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  1. strange - if it was a sick day why did wrap up show call it a personal day....or why not just have the show or himself take 30 seconds to tweet he wasnt feeling well.....either he wanted the exposure to drum up interest in the show or its a cover up for something else....doubt we'll find out but it just seems weird to me....cue Artie message..... Cough....Gar this is Howard....cough cough....I'm not commin in today.....I'm sick...sick as a dog....
  2. I cant argue with the Woody comment - he's been a big splash owner his entire tenure...let's see if the sting of Revis sticks and he stays with the rebuild plan when they have a ton of $ next offseason. The only way they get a top 3 pick to grab a QB is to start Hack/Petty and they are awful.....the rest of the team has talent - not playoff talent but enough talent to win 3-6 games and end up with a 6-210 pick rather than top 3.....thats why its a no brainer to go with the kids....they either develop and you have your QB or they flop and you should be able to grab a top pick. ' If McNown starts any games it would be a complete and utter stupid decision contrary to the long term success of the franchise....which is why I fully expect him starting under center week 1.
  3. Loved the 1st of my faves of all times.....I didnt think this one was quite on that level but I liked it a lot...great combination of adventure and laughs. My new favorite franchise!
  4. Lol - very true - I've never seen a politician squander so much good will (post Sandy) - the state despises this guy now and his own Lt Gov is distancing from him when she runs....I think the state goes hard left after the past 4 yr debacle with him.....NJ has a multiple billion dollar pension problem that hasnt been fixed and is a ticking time bomb....I can see revenue from legalization as a possible remedy to take a chunk out of that. Predicting legalization of some form within 4 yrs.
  5. NJ needs to lighten up = person I know got pulled over and is charged with possession of a CDS in an automobile for essentially for a tiny bag and crumbs from a pot brownie.....facing mandatory 2 yr loss of license. Yet driving around completely drunk and it's only 6 months loss of license. Crazy.....
  6. interesting interview with Woody yesterday - he admitted total rebuild and said it was the first time they are not taking shortcuts in his entire tenure....also admitted QB is key....this gave me some hope...maybe the days of Favre, Tebow, Fitz and other "get good quick" big splashes are a thing of the past....Also seems like he is giving the mgt/team and coach a lot of rope as long as the kids progress....Im not a Bowles fan but I do think its unfair to have a playoff mandate this year....with that out there hopefully Bowles is comfortable playing the kids this yr instead of wasting time with McCown and the older vets.
  7. As I was mulling the apathy that is the Jets 2017 season - I took a look at over the cap page on the Jets and received a nice dose of optimism.... 2018 cap space is $61.5M (thats without the rooks just drafted so figure closer to $54M) - thats a lot of dough right there.....but looking at the additional cap savings with potential cuts: Decker $6M Skrine $3.5 Gilchrist $4.5 McCluaden $2.5 Forte $2 Thats another $18M added - figure another $8M to the draft next year and its about $64M to spend.....that's a ton of $ to upgrade the talent level. I hate to root for tanking a season but it really would be the best thing for the long term success of the Jets....get another high draft pick - Brady in 2018 would be getting close to the end as the Jets begin their ascent. I understand coaches/GMs are not going to tank per se...but they dont have to....2017 should be about letting all the kids play and more loyalty to older/vet players....every gameplaye in/ won by McCown is a complete waste. let the guy mentor Petty/Hack but the kids have to play....if the kids look good and run off some wins I personally would be ok with that rather than trying to eek out meaningless wins with McCown....I see Bowles has not named a starter yet so thats good... heres hoping for a developing 2017 with an eye on 2018....its gonna be a rough season but hope is alive!
  8. Crazy draft weekend - as Ive been posting I wanted offense in the 1st rd bad but even I was cheering for them to grab Adams as he fell so can't knock them there....some thoughts: 1st rd - Adams - Love the pick - new defensive anchor and face of the team...Leo Williams the sequel....hope we've seen the end of those 30 yd wide open plays on 3rd and 25....also give some hits like Pryor was supposed to do.... 2d rd - Mayes - On its face Im not a fan of grabbing safeties back to back...but if this was a clear BPA I dont think at this point the JEts have the luxury of drafting for need...they need players and Id rather double up on a position then spread the wealth I year wont be intentional tank but between 1st yr QB taking over at some point and 2 rookie safeties its going ot be a learning year with lots of losses 3rd - Stewart - Big time program and produced - film Ive seen shows a tough YAC runner and has a knack for big plays which is needed....I can see him teaming with Enuwa for a nice 1-2 punch. trade downs begin - rather than hit each trade let me just say im n agreement with the above - I like trading down but Mac received awful value each time he did....I believe he came up short on the value chart almost on every some point a crap shoot draft as it is becomes long shots as 5th -6th rders are longshots vs 3rd I did not like piling on the later picks....hopefully the extra lotto tix pan out but just have visions of Idzik's pile of picks out of the league.... 4th - Hansen - was perplexed on this double up but with Smith's continuation of 2d rd busts it makes sense....kid looks like a playmaker on film and heard lots of good things from posters that watched him a lot at Cal.... 5th rder -7th rders - crapshoot - not a big fan of taking a Div II kid in the 5th rd but I trust Kevin Greene had something to do with it.....the 2 CBs are interchangeable - tall with skills...maybe one idea on the RB So all in all I expect Adams to start day 1 with Mayes worked in and a starter by mid year.....Stewart to be worked in as well eventually starting....I can see Hansen as the heir to Decker....probably worked in as a 3rd down case on the late picks - maybe the OLB becomes a pass rush specialist and 1 of the 2 CBs work their way to being a #3 this year and start next year.....RB special teams. A bit surprised Mac ignored the OL completely....Once he passed on QB in the 1st 2 rds I knew this is make or break yr for Hack/Petty and Im ok with that....If this draft upgraded the DBs and WRs....they have a ton of dough next year to hit OL and LB....then draft offense next season with QB (assuming Hack/Petty are not the answer) and playmaking RB. If it breaks this way Jets could make a nice 2018 turn for 2017 though get ready for a stinker.....just hope if they do stink they suck bad enough for top pick and no more of this just enough meaningless wins to grab #5-8 picks.
  9. I really like Adams - he seems to be what Pryor should have been (thats another issue drafting 1st rde safeties only a few yrs apart) ....but count me in for dying for offensive talent. I wouldnt be upset if it was Adams as he's clearly a stud but its time for an offensive playmaker IMO.
  10. give me the 12th pick and a 2d and i would do it in a heartbeat.
  11. ok we all took a much needed few weeks off...draft is a week away - what are we thinking? some random thoughts I cant remember being so down on having a high 1st rd pick...just figures that the year they have a top pick there is no big time cant miss talent...seems like lots of good players but lots of warts as well. Also sitting at 6 they are not in control of destiny - besides #1 I really am not sure how the top 5 is going to break...Im hoping for an offensive pick as that side of the ball has been ignored in the 1t rd for some of the defensive guys scare me a ill start with offense and later hit the d.....feel free to chime in...this is a huge draft for this regime.... QB - this is what bums me out - #1 need on the team is QB....none of the potential 1st rders excite me...Trubisky reminds me of Sanchez and Watson a bit of Geno/Vince Young - good college QBs but not sure built for the pros. Mahomes scares me to as a product of the system....from what I can gather these QBs are not highly regarded ranked when compared to past classes so its more desperation for the position that would get them drafted in top half of the 1st. plus Hackenburg looms and we still dont know what hes about.......MM has said that he'll draft a QB every year until he gets it right so I can see him drafting one...I just hope they trade down and at least get some other picks if they do it. OT - definitely could use a LT of the future - no stud prospect of course but maybe a trade down to 20 or so and grab highest on the be ok with that if it was a big haul TE - I'm warming up to this more and more....TE position has been a black hole for a young QB a nice tall playmaking option and help on the line...I could live with OJ Howard at #6 but would rather trade down a few slots...may be a risk though as hes a stud. Also like Njoku who they could also trade down and get....I'd rather have Howard as hes a playmaker sorely needed. RB - speaking of playmakers - Im a huge Fournette fan if he it a huge need? no but as Mac showed he is married to BPA and this kid may be it...what would help a young QB more than a stud RB to give the ball and dump off some tread year 1 with Forte/Powell and let him loose yr 2..when they have a ton of $ to spend.... if not Fournette I would wait until middle rds unless a toip one slips to the 2d WR - not a lot of buzz on WR but wouldnt shock me if they grab one since losing BM....I could see Corey Davis or Mike Williams...Id much prefer the bigger/physical one in Williams if they go that way.....
  12. so far very happy with the mega boom - nice size...definitely bigger than most portable but still easy to tote around - its like a small thermos....the extra size pays off in much louder sound so far along with great battery life. I downloaded the app which has allows control as well as an equalizer to calibrate. Im bringing to the beach this weekend to stretch its legs so will update on that but so far very happy with the purchase!
  13. finally saw this - one of those movies that is a very slow build....when it ended my immediate reaction was like that's it? Then reflecting on it I appreciated it....Affleck was really good.
  14. I chose the UE mega boom based on the good reviews of outside performance/prolonged battery life yet still very portable - ill let you know how it sounds later this week
  15. Great stuff in here - thx a bunch - went with the UE mega $300 it was little more than I wanted to pay but in looking at the options the extra $ seems to give that extra battery life and sound boost i wanted for all day outdoor events....I'll post a review on it later this week.