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  1. "SuntahhhnsAhhhhFeeeeyull........SUHNTAAAAAHNSAHHHHHFEEEEEEEEEEYULLLL.... LaaahkAhhBinTAHHHHHHIIIIIDEtoduhwhippin'poooooost..... TAHHHHHHIIIIIDEtoduhwhippin'poooooost..... Oh, Lawd I feeyull laahhk Ahhm dyyyyyyhaaan'" RIP, Gregg. I imagine him being met on the other side by Duane on a motorbike with a couple guitars. Then he drives him over to Sonny Bono's pad where he gives him, like, a velvet smoking jacket (or something) and they all get high/drunk jamming and swapping stories about Cher.
  2. If you pretend Charlie is what she calls her #### it works.
  3. Only for the last few months.
  4. Also for Bears fans, I just received this via text from buddy in Napierville: "I think I was driving behind Jay Cutler on my way home today."
  5. Pretty sure it's all the sin. Yes. And it was beyond vile.
  6. Lesson: Don't buy the sex doll with the bamboo areolas. Was it a good sandwich though? Nice bread? Turkey was moist? Maybe had a little avocado on it?
  7. Hey, don't undersell that $50 gift card to Farshid's House of Naan. Someone in here told me it's basically "oven-baked gold."
  8. Unless he's still wearing those stupid Reps at age...what is he now, 54 or 55?... I have zero interest in seeing any of those.
  9. Sounds like something Ned Flanders would force his kids to drink (while eating unflavored ice milk).
  10. Because when you're drinking something that you can actually light on fire, it's super important to keep those calories in check.
  11. Wexell is gushing about Bryant on Twitter today, for how he looked both on the field and during the post practice presser where he was descended on by pretty much every honk there.
  12. Which causes me wonder....which one is the Tony Siragusa (i.e. "The Incontinence President") of presidents?
  13. Geezuz, is that k.d. lang impersonator (2nd from the left) freaking Gopher? Eeesh, the years have not been.....kind. I also assumed Capt. Stubing was long dead. Good for him I was wrong. And I see they're still shading Ted McGinley, huh? #freeAce!
  14. So, you mean something like.... "2. The ugliest politician at the RNC, possibly the ugliest politician on The Hill (couldn't even get into the WH)"?
  15. Hey, nice caterpillars, Lazar Wolf. (Oh, and sorry about the pink eye.)