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  1. What Is Life is my favorite Post-Beatles song of all.
  2. Was on a road trip with a friend when he put in Johnny Cash's greatest hits. My first reaction was "oh no". After hearing it though, I was pleasantly surprised how many good songs were on it. I suspect the same with this album.
  3. Now we're back to the great stuff! She's Leaving Home is one of my favorite lesser known Beatles songs. A Day In the Life is awesome.
  4. Killer Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. Sinatra has a unique, one of a kind voice. But it works great on some songs - My Way, New York New York But is awful on others - Luck Be A Lady, Love and Marriage
  6. A good list! I would subtract and add Animal House Airplane Naked Gun
  7. About as much a comedy as There Will Be Blood
  8. Bridge Over Troubled Waters - a classic with great harmonies
  9. @#$!% 7 Years Of Polls Down The Drain!
  10. I assume that you didn't like Airplane either?
  11. Almost any 3 off of Ray of Light CD - love that one.
  12. I had always seen this at home and then some years back, a local theater had a double feature with this and Endless Summer. The ending surf footage was awesome on the big screen!
  13. One Pride (In The Name of Love) I Will Follow
  14. 15 years ago.. maybe. They both sound so gimmicky and dated now.