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  1. Kettlebells + The moves can get a little repetitive after some time, but there is no denying that it works. It is strength + cardio all in one workout.
  2. My Garmin has an elliptical option. I would probably see if you have that as an add-on...if not, test out the indoor walk or workout. It's possible that none of those will record "miles" appropriately. If not, don't sweat it and just edit the title/text and input what you did.
  3. Looking forward to the report...especially the pre-race nutrition and BM
  4. (Obviously I didn't want the latter, but the opportunity was too good to pass up - you Iggy)
  5. I would still focus on eating well and cutting back on the alcohol. Let the pounds fly off and the running will get easier faster...dont think you have a free pass just yet with c25k. Also, I hate to tell you, but you're over 40 (and overweight) - you're almost always going to be sore to some degree in one area or another.
  6. It doesnt count unless it's right on the mile. Now, get back out there and do it again!
  7. Not sure on your watch...but if I do anything away from my phone, it may take a couple minutes for it to sync to my phone on its own (once I am within range of my phone). You may want to check your settings to make sure it auto-pushes into strava.
  8. @MAC_32 for a HM and @gianmarco for a 15K on Sunday
  9. @Zasada - great report. You had so much going against you and you still went for it and gave it all you had. You can't ask for anymore than that (well minus a PR of course ).
  10. I mean...what is Google supposed to do? This is the model of their company for right now. It used to be that you HAD to pay google if you wanted to be found in searches. Now, it is so flooded, that it isn't worth paying for. It should just work itself out.
  11. Yeah, now you dont even bother to track full marathons.
  12. What's your mileage plan over the winter? I'm trying to balance out the strength and miles...and dont want to regress too much. But there are only so many hours a week I can allocate to either (well if I dont want my wife and kids to leave me that is).
  13. We all start somewhere and this is a great first step. Now you have a benchmark and you will start seeing gains if you keep at it...remember, dont add too much at once. Ease into it as your body doesnt know wtf is going on right now and accelerating too quickly will lead to injury (my first run was 2.4 miles and I hurt my calf during the run, had to heal for 2.5 weeks).