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  1. Post little ones, my first out of town business trip was the most amazing thing. I went to bed at 5:30 PM and slept until 9:00 AM.
  2. @gruecd - regarding the marathon, you have two options. RFDP Baby = life over, hang 'em up. There is no in between.
  3. @gruecd -- absolutely, awesome and amazing Your talk of "survival mode" when you still have ~10 miles left is survival mode is trying to squeeze in another mile or 2, you are doing an additional 10k-HM after running 40+ miles. BMF for sure.
  4. Not sure he would want to see all my dong pics (or maybe he would)
  5. Be sure to get the smoke colored ones to match @gianmarco and the rest of the thread's running team.
  6. The Columbus Marathon has everyone start together then the HM breaks off to finish while the full marathon crew continues on. Checking the map routes of the the two races that clearly won't work here...unless you want to stand around for awhile waiting for the Mrs. to escort her for the last half
  7. If the half and full share a course, do the half while pacing your wife through your finish. Otherwise, sign up with the goal of running it at 9:30+ pace, like the 20 miler you did. If you can get through it without any stopping/walking, I would imagine that would feel like a great win and would be doable with that course versus the hilly one you ran. (Look at me acting like just running a full is no big deal even though I've never come close to that distance).
  8. Yeah, not sure what else to but to deal with the bad. One other thing, I really dislike the standard watch face -- there are a lot of options to download for free through the IQ store. I personally like the 645 face and use that option.
  9. I have the 245M. I sometimes have issues with it tracking my HR as my cadence or some weighted average of the two. Also, somewhere along the way, something happened and I have to wear it on my right wrist when I run for the music to work with my headphones-that was not the case when I first got it. Overall, it works fine and the issues I mentioned may just be my watch in particular. Good GPS and no need for a phone. I use Amazon Prime for my music transfer to the watch, but they have spotify and other apps that work too.
  10. you d!ck Maybe if I can maintain a mid-190s HR for over a mile, like your freakish abilities, I can get there one day The funny thing is, after 10 weeks of heavy volume (for me) that resulted in a +2 on my VO2Max, I lost both of those gains this while pacing my wife, and then the other today. I hopefully will gain those back quickly, but it has been a weird week.
  11. I ran my Chance for Hope 5K today. As I've mentioned a million times, my HR has sucked recently on my runs, and this is a step back week in terms of mileage. I wanted to get the run done in September, but that wasn't in the cards and bigbottom said it didn't need done by month end, that we just needed to register. I chose a different route than what I had done for my FBG 5K b/c I wanted to be able to run to it after walking my kids to school. I did all sorts of things wrong today It was cold out, so I wore a long sleeve, gloves, and ear cover / headband thing. I had all of these, and my mask that we have to wear when dropping off the kids. So, I dropped them off, stuck my mask in my pocket and slowly jogged to the starting point. HR was pretty high considering my, I was worried. I was also sweating way more than I should have. This was a route I had never run before but had mapped out earlier this week. Got to the starting point and realized there was no way I wanted my gloves and my ear warmer., so I took them off and stuff them in my pockets along with my mask. I now had hugely bulging pockets (no, I was not happy to see you). I really didn't want the long sleeve either, but there was nowhere to put that. Mile 1 - 6:24 (153 HR) Net downhill and started out fast. Took a bit, but found my pace, but my HR was already in the mid-170s by the end of this mile, which is not at all a good thing for me. Based on my Unproductive status, I knew that this was going to hurt and that I may crash and burn after mile 2. Mile 2 - 6:36 (175 HR) This was a pretty flat mile. Since this was the first time running the route, I wasn't familiar with what I was doing. I made a left turn one street too early and ended up running an impromptu loop. I lucked out that everything connected back to where I wanted to go, but it really threw me off as I was running lost for about half a mile. HR was in the upper 170s by the end of this mile and the delirium was starting to set in...but we push on. Mile 3 - 6:40 (179 HR) This mile started with an uphill before turning into a slow decline for the rest of the mile. My pace wasn't looking great and my HR was hitting 180. I apparently had a little left b/c I started picking it up with about 1/4 mile left. I had to run through a tunnel under a main road and the uphill out of that back to the street sucked, but then it was all downhill. Mile 3.1 - 5:38 (183 HR) Gave it all I had left. 180+ HR is pure misery for me. I actually had to slightly slow this down b/c my chest was hurting and I didn't want to die. 5K Time - 20:16 I missed my PR by 7 seconds. I am happy with the results and it was such a great cause to run for. I am also pretty sure that if conditions were different (physical and logistic), I could have beaten that PR and flirted with sub 20:00.
  12. I got 400 miles out of my first pair...and I could have gotten more. I'm on my second pair and have a third untouched pair in the closet (these have all been v1 of the Rincon - I got the last 2 pairs on sale at running warehouse, I have not had a v2 yet). On this second pair, the bottoms are definitely shredding a little bit, which did not happen on my first pair. This started around 100 miles and I'm now at 170 miles. The stuff I read on the shoe is that this seems to happen, but it does not structurally mess with anything and that is what I have experienced. It just looks a little gnarly. The best descriptor of the shoe is squishy. It sometimes feels like you lose momentum since it absorbs the impact so well, but it also gives a nice spring up. The feel is definitely not for everyone, but I am a fan. I currently rotate in a Saucony Kinvarna and Saucony ISO Freedom.
  13. Which type of Hoka did you get? I like the Rincons a lot. The upper-support is a little lacking but they are lightweight and have a lot of cushioning...definitely a different feel. I use them as my hybrid shoe. I can go long and slow with them, but since they are lighter in weight, I frequently use them for speed runs.