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  1. Regardless of if Revis is in the right or not....this is a serious issue and distraction that is not going away for a while.....Jets can save $9M by cutting him.....the question was whether it was worth keeping Revis around for the $6M to see if he could play safety, a position which he has never played. Now the question is both that and why have such a distraction for an overplayed player learning a new position. Jets should have moved on before this incident - now its a no brainer.
  2. agreed - I have a bad feeling Glennon is going to get a way over market deal....I don't think I'd go higher than $10M yr. If it goes that high grab a stop gap like McNown and just let the kids duke it them a yr to develop and likely lands them another top 10 pick to go after a franchise QB nxt yr if they dont pan out. Agree with all the cuts posted earlier (though not sure how a reporter can use 60%, 80% etc) - only one that would hurt is Mangold - I'd like to see him take a big pay cut but stick around 1 more yr to mentor the OL. Rest can go....
  3. Should be a big few weeks for the Jets...rumblings that Clady and maybe Mangold will be cut. I think they should toss every player older than 30 and use the $ to get younger and faster. I'd like to see them land Fournette with the #6.....the draft is deep in DBs they can grab one later. It's time to get an explosive playmaker that gives DCs fits and helps out the new QB by taking some heat of off's an offensive league and it's time for the Jets to put together a big time offense. They spent 6 #1 picks on the defense and it still was awful...time to swing the other way and build the O....
  4. not to mention the lucrative $ deals they have with beer companies!
  5. Took a week off from this some stuff this am and figure continue my therapy by positing....especially after having to endure yet another Pats Super Bowl - puke OC - no prospects....literally the most important coaching position on the team other than Bowles is a big crater right now....can't imagine they were waiting on someone still playing (like they would leave a great team for the Jets) the longer this goes the more concerned I get QB - Another huge concern.....Trubisky, Watson and Kizer dont excite me and it is likely they would have to trade up for the best prospect anyway....growing warmer on Glennon as long as its not crazy money. OL - Winters deal was a bit of an overpay but had to be done....young, home grown with upside...had to lock him in....I pray that Mangold lowers his cap hit to waaaay lower so he can stay for 1 more yr to mentor this line....LT going to have to come in FA or the draft...either way besides QB its the #2 priority....the line has been ignored for years...needs to be a focus. RB - should be fine with Powell/Forte another year - grab a playmaker with upside in the draft. WR - Time for Marshall to go...not a good rebuild player and sounds like he wont take a cut....go with Decker and the kids. Lots of youth and upside here...should be fine TE - what a disaster - time to land a competent TE and an OC that can use one...I like Cameron/Gresham if the price is right....I'd even draft one (yet again....) in the 2d or 3rd rd...need to nail down this position. DL - I know Sheldon is a problem but I just can't deal him for a 4th which is probably what hes worth...I'd play chicken and keep him for the yr in hope of rehab and dealing him for a more at the deadline or next year....if he simply walks they would likely get a 3rd rder so why deal him for a 4th besides chemistry issues and thats on the HC. Rest of the DL is fine just hope Mo rebounds. LB - underwhelmed with Lee....he was supposed to be quick enough to cover the guys burning them week after week but he was so undersized he got beat...he should be a decent starter but my expectations are lowered....time for Harris to go...they will need to draft/sign some talent - I like Nick Perry from GB - he finally had some sacks this yr so it will inflate his price but he's young with upside so should be a target CB - disaster - need to grab a FA and draft someone high - Revis needs to go. S - Whispers on Pryor being traded - if its a 3rd or better I'd do it...another awful pick as he cant cover and doesnt make any big plays. will need a good cover safety as well ST - Time for Folk to go....very good kicker but whats the point of paying $2M to a kicker on a rebuilding team. breaking it down is more depressing than I thought - no OC....with big needs at QB, LT, LB, CB and S....thats almost an entire team! They MUST take the youth road and not cater to PSL fever by competitive rebuild. Perhaps Woody going to London will help....who knows...but I have to watch the Pats in another Super Bowl which just sucks!
  6. gonna take big $ and probably a big deal for Wash to give him up...they have no plan B at this point so doubt they let him go.....
  7. If Romo or Cutler come here stick a fork in the franchise another 5+ least when they got Favre a very good team was in place....this is a disaster that needs to be more competitive rebuilds. OC search has been quiet....I wonder now that Reich is likely staying if the Eagles change their mind and let the QB coach interview with the Jets....
  8. I hear ya.....I get keeping MAc he's shown something....but Bowles makes no sense....unless they go competitive rebuild again (which we have all seen does not work) they are going to be bad again....not awful get the #1 pick in a good QB draft bad but 6-10 just after all the sure fire stud picks are gone's a vicious cycle...Bowles will be gone next year and it will be a completely wasted year IMO. I honestly havet been this bummed on the JEts since Kotite...and at least there was Parcells out there to ride in and save the franchise....I view the owner/coach as clueless and thats bad....this is a crucial time in the franchise...the Pats 15 yr domination is coming to a close...instead of trying to be competitive they should be selling everything 30+ and going all in on the youth movement...they have 3 yrs to develop a team to take over the East...dont blow it by trying to win now...
  9. Between the comments and refusing to let him even take meaningful reps in practice in a lost season its safe to say Hack is not looking good.....I can see Mac downplaying it to sneak up on teams and grab a QB in the this point they could easily draft at #6 or trade up to get a franchise QB....let Petty start the first few games...then start the rookie the last half...if Hack progresses it's a bonus like RGIII and Cousins....there are worse problems if you have 2 QBs develop. I'd rather use the pick elsewhere but until this team has a franchise QB they are nowhere....if one grades out in the draft that they can get I wont be upset if they roll the dice once again....the worst thing they can do is sit on their hands because a 2d rd pick that showed nothing might develop.
  10. lol - of course they were denied....never ends with this team.. Woody/Mac pressers today - only interesting news as the blind support Woody threw both of mandate for playoffs...full confidence...wonder what he watched all year?
  11. Powell looked awesome this year - I know hes a little older as he will turn 29 next October - but he has a lot of tread left since he was used sparingly for so long....I give him the job next year with Forte sprinkled in...almost a reverse situation to this year...then draft a RB in mid rounds or even next I said - unless a big time playmaker is available I think RB/WR is ok for a yr or 2.... I'm almost more pissed off over Devin Smith than Hack...I hated the pick from day one...the kid is undersized and had no business being a 2d rd pick...I expect him to go the way of Amaro and be cut after this year.
  12. Looks like they are focusing on DeFilippo - taking a close look at his background I think it would be a good hire...young, has had some success with developing as well as older QBs....I'd be happy with this hire if they land him. Reminds me of MCAdoo's background...who knows maybe he does a good job with the offense and could take over if/when Bowles craps out this year...knowing the Jets luck the Eagles will block him lol ESPN's Adam Caplan reports the Jets have requested permission to interview Eagles QBs coach John DeFilippo for their offensive coordinator vacancy. DeFilippo spent one year coordinating the Browns' offense in 2015, a year which saw Josh McCown put up a 93.3 quarterback rating while throwing 12 touchdowns to just four interceptions in eight starts. DeFilippo also earned praise for his handling of Derek Carr his rookie season. This would be a good hire for the Jets, but the Eagles are not required to grant permission.
  13. lol - I thought I was drunk reading that! Just watched some clips on Hooker....definitely a ball hawk who would instantly upgrade the secondary and allow Pryor to move to his natural position
  14. As for roster - I will be praying for the purge and no more competitive rebuilds. The team can clear $50M in salary with some pretty obvious cuts...but it's time to say goodbye to most of the overpriced vets...only one I'd keep is Mangold if he took a big pay cut....he's old but he's friggin Nick Mangold! Jets were in a similar position of desperation in 2006...the team focused on O-Line and drafted Brick/Mangold.....focus on the O-line. I would use the $ to open the bank for Armstead or Glenn who are both young LTs who could play 5+ yrs....resign Winters and let Shell develop more at RT with Johnson learning from Magold one more yr at Center and this could be a very good OL sooner rather than later. After much thinking I would really look at Glennon...he ha the height...has some long as he doesnt get insane $ I'd be willing to sign him and throw him in the mix with Petty/Hack. He's young and if he hits then they are set at QB for years...if he strikes out they have Petty/Hack for cheap to hopefully develop another year. IF they can shore up those 2 spots in FA I wont go crazy if they draft defense again....there are some really good S,CBs and pass rushers which could help big time...secondary and pass rush should be the focus but if a ridiculous playmaker falls to them at #6 whether it be a RB or WR I'd draft them as this team is dying for a must plan for talent... Huge offseason - if done right it could be just what the team needs....if they try to win for 2017 I fear it will be a disaster.