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  1. I do hope Taysom Hill executes the hand-off one day. The last few weeks, opponents have adjusted to Hill keeping the ball in short yardage while Kamara runs straight ahead through open green. Hard to imagine defenses can keep selling out to stop Hill and still recover enough to get a hand on Kamara.
  2. Doug B

    BTTF 2018: Draft Complete

    Jebus ... next week is Thanksgiving. Still no 2018 stats?
  3. Looks like one of those guys who will blow up when benched, then go quiet when started. MVS is a rookie receiver ... Tre'Quan Smith is doing a similar disappearing act in New Orleans right now. Smith and Valdes-Scantling are talented, but their "boom" games are just going to be unpredictable going forward.
  4. Welp -- I benched Golladay for MVS once again. So Golladay owners should start the Lion WR with total confidence.
  5. Crumbles up paper, tosses wad over shoulder.
  6. Doug B

    ______ Passed Away Today, RIP

    [Roy Clark's] right hand is a blur. He was a genius, he could have played speed metal if he wanted Yes indeed. I've read Clark being called the Eddie Van Halen of country music. Might have been that EVH was the Roy Clark of rock.
  7. Doug B

    Thoughts on Brandon Marshall

    Marshall's going to have to learn the playbook in small chunks since he's never played in an Air-Coryell-terminology offense like Dez Bryant did. That will keep him from being a FFB force this year. A handful of 3-45-TD lines are not out of the question, but FFB owners can't count on that in any particular week. EDIT: SID, Robert Meachem was on Matt Moscona's show this afternoon. Meachem was saying that there would actually be plays where Marshall wouldn't know the whole call, but would check with Brees in the huddle to find out which route to run.
  8. Very few outside of Saints fandom will buy this. I will say this much: If somehow Taysom Hill had to be the starting QB for an extended period ... I believe Sean Payton could adjust the offense and call the games in such a way that Hill would succeed often enough and the team could move the ball and score around league average or a little better. The offense takes a substantial statistical hit, yes ... but I don't think the Saints team as constructed now drops down to a 3-13-type team with Taysom Hill under center.
  9. Doug B

    Favorite Indian Dishes

    I am a big fan of all of the saag (spinach, greens) based dishes -- the aforementioned saag paneer, chicken saag, lamb saag, etc. Love dosas, papadums, biryani, tandoori chicken, naan, kheer ... all of it. Two tasty items I have not seen mentioned yet: Pakoras -- just means various kinds of fried veggies. Faves are onion, eggplant, and spinach pakoras. Great for dipping into tamarind or mint chutney. Shrimp curry -- the very best I've had was a "dry" curry dish with shrimp, not swimming in sauce but more like coated with a spiced "rub". Not that "swimming in curry sauce" is really a problem ... just the dry variant was unique and really good. The chef also took the time to remove the shrimp tails, so it was less of a fussy dish to eat.
  10. Doug B

    Obrady/Rudd race across antarctica

    Rudd's mentor tried the health bar and got an infection? Or did he try to cross Antartica and got an infection?
  11. What's interesting to me is that outside of Saints fandom -- and especially on this board -- almost everyone thinks Taysom Hill's use in the Saints' offense is a misguided and abject failure. Saints fans who watch the games typically disagree ... but we have to admit that Payton's hit rate on the Hill plays is not 100%. Still, the "opponents' prep time" and "mind games/keeping the defense off balance" arguments have some merit, IMHO ... but the advantages of using Hill will likely never be anything you can readily commit to metrics. In general, though, NFL fans probably have good reason to be skeptical that Taysom Hill is going to change offense very much. We've seen the Wildcat come and go. We've seen the Colin Kaepernick & RGIII-style of option offense come and go. NFL defenses seem to be very good at adjusting.
  12. Doug B

    Le'Veon Bell

    Bell's 2019 stats will be available by the time the league has to divvy out 2020 compensatory picks ... maybe they'll use 2019?
  13. Doug B

    Le'Veon Bell

    Hardly anyone recognizes this. There's an assumption that another team signing Le'Veon Bell means a 3rd-round pick comes to the Steelers automatically. Not so.
  14. Doug B

    Le'Veon Bell

    Maybe. Some are saying "read the CBA", but the CBA is not 100% crystal-clear and explicit on this matter, is it? Isn't it kind of open to interpretation? The kind of thing league lawyers would hash out with an arbitrator or in front of a judge if the league felt like fighting it?
  15. Doug B

    RIP Stan Lee

    Consider this a tipped forty -- obligatory homage to The Man courtesy of Kevin Smith and Jason Lee.