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  1. Nice job @Dr_Zaius!!! Doing it with pure integrity! Did the real run then laid down the hammer on tired legs, running through the thick rough, and dodging moving objects...very impressive
  2. FBG 1M Race Well that was something... I've really not done much speed work in my brief running career. Fastest I've done was a few 400 meters at a 6:00 pace and I was hurting for a few days after. I had no clue what was going to happen but I wanted to get some sort of time in and/or a test run in. A nice cool morning was forecasted so I thought I'd give it a go. I wanted to shoot for something sub 6:00 and a "hell yeah" goal in the 5:3x's. Started on the steepest part and came out fast, probably too fast as I saw a 4:35 at one point very early. Course leveled off a bit and i settled in at 5:30 around the 0.25 mark. I knew this was going to suck ### then as I was already hurting pretty bad and thought about aborting. I passed my car at the 0.5 mark and REALLY thought about stopping as I knew the brief uphill part of the course was about to hit. But, I knew this pain only was going to last for less than 3 more minutes and kept going. I made it up the uphill at just below 5:50 pace and thought I was in the clear for the last 0.25 mile. I hit the down slope and I was cursing (through my wheezing) because I didnt know why my legs no longer could go any faster. Finished it up and Strava gave me a PR time of 5:42! Nice! First time doing an all out mile and I am pleased with this time. Especially since I showed great integrity by not running the steep downhills like team grue (yes integrity...not the lack of access )
  3. Who is going to GoPro their run?
  4. Ha, yeah - not looking to drive out there for this. I've now got something a bit better than what I originally thought, within running distance. I'm going to check it out tomorrow. The dropoff is mainly at the end which I hope I will be able to handle without hurting myself. We will see.
  5. Way to crush it @gianmarco and the Mrs. I may need to book a flight. I think the most elevation drop I can get for the mile is like 50 net feet Correction- I got 64 on the first mile of the 5K
  6. @gianmarco best of wishes for you guys.
  7. Is it that it can't pair or that it says it is paired and you can't hear anything? My wife has the 645M and if her headphones are also paired with her phone, the phone will be considered "primary" and the music from the watch will only work if the headphones are unpaired from the phone.
  8. That lifetime warranty is losing value every time you post
  9. @gruecd - I like it a lot. It's sturdy and the base is longer and wider than a lot of alternatives...which was a must for me because I cannot stand skinny belts.
  10. I have the NordicTrack 2450 which is pretty much the same as the 2950 minus the screen size. I find the 14" screen on the 2450 to be plenty. Not sure if you looked at the 2450 or not, but the 22" on the 2950 may be more than you really need from how close you are to it while running .
  11. I was supposed to run the Soldier Field 10 Miler in Chicago this coming weekend with my wife and sister-in-law...while also visiting the family for my nieces 3rd birthday (not going for a variety of COVID related reasons including my wife's work requiring a 14 day self-quarantine from work for out of state travel). Today we got the shirts and medals in the mail. Just another reminder how suck-balls this whole thing is
  12. I've never run an all out mile before And now @MAC_32 is posting all of these horrific comments about the mile that I really didn't want to know If we are redoing estimates, put me down for 9 seconds slower than @-OZ- That seems like maximum embarrassment for him when I come in a tick faster than his time.
  13. Everyone is assuming that the only ones left are on team grue and our team isnt prepping for a second try... (you would be right)
  14. Don't you worry. That will get torn apart if the final numbers are close Great run!