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  1. SIL is probably "chewing quietly" -- to himself and others without misophonia. My understanding of misophonia (daughter seems to have it) is that there's no such thing to her as "quiet chewing" except her own. Super-careful, mouth-closed, slow-motion noiseless chewing in other people still bothers her if she is aware of it.
  2. So far, a quick Googling seems to reveal that the current state of the art in treating misophonia is ... teaching the sufferer to tolerate the offending sounds. In non-medical terms, all a doctor can do for you is tell you to "get over it and deal (but here's how you deal)", in so many words?
  3. Are there any treatments for misophonia? Any research into common depressants, stimulants (including the common ADHD meds), or cannabinoids having a mitigating effect?
  4. Glad to see an update on these kids.
  5. Two things: (1) Awareness has long been achieved, and (2) there isn't a straight, direct path between "awareness" and "persuasion". Somewhere, somehow, sympathy has to be garnered. My memory is that the #metoo movement never resorted to highway obstruction (possibly excepting permitted and sanctioned public marches). OK ... highway obstruction won't be working, either. What would be next in the logical progression? This might be kind of a weird analogy ... but to me, it's like trying to aim a telescope at a specific star in the night sky. Yes, you can move the telescope around by whacking it really hard. The telescope will, indeed, move. Will it be pointed on that specific star, though? If not, keep whacking at it. Does it ever get into alignment? Do you ever meet the goal of lining the telescope up with the star? Aiming the telescope takes care, feedback (looking in the eyepiece to check bearings), and patience -- but you will end up with a bead on that star every time. In such a task, desperation and impatience make success virtually impossible.
  6. I'm not convinced that the two events bolded above necessarily had a cause-and-effect relationship. YMMV. Also, I think even if road obstruction did measurably lead to positive results 50+ years ago, I'm not convinced that that particular form of protest suits the world of 2018 very well (generally: more harried pace of life, people juggling more obligations, people more insular, etc.). I mean ... do people that hijack highways want "sideline" people to be sympathetic to their message or not? I'm supposed to ... what, vote for candidates the protesters prefer? To what end? What if, instead, I end up voting for candidates who aim to push through legislation to make highway protest a felony because I want highway protests stopped? ... To me, the lunch counter protests were a very different thing -- that was a "a right to be there, a right to be served" issue not unlike, say, taking seats in the front of city buses.
  7. This is kind of shouting into the wind at this point. David Hogg is correct -- don't rely on continuing media coverage or on constant Twitter buzz, both of which can only be ephemeral anyway. Rely instead on VOTING. Change from within "the system", not from without.
  8. Protesting by obstructing traffic has got to be ineffective. Whose minds are the protesters trying to change anyway? Anyone caught in their traffic jam is lost to their cause. Any cop involved in wrongdoing won't be reached. Any district attorney or judge will not be reached or swayed. Obstructing traffic is no more flailing wildly without purpose -- essentially, an excused tantrum. Protesters: "We're mad enough to do THIS!" People stuck in traffic: "OK ... and? What do you want me to do about it?" Protesters: "Ummm ... dunno. Hadn't thought that far ahead. But we're mad!"
  9. Maybe a tangent: Is there thought to be an immediate Putinist successor waiting in the wings when Putin shuffles off of the mortal coil? Or is the Putinist government of Russia a one-man show, and thus West-facing reforms after Putin may be thought to be at least feasible?
  10. You could ... Smith averaged less than 5 IP an outing, though. In WIS terms, he'd start throwing BP after about 75 pitches.
  11. I am 6'1" and longwaisted ... I do it exactly how shuke and El Floppo described. I can agree that washing my feet in the shower can be a little bit of a PITA. But when I feel the need to do it, I just do it. Yeah, it's not as easy as it would've been 20 years ago when I was more supple. Serious suggestion: you could wash your feet outside of the shower if it's just a "keep 'em clean" thing. For removing dirt or sand ... yeah, a shower or a running bath faucet is best. But just for general maintenance, you could just wet a washcloth or paper towel with some witch hazel (or heck, even rubbing alcohol) and give then a wipedown while seated comfortably on the edge of your bed. The "watery" liquid facial astringents that a lot of women use (Sea Breeze, Noxzema, and a billion others) would do the trick, too, but are more expensive.
  12. Right, but an unknown condition? Or something that developed after Kunan's initial tour as a SEAL (e.g. some viral infections can damage heart muscle)? But yeah, I am definitely keying on the wording -- a translation, at that. Probably way off base.
  13. That same article quotes a Thai SEALs spokesman as saying that Suman Kunan died of a 'medical condition'. I wonder if that's meant to suggest something besides simple "lack of oxygen" -- like maybe a previously undiagnosed heart ailment. Strange wording.
  14. Navy SEALs who rescued Thai soccer team from cave almost didn't make it out, military officials say
  15. No need for a chair -- if you can sit like that, you should be able to raise your right foot in front of your left knee while standing up (basically do the same "figure 4" sitting posture, only while standing). Then you can just reach down and scrub as needed. If necessary, you could brace yourself by leaning against one wall of the shower.