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  1. After watching the Hot Shots movies multiple times, it's gonna be hard to watch this one seriously.
  2. When they drive around the parking lot for an extra 10 minutes to get a closer parking place next to the gym. If you can't walk an extra 50 feet, what are you even doing there????
  3. Finally saw Roma. My expectations were probably too high, but I found the first half boring and the second half just depressing. The ending also felt abrupt. Yes, the photography was amazing, but that was the high point.
  4. The Hateful 8 reminded me a lot of Austin Powers In Goldmember - no, I'm not comparing comedies to westerns. I really liked International Man of Mystery and The Spy Who shagged Me, but thought that Goldmember was a very weak imitation of both. It had the same kind of jokes but they were not done nearly as well so they became a tired retread. It also seemed to really drag in places. Hateful 8 felt like a much weaker retread of QT's better films. And for me, it needed to have about 45 minutes less screen/talking time in it.
  5. Most of mine are already mentioned but I would add: Ruthless People Open Range Jackie Brown
  6. Why do people have a natural desire to stop and stare at some car wreck or other disaster?
  7. Coming from Nathan R Jessep, it sounds like: "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE FOUL!".
  8. Greece for me. Beautiful scenery, low cost of living and the climate is very close to my current SoCal one.
  9. Based on the groups (which are all good) I like the following the best: 1969: 50 Years Later You're Mocking Me Aren't You Adventure Time
  10. Yes, those spastic button pushers are annoying! Otherwise, the guy seemed pleasant.
  11. Any recommendations for Milan? We are at an Air B'N'B there in the fall for a few days before our tour (Como/Venice/Florence/Capri/Pompeii/Rome). I am looking at taking the train to Turin for a day and possibly do a tour to Bergamo. Duomo and Last Supper are on my Milan list, so far. Thanks for any help.