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  1. To be honest, I hate him more for the time he had a 90 yard rushing TD, his only rushing TD of the season, the one week he was on my bench! Just trying to lighten things up here.
  2. On the movie theme, I'm surprised we haven't heard a kid named "Shawshank" yet.
  3. My favorite book of all time. I never get tired of reading it again. As far as Stephen King, my favorite is The Dead Zone.
  4. Well written post Steeler, it sounds like you tried every reasonable attempt. One of the biggest surprises in life is running into people that have never matured beyond about 19 years old and still blame everyone else for their problems. Lots of examples were mentioned in this thread.
  5. Hud Hudson (Paxton's character) had a record number of good lines in it. I still quote many of them today. When I am watching the Super Bowl and it becomes totally one sided, I start saying "Game over, man, game over!" in Paxton's whiny voice.
  6. I looked at some of the reviews for TWBB on Blu Ray and interestingly, several people mentioned that they liked the film but didn't like the score at all and a couple others loved the score. Maybe it's one of those "love it or hate" ones? (Typical for a PT Anderson effort)
  7. The Finest Hours I am the guy that usually likes the sentimental, heartwarming movies but this felt "overDisneyized" even for me! A good story to work from, with good effects, but felt like they were "playing a violin" though most of it. Weaker than expected. Brooklyn After enjoying it the first time, I rewatched it on cable and think that this is one of the best recent films. Ronan was amazing in it and the supporting cast was also very good.This is how you make a sentimental, heartwarming movie the right way.
  8. Definitely has potential.
  9. It was so bad, it distracted from the film. When you are not noticing the film and wondering what that awful noise is, that's never a good sign.
  10. TWBB is not terribly flawed but the first half was very good and the 2nd half was pretty bad. NCFOM was more consistent throughout and IMO the better film.
  11. My expectations were pretty low, and I ended up liking it more than I expected.
  12. Once Upon A Time In America has the greatest soundtrack in the history of film. But The Godfather is a better film.
  13. I like your list so far , but this clunker is an exception. It's a brainless and dull, near remake, of High Plains Drifter, which was actually very good.