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  1. In-class assignments, I'm not sure how they work. I know they get them, and they turn them in via Google Classroom/Google Drive. Other software is incorporated, as well (e.g. Nearpod, Khan Academy videos, more) ... IMHO, it's a few things too many. Probably should be streamlined and in common among all classes, all subjects. Just my non-expert opinion, though. He actually has two math courses (his weakest subject, probably two grade levels behind) -- one is regular 8th grade math, the other is a remedial course meant to reinforce 7th grade math. The math teachers lean hard on Khan Academy for their virtual students ... those videos bore both my son and me to tears. I don't have an appetite to make him sit after school and watch all that, so I teach the concepts to him myself. ... A shortened school day would probably help the virtual learners, at least some of them. My son is on five 90-minute Zoom calls four days a week (8 am - 4 pm with 30 min lunch). As a middle-aged adult ... I myself zone out of online meetings that last that long. Back when I was in 8th grade, it would have been much worse ... and my son is dealing with the same issues.
  2. I remember that earlier on, Florida was making an effort to stop vehicles from Louisiana (and other hot-spot states) from entering via I-10.
  3. Cross is pretty much yacht rock through and through -- though it's important to remember that "yacht rock" is retrospective label coined in recent years. People weren't calling it that when the music was contemporary. Nevertheless, it's hard to think of Cross' "Sailing" as anything but a textbook example of the genre as now defined. Another nice selection pairs Cross with Michael McDonald -- "Ride Like the Wind (Live in 1998)". Man, McDonald's keys sure are faithful to the studio track. EDIT: Damn -- never really thought of Christopher Cross as a shredder, but he could bring it live.
  4. A little surprised this thread wasn't bumped for the Vikings and Titans news (below), though @beer 30 did bring it up in the general COVID thread:
  5. My son is struggling so bad with it so far. At this point, it's less the school's issue than it is his and ours. He needs constant monitoring ... he doesn't yet have the executive function (even in 8th grade) to stay on a boring-to-him task (Zoom call + in-class assignments) for 90 minutes.
  6. I see. It would seem, then, that the question of whether those teams' next games will be played should already be a settled issue at this time, right now. Yet I bet the league's line, right now, is something to the effect of "We'll make a determination at a later time".
  7. Masks required? If so I don't see any difference between doing this and going to Target. Maybe I'm being too loose with this... Agree with nirad3 here. However, there are A LOT of ways for a group of 75 people to execute this incorrectly. Masked the entire time indoors needs to be de rigeur ... no "it's just family" exceptions. An every-other-pew system maintains plenty of distance during the ceremony itself --- but that should be maintained before and after the service, as well. There shouldn't be a bunch of close congregation before and after, and there shouldn't be any hugging or close-talking, even for family people haven't seen in years. In short -- a lot of social instincts will have to be conscientiously overridden, and all temptations to cut corners have to be beaten back. Now ... that said ... a few slip-ups here and there won't doom everyone. It's more a concern with the overall ethic of the exercise. If the 75 people kind of collectively agree that "this is a no-mask zone" and/or a "no social-distancing zone", then things break down in a hurry. Conversely, a handful of people forgetting to toe the line a few times won't sink everyone.
  8. Do we know what this means? No practice? Is some kind of limited practice allowed (e.g. walkthroughs while masked up)? One would think that no practice through Saturday (or do you mean through Friday?) would mean the game would have to be scratched.
  9. Here's how self-effacing Jimi Hendrix was by nature -- Hendrix shrugging off Dick Cavett's praise as "one of the best guitar players in the world". I believe this is from the July 7, 1969 episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
  10. From bits and pieces of shop urban legends I've gathered from professional musicians in the area ... it's kind of a running joke that Hendrix has said everyone is "better than him." The more considered stance is that Hendrix was simply free with praise for guitarists because he loved the instrument and instantly had respect for those that put in the work and could express themselves well through guitar. Further, Hendrix was both easy-going and self-assured about his own abilities and never felt threatened (somehow) by other players.
  11. No idea what a npi is. But I'm gonna guess it's a yes. NPI = non-pharmaceutical interventions against a pathogen. Hand washing, face coverings, social distancing, etc.
  12. Off the yacht rock reservation, but worth a link — Wayne Toups’ Cajun French cover titled “Les Filles de la Ville”.
  13. New Orleans Ladies Linking via phone, not elegant.
  14. 10 More Yacht Rock Tunes (sorry, no links) 20. Kiss You All Over - Exile 19. The Things We Do for Love - 10cc 18. Heart of the Night - Poco 17. Love Will Find a Way - Pablo Cruise 16. Sentimental Lady - Bob Welch 15. Fool If You Think It’s Over - Chris Rea 14. Cool Night - Paul Davis 13. New Orleans Ladies - LeRoux 12. What a Fool Believes - Doobie Brothers 11. Miracles - Jefferson Starship