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  1. Rocktoberfest?
  2. 1000 SPXU AT $23.45
  3. ECSIF
  4. Happy for you GB.
  5. Uh huh...
  6. :LMAO:I said I was ASKING FOR A FRIEND!! Also, COU-pon.
  7. If a hooker laughs at you before/during/after the act, do you get some kind of discount? Asking for a friend.
  8. Stumpf reminds me of this right now.
  9. If sitcoms from the 80's have taught me anything, there are always weddings being performed at the courthouse by a judge. Go sit in on one, you don't need to know the people. When the judge asks if anyone has a reason why they shouldn't be wed, that's when you state your case. The floor is yours, take all the time you need and make sure to bring all of your paperwork. This is a little known loophole.
  10. My cost basis is $587 and considering adding some more. It just never goes down.