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  1. Just back from it - definitely doesnt suck IMO - I enjoyed it as a decent summer popcorn flick where you leave your brain at the door. Agree with a lot of the comments in here: Bad guys vs the Squad were lame - and reminded me of Gozer in original Ghostbusters - minions awful and hard to follow action Will Smith was actually decent Harley Quinn was awesome and worth watching just for her Plot was shaky and disjointed - joker was lame and really bad In the end it seems that as mentioned above- MArvel just does it better....they took almost a decade to build up to Avengers while DC is rushing to get there in 2 movies. They flushed out Deadshot and Quinn but rest were window dressing..... If you like comic book movies its worth seeing....but just doesnt hold up to the gold standard. I dont have a good feeling about Justice league....they need to go back to the drawing board on Joker...really bad take and not just saying that based on Ledger
  2. MLB dropped the hammer on Chapman without charges brought.....after Ray Rice debacle Goodell is going to be all over this....I can see suspension pending investigation so he doesnt see the field...and if true at all he could be sitting out most of the he should.
  3. Family was chased by gator at Polynesian few weeks prior....
  4. just finished - thought it was dragged out and could have been cut down by an episode or 2 but overall i enjoyed it.
  5. I have stayed at the Polynesian many times over the years - my kids were on the man made beach by the lake many times....I saw the signs and I specifically asked Disney reps why you couldnt swim in the lake - they told me it was a bacteria issue....never once have i seen a warning or heard about any danger of gators in the area....I dont blame the parents at all. I also believe they have tubing on the lake as well where people fall into the lake as well....if so there has to be some swimming in the lake. expect major changes -
  6. Aside from the Mountain destroying that dude I was pretty bored...... thank God the Aria stroy line is done....terrible. thank god Dragon queen is finally back....way dragged out thank god Blackfish is gone.....boring and dragged out Hoping it picks up from here....seemed like a filler ep.
  7. If Im a Republican I confirm this nominee ASAP.....the writing on the wall is clear. There is a very good chance that Trump goes down in flames and by the time the polls show this in the Fall Obama could easily pull the nomination and let Hillary go even further left. I know replacing a hard core conservative like Scalia with a much more moderate judge is painful but man it could easily be a lot worse.....
  8. Watched Hack's video with Gruden last pm...I must say it is a must watch for Jet fans....this kid has uber potential. It's clear the awful team and coaching last 2 yrs hurt him big time....give him a year to get his skills down and I think he is a possible franchise QB....However under no circumstances should he see the field before game 10 at least...and then only if it's a lost season. Even if they hav to start Geno and have a throw away will be tempting but I hope they resist the urge...I'm very excited to see what this kid can do - if he's the real deal he'll be on the upswing just as Brady is riding off into the sunset....1-2 bad yrs to get some blue chip picks the next few drafts (thinking OL and playmakers on O) is not the end of the world if they are developing a solid QB finally - get the other positions younger and faster - then Jets could be ready to make a move when the Pats come back to Earth.
  9. Draft is done so we now start the clock on the Fitz deadline.....I really dont know what he's doing at this point. He literally has no other starting options or teams offering what the Jets are offering....he needs to get over it and sign. The market has spoken....he can take a 1-2 yr deal with the Jets...make $8M per the starting QB of a playoff run or be a back up or retire....I would have no problem for the Jets to make a deadline at this point and move on. He's getting some bad advice...if he signs I assume Geno is gone. As for the other big story - Mo is still a Jet.....on the plus side they will have an awesome DL again next a lot more cap room next yr to make a deal if his price falls....but what if there is no deal? Are they able to franchise him again or is it a one and done? Also if he walks everywhere I read assume they'll get a 3rd rd comp pick...but my understanding is it would be in the 2018 draft and thats only if they dont replace him - that correct? More incentive to sign him long term....
  10. Jet boards pretty hard on the QB.....I havent seen a lot of him but im of the belief that QB is so important that you draft one every yr......Chan made a journeyman like Fitz look all pro so why not! When HAck had good coaching and a decent OL he was an uber Chan we trust to develop either him and/or Petty....I dont have a problem with it. Plus it gives more pressure on or out buddy! GA OLB seems to be a solid pass rushing pick.....guess no OL but decent draft at this point IMO.
  11. At this point I do think TE is a big need....Amaro was shaky his rookie yr and missing an entire season makes the position a big question mark. A solid TE would give this team another weapon thats been missing for years. Rumors are that MAc really likes the Penn St QB....if they draft him does that spell the end for Fitz or Geno? Can they realistically carry 4 QBs?
  12. Slept on it and had dreams of Gronk and RBs that have been running free for years all of a sudden being covered by a speedy LB,,,,,I am ok with it makes sense and fills a need with a good athlete. His small size scares me a bit but read and watched a lot of good things on him. Many mocks had him going to Atlanta at 17 My frustration is with the lack of focus on the offense in the 1st rd over the yrs.....I think the defense has been playoff worthy for a long time now and looking at the offense it has been completely ignored in the 1st rd for almost a decade now....they go after offense in the 2d and 3rd rd the last few yrs and we've seen how that has worked out! they finally have a decent offense but it is really old......I guess it will be addressed in the 2d/3rd rds....again. Where do you want Mac to go in the 2d/3rd? I'd be happy with OL, OL....need to rebuild that line!
  13. I admit that I dont know much about Lee but 7 yrs in a row on defense in an offensive league is driving me nuts! Not a big fan of the me down!
  14. wow if true - stubborn dude! ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Thursday that free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick has told people he would "rather not play football" than play for the Jets at their latest contract offer. It's believed Gang Green offered Fitzpatrick a deal worth $7-8 million annually, while FitzMagic has demanded a contract worth upwards of $16 million per year. Fitzpatrick feels low balled and disrespected by the Jets, who want to retain him but are restricted by the salary cap. They could lessen their cap restrictions by trading franchise-tagged Muhammad Wilkerson this weekend.
  15. It's the big day!!! Man I hate that Devin Smith pick....reeks of yet another 2d rd bust....Jets should just trade away their 2d rd pick every yr...besides David Harris I cant remember a good one in the last 10 yrs. A WR certainly wouldnt be a big need at this point but I am expecting anything as Mac is a pure BAP could be any position....although I would lose my mind if it is another DL! Unless there is a curve ball Mo is likely a Jet for 2016 which is not a bad thing.....take one more run with a big time DL and the team has a ton of $ in the off season next yr...maybe he signs then. I do think there is a chance they go after the Penn St QB in the 2d rd...I hear good things about him. Wouldnt be bad to have 2 developing QBs with upside for once!