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  1. Little Nicky and Jack and Jill were misunderstood.
  2. My daughters 2nd grade teacher used this 6 times in the intro email she sent to parents.
  3. How much are you eating? Things that I have read have said that if you are working out, going up to your body weight in grams of protein is beneficial...especially if also trying to be in a calorie deficit. I am by no means any expert, just spewing back what I've seen.
  4. Voted - sucks that it is not in true alphabetical order and they are considering the school "Butler" instead of David W Butler.
  5. The money I have exposed is 100% in s&p index.
  6. I think it's crazy how those on the diet train are weighing in every day and expecting to see changes...or go off the rails for a weekend and think they have gained 5 lbs. That is not at all how "real" weight works. Losing a pound a week is really good. Two pounds mean you're really working. To gain 5 lbs in a weekend means you are consuming more than 17,000 additional calories than you normally do. THAT IS INSANE. This instant gratification bull#### and expecting huge movements because of +/- 500 calories in a day is just setting you up for failure. ETA - you really should only weigh yourself once a week. And, I would argue that once every 2 or 3 weeks is more ideal.
  7. My brother, who has been interviewing for various positions, has found it's more like 4 weeks when they say they will get back in one. Everyone is moving super slowly right now.
  8. Eat 2,000 calories a day and do 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week. You can drink all 2,000 calories if you want, just don't go over that total.