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  1. 30.08: SP Stripling, Ross LAD
  2. 29.17 UT Alcantara, Arismendy CIN
  3. Made the cover of Tiger Beat Brooding
  4. Rough real-life stats, but actually fairly usable in long relief in WIS last season
  5. Just think that the similarity in notebooks this deep into the draft is interesting in and of itself. Usually by now there is some divergence. Divergence is probably still coming ... just later than in past drafts.
  6. Either I overdrafted him in the 16th or the house undervalued him Good stick at 2B ... and a decent hold on the starting gig, no?
  7. No doubt. Also ... really surprised that nobody has fallen past the round I first thought to draft them. For instance: I consider Players A, B, C, and D in Round 20. I take Player A and believe at least one of the others will "make it back to me". But nope -- every single time, for 28 rounds now, not a single player has "made it back to me".
  8. Who did moops pick here? 25 4 580 moops skip
  9. 28.08 OF Quinn, Roman PHI
  10. Yeah, I thought he was pretty good value at this point :buffsnails: (Actually I have no idea if he's good value. I just scrambled to find a guy who looked like he might crack a rotation at some point this season). Agreed. Clevinger looked like someone who could end up as a perfect WIS long reliever.
  11. 27.17: C Soto, Geovany CWS
  12. I'm looking at my own data so much that when people are being drafted ... I've been looking at them a bunch and remembering that "they've been taken". Sure, my spreadsheet confirms otherwise, but my memory is playing tricks on me
  13. Thought Brault was gone. Nice grab.