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  1. What was supposed to be wrong with that one? From the reverse angle, I can kinda see the Matthews-Cousins sack as looking much, much worse than it really was. But the Kendricks-Rodgers one looks like a mild sack, generic shoulder tackle at the waist, no extra sauce, not gripping the QB's leg, none of that. If it was because Rodgers had already released the ball ... eh, OK. Sacks are then de facto illegal. QBs shouldn't be able to save a jailbreak sack by throwing the ball away at the last second and counting on a flag.
  2. Maybe they ought to go back to "in the grasp" -- to sack a quarterback, one just needs to grab them a bit rather than tackle them to the ground. Then at least free pass rushers can grip the QB (IMHO, even a handful of jersey should be enough), immediately release, and call that a "sack".
  3. Oprah Winfrey and Eddie Murphy as well? C'mon.
  4. I wonder if this really could be a viable sack rule? Or if flags are better? I just see some weird cases that might go missed, like a defender on the ground near the QB who happens to tap fingers from both hands on the QB's shoe or something. And the difference between "getting hands on the QB" and " barely scraping the QB".
  5. The origin of the so-called "white power hand sign" that probably less than 1 in 1,000 Americans recognize as a "white power hand sign" because it started out as a 4chan joke. Plus: the assumption that anytime it is seen anywhere in any context, it can only mean one thing ... the worst interpretation is always assumed. Maladaptive social ideas shouldn't have the spread and virality that they do in the modern world. Yeah, yeah ... there's no going back -- but society is all the worse for it IMHO.
  6. Gah. The flippin' entirety of the Internet is just incorrect. Everything's superficial and knee-jerk ... nothing is vetted or considered with nuance.
  7. Wheel out 87-year-old Red Cashion. Set him up with a monitor and the Red Zone Channel. Every time one of these "roughing" calls comes up, it goes to Cashion to deliver the ultimate judgement. Cashion is given just one instruction: "Call it like you did in the 1980s."
  8. Morris had 80 yds from scrimmage, right? Might still cut him, but he’s not quite at that “useless player” level yet. Pretty shocked at what Breida has shown today. He didn’t look lik that player in Minnesota.
  9. The play that inspired that rule has a once-more-famous name: Ghost to the Post (for former Raiders TE Dave Casper). Trying to remember if The Holy Roller was the same play or not. EDIT: Errr, the fumblerooski thing WAS the Holy Roller. Ghost to the Post was another Casper play the prior season.
  10. Nothing on Vontae Davis here?
  11. Browns outplayed the Saints most of the game. Nothing for the Saints to feel proud about. Screw ‘scoreboard’ - this is a Saints loss.
  12. Over the top was there all game. Did Todd Haley not watch tape of Week 1?
  13. Finally! Michael Thomas’ 2nd TD. EDIT: and Kamara with the 2 pt conversion.