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  1. I've been listening to LCD's 45:33 basically all day. Good focus music.
  2. Any live scoring options this year? Haven't read the thread and did not see any links in the OP. Thanks in advance.
  3. Memo from Turner:
  4. Funny. I read this story yesterday and thought of the whole Ashley York situation. Different, but the same sort of.
  5. Update? Just re-read this thread and still find it fascinating.
  6. Might be of interest. Hash Power - Crypto Currency Audio Cast:
  7. Thank you! That worked well.
  8. My FBG is showing my team from last year. I have tried to import my new squad but get a blank screen. Anybody else experiencing the same thing? Any idea how I correct it? Thanks.
  9. Just to follow up. Chrome was blocking Flash from running as an extension. Once I unblocked the plugin, everything is working fine. Thanks.
  10. Yep, sent a question yesterday. Have yet to hear back. If I do hear anything helpful I'll post it in case other are having similar issues. Thanks.
  11. I've tried a couple of mock drafts using CBS and am not getting any volume or ability to chat. In the past a voice would say "You are on deck" or "You are on the clock," now just silence (the mute is not on). It says that I need to download Flash 9.0 and have tried several times to do so but CBS fails to recognize Flash. Has anybody else had these issues? Any ideas on how to fix them? My league will not be changing sites. Thanks.