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  1. I agree with this. Independence Day had a great first half, with an exciting build up. The second half became typical action movie junk along with the "computer virus" that saves the world!? I still remember at the end, Bill Pullman smiling, while holding his daughter - Hey, you're wife died yesterday, remember?
  2. Sorry but I hate JLD. She's obnoxious in just about everything. Seinfeld was good in spite of her.
  3. This is still the best answer here.
  4. The fact that Donald Trump could still win the election.
  5. I am a government accountant, so I have to kill even more people every day.
  6. I think Hoffman was great in it and Cruise was good, but nothing outstanding. I think that his best role came in Born On The Fourth of July.
  7. I still like the scene in Uncommon Valor where he learns the fate of his son. Awesome actor!
  8. Just got back from Europe and 5 different times a Mr. Mime showed up on our radar (in the vicinity) but not once did it appear on the screen so we could capture it!
  9. I agree! God she was awful.
  10. I liked it. Totally entertaining from start to finish.
  11. Always thought this was overrated. It was also too unbelievable that they would end up together - he was way too old and too weird.
  12. I always thought it was ironic that Jack won 3 acting Oscars for playing.....Jack. And in this film, he gives his best performance and doesn't win!
  13. American Beauty is a movie that has grown on me over the years. Good soundtrack by Thomas Newman, great acting all around and stylish cinematography.
  14. Not exactly the order I would use, but at least reasonable.
  15. Did they do it in random order? If not, terrible list. Death Proof was awful, Hateful 8 was bad and Inglorious Bastaeds was great.