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  1. I'm clearly no expert and defer all technical advise to the rest of the crew...but, @gianmarco you do deserve to race that 2nd HM. You've put in all this effort, and you should have fun and really push yourself. You don't want this whole year to only focus only on the July marathon. Who knows what might happen between now and then, if you had to miss it or were injured, the whole year would feel like a failure. Go have fun and race the hell out of that thing.
  2. Good info. Part of my reason for asking is what you were saying, the 10s can be had for $60 on the saucony website. If there isnt much of a difference, I was going to grab another pair instead of going with the 11s.
  3. @bushdocda how do you like the K11s? Do they feel race-able with the added weight? I've read that some feel it is becoming more of a daily trainer now that they are heavier and there were some comments about the thickness of the tongue being more than necessary.
  4. I'll assume you mean Muirfield. The Memorial Tournament, which is at the Murfield Village golf club, is just up the road from me. I get to run by this Golden Bear statue
  5. On my slower runs, I have my watch on my HR with no other stats. I'll peak at my pace every so often.
  6. If it is part of your standard salary/wages it is not a bonus.
  7. For your first part, I would argue that a bonus should never be considered part of take home pay. There is a reason it is a bonus and not part of your base salary. The company could crush it one year from a large windfall and give out bonuses that are 50% more than the year before. Should you now always expect that? If you make less than that the next year, are you now feeling slighted? I am not sure how big shady's company is, but the dollar amount allocated to bonuses in small and medium size companies vary greatly from one year to the next. The more profitable the company, the higher the bonus. The better an individual performs, the higher percent of that total pool they are likely to receive. All of the above is a bit moot, but there seems to be some disconnect from what I am saying to how it is being interpreted. For the bolded, I 100% agree. I said that shady needs to get this handled before the big boss leaves in one month. He is for sure getting the short end of the stick and it needs to be rectified. I am just providing my interpretation of why that actually happened. So many people jump the rails and immediately say to leave the job, that they are screwing you over. I really don't think that is the intention of the players involved here. People generally are so self-centered and self-absorbed that they don't see how their actions are have unintended consequences. The big boss is taking the easy way out (as most would do), and it hurt shady. Shady needs to fix that --- that is all I am getting at. But, he doesn't need to go in ready to start WWIII, he just needs to be proactive and get things taken care of, and let them know that he is materially impacted by these decisions.
  8. I get that his bonus is less, but he is still getting a bonus. From the perspective of the big boss, who likely doesn't want to do the review and should not be doing the review, this is the status quo --- a positive review where the employee still earns a bonus. It is the easiest route for the big boss to take. I very much doubt that the big boss is actually trying to pay shady less. He is trying to just deal with all these new things he now has to do, as quickly and painlessly as possible, since shady's original boss left. The impact on shady, I am almost certain, is an unintended consequence of that.
  9. My guess is this is the case. You have two people above you moving out/up. They take precedence over you and your promotion. Your review and rating got glossed over since your direct boss was no longer there and he is the person that can appropriately evaluate you. The big boss likely doesn't have the day-to-day information to rate you appropriately --- but he knew you were a good employee and gave you a positive review. Giving you an "excellent" review or anything lower than what he did was more likely to cause more commotion than what he was willing to accept (especially since he may have known about his own promotion), so he went "good". This neither hurts nor helps you, it keeps you status quo. The big boss saying he will try to promote you officially, may be sincere. However, with all of the other things that I am sure he is dealing with with his move, you very well may get put on the back burner (after all, you got a promotion, you should be happy, right?). I am with the crowd that says give it a bit more time, especially if you love it there. You need to be a squeaky wheel with the big boss right now, because once someone new comes in, they won't be inclined to raise salaries or make promotions until they have had ample time to evaluate everyone's performance. You need to get locked in to the new position and the corresponding pay scale -- the only issue may be they may handcuff the big boss' ability to do that knowing he is on his way out. He may need to pull some strings, but you need to stay on him. And really, what does he care if the team's overall payroll goes up if he is moving elsewhere, its just a matter of the inconvenience to him of pushing it through.
  10. No doubt. On top of my running/workouts, my wife does some running, yoga, and tennis. We have to juggle, but for the most part have our schedules laid out. If either wasnt supportive, it would be nearly impossible to put in any sort of productive time or have any normalcy in the schedule.
  11. Your HR has been absolutely killer. You're crushing it
  12. Your GPS is either way off or you were pretty hammered during that run...maybe both?
  13. You both should probably wash your hands after that high five.
  14. It was in the mid-30s. It wasn't really that bad to get down, I was just expecting to be a little thinner. Had to semi-chew it a couple of time to make it swallow-able. I like the warming it up idea, I'll try that next time.