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  1. In my never ending search for any positive - at least the cap situation isnt awful.....dumping Clady, Harris, Gilchrist, Breno and Folk should put them $20M under the cap next yr....of course that doesnt make the team better per se as they would have to replace them all...the big drop is 2018 where they are $80M under the cap - however its a bare bones team without MArshall, Sheldon, Decker - Revis could be cut in 2018 as well at a $8M savings.... It's time to rebuild.....a real rebuild not a half assed Woody trying to sell tickets with over the hill players...I dont think they have ever done this....everyone says NY fans are not patient but look at how excited the kids energized the yankee's time to knock it down and realistically and hopefully - keep Bowles and let him pick an offensive coach...they tank the rest of the year to get a top 5 pick and grab a possible franchise QB....spend 2017 reloading and developing young players...have another crappy season in 2017 with a top 10 pick but young players continue to develop....and in 2018 just as Brady likely hangs it up or age has to set in (doesnt it???) go all in with a ton of cap room...QB and young core. A 2 year turnaround if done right in exchange for a 10 yr run.... I am very afraid that Woody does not believe in this but it's time.....I think the fans are ready to support a young rebuild done right....I can't believe I have 6 home games left to go to and the season is over....I'd rather see all the youngsters play now as well...including Hack...if he can't play in a lost season whats the better be Geno for 1-2 wks max then Petty for a few and Hack the last 2....should ensure a top 5 pick if they do it right without formally tanking. I'm still depressed....
  2. What a disaster - the only good thing from Geno starting is maybe they lose out and get the top pick. He is that bad. Of course - Jet luck kicks in and it looks like Flacco may not play....I fully expect 4-5 meaningless ugly wins that will take them out of the top 10. I'm willing to give Mac another chance - the front office needs stability- Bowles should go though....he has looked completely incompetent and overmatched this entire season....I hate changing coaches so much but at this point unless there is a ridiculous turnaround im not sure how they could bring him back.... I also am sick of new defensive coordinator's an offensive league and focusing all these coaches and 1st rd picks on defense has gotten them nowhere....time to hire an offensive coach. I'd prefer one who has already been a HC (like McDaniels - though no way he'd take the job)..... Future is putrid for green and white - team is old....the youth and picks/$ on the D Line is proving a waste.....offensive line falling apart after being an anchor for yrs....2d rd QB not even being discussed as an option....I can't recall being so hopeless...please show me some positives.....
  3. While people are fighting over Kniles and Tate from the wire....Wright slips through the cracks....if he stays healthy he could be a difference maker down the stretch.
  4. Totally agree.....I had a feeling the season could go this way with the tough schedule....but the way it has gone down is unacceptable. I figure Bowles would have a mulligan missing the playoffs this year but this team is an embarrassment starting at the top down.....he is completely out coached...has zero emotion....makes zero adjustments and is conservative to a fault. I fully expect to be 1-5 after next week....even with the schedule loosening up they are realistically looking at a 6-7 win season at best which is unacceptable.....and the wheels could easily come off and we are looking at 4-12. If that's the way it goes they should put in Petty immediately and see what happens....if he tanks at least they get a top pick to maybe finally find that QB. What a disaster
  5. I was at the game....outcoached, outplayed and outclassed in every phase of the game. It was like watching a varsity vs JV team play each other.....even when the Jets scored before the half I never thought they would win this game. I knew the schedule was tough but it may be a killer....could easily see a 1-5 start and it's pretty much game over.... Identity - this team should be a defensive team but it never makes the big stop nor make a big play.....heck they rarely get turnovers....I'm tired of building the D.... Not impressed at all with coaches - not seeing adjustments as same weaknesses exploited week after week....perhaps its a lack of talent but its just ugly in so many places but TB just doesnt inspire confidence....I doubt he's fired - unless it goes really bad.....but he's officially on the hot seat. Don't want to get too far ahead but it's looking real bad.....if Fitz continues to be this lousy the next 2 games....then why not let Petty can he be any worse? Let's see what the kid can I'd rather really be lousy then stay with Fitz and rack up the usual 3-4 meaningless wins down the stretch to drop draft position from top 5 to teens.
  6. While I'm venting...I'm also tired of having no chance to win a division title the past 15 yrs....has there ever been a stretch like this where a team has won so many division titles for so long? Brady and Bellichick can't retire fast enough!
  7. I personally have seen enough of Geno....he stinks. Fitz got them close to the playoffs last yr....I cant fault them for giving it another run. Petty looked decent in preseason...if this year turns out to be a disaster you clean house of Fitz and Geno....draft a QB in the 1st rd and go with Petty/Hack and new QB.....I'm sick of building the defense. Without a QB this team doesn't have a chance....I'm fine drafting one every freaking year until a franchise QB is's that important
  8. It was a disaster....and I agree Fitz is who he is.....but I have no faith that Geno would be any better....Jets only hope is Petty or Hack watch and develop this least they didnt bite on a multi yr deal so they can be rid of him if he continues to stink it up.
  9. Just back from it - definitely doesnt suck IMO - I enjoyed it as a decent summer popcorn flick where you leave your brain at the door. Agree with a lot of the comments in here: Bad guys vs the Squad were lame - and reminded me of Gozer in original Ghostbusters - minions awful and hard to follow action Will Smith was actually decent Harley Quinn was awesome and worth watching just for her Plot was shaky and disjointed - joker was lame and really bad In the end it seems that as mentioned above- MArvel just does it better....they took almost a decade to build up to Avengers while DC is rushing to get there in 2 movies. They flushed out Deadshot and Quinn but rest were window dressing..... If you like comic book movies its worth seeing....but just doesnt hold up to the gold standard. I dont have a good feeling about Justice league....they need to go back to the drawing board on Joker...really bad take and not just saying that based on Ledger
  10. MLB dropped the hammer on Chapman without charges brought.....after Ray Rice debacle Goodell is going to be all over this....I can see suspension pending investigation so he doesnt see the field...and if true at all he could be sitting out most of the he should.
  11. Family was chased by gator at Polynesian few weeks prior....
  12. just finished - thought it was dragged out and could have been cut down by an episode or 2 but overall i enjoyed it.
  13. I have stayed at the Polynesian many times over the years - my kids were on the man made beach by the lake many times....I saw the signs and I specifically asked Disney reps why you couldnt swim in the lake - they told me it was a bacteria issue....never once have i seen a warning or heard about any danger of gators in the area....I dont blame the parents at all. I also believe they have tubing on the lake as well where people fall into the lake as well....if so there has to be some swimming in the lake. expect major changes -
  14. Aside from the Mountain destroying that dude I was pretty bored...... thank God the Aria stroy line is done....terrible. thank god Dragon queen is finally back....way dragged out thank god Blackfish is gone.....boring and dragged out Hoping it picks up from here....seemed like a filler ep.
  15. If Im a Republican I confirm this nominee ASAP.....the writing on the wall is clear. There is a very good chance that Trump goes down in flames and by the time the polls show this in the Fall Obama could easily pull the nomination and let Hillary go even further left. I know replacing a hard core conservative like Scalia with a much more moderate judge is painful but man it could easily be a lot worse.....