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  1. At this point ... no one's going into battle with like 600 starting IPs, right?
  2. Pedantically pointing out: Jimmy Carter was born in 1924 as well as Bush père.
  3. I had thought DFS, as an industry, was flailing somewhat.
  4. Came in to mention Marques Johnson ... but as a UCLA fan, I shoulda known you wouldn't have missed it Going by memory -- I think that was about the time Marques Johnson started with broadcasting. Might have figured it would be hard to pursue acting work while maintaining a full broadcast schedule.
  5. Of course not. Not at all my point. Point: no nation can survive a nuclear war -- "survive" here meaning "continue forward with no more than a mild disruption to society and culture". Point 2: Russia (or any other nation) cannot start a nuclear war and come out of the other side even a little bit intact. 200 million people having to live underground on pre-stored food and supplies for 60 years (which is a patent impossibility) does not qualify as "intact". Point 3: Russia (or any other nation) starting a nuclear war is like an arsonist lighting a house on fire, then going inside that same house to make a sandwich and watch some TV for a few hours. No missle defense shield or hacking initiatives can prevent a existential-crisis outcome for Russia.
  6. You can't just wait out fallout from a modern nuclear strike. It's not like we'd lob warheads at Moscow, all 9 million Muscovites smoothly go underground, and then all those people just come back aboveboard in a week like nothing happened. Russia cannot survive a nuclear war. Not possible, not even a little bit. I don't mean that all of Russia will be a sheet of glass, or that all Russians would perish. I mean that it -- and the rest of the world -- would be a post-technological wasteland for decades to come. Russia needs markets for its oil and metals, and China needs markets for it's manufacturing and rare-earth elements. Destroying those markets (both physically and economically) would hurt a bombed-out Russia even more deeply.
  7. I like this stance ... sets a precedent that hopefully heads off future repeats. Still unsure why Florida didn't OK the 2016-17 home-game switches with LSU from the get-go. Why the hardline "2016 LSU-UF in Gainesville or no game!" stance?
  8. Russia cannot come out of a global nuclear war without being destroyed -- same as anywhere else. It is impossible for a nuclear power to win a nuclear war and be the last country standing, with global natural resource logistics, world trade, etc. intact.
  9. Re: Alcohol at a kids birthday party. That's one of those Civic Divide issues. Some people say "Why not? What's the harm?" Others say "Really? You can't go a few hours without a drink? At a three-year-old's birthday party? So gauche!" The sides regard each other as three-headed Martians. FUBAR's concern about adults using kid parties as "free babysitting" and then proceeding to get schmidt-faced ... that's a real thing, and many people will shamelessly do it if given the oppoetunity. My personal concern (just me, now) is evaluating the likelihood of "having to drive a kid to the hospital". I got this thing where I'm sure as soon as I get comfy and have a few brews ... I'm going to have to up and handle an emergency right then. That pretty much keeps me from partaking at kid parties beyond a single courtesy brew on occasion.
  10. There's a story here, I just know it
  11. I think I misunderstood your take -- I thought you respected Florida for cannily dropping the LSU game. Everybody at least understands that Florida's actions were done cynically, right? And that if the roles were reversed (LSU bracing for a hurricane, Florida scheduled for Tiger Stadium, LSU stays firm and gets game cancelled), there'd be lots of criticism the other way, right? It was absolutely gamesmanship, correct?
  12. If you can get away without providing meals for all party guests, adults and children, you can drive the price down quite a lot. Louisiana is a food culture ... you hold a gathering of any type at any time, better have plenty of food at the ready. For a kid's party, enough pizza for every adult and child to load up is the minimum. None of this one-slice-per-person stuff -- and don't expect adults to hold off so kids can eat and enjoy.
  13. "Monster" if they stay and pig out on the meant-for-kids party food? Or "monster" if they leave their kid and come back later? Around here ... you invite ten non-family kids, you're feeding a minimum of 20 non-family people for sure (customary for younger siblings to be allowed without asking ... I know, totally verboten for some people).
  14. Yes, indeed ... unless it is filled with edibles. But a lot of the cheapie plastic toys Party City and Dollar General sell for "goodie bags" ... yeah, huge rip-off.
  15. Since those days, well, let's see ... we've elected six more presidents . But yeah, I remember those simpler parties. Some of my friends started having skating parties or parties at the brand-spanking-new Showbiz Pizza ... that stuff started roughly 1981-82 for my crew. But even then, expectations were lower -- no buffet line for the adults (what adults?), for example.