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  1. Chris's intervention. Dark Horse: When he backs off of Gary LaManna before cracking the guy in the skull with the shovel.
  2. wow, lackey's peripherals are much better, higher k rate,and BABIP is 100 pts higher than Lohse.
  3. guess you havent seen his stats so far this year in the minorsguess i'm going to trust the 300 innings he's thrown in the past 3 years over the 18 from this year for now.
  4. "Is Seattle trying to collect them???" -BusterTBronco Well if Wilson has a sophomore jinx season, they won't have to worry about a QB controversy. He's still the only QB on their roster. sophomore jinx? like when he won the super bowl?
  5. Bridgewater won't fall due to racism. He'll fall because his style of play doesn't work in the NFL. He can also thank RG3 and his debacle of a season last year. These two are nothing alike. Bridgewater is a pro style pocket passer who seldomly runs. Not sure how "pocket passer" doesn't work in the NFL i guess you didn't notice they are both black?!
  6. I saw him use it once. I did like caller's question about whether pulling the goalie is really a good strategy. Mike was pretty measured in his response, though hockey seems to be the one topic he is careful about.
  7. thanks. makes sense to me. still going back and forth on Keuchel @SEA and vs. OAK over Broxton or Santos. not the greatest SP option.
  8. in the majors, this is true, but in the minors, his walk rates were average to good. never seen the guy, just going off stats.
  9. if next week, Gee seems like the play given his 2 starts at home, including 1 vs.MIA.
  10. long-term or just for next week? i assume long term, as gee is the only one with 2 starts. if talking long-term,Gibson looks the most intriguing from a quick glance at the peripherals. Great K rates and FIP in the minors and good GB%. Next start vs. TB, which should be pretty good. Simon had a very low BABIP last year and ridiculous so far this year. Gee is not bad, but more of a FB pitcher, which is ok for him at home, but less good on the road. Morrow, your guess is as good as mine whether he can put it all together this year, but he will turn 30 in july and still hasn't.
  11. long-term or just for next week? i assume long term, as gee is the only one with 2 starts.
  12. Strategy question with pitchers: In general, would you lean toward using a 2-start pitcher in the RP spot if he has eligibility or a closer? In this points league, a closer basically maxes at 11 with a save (5 for the save itself). A good start gets like 15-20 pts, a very good start gets 21-27 and great start gets like 28-35. I feel like with the way these closers are this year, it's better to take the chance with a decent SP/good matchups who has 2 starts. Innings Pitched (IP) 3 Earned Runs (ER) -2 Losses (L) -5 Saves (SV) 5 Strikeouts (K) 1 Hits Allowed (H) -1 Walks Issued (BB) -1 Quality Starts (QS) 5
  13. i guess jonathan villar isn't the worst. will probably hit about .250, decent walk rates, maybe 10 HR/50 RBI.
  14. my pre-season projections show Martin with 293 pts, Bourn with 292 and Xander with 284, then a drop to Rasmus at 255.
  15. ok, to clarify, i could use another hitter to potentially fill my util slot some weeks. right now, i've been using michael brantley, with chase headley on the bench. I was going to use teixera, but he's on DL and now i'm not sure what to think about him anyway. Got rid of mujica so i had a spot and wanted a hitter. i do love multi-pos eligibilty. 1 pt for each TB, R, RBI, BB 2 for SB -1 for K, CS
  16. 12-team weekly h2h, 19-man rosters so not terribly deep. Boegarts was my inclination.
  17. Which bat should I grab for a bench/util spot? Bogaerts Grandy Bourn Rasmus Leonys Bj upton Khris davis Other?