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  1. Hyde is another interesting player for sure. Ive seen a couple of trades for him over the last few weeks - each involved a first rounder at least. I do look at the 49ers 2nd rounder and wonder if that might be a RB. But I think they might ride out Hyde for one more year until they decide what their QB strategy is.......
  2. Good post. I own Perkins in multiple leagues and I wouldn't sell right now. Gore epitomizes what you are saying. Get him today for nothing. If the Colts draft a RB then you might have good numbers for a few weeks. If they don't draft anyone, you might have decent numbers all season.
  3. Rotowire said he would be coming off the field in Nickel packages. Might be an opinion more than fact, but the rumblings are starting. Im not doubting his ability, I just think the warning signs are there for dynasty owners right now.
  4. So he is moving to SLB. Seriously doubt he has any trade value left. I own him in 2 leagues. In one league I also have Jack, so I might see if I can use Poz as trade bait to move up a little in the draft and also free up a roster spot. In the other I think I will hold and hope. He's going to be a 2 down LB now with competition for tackles. The end is fast approaching for one of my favourite players.
  5. Took 2 LB because I wanted to hit with the picks. Plus Ive got Poz who is nearly done and we start 5. Will look at Bowser in our WW run........ Thanks
  7. This could be more of a reference to their round 2 pick. If Cook/Mixon are still there, 49ers want other teams to think they have to come and get them.
  8. Any questions please shout!!
  9. Bump. This is a fun, competitive league. C'mon guys. Someone step up please!
  10. It something different. I like it. Side benefit is it really helps me appreciate the rookies more from a talent perspective rather than just for their landing spot on draft day.
  11. I grabbed Hansen at 5.11 in my rookie draft last night.
  12. Long established league. Very competitive. good scoring system. MFL with $7 entry fee. Various starting combos 1-2 RB, 2-5WR, 1-3 TE and 2-2-2 + 2 flex IDP. Team has talent at nearly every position and third pick in each round (except 5 and 7 where we flip). mpty team - new owner Player 2016 YTD Pts Bye Drafted Dalton, Andy CIN QB 281 - FA McCown, Josh NYJ QB 69 - FA Osweiler, Brock CLE QB 176 - FA Charles, Jamaal FA RB (Q) 11 - FA Howard, Jordan CHI RB 216 - FA Johnson, Duke CLE RB 108 - FA Peterson, Adrian MIN RB (Q) 6 - FA Green, A.J. CIN WR 197 - FA Greene, Rashad JAC WR (Q) 1 - FA Kerley, Jeremy SFO WR 139 - FA Matthews, Rishard TEN WR 206 - FA Shepard, Sterling NYG WR 179 - FA Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR 225 - FA Cook, Jared OAK TE 84 - FA Ebron, Eric DET TE 172 - FA James, Jesse PIT TE 106 - FA Carpenter, Dan FA PK 102 - FA Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK 153 - FA Vinatieri, Adam IND PK 160 - FA Donald, Aaron LAR DT 118 - FA Ansah, Ezekiel DET DE 60 - FA Dunlap, Carlos CIN DE 119 - FA Fowler, Dante JAC DE 70 - FA Jordan, Cameron NOS DE 125 - FA Barron, Mark LAR LB 172 - FA Casillas, Jonathan NYG LB 133 - FA Hitchens, Anthony DAL LB 102 - FA Irvin, Bruce OAK LB 120 - FA Jones, Chandler ARI LB 124 - FA Perry, Nick GBP LB 117 - FA Sheard, Jabaal IND LB 65 - FA Tulloch, Stephen PHI LB 12 - FA Ware, Demarcus DEN LB 36 - FA Branch, Tyvon ARI CB (Q) 43 - FA Allen, Nate MIA S 54 - FA Bell, Vonn NOS S 126 - FA Bethea, Antoine ARI S 167 - FA Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha GBP S 132 - FA Joseph, Karl OAK S 88 - FA McLeod, Rodney PHI S 136 - FA 40 Total Players Injured Reserve Johnson, Stevie FA WR (Q) - - FA Warning! Possible IR Rule Violation Above. Galette, Junior WAS LB (Q) - - FA Warning! Possible IR Rule Violation Above. 2 Total Players Taxi Squad Davis, Mike SFO RB 12 - FA Williams, Jonathan BUF RB 11 - FA Smith, Devin NYJ WR 3 - FA Perry, Joshua LAC LB 34 - FA Dillon, K.J. HOU S (Q) 8 - FA
  13. I think its filled
  14. One filled. Need one more. Team has some older level talent and needs some work on defense. But Ive seen worse. Sign up today and start drafting next week! Brees, Drew NOS QB 373.00 5 Cousins, Kirk WAS QB 327.00 9 Hoyer, Brian CHI QB 89.00 9 McCown, Josh CLE QB 61.00 13 Forte, Matt NYJ RB (Q) 153.00 11 Langford, Jeremy CHI RB 47.40 9 Lynch, Marshawn FA* RB - - Martin, Doug TBB RB (S) 71.60 6 McCoy, LeSean BUF RB (Q) 257.00 10 Powell, Bilal NYJ RB 131.00 11 Williams, Damien MIA RB 68.65 8 Williams, Karlos PIT RB - 8 Boyd, Tyler CIN WR (R) 88.20 9 Brown, Corey CAR WR 40.00 7 Coates, Sammie PIT WR (Q) 70.87 8 Coleman, Brandon NOS WR 54.00 5 Cruz, Victor NYG WR 79.20 8 Diggs, Stefon MIN WR (Q) 156.37 6 Hardy, Justin ATL WR 41.18 11 Wheaton, Markus PIT WR (Q) 14.40 8 Celek, Brent PHI TE 21.70 4 Fasano, Anthony TEN TE 24.20 13 Witten, Jason DAL TE 137.20 7 Bryant, Matt ATL PK 169.01 11 Novak, Nick HOU PK 133.36 9 Hankins, Johnathan NYG DT 85.40 8 Harrison, Damon NYG DT 144.75 8 Logan, Bennie PHI DT 53.45 4 Ayers, Robert TBB DE 63.30 6 Graham, Brandon PHI DE 122.70 4 Hayes, William RAM DE 80.55 8 Mincey, Jeremy FA DE - - Robison, Brian MIN DE 70.05 6 Barr, Anthony MIN LB 113.95 6 Mercilus, Whitney HOU LB 123.50 9 Miller, Von DEN LB 173.25 11 Misi, Koa MIA LB (Q) 31.90 8 Peppers, Julius GBP LB 72.20 4 Ryans, DeMeco FA LB - - Smith, Daryl TBB LB 63.05 6 Timmons, Lawrence PIT LB 211.00 8 Tulloch, Stephen PHI LB 10.50 4 Carrie, Travis OAK CB 59.86 10 Gilmore, Stephon BUF CB (Q) 134.90 10 Hayden, D.J. OAK CB (Q) 75.25 10 Jackson, Kareem HOU CB 126.25 9 Jones, Adam CIN CB 124.84 9 Branch, Tyvon ARI S (Q) 58.20 9 Chancellor, Kam SEA S 149.05 5 Mitchell, Michael PIT S 132.55 8 50 Total Players Injured Reserve Watson, Ben BAL TE (Q) - 8 Warning! Possible IR Rule Violation Above. Smith, Jacquies TBB DE (Q) 0.00 6 Warning! Possible IR Rule Violation Above.