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  1. Although we really liked Venice. Also DON'T go in the summer if you can manage unless you like sweating like a pig. If you want heat and beaches just go the Dominican, Cancun etc, IMO
  2. Sam Malone being the exception. He was smart enough to sell booze only. Then he flipped the place for a tidy profit. Of course he spent that money on a boat that sunk. Eventually got the place back for a dollar being a stoolie. Rebecca burned the place down with poorly disposed smoke but it was rebuilt better than ever and he was able to fix a lot of the building code violations he dodged for years. Happy ending as Whoopie Goldberg came in one night, they fell in love, and he soaked off her bank account ever after.
  3. Yep, I own FB too.
  4. Tots are the one food that gets worse when covered with cheese and bacon.
  5. Meh. Remember that big rain forest scare a few years back? We survived that.
  6. I hear you but wasn't considering buying higher. If they crush, just let the other half run. I don't know, will probably just keep holding.
  7. BIG earnings week coming up. Considering selling half of my AMZN and GOOGL because I'm way up. If they disappoint and get crushed, buy right back in. Good numbers still make money. Thoughts?
  8. Tookba clent to the Cards game Thursday. Went out on the field, he threw out the first pitch. Did this last year too. The security gal at the field asked me why I wasn't wearing my purrito shirt. My client looked all and asked her what she was talking about and she replies "It's only the greatest shirt ever!". Oh and the heat index, 117.
  9. I know which is why I'm still giggling at my own post. Might be the ether though.
  10. The good news is it gets a lot easier.