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  1. This guy is going to feature in most of my pre season cut downs I think.
  2. At DE he was getting into droppable territory. At DT I am going to hold in DT required leagues.
  3. The Carl Lawson ride is frustrating.
  4. I have Mario Edwards in my league where we have 1 DT starter required- happy right now.
  5. Me no likey I own Kirksey in every league where i own Kendricks - so its double trouble for me
  6. I really dont know Felt good at first about him as ILB in Buf but I think I might be over thinking it now
  7. Seems this guy is Rolando McClain with a bigger gun
  8. I'm pretty much in Do Not Draft a Rookie TE mode this year.
  9. With this kind of reaction, a lot of teams picking at #11 and #12 this year, are going to be doing so again for a few years to come.
  10. Yeah but the other one is live. Didnt that carry possible jail time?
  11. What about the weapons charges?
  12. Pretty sure he is cut soon. Then what? Will another team take a chance on him - if he avoids jail time?
  13. Pretty sure he would have been there in the 2nd...
  14. My league has 16 man rosters, we start 8 with 2QB then combo of RB/WR/TE. My RB are awful. Ive had offers but nothing excites me. Same owner has 1.02+1.03. That gives me 2 good RB each week instead of 1 great one. That improves my team by say 200 points per week isntead of 125-150. I would probably think that over.