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  1. Last time I was this scared was after viewing this movie when I was a kid. Scared and aroused.
  2. FYI The all time record for trading days without a 1% correction is 90. Tomorrow will be day 88.
  3. Yeah, about that.... @timschochet Been a subscriber to The Week for a long time. Highly suggest it for anyone brave enough to hear differing opinions on the news of the day.
  4. Yeah, it would be really nice if laws were enforced against this administration.
  5. Everyone but those re-tards. Oh and the non-whites. Non-christian also a no-no. Everyone else is free to join the drum circle. Not those pot smoking hippies though.
  6. Come on tough guy Trump supporters what are parents like me supposed to do? BTW, I would bet good money Trump thinks the Special Olympics are really funny.
  7. Anybody could make anything up so you can't believe anything ever.
  8. You know me though, gentle snowflake left wing libtard. Oh well, too bad kids, sucka to be you. Maybe you shouldn't have been born with disabilities and not be losers. #######. Disgusting. Be proud Trump supporters. Be very proud.
  9. So this stupid ##### that is head of the DOE wants public schools to be able to refuse services to special needs kids. Special needs kids like my oldest son. Private schools already won't take him because they don't have the personnel or money to provide services. So now what, I have to hire a personal teacher for him? Follow up question, should the teacher actually, you know, have a teaching degree? Apparently such trivial jobs such a POTUS and head of the DOE require no experience necessary so I'm sure the kid at McDonald's could do a great job.
  10. Sold 1250 of my ECSIF at $0.62 this morning giving me 750 "free" shares to play with. Good luck to everyone, not posting trades anymore.