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  1. Pretty sure he would have been there in the 2nd...
  2. My league has 16 man rosters, we start 8 with 2QB then combo of RB/WR/TE. My RB are awful. Ive had offers but nothing excites me. Same owner has 1.02+1.03. That gives me 2 good RB each week instead of 1 great one. That improves my team by say 200 points per week isntead of 125-150. I would probably think that over.
  3. I saw the title " I need help with collusion" and wondered why someone would wait until after week 16 to seek a partner to cheat with.
  4. Its the time of year when we all begin to over think or wish too hard for these things
  5. In leagues with 4 starting DB Reid is a must add right now.
  6. Well. I couldn't have been more wrong on this guy.
  7. Sorry, filled now from internal recommendations.
  8. Sorry about that. Ive set homepage available to guests. Does that let you view?
  9. Competitive league with good scoring system. 2QB and very flexible lineup behind that. IDP scoring is important. Good group of owners who overlap in other leagues. 2 teams available - $7.50 each per season. Any questions please let me know.
  10. Yeah my excitement at getting him on waivers has pretty much evaporated now Horrible feeling that teams might see him as a post week 1 signing in case of neck injury issues. I cannot hold him that long.
  11. This is my point. It might not appear to be a one year deal, but I bet it is structured to protect the team in case of any other neck issues. If he proves his neck is ok, the multiple years will kick in. Remember when David Wilson came back? It flared up almost immediately. I like Orr and as an owner Id like to see him in Oakland. but my excitement will be muted for a few weeks until we see he is ok.
  12. Because he has a neck that needs to prove itself to be NFL capable again Its nothing to do with his ability.
  13. OAK makes just too much sense. They desperately need a player and mentor for a couple of younger guys, and i think the could construct a nice prove it contract for both sides.
  14. Wondering if I should try and sell in the next 24 hours But Im thinking i will get a 5th/6th in return if he does stay fit and make a roster Im talking 90-120 tackles Hold and sweat i think