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  1. Career over.
  2. He is all over the place in terms of draft slot and teams that are interested. Not sure Im going to be a buyer even towards the end of the first round in a rookie draft. If he was on the clock at my pick (in the latter part of the round) I might drop pack a couple of spots and take another pick or an IDP for the trouble. I like watching the guy play, but Im not sure he is going to be an NFL star right out of the gate.
  3. PFT reporting Kendricks on the trade block. Given that they slashed his playing time and he has a strong salary, Im not sure how much itnerest he will receive. If he is cut then you have to think the Giants would be all over him. Lose lose for the Eagles. Raiders might look at him now though as a missing cog on their defense. Definetely time to get him if you can
  4. This. I wan rid off, but I doubt I get a 3rd. Might shoot some offer out for a good LB.
  5. Johnny U league - link to drafts for 2016 and 2015 This is the league where we draft before the NFL draft. We also have a 3 round waiver (reverse of draft order) after the NFL draft is completed - Ive picked up a couple of gems during this period. Lots of different lineups options between 1-3 RB, WR and TE. On Def we start the standard 3-4-4. League has at least one opening if you are interested. In the past new teams have rebuilt very fast and most have competed within one draft cycle. $7 entry fee. Will post some other leagues later.
  6. Im in a few leagues with 40-45players, full IDP start 3/4 DL, 3/4 L, 4 DB. Roookie drafts 5-7 rounds each. One of them also drafts before the NFL draft which might throw your research off a little! Let me know how I can help.
  7. good fun league. 2 QB and lots of scoring. $7 per year for MFL fees. Anyone interested please shoot me a reply. Would prefer owners with IDP experience but happy to help newbies as well.
  8. How did everyone get on? I won thanks to both Matt Ryan scoring well and to D Johnson hurting his knee.
  9. Ive been on a few of their team message boards and its clear that the supporters want to go for the win. But the common feeling on other sites re fantasy is that key players on off and def will be held back.
  10. Now it seems that Blue might not get a full game either. We know Giants are resting big names, how do we think they look om Perkins? He seems to be edging ahead in the pecking order, but will they want to give him more repetitions at this point or keep him fresh?
  11. Oh boy. You have bigger problems than me. Id go Sanders I think. Denver might go air happy to see what they have at QB posiiton.
  12. I'm flipping between Rawls and Blue. Playing one of them alongside Quiz. Or maybe perkins. Unless Dallas say Zeke goes for the record. But what if M Gordon gets a green light? Head exploding. I've got Ryan at QB I feel good about that this week. WR I've got AROB Evans and Stills with Watkins and Meredith on the bench. The backs are the issue this week. Hang on. Now I'm back onto Perkins.
  13. Forgot about that. Armed with that knowledge I think I might sit Williams. I know Gates is hinting he might come back, but you got to think he is going to see a lot of balls forced his way.
  14. Standard answer to most head to head battles this week is to ask yourself if you think Peters plays all game. Chance that Williams goes off in the second half......
  15. Imagine Zeke got a HAS when he was on 150 yards..... Its not worth the risk unless he rips off an 80 yarder in the first series. Even then....