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  1. He should sign a 1 day contract with the chargers and retire there .
  2. I benched him yesteray for R Jones,. Reading the weather confirms where the floors lie. Sutton time is a coming, but not quite yet...
  3. I have both Pettis and Godwin. Its like pick your poison or take strong medicine. Going to ride them both 1 more week, but the QB play needs to imrpove as well as theirs. My suspicion is that neither is on my roster week 3 - and thats dynasty.
  4. Coleman down and Breida next man up and he is not exactly injury free. If Ajayi is fit would he make sense here?
  5. Very competitive league. Seen a couple of super fast turnarounds in recent years. Draft starts in a couple of weeks. $7.50 via paypal for entry fees
  6. Not sure why you ant see the legue. I checked settings and non owenrs shoudl be able to see rosters and reports etc.
  7. Good league where IDP scores a ittle more heavil;y than usual - DB especially. QB matters and this team has Russell and Eli. Has first pick in every round. Also has 1 KR slot and 5 taxi squad positions. Drafting mid May. $7.50 paypaypal entry.
  8. Well if the prosecutor is like Collins, the charges will get dropped.
  9. I have one league with week 17 final and I have always enjoyed it. However, it makes no sense to stop transactions i nthe week fo the final at least for the 2 competitors.
  10. He went from LB1 to potential cut on my dynasty team with not a lot of points in between those 2 designations. Not sure who will take a gamble on him. Concusions, injuries and suspensions are more frequent than his tackles.
  11. scothawk

    Vic Beasley

    I think the bye week raised his average score.
  12. Ive held him in multiple dynasty leagues after pcikign him up for free in the summer. Pretty sure he will be dropping fas tfrom my squads in next 5-10 days.
  13. Somewhere Al Davis is nodding his head.