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  1. I think overall he did well. Some hits (opening monologue was great), some misses (tourists walking through was lame).
  2. The first week, my wife and I both got these on the 7 day bonus. Neither of us got them the second 7 day bonus.
  3. I thought the same thing. Negan seems to enjoy testing people.
  4. I was happy that Affleck won for the film. And on a side note, Denzel Washington is a charismatic and likable actor, but there's no way he should win 3 oscars for acting (and he's already won 2).
  5. I was sick of the speeches and turned on The walking Dead right after La La Land was announced. This morning was WTF!? Ironically I kept saying all last week that Moonlight would win.
  6. I thought it was unfunny and a complete waste of time. Too bad as Kimmel was doing pretty well before that.
  7. Great album!
  8. Is anyone else as sick of Samuel L Jackson as me? He seems to be in 40% of recent movies. He's not a bad actor, just average and way overexposed!
  9. I got one too, today on Day 7 of Pokestops.
  10. RD also didn't have an extra hour of boring nonsense.
  11. Is Ms. Jeter, Derek Jeter's wife?
  12. I swear that Brinkley looks better now. Or maybe she stands out more based on her age than she did when she was young?
  13. Arrival - thoughtful Sci Fi, well done Deepwater Horizon - slow start, but exciting finish
  14. Wow! That is a good one.
  15. I loved the "Zombie Limbo" scene. All they needed was some reggae music.