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  1. Agreed - at least Tru was regarded as the top CB on the mkt....tough to project someone quitting after being for Enunwa...he didnt prove anything but potential....there were no other bidders....and he already was shown to be injury prone...the $ was bad....the guarantees were awful.
  2. just saw the info on cap possibly going down....would be good to have flexibility then....didnt account for the $8M next yr on Tru....between him and Quincy thats $25M in 2020 and 2021 wasted cap room for 2 players that wont play this yr or next....could Mac have been any worse!
  3. thx for clearing that up Can you still carry over unused cap to the following year? If so I think JD keeps a buffer for post training camp cuts and rolls rest over...should be looking at $80M next yr.
  4. Do they actually still wait until 6/1 to get the $ - thought they can just designate the player as a post 6/1 cut and get the $ what a terrible signing....
  5. hx - very helpful....didnt mean to hijack either - figured akorn is part of BGE family! Def looking to upgrade to the big time in future! Love these ceramic smokers!
  6. good video - may give this a try.....only concern is i use grate temp and this is the top of the dome which I find is wildly different.....which temp do you guys use?
  7. thx for the rec....figured akorn was too good to be true....price point is fantastic and more or less does the job well but the temp control is frustrating - amazon is out of these but ill check around - i assume the more expensive BGE hold the temp better? Upgrade may be in order!
  8. 1st beer chicken on the akorn and it turned out great...... only issue im having is temp control....tough to keep it at same temp for long time....I have to keep going out and adjusting or tweaking. Any recs to help on that? I use a bluetooth grate thermometer.
  9. Very good points - I was very pro Mac firing - I just thought it was idiotic to let the guy spend all that $ and draft at top 3 pick before firing him.....but maybe that is what it took for Gase to convince ownership. I believe JD will be here for a long time....much longer than Gase - so if that was Gase's contribution then so be it....just like Mac at least landed Sam.... Also agree on the team didnt quit down the stretch - but they were playing a bunch of teams that clearly were quitting or just plain lousy....he gets one yr in my opinion before it is reasonable to call for his job....unless its a disaster hes going to get 3 yrs so may as well root for the guy and hope to be pleasantly surprised!
  10. I am certainly not a Gase fan....but its clear the guy is going to get a chance annoys me that he gets a mulligan for his 1st season based on Sam's mono so unless the team completely crashes and burns hes going to get at least 2 more seasons..... I dont think anything you said above is unfair but he also has not done a thing in my opinion to get the HC job and the power that he somehow reminds me of Rich Kotite. Gase's only real claim to fame is coaching Peyton who really didnt need it. Judging only from last yr - and this is just from top of my head..... I dont like how he completely ignores the defense ala Rex...even with G Will - I want a coach invested in both sides of the ball Too much offensive control - his OC is a lackey who brings nothing to the table and is basically a figure head. Predictable play calling - really bad Use of Bell was putrid - refusing to get him the ball was just ridiculous Honestly looked like he gave up many times last yr - no urgency - no drive to win...too many give ups at end of half....not trying to score. He needs to open it up this yr and show his stuff or he is out of excuses.....
  11. Some rare Jets news.... Flacco - solid signing - reminds me of Uncle Josh....Flacco has made peace that he is now a backup/mentor and I think it will be a positive for Sam to be around for development and a nice insurance policy if Sam gets hurt..... Sam - agreed that this is the yr. No more excuses - OL much improved - has some decent weapons....he needs to clearly show hes a franchise QB. Adams - I cant blame Jamaal for wanting to be paid and I support JD in holding his ground. It sets a bad precedent to give monster extensions when they are not necessary. They still have 3 yrs of control over him - hes not going anywhere unless the Jets decide to deal him which they will not unless its a blockbuster. New CBA makes it more difficult for players to hold out and in this environment of unemployment no one is going to shed a tear for him having to be underpaid one more yr. Hes getting bad advice - he should stop the bs - rip it up one more year as a leader and top player in the league and he will get paid. If he doesnt get his money next year then Jets should just deal him - he may be asking for top NFL player $ rather than safety and no S is worth that.....and dont think Sam's agents arent watching this and ready to pounce after this season if Sam shows upside.....JD has done a great job of closing the crazy money store - he needs to set precedent of being fair and prudent - thats why its important that Adams does get paid next yr....dont want to be known as too stingy. Gotta take care of your studs if you want to build through the draft.
  12. My favorite book - the original mini series was pretty good - much better than the series on It......always thought it would be great as an HBO series - hopefully they dont censor too much but it definitely is character driven....and boy is it going to be interesting to see during/after this mess! M-O-O-N - that spells cant wait!!!!
  13. so lovin my new akorn so much im kicking around upgrading to the bigger version - worth it? Whats main differnces? Worth the higher price?
  14. Love those made for HBO movies for years Barbarians at the Gate And the band played on Live from Baghdad Recount Game change
  15. would love to see the deals being cut behind the scenes to have the victims recant......too late though