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  1. Boom - this is what Ive been waiting for.....Douglas justified the Mac firing with this one chance Mac would have done this.....Finally a GM who understands the importance of OL....classic hold the fort guy but it was soooo needed to protect Sam....Huge upgrade IMO
  2. did any of you see G Williams address the crowd at training camp? I was ready to strap on a helmet and run through a wall for him.....what a difference from last regime!
  3. Let's get it goin! wouldnt be training camp for the JEts if not for major questions marks and a dumb impasse with their top pick. Q - I didnt understand why they dug in on Sam last yr but it worked out.....not quite as nervous as Sam on this one as non-QB missing a few practices not as big a deal....but from what I read it comes down to around $100K? If so that is just dumb - prove your points on real issues. Its becoming a pattern not getting top picks signed over nit picky issues....doesnt look good and doesnt help....I predict it will be over by the end of weekend. QB - Sam needs to come out of the gate strong - surprised to see that Semien may be losing battle for backup OL - very surprised JD hasnt upgraded yet - maybe hes waiting for late camp cuts. TE - Herndon has appealed and I think it gets cut to 2-3 games...Im intrigued by Westco but probably not realistic to expect him to contribute 1st 3 games out of the gate hence the Griffin signing RB - I agree with above - why keep Powell who is about done over an upside kid who has shown flashes like Maguire? Cannon has looked awful too....I dont get it. Get ready for the Bell show...praying he gets out of camp uninjured. WR - Really need RA and Q to step up - Crowder is the wildcard....I could see him developing a quick rapport with Sam. DL - Time for Williams to step up - its his yr to take next step - will be watching how he gets to the QB LB - All about Mosely - not only does he have to play well to justify that massive contract but expect him to be the leader with Adams from the start.....definitely need a pass rush - hoping Polite can contribute but probably looking at more scheme pressure CB - Trumain needs to wash the stank off from last yr and become the CB he is paid to be....I trust the new defensive staff to put him in a position to succeed unlike the last awful group - need to find that #2...Im not convinced hes on the team yet S- Adams keep balling and being heart of the team and Maye get out of the damn trainers room! Also interested to watch the coach staff...expectations are highest its been in yrs.....improvement to 6-7 wins will not cut it - im leaning 9-7 right now but will review after camp.
  4. I admit I was a big Artie fan....brought a good dynamic and energy to the show....I think it could have stayed on the same level if they replaced Artie or had a constant rotation of comedians in his is so much better when Kimmel or someone is sitting in.....just bores me when its just Howard and Robin at this point....I check in once in a while but not the every day listen like the old JAckie/Artie days
  5. still diggin this show....always entertaining and the soundtrack is awesome!
  6. ok Ive cooled off after being so pissed about the Mac circus....agree with a lot of points made was ridiculous how they got here but I have to admit I feel a lot better with Douglas running the show....he seems to be his own man and with a longer contract than Gase. I think he will work well with Gase but not be controlled which is important. As a former OL I am confident he will see the value of building the OL - which I think was big part of why MAc was canned....Im more than fine to bring in McShay who would bring some savy media experience and draft knowledge along with Savage whose been in trenches before... I still think it was dumb to have MAc run the offseason FA/draft....maybe Douglas wouldnt have taken the job when Bowles was fired so its a blessing in disguise - but Douglas has a built in excuse for a 2-3 yr mulligan as he is somewhat trapped in by MAc's offseason....he should get a longer deal. I would expect some mid level moves to be made before camp - I cant see him allowing the center position to not be upgraded. They have about $28M in cap and need just under $10M to sign draft picks...That leaves $18M...Mac loved to hoard that space and roll it into next year. Figure $8M is a good number for just in case signings and to roll into next yr so that gives them about $10M to play with which should be enough for a center and maybe Mo Claiborne/CB help. They are at $46M next yr - if they roll $8M into it and cut Brian Winters to free up another $7.5M and redo Ose's contract to at least spread out a bit - I have them around $63M - but keep in mind thats without Leonard Williams who if he has monster season will be $15M+ and no LT which will easily run $10M+ so it wont be a shopping spree like this year. Also interesting that the Eagles gave Wentz a monster extension despite being hurt a lot and not expiring - thats the Eagle way and its smart.... I can see Douglas locking in Sam well before yr 5 if he shows the improvement to be a franchise QB. I have made my peace with Gase and am enjoying seeing focus spent on the offense along with some lively practices and's going to be a welcome change....but it all comes down to winning....Douglas will survive a Gase flop....Gase probably gets at least 3 yrs as long as Sam many said above - it was backwards dysfunctional way to get here but it certainly looks like they upgraded all around....but this is the Jets we are talking about so nothing is easy!
  7. Still a big Howard fan but its just not the same with the empty Artie chair....after seeing Artie implode I dont question why he cut him off but the show just isnt the same with just Robin/Howard....I get bored without someone like Kimmel sitting in for a few hrs.... Also I know Howar "evolved" and Im ok with that but the best of has become an embarrassment. They play way to little from the golden age and even sanitize it....I would love if Howard 101 would just start with show 1 and play the entire uncensored show in its entirety up until today one after the other like the Simpsons did a few yrs back..... Would be months of great entertainment - he is probably afraid he'll lose his celeb and PC friends now so doubt that will ever happen.
  8. Good timing on this thread being brought back....I've been enjoying my Megaboom speakers - purchased a 2d and they are great at tailgates - only downsid is it sometimes takes few tries to synch up. Have a wired Bose system in my TV room from 20 yrs ago that is about toast....looking to rip out all the wires and get a wireless home theater system. I have a 70 inch Vizio TV, basic Blu ray DVD player I rarely use and an apple TV that I use a ton. whats a good blue tooth system to get that surround sound i miss at a reasonable price that is compatible? Thx!
  9. My personal favorite is Scrubs - tough to compare comedies and drama but Scrubs pulled off both perfectly in so many episodes.
  10. OL was definitely a MAc issue......the Colts should be the roadmap t this point....Colts ignored OL and almost ended Luck's career...hey learned their lesson and now Luck is healthy and bck to top QB....I just dont understand how MAc was so obsessed with other positions and would ignore the most obviously critical one. Now its likely too late and we'll be holding our breath that Sm stays healthy behind a shaky year it must be the #1 focus
  11. zero chance they could have gotten anything from Legette - Im not happy with Gase but not for this.... Now I can see why Mac was holding out for higher pick for Lee.....former 1st rd pick who actually had a decent year before he was suspended...I probably would have kept him for depth rather than give away for a 6th but maybe he was a locker room problem. Gase is known for no tolerance on that stuff. Waiting to see if he finds a center - if Mac's lack of urgency in that regard upset him then I'm with Gase on the heck can you expose your young franchise QB like that after what happened last yr
  12. I just couldnt bring myself to post.....but after a few days its time The Jets hate the negative PR they get - they hate the same old jets moniker and how they are always mocked by the league...but what other franchise has history of such awful embarrassments over the years - leave it to the Jets to make a no brainer decision like firing a lousy Mac into a circus. Im repeating much of what has been posted here many times but it bears repeating - The guy deserved to be fired - he had an awful track record of drat picks (aside from no brainers in the top 6) and FA signings (Wilkerson, Revis, Trumaine, etc) - any other team would have shown him the door with Bowles. As many said in this thread - it made perfect sense. You dont leave failing GM in place with a new coach - makes zero sense. Add in giving a failing GM the opportunity to shape your franchise over the next 4 yrs with $100M to spend and a top 3 pick and you are risking a major disaster....the only way it could be worse is firing him less than a month after finishing the offseason that will shape the new coach and team for the next 4 yrs. Just epic dumb.....What does that say to your fan base? The team...the players just signed...the draft picks.... Now Gase is a snake and there is no doubt his lying finger prints are all over this...his reputation precedes him and he didnt disappoint If MAc had any say into hiring and he went with Gase then he is a fool. But the king fool is Chris Johnson...who I had hope for until now....this is beyond the stupid stuff Woody has ever done and he did some doozies as well. CJ allows himself to get played by Gase and makes a monster dumb decision. Then compounds it with that moronic presser where he acts like he just figured out Mac was bad after spending time with him....come on. As said here - the reporting structure is dumb - CJ showed he has no clue and needs more than a GM but a Head of football operations to save himself. He wont because billionaires that didnt earn their money usually dont learn from mistakes and his ego makes him think he can be the head of a winning franchise - he cant. Not sure which GM they can land after this disaster but make no mistake - it will be a Gase lackey....Gase is now on the clock - no honey moon period....come out of the gate firing and be in the playoffs yr 1 or he can go too. How they give this much power to a losing coach fired by a division rival is just laughable...but again this is the Jets we are talking about.....Giants and Gettlemen should send CJ a card.
  13. What drew me to the show was the absolute fearlessness in killing of main's what set the show we have a core group of important characters that have survived several impossible really has hurt the show and makes me wonder if they want to preserve most of the core for a Hollywood ending for more spin offs and shows in the future. I hope that's not true and they'll return to their roots the last 2 episode. As for the Lost comparisons - I agree to a certain extent. I personally liked lost and understood that there were a lot of things they just weren't going to wrap up and/or explain....I am expecting the same here.
  14. The draft is well over....good recap by Rage....few random thoughts of my own 1st Rd - I'm imagining all the possibilities with Leo and Q....for this to work Leo must hit his potential - if he does that D becomes very good vs run and solid inside pass rush...if GW can scheme and someone (Polite?) steps up with some outside pressure it should be solid....I know they went this route before but they have a better DC and I think Q/Leo/Anderson have way more desire and will produce more than Sheldon/Moe 2d rd - Really wanted to get in the 2d rd....but if the cost was a 1st net yr MAc wisely passed 3rd - two solid picks IMO - good upside...some bust potential but much better than a old player from a DII school - both check boxes and should contribute early and be possible starters in 2020. Polite sounded like he acted like a jackass but nothing that can't be straightened out with GW and Mosely in your face barking at him! If Sam likes Edoga than we should as well! 4th - Really like the TE pick - I've grown tired of Tomlison and Leggett....Herndon is the pass catcher - they now have their mauler who will protect Sam and he seems athletic enough to make plays as well. Reminds me of - gulp - Kyle Brady - whose only sin was being picked instead of Sapp.....a big blocking TE like that opens up a lot of possibilities but most importantly hopefully protect the franchise. 5th - This is really where you look for ST players who may be able to contribute - Cashman looks the part....huge motor - overachiever - whats not to like....hopefully can bolster the ST unit and maybe contribute down the road. 6th - heard good things about the kid from Rutgers but 2 ACL injuries - I know 6th rders are crap shoots but Im not high on this one.... Overall - a good draft - it would be foolish to think Mac could fill all the holes in one draft....he did the best he could IMO - he took the "sure thing" in Q....avoided a trade down for obviously less than market offers....landed some upside talent at positions of needs. Criticisms - Would have liked a center more than the OLB/T - hopefully he has a plan out there for a band aid....he can not...repeat...can not...go into the season as is on that front...he has money and there are some decent band aids out there....sign someone to hold the fort. Same at CB....need one more decent body....if Mo Claibourne is healthy he'd be fine on another 1 yr deal. My other big criticism on Mac is his trade downs - never seems to get good value on those for some reason. Season - as said - hoping he adds some band aids before the season - went into the draft with gaping holes at OLB, C and CB and those were never really filled except Polite hopefully can help at OLB.... 2020 draft - Still have all their picks for next year - hopefully they can sign/fix the OLB inhouse or FA along with CB....I'd like to see the next draft build on OL and WR playmakers but thats a long way off. Looking forward to draft minicamp and see how the kids look on the field!
  15. Like both picks from yesterday - Politie was regarded as a 1st rd talent before bombing combine/interviews - could be a steal Also like the Edoga pick - you know Sam's fingerprints were all over that which is fine by me - they needed a young OL with upside..... not to mention both went to solid programs and are 21 yrs old....much better