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  1. I was watching with my daughter and warned her that the 3rd place guy could still win, since the other 2 were tied. It only happened because two players missed an easy $400 question at the end. A $1 Win!!!
  2. I'd rather be scissored by Emilia Clarke.
  3. I think that Rodgers is the best QB in football. But he also runs very aggressively and is the first to cry for a flag whenever any defender makes contact. So I don't have much sympathy for him, though I will miss his great play.
  4. Sounds like my location. I still prefer a Carl's Jr. Famous Star over all of the rest.
  5. James Bond is ahead in movies, 26-16. But you're probably right about Sherlock Holmes being higher overall when you factor in TV shows.
  6. #7 might be better changed to "author" from "literary figure". Maybe I'm dense but I assumed that literary figure meant literary character and guessed James Bond. Loved the Katrina question. It's one of those ones that you could almost never come up with but after you see the answer, your reaction is "Of course!".
  7. Jennings was the best ever, and it wasn't really close. Austin is very good but not a Jennings.
  8. You did better than me. I didn't pass the initial test, though I think I got pretty close when I looked up some of my guesses later.
  9. She does look like a softball player - but not a centerfielder. Catcher or Third Base I could easily believe.
  10. Jessica really starting to grow on me. Good riddance to Patrick - his hogging of the challenge was fatal. Still laughing at Lauren claiming to play Centerfield for 25 years - does anyone think she looks like she moves fast enough to play the position that requires the most speed?
  11. I finally saw a film that was highly recommended here: The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford All the artwork - cinematography, costumes, building, props, etc, was top notch. Acting was good too, in fact I thought that Affleck was as good, or better, than his Oscar winning performance in Manchester BTS. It was a little slow in places, but very good overall.
  12. I am very practical and my wife is the same way. After decades of marriage, we are now reaping the benefit of being that way.
  13. Totally true. My pet peeve is how people who are smart enough to make it on the show can't understand simple betting strategy. I noticed on Friday's show that both 2nd and 3rd place actually made smart wagers and either had the potential to win if the champ hadn't correctly answered the Countries question.
  14. The next one will be Aldous and the third will be Bravenewworld
  15. Tanner - the guy that missed The Godfather question???