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  1. If you haven’t seen this yet, skip to about the 15:35 mark and watch his demonstration, see if that marries up to how you felt No, not really. They just felt odd, or like I mentioned, heavy/wet. It was like the sickness lingered there, but I could breathe well during that two week followup.
  2. yea, me too - did not really impede me after the initial 4-5 days of being "sick". Mine then went away after 2 weeks.
  3. Can you describe this? They felt... wet? But not wet, because there was not much congestion. Heavy? Not right? Hard to describe. But definitely "something" I've never had for that length of time.
  4. I "think" I had it in the third week of Feb. Had a flu that started in the lungs, was all aches and fever for 4 days, with a semi-dry cough (slight congestion, but not that much). Then I started feeling better, but my lungs didn't feel right for two weeks afterwards. To cap it off, two days before I started feeling sick, I went to a concert (2/21) with a friend who was in South Korea the day before (right before it exploded there). Somewhat oddly, my wife did not catch whatever I had.
  5. I was looking for that - there's no college BB moment in the draft. I guess I did mention names that will probably get picked at some point. I try not to do that - sorry all.
  6. 15.06 - 1991–92 Duke Blue Devils - Greatest NCAA Team Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill... Pretty good game against Kentucky to get there. Be nice to see this team go back in time a few years to play that UNLV squad.
  7. I think the era question is suitable for all categories....not just team categories... Yea, you have to take these things within the context of their timeframe, competition, rules, etc. Plus, what if we put the Warriors in an NBA with far more relaxed contact rules and no three point line?
  8. 14.11 - Greatest Horse - Affirmed Sometimes, a great horse is not measured by times alone, but by how they responded when challenged. Affirmed had a (for now unnamed) rival, who he narrowly beat in all three triple crown races. First by a length and a half, then by a neck, then by a head. That's greatness.
  9. It somewhat depends on how we react to positive cases in the near future. Specifically, the tricky part is do we shut down <xyz> if one person tests positive? Say we open up restaurants in a month or two... then in August one person on the staff tests positive, is the whole place shut down again? How about a store? A league? The world series? Life in general? At what point do we say "we have to accept positive tests"? Now that I think about it, this is a tricky question.
  10. Danger Will Robinson! Indeed, that's not going to work for very long. Any home projects you can do?
  11. 13.06 - 1978 Steelers - Greatest NFL Team 14-2, super bowl champs. A slew of Hall of Famers - don't really want to mention any names yet. What makes this Steelers team the best is how they adapted to the new rules - the NFL opened things up in regards to passing, and they flourished. Best team I ever saw, and #1 in the category for me, so I'm happy to take them in round 13.
  12. I agree with you - Ray was not overhyped at all. And yea, he fought everyone who mattered, and beat them all. He had some real heart in the ring, too.
  13. 12.11 - Greatest Hockey Team - 1982-83 New York Islanders Growing up, these guys were my team. I'm going to put the 82-83 team as the best of the dynasty, as they were prettymuch a well-oiled machine by then, and capped off a great season by sweeping the young Oilers (who got them back in kind a year later). Won't name any names, because a bunch of these guys will get picked later. To me, this was the best hockey team I ever saw, and I'd put them up against anyone.
  14. It's funny - his controversy made me not really think of him until now, but his controversy is really nothing like the PED guys. The PED guys stats are in question. Rose's aren't, although his managerial record is definitely tarnished (because even if he bet on his team to win like he says, you could argue the bet made him do things he might not otherwise do - overuse a reliever, etc.)
  15. 11.06 - Pete "Charlie Hustle" Rose - Greatest Baseball Player I loved watching Pete Rose play. Nobody got more out of his talent, and nobody loved playing more either. I remember when he was with the Phillies, and that World Series against the Royals. He played first, and whenever the third out was a throw to first, he'd sprint across and spike the baseball near the mound, as if to say "take THAT". Dude was just a winner. Incredibly, he played SIX positions. Games at each: 1B - 939 2B - 628 3B - 634 LF - 673 CF - 73 RF - 590 17× All-Star (1965, 1967–1971, 1973–1982, 1985) 3× World Series champion (1975, 1976, 1980) NL MVP (1973) World Series MVP (1975) NL Rookie of the Year (1963) 2× Gold Glove Award (1969, 1970) Silver Slugger Award (1981) 3× NL batting champion (1968, 1969, 1973) 4,256 career hits
  16. 10.11 - 1998 New York Yankees - Greatest Baseball Team Going to go with a favorite, and a little recency bias as well. 114 regular season wins. 125 overall. Two first ballot hall of famers who, combined, had one person not vote for them. A slew of "Hall of Very Good" guys in O'Neil, Bernie, Posada, plus 3/5 of the starting staff (Petite, Wells, Cone.... plus for a few years, El Duque was like that too). Awesome pen, with Nelson and Stanton setting up for Mo. So many great role players like Tino, Brosius, and a resurgent Strawberry. This team's grinders would out-machine the Big Red Machine, and their staff/bullpen was much better. My #1 of all time, but I would not argue the 27' Yankees being ranked higher. But that's about it - we'll see what the judges say.
  17. Yea, to me, he's the last one that's at least in the conversation for best ever.
  18. For a few years, there was nothing like Mike Tyson. Pre-Douglas Tyson was scary. Was never quite the same after Buster, of course.