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  1. Anarchy, that's a good list. Must be domestic only, though -- Avatar mopped the floor with The Force Awakens overseas.
  2. According to, Endgame is already the #1 top grossing movie of all time. was a week early, but now it seems to be official -- this past weekend, Avengers: Endgame has passed Avatar per almost every industry source I can dig up. Box Office Mojo is calling it, as well. Granted, it's only by about $511 K at the moment, but a few more last-gasp weekends for Endgame could get them maybe a $5 million cushion. Some expect Avatar to be re-released in advance of Avatar 2 ... so James Cameron could get the title back really soon. And of course, Avatar is comfortably ahead in dollars adjust for inflation (~$3.3 billion in 2019 dollars).
  3. Reading up on Jane Foster as Thor, I got to checking up on what other characters in the comics have wielded Mjolnir. Doesn't mean the movies have to follow suit ... but some of the names could be interesting in the future MCU: Spiderman Valkyrie Deadpool (!) Professor X Rogue Silver Surfer Bruce Banner (but not as Hulk) Black Widow (if she ever comes back) and ... both Doctor Doom and Magneto (uh oh) ... EDIT: Eh, scratch Deadpool. Essentially, he had a facsimile Mjolnir.
  4. I think the songs as lyrical compositions are OK. Better than average, but not particularly noteworthy among their contemporary peers. I like Mick Jones, but appreciate his musicianship more than his writing. Lou Gramm's vocals, however, simply elevated those tunes THAT much. That guy is a hugely underrated rock singer. Voted for "Juke Box Hero" where Gramm slides effortlesstly between haunting wistfulness and blood-pumping excitement. Jones is in solid form, and a young Thomas Dolby keys out a foreboding sonic backdrop.
  5. A little early for that. The roadmap of the MCU circa 2012-13 looked different than what was eventually released. There could be some temperature-taking going on now, while it's financially safe to do so. Throwing out ideas at a con (even a huge one) is a lot quicker and cheaper than filming a superhero-genre picture. Counterpoint, though: If these Phase 4 films go on largely as announced and average, say, $400 million a pop, it will feel like the franchise has gotten buried. Even though almost any other film would be ecstatic to reach that figure.
  6. I thought I had gout about five years ago. I had about a week of rough pain at the base of the big toe with no obvious injury. After reading up and self-doctoring, I was sure it was gout. Never went to a doctor. I took double doses of Aleve twice a day for two days, and the symptoms went away with nary a flare-up since. Due to the non-recurrence, I no longer think it was actually gout. Shared a lot of symptoms, though.
  7. There's also a dark, more serious, chips-are-down version of Deadpool in the comics that could be further explored (e.g. the Deadpool vs. Carnage books, including at least one ready-to-film graphic novel). I know the MCU doesn't typically do "dark" ... but the point was that there are well-established avenues to take Deadpool that don't require potty humor or rated-X double-entendres. And as Insein alluded to, there has already been a series of Deadpool + Spidey comics -- mostly as a reluctant team-up but also at some points as adversaries. Those books are plenty irreverant, but PG-13 enough for us to allow our then-10-year-old son to collect them. There is also a "Death of Deadpool" compilation book that features a ton of fun & weird team-ups (e.g. Deadpool + "The Thing" Ben Grimm + Benjamin Franklin's Ghost [yes, the Founding Father himself]). The material from that book is also PG-13 without the aimed-at-adults humor suffering.
  8. This makes me marvel at the semi-resurgence of vinyl albums over the last five years. Curious about whether the vinyl sales since 2015 or so are mostly to nostalgic Boomers and Gen-Xers, or do Millenials and younger seek to spin physical vinyl records, too?
  9. The OP is kind of like a 50-year-old man in the mid-1970s wondering what radio serials the 70s kids are into? "I mean, we had The Shadow, and Jack Benny, and Orson Welles, and Captain Midnight. What radio shows do kids today listen to, in 1975?" Nothing against rockaction because I feel the losses that he feels, too. It's just that obsolescence is encroaching quickly on even the very media of many of our most cherished cultural touchstones.
  10. There's a whole 'nother world of creative endeavors online that my kids partake in. That has largely replaced consumption of contemporary** popular music and television as Boomers and Gen-Xers knew it growing up. ** I added "contemporary" because reaching back in time and latching on to music groups from the past is common in my daughter's cohort. They still listen to that old stuff in digital space, though. With very few exceptions, modern pop music hits are pretty much just background music for my kids, not cultural touchstones.
  11. What do you mean? He doesn't hold a political office regardless of what some might think. I know ... I just mean, really is there any real negative fallout or unintended negative effect if Meuller does spell it out that plainly to Congress. Just for the purpose of shutting up (or attempting to) all the "No collusion, no obstruction!" cries. "Politically" as in "political (public relations) considerations (esp negtive ones) for anyone allied against Trump." And maybe reputationally for Meuller, too -- does he remain above reproach if he essentially adds a verbal addendum to his team's report? I'm thinking he probably does, but I don't know all the ins and outs, and I don't know where all the shoes drop. That's what I was getting at.
  12. Wait until your struggling to last past 9 p.m.
  13. Only if both jaws are equally healthy to begin with I didn't mean that as a metaphor.
  14. This sounds good in theory, but humans typically don't function that way. The reptile brain seeks to get even. Bigoted expression in the public sphere is iterative -- the dishing out of sanctioned, excusable bigoted words will water the seeds of unsanctioned, inexcusable bigotry in return.
  15. At the individual level, the collective experience of any group doesn't matter in the moment to the victim of racism. A fist to the jaw hurts everyone the same. I think it's poor form to tell someone "Well, the bad thing that happened to you doesn't really matter, because collectively people that look like you experience fewer bad things than people that look otherwise". In case the point is lost: not really talking about "Becky" anymore. More of a general point about treating individuals poorly and how vicitims process the pain (both physical and psychological, and along the spectrum of 'hardly nothing' to 'death').