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  1. They're still opening a couple hundred a year, too.
  2. I hope so for the people that need it. In regards to the stock, I'll be selling if it gets hammered again to offset cap gains and buy back in December.
  3. It's not down THAT much but have to agree. Looks like a lower entry point is coming. Out at $396.50 for a loss of $355.95. AAPL meh PNRA!!!
  4. Everybody is down on CMG so they should be good. AMZN, GOOGL,AAPL have been on a good run so not too optimistic. Also, everyone, EVERYONE, is expecting AMZN to crush everything. It's going to get slaughtered if they don't.
  5. 9
  6. Big earnings week. Tuesday: Apple & Chipotle Thursday: Google & Amazon
  7. I'm going watch some Archer episodes now. Seems more real, intelligent and less crude.
  8. You forgot how they are all uneducated and shoot each other on the way to the store.
  9. They're the greatest smallest military in the world.
  10. AA have no education and shoot each other on the way to the store?
  11. Can't wait until Andy Rooney's segment. Love that grumpy ####.
  12. Drop the C word. DROP IT!!!!