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  1. Who gets out of there car at a wildlife park?
  2. Trailer looks good except for Samuel Jackson. Does he have to be in practically every movie?
  3. That most men are pretty clueless in dealing with them.
  4. Still laughing at #3 Monopoly game. It reminds me of the time someone one at Clue before I even got in a room! Rolled 1, then 2 (they made their first guess), rolled 2, they used the secret passage and guessed correctly and won. Doh!
  5. Are you disagreeing with my overall rating of 1987 or that you like 3 Men and A Baby and Beverly Hills Cop II? I hope it's the former.
  6. '87 seems more like a typical year to me, some good (Untouchables, Predator), some bad (3 Mean & A Baby,Beverly Hills Cop II).
  7. It was an awesome year. Road Warrior and ET are 2 of my all time favorites, and plenty of other good films, too! I was on a date (yes, I'm that old) when I saw the Road Warrior. My date kept saying "this is terrible" and I kept saying No Way, this GREAT!".
  8. 0-60 in 2.8 seconds in an F150?
  9. We'll have to disagree on this one. I think Bridge is an all time great and Let It Be is one of my least favorite Beatles songs.
  10. I think it was real and they were hoping that she would remember what she really was.
  11. I am in the minority that loves The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross, especially the ending.
  12. While I thought that The Revenant and Spotlight were both excellent, Room would have been my choice for the top film of 2015.
  13. Palin reminds me of Jennifer Tilly. They both look fine until they start talking.
  14. We have had 3 minivans over the years and they work great for kids and catting grandparents around. The downside is that they are tough on brakes and tires.
  15. I hated the overdone camerawork in it. Constant movement and zoom ins made it a headache to try to watch. In fact I gave up early on it.