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  1. Just bringing this up because people will run across this when searching: You mean Muscle Shoals Sound Studio strictly, and not to include FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, correct? Both are historically important locations in the American music industry.
  2. Was thinking of a piano angle myself, but let me switch gears. Genre: British Top 10 Singles, 1980-89 ... Don't want to make the 'homework' hard on anyone, so here are the links: 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 The 1981 and 1982 song lists are mild fudges -- for some reason, those years are excluded from Wikipedia's UK Top 10s lists. But the year-end UK Top 100 lists are close enough to serve as a proxy, as far as I'm concerned. Basically: if the song is listed on one of those links, it's fair game.
  3. Good find, Vandy Man. The Dao incident is largely forgotten by the public ... but the wheels of justice grind on anyway. I wish I had the experiences of those who fly frequently -- really curious if anything about the relationship between airline crews and passengers has changed noticeably in recent months.
  4. Yeah, but the "crime" is not "kneeling for the anthem". The "crime" is "drawing too much media". That's why I put Kaepernick in the same bucket as Tebow, Sam, Incognito, etc.
  5. Also, a lot of time had passed for Vick -- the controversy had gone cold. It was reasonably (if not perfectly) safe, from a PR standpoint, to bring Vick in. At worst, the "he served his time" card could always have been played for Vick. Kaepernick could likely have benefitted from "sitting out" 2017 as well (a la Richie Incognito). But the current grievance filing has thrown that out of the window. Kaepernick's absolute best result -- for him personally** -- is to get a cash settlement of some type. His odds are very long of ever being on an NFL roster again. ** meaning that a CBA do-over is not a result that benefits him personally. Obviously, the NFLPA would be ecstatic.
  6. This isn't what it's about anymore. Keep is just a lightning rod now ... the background reasons don't matter anymore. Tebow and Michael Sam are similar. It's also why other players have been able to kneel without repercussions -- they're not the lightning rod. Inconsistent and illogical? You bet -- but that's reality.
  7. Agreed. Before this suit, I though Kaepernick had a strong chance to sign with a team in 2018. At this point, though, he has basically retired himself.
  8. Been happy with Crawley's play for the most part ... but, man, I hope that whiff on Golden Tate's TD isn't indicative of anything.
  9. Yes. One thing the Saintsreport crew was going about was that in the second half, every flag either killed a Saints big play or bailed out Detroit from facing a 4th down. Also, people were saying that Detroit was continuously blocking in the back on every special teams return and not getting called.
  10. Two teams outside of NFL royalty. I don't think more than 5 or 6 Saints fans ever post in their gameday threads here. Over on Saintsreport ... different story.
  11. Just saw the video of this play on the NFL's YouTube channel. I think Thomas had control of the ball to the ground. The Lions defender having hands on the ball before Thomas's backside touched the turf did not mean Thomas didn't have control to the ground. "Having control" is obviously a gigantic judgment call ... and I think sometimes refs think any ball movement whatsoever means lack of control. That is not so -- in fact, it almost never happens that a ball gets stopped cold and goes stationary on any catch.. Had the on-field ref ruled the other way in real time, the replay couldn't have been conclusively ruled in the Lions' favor, either. It would have been "insufficient evidence" in that direction, too.
  12. Nah ... if they were truly better, Saints win by 28-42 pts. A lotta flukey stuff in this game.
  13. Can't wait to watch the highlights and the game replay. I heard that on the Saints' first TO in the second quarter, our WR caught the ball and was down for like a three-count (exaggeration) before the strip. Also, that it was not a bang-bang 50-50 play, and that the official screwed up royally calling it a fumble. But again ... all I have is radio and a Saints fan board to go by.
  14. Lions, your team is better than our today. In a few weeks, when the kids gets some more experience ... maybe not. But today, you are. Regardless of scoreboard. Good teams don't lose by less than 21 after being up 35.