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  1. This is what scares me the most......Lawrence is a no brainer reset to me....Fields or other QB...not so would be very Jet like to slog through this awful season and have to settle for a #2/3pick.
  2. Marrone has already said he is looking to make changes over the bye - big speculation he benches Minshaw....if that happens they may lose out.
  3. IMO the comment was just to give a little leverage in case the Jets do something insane like decide to keep Gase.....if that happens then I dont blame him fo going back to school. Assuming they fire Gase right after the season...hire a respected coach....and JD lays out a good plan re lots of picks and FA to focus on learning from mistakes of the past and surround the kid with a solid OL and weapons.....I cant see him not wanting to come here. Im more concerned they will win a game or 2 and lose out on him....maybe Im crazy but if Sam gets hot with his weapons I can see them beating any of New England, Fins with Tua, and Browns. I could also see SD and Raiders overlooking the Jets and getting beat.....I think they end up with at least 2 wins.....Jax is my main concern as they know how to tank....if the Jets win one I can see them benching Minshaw and just sinking....Lawrence would be begging for NY after staring at a career in Jax.
  4. I watched the game and Mooney last pm and came away impressed with him - any real QB and he would have had a big game....if you have a spot in dynasty Id grab him.
  5. In dynasty Id be selling while I could - no Brees next year is going to make things even tougher.
  6. Q has been plying well.....with his upside I dont think hes part of the fire sale but rather dangling him to see if they get an offer they cant refuse ala Adams.....if they got a 1st and another day 1 pick maybe...unless a really good offer he will likely stay put.
  7. That was some info I could have used before the game! lol.......anyone trusting him next week? They may have no choice but to use him....
  8. This weeks game is going to be like the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals....I fully expect to see Mahomes spinning a football on his finger and kicking it backwards to Kelce for their 7th TD.
  9. Reinforcements are here.....Sam, Becton and Mims all least its something to watch than the last 2 weeks of crap-orama. wouldnt shock me if they hung in this game and it was pretty close.....
  10. Seems not even close to being back after a month....what a let down
  11. My original post on trading Q for a 2d was what I think he is worth....I dont see JD trading im without getting a 1st which I doubt anyone pays....I dont put it by him though....he got a high 3rd and a 5th for Leo who showed less upside than Q and only had a few games left before FA.
  12. I agree that you need some players - but Crowder is $10M next yr....Maye is a FA next yr and Q going into yr 3 where its doubtful....I can see JD not seeing them around for the long haul so cash in on them now....for me I would have to get blown away by an offer.
  13. Thought for the day - if there is a "firesale" = doesnt that need to include good players? Players I can see being dealt and the potential return. Marcus Maye - 3rd rder J Crowder - 3rd rder Q - 2d rder A Williamson - 6th rder Nothin that I would get too excited about but if it helps the tank then I could live without all of them.....seriously who cares at this it down to the bare bones. As for Sam - obviously they keep him until they are sure of getting Lawrence - it would be a Jet thing to do to deal Sam only to have Lawrence stay in school or they win a few games down the stretch.....its going to be very uncomfortable to watch Sam while they draft Lawrence but its been done before with Rosen so they need to just deal with it. If Sam plays reasonably well down the stretch I could see a team like Indy or Pitt giving up a low 2d rder.
  14. How can Chris Johnson and JD just sit there and say nothing - they are all part of a national joke and remaining silent just makes it seem like they are more clueless.....time to face the media and take some accountability for this mess.....if the plan is to keep Gase until the end of the year no matter what say it instead of everyone thinking youre clueless to whats going on.