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  1. Max Power, where did this article come from? They made a typo -- should be "1996". Cummings was 15 years old in 1966. ... RIP to The Honorable Elijah Cummings.
  2. Good point -- N.O. probably not a good fit from Ajayi's standpoint, especially if he still feels he can be a team's lead back.
  3. Yes. Washington will get some run, though -- Murray won't be getting 30 touches or anything like that.
  4. I wonder if Ajayi's knee is still not quite right. Consider that the Saints gave WR Cameron Meredith a long trial period to come back from a bad knee injury -- he even made the opening day 52 last season. But due to that experience with Meredith, maybe the Saints are more averse to injury risk these days.
  5. Zenner signing with the Saints today per Ian Rappoport. Former Detroit OC Joe Lombardi is the Saints QB coach now, and Zenner is familiar with a lot of the playbook (concepts, anyway). Doesn't mean he is being plugged in directly for a gimpy Alvin Kamara, though. More likely, Zenner's presence allows the Saints to elevate former 3rd RB Dwayne Washington for a few weeks.
  6. Saints signing former Lions RB Zach Zenner today, per Ian Rappoport. Zenner has some knowledge of the Saints' offensive concepts through Saints offensive assistant Joe Lombardi's OC stint with Detroit (2014-15). Pretty sure Zenner's not sliding in for Kamara. Instead, I believe they are prepping 3rd tailback Dwayne Washington for a lot more first-team work in certain packages, and thus need him off of scout team/special teams duty. Additionally, on Monday the team had former Saints and Buffalo Bills RB Travaris Cadet in for a workout. For me, with the information available now, reading the tea leaves ... I expect Kamara to be out the next two games.
  7. Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero #Saints RB Alvin Kamara is dealing with a high ankle-type issue that will limit him in practice this week, per sources. Kamara still thinks he has a shot to play Sunday against the #Bears.
  8. looks sweet (soulful flicker between F sharp minor and G sharp minor chords)
  9. Speculative-Add Guys, 30-Man non-IDP Roster Guys, etc. -- Saints' RB Dwayne Washington is worth a pick up. Not yet in conventional-roster normal-bench redrafts.
  10. Nothing is known or even hinted at as of right now, early Monday morning. Spidey-sense speculation? Murray showed enough in the second half yesterday to make Payton feel OK (not to say thrilled) about sitting Kamara against Chicago. Sitting out two games, even, is in play to take Kamara's recovery time through the bye. Again, pure speculation.
  11. More from Saintsreport (note: these are fans posting, not media) House Call said: 100% accurate. Kamara’s balance is key to his effectiveness— so teams have been going low on him to minimize his ability to spin out or away from contact. It’s working too, so expect it to continue. Also, expect more lower extremity dings to Kamara.
  12. Lots of scuttlebutt about Kamara hurting (if not injuring) his knee during the game yesterday:
  13. I caught the first half on the radio, so I wasn't able to see what Kamara was doing -- though I know he went to the medical tent early on. Here's an account from, courtesy of sammymvpknight:
  14. Yep. But hey -- Andy Reid knows he's right. Watch, he'll prove it.
  15. Has Tyron Smith been right at any point since the Saints game? I remember him coming up with a bad ankle after one play late against N.O. -- but if I remember correctly, Smith stayed in and finished the game. Wonder if he made his ankle (?) worse?