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  1. Look at me! I was cool before cool was cool! My cousin Jimbo hates Zeppelin too. I would like to retract the previous statement.
  2. The song I was literally singing when I opened the thread. Personally can't put it at 2 but one of my all time favorites. Top 5 for sure. Sorry to hijack GB
  3. Had to roll a slim after hillbilly Floyd. The one of Utubes recommendations was this next. Being tracked never felt so bad.
  4. got stoned and passed out to this in the dorm almost my entire sophomore year. Used to make sweet love to Mrs. SLB to this song. Of course her favorite was Brain Damage. Because I was an exciting lunatic at the time. for #1
  5. So this is what pure joy feels like. My brothers and sisters, it has been a long time. ALRIGHT BLUES
  6. **Update*8. I thought it was understood that Cal was going to be punished and he was going to lose his phone after being suspended. He didn't see it that way and went ballistic Monday morning when I wouldn't let him have it. He grabbed a knife and cut himself a little. It was ####ed up. I decided to keep him home because didn't need send that package off. Really didn't know what to do so called the doc, who is closed on Mondays. I guess she's Italian or something. Pep called into work and stayed home and got things worked out. On Tuesday he showed his IEP saint that he "cut" himself. We still haven't heard back from the doc. I figure we play this hand out as I can't afford a rack a night in the hospital every time something goes askew. They ask for a meeting today at noon, a conference call. Sure, I can work that in. Pep replies she has to work and can't make it, which I knew, so they change it to a meeting on property. FML but I really think for the better as I tend to express myself physically. I was there for close to two excruciating hours but we have a plan. I won't bore you with any of it but as we were wrapping up I wanted to express my gratitude for these folks that could certainly be in careers that pay them a lot more with no headaches. These people, my God, they are what I aspire to be. I said something like: "Patty and I thank you for the support you have given us. You are truly special people. It's a tragedy what is happening to so many young kids these days. I see these other children in the hospital, they're scared, some don't have anyone even with them. I want to hug them the way I do my son and tell them "everything is going to be alright. You have to believe that." Damn it, Niagara Falls Frankie Angel, just like the meeting. Love you @the rover
  7. Tecumseh! Hey GB, thanks again for the text. I haven't had time to look into that but I promise I will. Best radio guy ever.
  8. It has been 3 years and every day all we can think about is getting back to Italy.
  9. Yep, that's good. I own it too. I hope somebody buys them and stat.