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  1. **Update*8. I thought it was understood that Cal was going to be punished and he was going to lose his phone after being suspended. He didn't see it that way and went ballistic Monday morning when I wouldn't let him have it. He grabbed a knife and cut himself a little. It was ####ed up. I decided to keep him home because didn't need send that package off. Really didn't know what to do so called the doc, who is closed on Mondays. I guess she's Italian or something. Pep called into work and stayed home and got things worked out. On Tuesday he showed his IEP saint that he "cut" himself. We still haven't heard back from the doc. I figure we play this hand out as I can't afford a rack a night in the hospital every time something goes askew. They ask for a meeting today at noon, a conference call. Sure, I can work that in. Pep replies she has to work and can't make it, which I knew, so they change it to a meeting on property. FML but I really think for the better as I tend to express myself physically. I was there for close to two excruciating hours but we have a plan. I won't bore you with any of it but as we were wrapping up I wanted to express my gratitude for these folks that could certainly be in careers that pay them a lot more with no headaches. These people, my God, they are what I aspire to be. I said something like: "Patty and I thank you for the support you have given us. You are truly special people. It's a tragedy what is happening to so many young kids these days. I see these other children in the hospital, they're scared, some don't have anyone even with them. I want to hug them the way I do my son and tell them "everything is going to be alright. You have to believe that." Damn it, Niagara Falls Frankie Angel, just like the meeting. Love you @the rover
  2. Tecumseh! Hey GB, thanks again for the text. I haven't had time to look into that but I promise I will. Best radio guy ever.
  3. It has been 3 years and every day all we can think about is getting back to Italy.
  4. Yep, that's good. I own it too. I hope somebody buys them and stat.
  5. Pep aka Mrs. SLB. It has been a year since the incident and things are back to normal. Still mad at myself though.
  6. I thought of you when I was getting the news and it would be really funny if this was the first time he had gotten in trouble.
  7. I appreciate the recommendation but she needs this surgery and so happy she is finally getting it done. Things have gotten better the last couple of months as she has made a concerted effort to be nicer. I think a lot of it is that she finally see's that she can be better and not it constant pain all the time.
  8. Me: Well, times have been trying. In addition to the previously posted updates I ####ed up about a year ago sending an e-mail through linkedn that was intercepted by management and taken the wrong way. They thought I was going to leave the company and #### them over. I took a while but to convince them to remember I was the one that wanted to sell to them so I could, hopefully, finish my career there. I still can't believe that was a thing. So I've spent my time mostly sober actually. There are too many things that can happen at any time. Pretty drunk and stoned right now though.
  9. Pep: Well, we haven't gotten along very well the last couple of years. Having an Autistic kid going through puberty and a wife going through menopause isn't easy on the family unit. Plus Pep has five, yes 5, bulging discs in her back that she has been dealing with forever. I'm going to speak for Dylan when I write that I feel bad that we would escape to the patio or "the path" to BS while things calmed down. With the opioid epidemic her pain management doctor is afraid to prescribe her percs so now she's really feeling it. Good news is that she's going to finally have surgery to fix it. I'm totally going to play "head doctor". Girls like that stuff right?
  10. Dylan: He's chugging along and the most perfectly sane uninjured part of the family. He plays now plays soccer and basketball in addition to baseball. He's not great at any of them but he's a rebounding machine. Just got his hair cut to look like "a surfer kid". He catches a bunch of #### because of Cal but he handles it like a pro. My heart swells as I write that because he's so understanding. Dumb kid. By dumb I mean he excels in school too. Dylan just turned 12 and is 5'9 120. He also has my beautiful soft blond hair. Dick.
  11. Update if you care and I've been an absence friend so cool if you don't. Cal: He turns 15 next month. Total mess. Been in and out of the hospital recently including on my birthday. (I don't care about the date but thought maybe I get some sympathy.) He's still kind in the heart but throwing darts at meds has been the suck. He was as previoulsy mentioned suspended from school for telling his teacher, vice-principal & principal, they are "f-ing #######s and somebody deserves to be fired for how poor they are at education". Kind of funny when I write that out. Thanks to his meds he's hard to motivate and also thanks to it he likes to physically challenge me. As I type he's almost 6'1 248. Had to take him down a couple times. By that I mean he has taken swings at me and I hold him down. Good thing I'm a bad mother####er. Started a new med yesterday. It really seems to be helping but I witnessed him freaking out over nothing. I'm concerned I'm not going to quit on him.