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  1. Turning the page after the the Fish this week coming off a win....should be a good test to see if the early wins were a mirage or not...I can see the Jets taking out frustration and stomping them....good test for Bowles to not have a let down after that fiasco....I hate that he didnt get upset in the least....would like to see the guy show some emotion....but if this is his thing then so be it - but it better have an upside and have them ready to play Sunday.
  2. watching Watson last pm hurt.....also fully admit I was and am good with the Adams pick but man seeing a franchise QB slip past them when reports are Texans were dying to trade up with the Jets for him also hurts///...he was sitting would have taken a brass pair from Mac to grab him over Adams but if he was a true elite evaluator of talent I have to think he would have seen this is a franchise QB and grabbed him. I know its Monday am QBing and many other teams passed on him but man!
  3. Amen - if hey were 3-2 with Petty or Hack and be uber pumped.....this just reeks of Fitzmagic type of smoke and mirrors - beating up on crappy teams...only to end up 6-10 or 7-9 with another mid round defensive pick. To make matters worse the friggin giants are going to have a top pick and you can bet they will be looking for the heir to Eli for the next 15 yrs. I hate the Pats and will be at the stadium rooting on the Jets but man this feels like wasted opportunity/purgatory.
  4. just got mine today....very cool stand alone device....but its giving me a lot of trouble synching music...anyone having this issue? Got it to work but man does it take a looooong time to load talking hours for 25 - not sure if thats the norm....still love it though
  5. one of my faves....just saw him over the summer - was having a blast - one of those musicians that was just having a great time on bummed.
  6. I also think Watkins still had some effects from the concussion and the Rams were running him as a decoy so he wouldnt take any hits. may be a good window to buy low
  7. really like this kid.....Forte will not be on the roster next yr...Powell is signed for a reasonable number....I think it will be a Powell/McGuire backfield and they will not want Forte to crash the party....turf toe can linger so hopefully they have a few more weeks to cement this duo. Jets have so many holes I dont see them spending big $ or a high pick on a RB...they can float with Powell/McGuire in 2018. Powell will be 30 but not much tread on him as he has been P/T most of career,
  8. This just isnt a top pick team....despite all the media crap all off season...if they played Hack/Petty all season like I wanted to they may be...but McCown is a pro who has had some bad luck/teams/injuries the past few yrs. He's going to keep them in the mix and probably have a Fitz-lite kind of year so they will not fade out until that brutal stretch starts around Thxgiving....which means no Petty/Hack until the last 3-4 games which is unfortunate. Well we can't control it - they'll have a likely top 10 pick with 2 2d rders to play with...may be best to root for a team that has a QB to end up in top 2 and trade up....
  9. very fair point - I wanted offense at the position and would have been fine with Watson or Mahomes...Adams looks like a star so it does make it hurt less but you are right - QB outweighs safety by far.....QB in the 1st just wasnt going to happen though - no way Mac indicts himself on the Hack pick so not only did Hack cost the Jets a solid 2d rd contributor player but also likely Mahomes/Watson. Ugh
  10. I really dont know what to say - 1st time ever I dont want them to win and they win.....let's keep it in perspective as Jax is nowhere near an elite team...but as I feared with McCown and the vets playing they will be good enough to beat the truly down trodden teams and win around 6 games....I've read fans saying they'd rather have that then a truly abysmal 0-2 win yr....I also see that nothing is in stone as some of the shine is coming off the elite prospects - maybe one will fall or not even be worth drafting in the 1st ala Barkley's drop...still this is going to be purgatory. If you're going to be in purgatory might as well embrace it and cheer for the wins at this point.......Adams looks like the real deal...finally have a great 1-2 punch with Powell and McGuire who looks like he can be the heir at RB....gotta even give Bowles some credit as its the 1st time I've seen halftime adjustments in a long time.... I just hope that when the season is truly out of reach...and I think it will after the schedule tightens up - that they play all the kids and the McCown, Kerley, Forte and company dont see the field so the kids can truly develop....they will likely get a top 10 pick and have $80M in cap $ so the future is there. Just not the way I was hoping.... So no more tank talk from me until the end when it truly is clear what a win will do....Go Jets!
  11. heres the thing with Stern.....he became a star because he was an every man....he was married to an average looking chick who gave him crap all the time...he had annoying kids and was dying to bang hot chicks but couldnt...hated all the celebs living it up....he complained all the time and was miserable....he was one of us and was hystercal then he got divorced....bagged a model wife...became Hamptons Howie and made friends with all those he hated...he became the thing that he made fun of all the's just not the same... that being said he's still better than 90% of the crap thats on the radio so i still listen....but man there were some great shows back in the 90s....
  12. great stuff Doc.....I am a huge Jet fan and would love to see the youngsters develop...if they play Petty or Hack along with the rest of the kids and they end up 6-10 showing progress I could live with it.....getting meaningless wins with a 37 yr old QB and some grizzled vets that wont be around next year let alone when they are competitive again is just dumb..why cut Decker, Marshall and Harris then? They either are half assing their tank plan or never really planned to tank but rather save every nickel in what they knew would be a lousy year....either way it stinks as a fan.
  13. What a surreal day...I was sitting in my usual seats where opening day meant something....the Jets looked solid...beat the Fish who I despise almost as much as the Pats from the Marino why wasnt I enjoying myself? The same reason I wasnt happy when they beat the Titans in a meaningless game back a few yrs ago that cost them Mariotta. This is not in the best interest of the franchise..... playing a 35 yr old QB with 30 yr old Kerley and others taking valuable time away from the youngsters and winning meaningless games so they finish with 4-6 wins and another just out of reach with a real QB pick. I can't kill Bowles - he's coaching for his job...but MAc should have never even allowed this to happen. They may pick off a few of the creampuffs commin up - especially if McCown plays....6-10 and another defensive pick on the way...this is what purgatory must feel like!
  14. just a bruise....still like his upside...they fed him the ball. I think they may hold Kelly out another wk until the bye and give the kid another chance this week...holding.
  15. fair point.....ill have to re-watch and see.....i do recall the instrumental music being a bit intrusive at times but maybe it was just me....didnt diminish my overall enjoyment....bring on chapter 2!