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  1. Stadium delayed
  2. Considering another TVIX trade next week.....
  3. If @siffoin has taught me anything is that if you have a chance to get out of a big loss, you take it. If I would have waited a few hours though there was another 3k there but I was drinking whisky playing poker so didn't trust myself to keep track. Speaking of, was going to double my stake in BF/A but it was way up. Turns out there was talk of them being bought out, doubled up after that fell through. Also sold LOW for a $200 loss, doubled HD. Doubled SBUX too even though I hate buying "up" but they have a great problem in that they can't sell stuff fast enough.
  4. something something something "sure fire" I'm in!!!
  5. Well ####. Wish I wasn't such a #####
  6. Sold my 1000 TVIX, was down about 3k on paper yesterday, made about $600. Will probably regret it but happy to make money.
  7. Up $1.89 right now which is great but need more than that.
  8. Cut holes in their pant pockets and spread it around the yard.
  9. Wish I could claim this.
  10. Must be re-balancing day. VIX up slightly and TVIX down almost 5%. ####.
  11. There must be a cocaine sale going on.
  12. Gov Greitens is a terrible person. How all of these hill people voted for this awful human being is an embarrassment. So this tragedy happened a couple of weeks ago. Turns out he killed two gas workers because he was upset about his electric bill. Stupid ####### on many levels. The victims were friends of friends and in the past when terrible things like this have happened there is a service at the Capitol where there is a memorial to workers. However Greitens denied everyone entry because he doesn't like unions. Nothing like this has ever happened before under any Governor, Republican or Democrat because, you know, a sane person can put aside their feelings and personal opinions in the wake of a tragedy.
  13. PM @WetDream
  14. You. Bastard. Love King Kitten personally but don't get the same reaction. EVERYONE loves Purrito.