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  1. Is Barnidge still a FA? That might buy them a year on Williams.
  2. He's on FA in most of my leagues. I think Im going to let him stay there.
  3. Just seen it again!!!
  4. Ive just seen Lynch go at 1.03......
  5. And in the short term his team has a poor offense meaning he spends more time on the field.
  6. SLightly off topic, but where do we rank AJ Klein in rookie drafts where he is in the pool?
  7. Hyde is another interesting player for sure. Ive seen a couple of trades for him over the last few weeks - each involved a first rounder at least. I do look at the 49ers 2nd rounder and wonder if that might be a RB. But I think they might ride out Hyde for one more year until they decide what their QB strategy is.......
  8. Good post. I own Perkins in multiple leagues and I wouldn't sell right now. Gore epitomizes what you are saying. Get him today for nothing. If the Colts draft a RB then you might have good numbers for a few weeks. If they don't draft anyone, you might have decent numbers all season.
  9. Rotowire said he would be coming off the field in Nickel packages. Might be an opinion more than fact, but the rumblings are starting. Im not doubting his ability, I just think the warning signs are there for dynasty owners right now.
  10. So he is moving to SLB. Seriously doubt he has any trade value left. I own him in 2 leagues. In one league I also have Jack, so I might see if I can use Poz as trade bait to move up a little in the draft and also free up a roster spot. In the other I think I will hold and hope. He's going to be a 2 down LB now with competition for tackles. The end is fast approaching for one of my favourite players.
  11. Took 2 LB because I wanted to hit with the picks. Plus Ive got Poz who is nearly done and we start 5. Will look at Bowser in our WW run........ Thanks
  13. This could be more of a reference to their round 2 pick. If Cook/Mixon are still there, 49ers want other teams to think they have to come and get them.