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  1. I finally saw The Irishman The good: All star cast. Liked Pesci playing an understated, cerebral role for a change. Interesting history that I never knew much about The Bad: It's way too long and has very few exciting moments Pacino was really weak in it. I recently watched The Godfather again and compared to that, he was closer to Big Boy Caprice as Jimmy Hoffa.
  2. If I am correct on #7, it's Hollywood's biggest mismatch...
  3. How about updating the Judges part of the spreadsheet so we know for sure which category we are judging?
  4. Wow, some really strong contestants the past couple weeks! A kid that went school with my daughter (Elementary through High) is on tonight. He's in for a tough time.
  5. Doh , I figured that I must have missed it.
  6. Most significant omission that I noted - To Kill A Mockingbird (Maybe it's in there and I missed it when going through the list)
  7. I want my 2 burgers...gimme my 2 burgers!!!
  8. I agree. They seemed like the obvious top pick the first week.
  9. Let's see, we've seen Honey West, Emma Peel and Catwoman all get picked. I have to assume that Colonel Wilma Deering is coming up soon.
  10. The ingredients are amazingly fresh. In fact, the company won't build a location more than one day from their meat distribution plant so that it is always fresh. That said, I agree with the others who stated that it is a very good burger (though small) but nothing worth camping out for. And it's always crowded.
  11. This is the first list I've seen where there is only 1 in the top 100 that I dislike (Fight Club). I was amazed how many of my favorites are on the list.
  12. 1971 Films list:

    The French Connection 30

    Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory 30

    Dirty Harry 25

    Summer of '42 25

    The Last Picture Show 20

    Fiddler on The Roof 10 

    The Andromeda Strain 25

    Vanishing Point 5

    Willard 10

    The Omega Man 5 

    Play Misty For Me 10

    Wild Rovers 5


  13. can you delete your response. I fixed mine and just saved it. I was struggling with the Spoiler syntax and screwed up part of my answer. Thanks.

    1. bcdjr1
    2. Mr. Mojo

      Mr. Mojo

      Thanks, buddy. I saw your response, which makes sense, but I still think that the question was poorly worded to begin with.