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  1. I don't remember much about the original ones, but the casting in this one is great. Mel and Anthony Hopkins, but also Daniel Day Lewis, Liam Neeson and Laurence Olivier in supporting roles. Add in the Vangelis soundtrack and it's a fine film.
  2. 1984 will be the toughest poll year so far for me. There are so many excellent ones and some very good ones that I rarely hear mentioned such as: The Bounty The Flamingo Kid
  3. Yes. I love the film and always rave about the soundtrack. But I typically divide watching it into 2 or 3 sittings.
  4. But there are plenty of movie critics who will tell you how great it really was.
  5. The worst possible scenario is to be in the lead, get the final question right and then still lose because you didn't bet enough.
  6. Sorry to see Mary Steenburgen's little sister get eliminated yesterday. But she kept under betting on the final and it cost her last night (though it actually helped her the previous night)..
  7. Just a quick glance and it was a very good year for films.
  8. One of my work buddies and I had opposite opinions on music. It's funny when you meet someone that has the opposite taste - you both look at each other like WTF?
  9. You can't beat Morricone for a western score. And Once Upon A Time in America is the greatest soundtrack in the history of film.
  10. Followed by depression, misery and eventually suicide.
  11. Jaws is the best example of a film being much better than the book. The music at the end when the dorsal fins descends into the underwater blood cloud is epic.
  12. For me, there are movies that I think the characters are unlikable but the story is still really interesting, so I like them. Example - Goodfellas. Others, like nearly every PT Anderson film, where the characters seem to terminally unhappy and spend too much time screaming at each other, and the plot plods along, I don't like these films at all. I find that if there is absolutely no emotional involvement with any of the characters, it feels like something is missing. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
  13. I didn't like Rushmore at all, but I did enjoy Grand Budapest and Moonrise Kingdom.
  14. I didn't see Adaptation. I thought that Her was good, but not great. It also seemed overpraised to me.
  15. Being John Malkovich was on cable today. I never understood the high praise for this piece of crap. Not funny, tries too hard to be odd, unlikable characters and the ending just can't come soon enough. One of my least favorite films.