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  1. Sent, I hope I didn't miss any drawings. Thanks again GB. PS Keep me in every drawing. Shoot me text if you need more money. @Keerock
  2. This is awesome.
  3. Saturday night I was walking home from the neighbor's house with my youngest. Pretty drunk. I mentioned years back how my other neighbors took in this black kid. He happened to be walking by to get the mail and told us he was officlialty adopted. Of coourse he's a man now but I couldn't help but kiss him on the top of the head and tell him I love him.
  4. Love you buddy. Friday before SB we were playing VP and had (checks pic) over 15,000 quarters in credits already and then hit 4 A's on the top line for $1600. It was like the game was rigged for us. Won all night.
  5. There are certain posters here that I've come to respect their opinion. I read them all. I don't always agree but I read them all. @Henry Ford
  6. I've learned more from you, and others like you, than I ever could in school. I''ve alway loved perspective and I've gotten it here. You guys are great.
  7. I'm just going to throw the ticket in the woods and assume he'll be there.
  8. If Atlanta doesn't blow the lead in the SB, I win $900. However I got the Syndicate in on some $100 squares and because NE came back, we win $3900. Crazy.
  9. I'm sending Climby on a first class flight to B-Field.
  10. Focusing on the good stuff, both of the boys get good grades. Should be straight A's but both slacked in subjects and got a B. My youngest is pretty good at playing piano and just outright cool. K4 called that a long time ago. Took him out to dinner last Saturday. Original plan was Dave & Busters but the place was neck high in hoosiers. So we compromised on a nice dinner. Closest place nearby according to opentable was Gitto's at the casino so #### it. He wanted to gamble after dinner. I did too but there are stupid laws against gambling with your almost 10 yo son in a casino.
  11. To all of you GMTAN'ers, my friends, my buddies. Again, sorry I haven't been around. Life has been "bad" for a lack of a better word. I don't want PM's, calls or any of that bull#### which is why I haven't been posting. I'll be back in good time. I just want you to know it's not you, it's me. Seriously do love you all.
  12. I was 15 years old walking home from a party a couple of mile away from home with a GB. We hear another party a couple of blocks from the house and look in the basement window to see if it was adults or kids. It was adults so we turn to go on our way when we get stopped by three big dudes wanting to know WTF we were doing. Explained it but he started accusing us of stealing from them (:rolleyes: that was SO 12 years old) and he wouldn't listen. Pretty sure he was coked up because was going crazy. That's when he grabbed me by the neck, snapped my chain and said "If anything is missing, any car broken into, I'll burn your house down.". Well, a little freaked out. Took an alternate route home. Then learned the next morning that a friend of a friend was murdered at the party we were at. Weird how what happened was a better option.
  13. I've been having break up sex for about 5 years now.