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  1. They are to me GB.
  2. Still feel bad. Went quite a while without posting any trades and was knocking them out of the park. Decided I would do so again and after a good start, here I am. Luff ewe.
  3. Sadly. At the start was just looking for a 5%+ correction, not a crash. Now I probably need something in the range of a 7.5% pullback just to break even.
  4. Sold 50 of 100 NFLX for a profit of $2550 Sold 100 SDOW for a loss of $670.00. Sorry GB @skycriesmary
  5. NETFLIX!!!
  6. I could but then I couldn't take advantage of the tax write off.
  7. I'm going to have tax deductions for the rest of my life. Hurray.
  8. Hope to God that never happens.
  9. Wash Rule
  10. Netflix earnings tonight. It has been run up so much I don't see how it does anything but go down. Of course I'm a stupid ####### idiot.
  11. I can start unloading some TVIX next Monday. Stupid wash rule. I have one week left for a correction. Not feeling good about it.
  12. Heinz field is only half full. Even with all of those Super Bowl trophies and playoff appearances nobody cares to go. Pittsburgh obviously isn't a football town. They should move the Steelers to LA.
  13. When I was in my 20's, I used to think this was lame. I did it but lame. Now that I'm closer to 50 I would love to do it. Of course now all of my friends are lame. Sure, I could organize something but that sounds horrible.
  14. They forgot that they aren't the customers. Barely watch NFL the last couple of years and don't miss it at all but I'm really enjoying all of the empty seats in LA.