Homer on your side. And Hitler. Nice team. (ETA: Not really equating tea-totaling Homer to Adolf Hitler. Much. Unless in regard to pickles, then sure.)
  4. Nope. Just disgusting. In all regions.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUYSGojUuAU
  6. Useless Trivia! (I think, anyway. Know I recall reading this someplace, once upon a time): According to Patton, he did GREAT at the shooting portion. He was apparently gigged for missing the target completely with one of his shots. He maintained that he had shot directly through a hole in the target made by one of his previous bullets, as he chose to use a "man's gun"(a .38) instead of the .22s that were standard for the event. tl:dr..... Patton was basically a Chuck Norris meme before there was a Chuck Norris.
  7. So, "The ####ty Beatles" didn't make the cut? Drag.
  8. Until they drive the dumptruck full of money up to their house.
  9. I don't go for the inter-division/phylum stuff. Just saying, for a cucumber, it's pretty hawt. Way hotter than the dude that's deep throating it, anyway.
  10. So, someone woke up one day and thought: "You know what'd be awesome? Oreo's that you can NEVER get out from between your teeth."?
  11. Pretty sure that's a guy, soooo.... 2.5 The cucumber gets a 9 though.
  12. Pig? What is he, some sort of Philistine? Only the primest-of-the-prime, Grade A Wagyu for our friend. Give 'em hell, Hank.
  13. Still better than Goldenplane.
  14. If this place doesn't have a sandwich/appetizer/drink/something called "Now You're Messin' With a Sonuva#####" then they're doing it all wrong.
  15. Still not as bad as FDAS.