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  1. IMO it was so over the top and cartoonish, it became funny to me. Obviously the real thing was horrific and terrifying as I recall from reading Helter Skelter and learning the full details of it.
  2. I disagree as I thought it was unexpected and side-splitting hilarious. As far as Hateful 8, I thought that film was a very weak imitation of his previous films, stretched out as least an hour too long.
  3. He's probably the worst champ I've ever seen. He just got lucky that the DD he bet it all on was a really easy question.
  4. Saw my favorite football coach, George Allen, at LAX. Talked to him briefly.
  5. Some of the background creatures they show after the commercials seem brighter than Tony. Poor guy.
  6. Wow, Boston Blob being overrated already here. But I am looking forward to him and the Queen going at it, hopefully Thunderdome style.
  7. Boogie Nights had some of what I described, but to a lesser degree. It felt much more balanced in it's tone, with unhappiness but some fun, too. The other films all seemed to be headed downward, into darkness and misery, with music that went right along.
  8. Other than Boogie Nights...YES! I see the same common attributes in all of his films except BN: Great cast and performances, an initially interesting scenario which leads into overlong, unhappiness and misery. And a soundtrack that adds to the misery. By then end of his films, any happiness and positive feelings are sucked out. Not every film has to have a happy ending, but they don't all have to be miserable either. But many critics and fans will remark about how great his films are. I see a one dimensional director who specializes in a type of film that doesn't appeal to me at all, though others obviously feel differently.
  9. An exception would be a truly compelling or interesting setting or story - Goodfellas would be an example. Magnolia, The Favourite, The Master, etc. are examples that would not qualify for me. There Will Be Blood started off well, but the 2nd half spiraled into a complete mess, IMO. We'll just have to disagree on that one.
  10. I haven't seen it and probably won't. But I'm with you on this. I like all kinds of films - comedy, drama, western, sci fi, romance, period pieces, horror, historical, etc. But the one kind that I don't like are the ones with unlikable, obnoxious and/or depressing characters who I couldn't care less about.
  11. About this time, QT must be thinking: "I give these #$%#^! a love tribute to Hollywood and all the film receives is 2 #$?%^&! Oscars??!" His next film might just be an ultraviolent reimagining of an Academy Awards show.
  12. Anything that promotes themselves, regardless of how good it is, will get some votes from the academy.
  13. For me it's when they start performing the nominated songs. The whole broadcast just dies at that point. It doesn't pick up until they have the In Memoriam segment and finish with the big awards.