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  1. Totally get it, but I have to say that as someone who was anti meds for years and years and years, I really do wish that I had done it sooner. i agree that the mental health system is a challenge to navigate. But don’t be discouraged. Do what needs to be done to love your best life. Again, I am saying this as someone who has been in the situation of #### it all and it’s too much, too annoying, too embarrassing, too whatever to deal with. I’ve been there. It can be better.
  2. because I know youve all been waiting, My top 5 from the first round dark side of the moon The beatles Songs in the key of life Nirvana unplugged And..... Kind of blue? or maybe like 6 others...
  3. Sip of sunshine canned at 8:37 pm on Monday. Quite a find here in pa. Did a double take. Half acre tome still a great pale ale as a general go to
  4. In my shuffling, was noticing some commonalities in song titles, so thought I would go through and sort a few of them: ANIMALS Animal - PJ Coyote - Joni Foxey Lady - Jimi Will the Wolf Survive? - Los Lobos Black Dog - LZ Dogs - Pink Floyd Sheep - Pink Floyd War Pigs - Sabbath Judy and the Dream of Horses = Belle & Sebastian Dixie Chicken - Little Feat Rooster - AIC Birds of Paradise - Pretenders Bird on a Wire - Leonard Cohen Freebird II - ParquetCourts Snail - Pumpkins Rock Lobster - B 52s Turtle all the Way Down - Sturgill I am the Walrus - Beatles Elephant - Isbell The Rat - The Walkmen Empire Ants - Gorillaz (2-fer!) Venus in Furs - Velvet Underground Zombie Zoo - Petty
  5. damn, that reminds me that there was some other type of media that i wanted to draft but now i can't remember...
  6. the latest shuffle reviews War pigs- sabbath good Tears dry on their own - winehouse good When you dance I really can love - Neil y good black boys on mopeds - sinead good American life - primus good
  7. interesting to see the responses from fans who never really went too deep on this album. I personally didn't get into them until a little bit before this album came out, but I've certainly listened to the whole catalogue. I love the production and concept and extension of melodic complexity and arrangement that this album represented. Here is a pretty good description: The Rake's Song
  8. ROUND 58 - GREATEST NBA MOMENT Maurice Cheeks helps little girl sing national anthem If you don't want to admit that this was the greatest moment in NBA history, that's ok. The world needs heartless pricks, too! I am not a sentimental person, but that video has always gotten me.
  9. ROUND 15 BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY - CHEAP THRILLS (1968) Piece of My Heart Number 2 TBD Not an expert on Janis or the band but always loved her voice (obviously) and this album is very cool in the mix of live performances and studio stuff.
  10. Guest List - Screeching Weasel nice upbeat happy melody to kick things off. Know the band, though not an expert. Certainly solid punk. The Queen is Dead - The Smiths i'm sure this will be cheery. what is this guy even talking about? is he looking for a political assassination or a meet cute? Doves - Pounding Drums are on-brand for the song title. little surprised to see this band go early, but i like them. there's another song that i love love by them but i can't seem to find it.
  11. damn, really need something to cheer me up. the playlist shuffle better do me right.
  12. Me to me wife around noon: what time did you want to go out today? wife: around 12:45 1:12 and counting me ready and waiting: except I don’t even have any coffee because I held off thinking we would be leaving...