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  1. Yep and it was STL's "fault", I guess, for not building the football Cardinals a stadium. My Dad, Grandfather, uncles were all season ticket holders for a long time and I went to almost every game from 81-87. Halcyon days my friend. People in STL are bitter because, particularly season ticket holders like myself, because they sabotaged the game day experience to make it miserable to go to games. The last 3 years or so there would be 1-2 concession stands on the entire side of the concourse when there used to be 30. Demoff is on tape saying thankfully they didn't make it into the playoffs the last year which explains some bizarre play calling and keeping Gurley on the bench. All of this while acting as if there could be some sort of amicable solution and wasting millions in tax payer dollars on stadium plans, votes etc. You want to go to LA, go to LA. Be up front about it. Don't be freaking liars and then, oh yeah, spit on the city when you leave. This is the problem and why they have been settling cases. They're dead and they know it.
  2. This sounds all kinds of awesome. These Italian towns in Molise will pay you $27,000 to move there
  3. I root for the Bear & Bills and everyone else to lose. Especially the NFL. Hope there isn't another publicly funded stadium ever.
  4. 8/20/19 Rams fans can get 25% back on years of tickets and merchandise under class action settlement More $$$$ 9/13/19 Kroenke, Rams, NFL to appeal relocation lawsuit to U.S. Supreme Court     So far 2-0 in lawsuits against the Rams. I hope they screw the entire NFL appealing this to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  5. Look at me! I was cool before cool was cool! My cousin Jimbo hates Zeppelin too. I would like to retract the previous statement.
  6. The song I was literally singing when I opened the thread. Personally can't put it at 2 but one of my all time favorites. Top 5 for sure. Sorry to hijack GB
  7. Had to roll a slim after hillbilly Floyd. The one of Utubes recommendations was this next. Being tracked never felt so bad.
  8. got stoned and passed out to this in the dorm almost my entire sophomore year. Used to make sweet love to Mrs. SLB to this song. Of course her favorite was Brain Damage. Because I was an exciting lunatic at the time. for #1