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  1. Tony Romo's - A Place For Ribs (IR)
  2. Well Bosa has been going at various stages of the second and Buckner is 2nd/3rd. How do you like Curry versus them? Im thinking you need to use 2.10 or 3.01 to get Curry. However with 4 second round picks you have the firepower to do it earlier than that to be sure. If you think Curry > Bosa/Buckner I would go 2.05. Jack at 2.01 and Curry at 2.05-2.10 would be sweet.
  3. I would take Heeney for sure. Probably grab Cravens right now and wait and see how his designation ends up. He isnt a FA in any league I am in.
  4. Sounds like he is trying to set up a buy low scenario for Teddy in his fantasy league
  5. Seems there are a lot of teams where he would be an upgrade on the depth chart. Doubt he is unemployed for long.
  6. Turbin's arrest just makes this a whole lot more interesting. Got to think the Colts are in the FA market for a veteran back up now.
  7. Career over me thinks.
  8. Still potential for him to change and change back Not a massive surprise though. Ive still drafted hi in leagues where I needed LB help and slightly earlier in leagues that credit pass defenses.
  9. I think the general feeling is that another year on the tyres isn't going to make Gore any better than last year. I think it is a fair assumption that someone else in Indy is going to get a decent amount of carries this year, we are simply trying to work out who. Currently my vote says it is Turbin. But even so, I don't see any 2017 value here from Gore or Turbin. It the latter gets any work Im trading him straight away.
  10. Turbin is a FA in most leagues. Pretty sure he will be primary back up and probably COP to start season. Ive picked him up everywhere I can. As much as I like Ferguson I think Turbin is the plug in if Gore goes down early season.
  11. Ooof. Horrible news for a potential break out candidate. I actually made some offers earlier this week for him.
  12. I'm seeing Bosa going towards the early part of the 2nd round now. About 5 or 6 picks too early for me to get him Im thinking he stays at DE, but as per the Cravens thread who knows? Just that element of risk is enough to make me take a sure fire ILB ahead of him. Personally Ive found more success plucking DE off the wire late season or even Jan / Feb when open than I have in the draft.
  13. can say what they like, it doesn't impact on fantasy position designation. The homepage is pimping Matt Barkley for crying out loud. As for OLB, I though the fluff was that he was playing at ILB? This ride has many ups and downs to come.
  14. We need to find out who makes the position changes at Roto, and then look at his fantasy squads to see who he owns, or more importantly, doesn't own.