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  1. Give it her granddaughter. She would be set for life. That beats donating it to jellyfish.
  2. I like it, but the 1st half is great and the second half seems like a soap opera.
  3. Being John Malkovcih - Keener plays an obnoxious character and Cusak, after being treated like crap by her, is still obsessed with her? Actually the last 15 minutes was bad, too.
  4. OK, but what about dropping the jewel overboard? Could that have been any dumber?
  5. In the past, we've discussed many of the great endings for films, but how about some of the bad ones? I don't necessarily mean that the film was bad, just the ending. Here are a few that come to mind: Titanic - Rose didn't share the piece of wood with Jack and even worse, she could have given the jewel to her family but gave it one Waterworld - the absurd bunjee grab Fight Club - it started because Edward Norton was beating himself up in the parking lot??? (I know I'll catch some flack for this one from you fans) Gone Girl - a good film with possibly the most absurd last 15 minutes imaginable
  6. I only said that they had much better songs like Everybody Is A Star, Hot Fun In The Summertime, Dance To the Music and Everyday People. Any of those would be deserving of a top songs list in any year. But for me, Family Affair is boring drivel.
  7. I think that the old system of co-champs was better than the tiebreaker. If 2 tie, they both deserve to repeat.
  8. I must be misunderstanding the format. Is it 100 great random songs from 1971? It can't be a countdown in order of greatness. There's no way that this one beats Roundabout, LA Woman, Day After Day and I'd Love To Change The World.
  9. Just watched it for the 2nd time. Just as good as the first time. The realism and detail in it was amazing. The emotional impact, especially episodes 6-9 was unforgettable.
  10. Sense and Sensibility The Greatest Game Ever Played (watched it again yesterday) French Postcards