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  1. My son asked me to buy him FB sharez the other day because he likes that they don't actually make physical product. ####, really should have in his account and worried about taking money from his savings later. Oh, he's 12
  2. For the love of God don't order pancakes. /GM
  3. Did Corey Haim get jealous of Corey Feldman because he went on to have a spectaular career? No! Corey Haim is doing just fine.
  4. Deux chicks at the same time?
  5. TWTR, wait
  6. AAPL!!!
  7. St. Louis Bread!!! (PNRA)
  8. Will do. They love the one they have now and this seems to be a new and improved model.
  9. Been killing me but nice dividend at these prices.
  10. Didn't see this, cool. Thought it was linked to all of the recent terrorism and global slow down worries. Netflix is a great value for entertainment.
  11. Back in 4/11 I bought a king sized mattress with foundation for $1099 delivered. Looks like they are gel now which mine isn't. Cheapest option is $1348.00 now. Checked my receipts and bought a twin for my oldest a few years back. Going to order these.
  12. Of course the reason it is going back up is bad.... Also, GILD, wait.
  13. Bought a Bed in a Box after reading a now archived thread here about 7 years ago. Need to buy two queen size now for my boys They grow up so fast Anyhow, seem a lot pricier than I remember.
  14. Although we really liked Venice. Also DON'T go in the summer if you can manage unless you like sweating like a pig. If you want heat and beaches just go the Dominican, Cancun etc, IMO