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  1. I agree with this and just add that the quitting process starts when his ego finally can't take any more criticism. He is so dumb, he really thought they he would become president and everyone would just worship him.
  2. Good film. Olga Kurylenko plays a bad ### in that one.
  3. Don't forget Sin City. He really was good in everything.
  4. I'm adding: In A Gadda Da Vida - Iron Butterfly Long, Long Way From Home - Foreigner
  5. Incredible cast in that one! I always thought it was interesting that the serial killer in the first Hannibal Lecter movie (Manhunter) played by Ted Noonan and the one in Silence of The Lambs - Ted Levine, were both in Heat.
  6. Please delete this thread!!!
  7. Me either. I had to use Porygon as a buddy to eventually get enough candy to evolve it.
  8. It did seem that way on the Speed Bump. Also, if Michael hadn't driven half way to Bulgaria before finally agreeing to turn around, they might have survived.
  9. Useless in challenges. I probably should have been more specific there.
  10. Cirie looks like one of those useless contestants that will make the top 3 by default.
  11. Wow, some of you are the walking dead.
  12. Yes, they made it more of a Slow Forward!
  13. Too much Yoda in it. The guy is just irritating. And this is coming from a Star Wars fanatic.
  14. All 4 supporting Pom is leading????
  15. Empire is very good but definitely not my favorite. I got tired of Yoda very quickly and it had a lot of not too exciting set up for Jedi. Of course, the "I Am Your Father" twist was great.