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  1. Im waiting a week to ensure his snap count is ticking up and also to see how his health holds up. Im also thinking if he goes on a hot streak and I can get value for him, then its time to trade him in dynasty.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on James. I added him in all my leagues. Going to see what happens this week, butI think Heeney might be heading to the drop zone on my team.
  3. Foster has a degenerative groin. Agree with Buck above - RB is going to catch a lot of balls, especially the way Tannehill is playing. Spiller makes so much sense here for such a low investment.
  4. Ogbah might get DE next year. I would watch that. Ive got Nassib in a couple of leagues. Im looking forward to seeing if I got something there or not.
  5. Tony Romo's - A Place For Ribs (IR)
  6. Well Bosa has been going at various stages of the second and Buckner is 2nd/3rd. How do you like Curry versus them? Im thinking you need to use 2.10 or 3.01 to get Curry. However with 4 second round picks you have the firepower to do it earlier than that to be sure. If you think Curry > Bosa/Buckner I would go 2.05. Jack at 2.01 and Curry at 2.05-2.10 would be sweet.
  7. I would take Heeney for sure. Probably grab Cravens right now and wait and see how his designation ends up. He isnt a FA in any league I am in.
  8. Sounds like he is trying to set up a buy low scenario for Teddy in his fantasy league
  9. Seems there are a lot of teams where he would be an upgrade on the depth chart. Doubt he is unemployed for long.
  10. Turbin's arrest just makes this a whole lot more interesting. Got to think the Colts are in the FA market for a veteran back up now.
  11. Career over me thinks.
  12. Still potential for him to change and change back Not a massive surprise though. Ive still drafted hi in leagues where I needed LB help and slightly earlier in leagues that credit pass defenses.
  13. I think the general feeling is that another year on the tyres isn't going to make Gore any better than last year. I think it is a fair assumption that someone else in Indy is going to get a decent amount of carries this year, we are simply trying to work out who. Currently my vote says it is Turbin. But even so, I don't see any 2017 value here from Gore or Turbin. It the latter gets any work Im trading him straight away.
  14. Turbin is a FA in most leagues. Pretty sure he will be primary back up and probably COP to start season. Ive picked him up everywhere I can. As much as I like Ferguson I think Turbin is the plug in if Gore goes down early season.