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  1. yeah, i had some initial thoughts on how I would start to look at it.
  2. i guess i'm not sure that would be true. wasn't the point that if there were too many cases in the hospital, there would not be sufficient resources to treat them? would that not have prevented our ability to reduce the mortality rate? also, with something like this, isn't the issue also that the potential for an uncontrollable spread could be so dangerous, there it is very difficult to use a straight EV/costs-benefits analysis?
  3. how do you know that that the .4% mortality rate would not have been higher if there were not extreme measures taken?
  4. what was the right mortality rate to use? How do you know what it is? I think that this is a reasonable discussion to have, but there are lots of hypotheticals involved and we are going to need to keep counterfactuals at top of mind when trying to draw conclusions.
  5. could you finish up your draft before you get banned again... Or allow me to be your proxy?
  6. Round 59 - Greatest NBA Forward DOLPH SCHAYES He was a man ahead of time who could have been great in many eras. Over the course of his Hall of Fame career, Dolph Schayes' .192 win shares per 48 minutes trailed only Bob Pettit's .214 among power forwards. And his 18.5 points per game were the product of a well-rounded scoring game. "People remember Dolph's long set shots," former teammate Al Bianchi said in Terry Pluto's Tall Tales (h/t the New York Times' Richard Goldstein). "But what made him great was that he could shoot running one-handers—and make them with either hand. His left was as good as his right." That Schayes was so comfortably above average as a shooter while taking long-range shots on a floor without a three-point line is impressive. Before threes arrived, the general goal was getting as close to the rim as possible. But Schayes was something of a floor-spacing anomaly. "He was the only guy who had legitimate 25-30 foot range," Hall of Fame coach Alex Hannum told ESPN's Ken Shouler. "You could add five points to his career [average] if they had the three-point shot back then." "...a bridge between the old game and the new one," Schayes tallied 12 All-NBA selections. Defenders who attempted to deny him the outside shot were confronted by his powerful drive to the basket. These two offensive weapons served him well, even as the NBA was transitioning into a league of jump-shooters. Early in Schayes' career, he broke his right arm and played almost an entire season in a cast. Oddly, this injury became a seminal point in his development: he learned to shoot with his off-hand, making him especially difficult to guard. When he retired in 1964, he held the NBA records for games played (996), foul shots made (6,712), attempted (7,904), personal fouls (3,432) and was second to Bob Pettit in scoring (18,438) and third in rebounds (11,256) In 1961, he became the first player in NBA history to amass 30,000 career total PRA (Points + Rebounds + Assists). He was the first person in the NBA to ever surpass 15,000 points. In 1970, he was elected to the NBA 25th Anniversary Team as one of the top 12 retired players. In 1972, he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He is also a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the US National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, and the National Jewish American Sports Hall of Fame. In 1996, he was selected as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.
  7. ken houston was a great player, but FTR, he was not a 12x all pro.
  8. Round 17 - THE DEAD WEATHER -HOREHOUND (2009) I like what jack white represents creatively today, but Dw is by far my favorite of all of white’s projects. allison Mosshart is so so good and I like the more unconventional rock stuff that jack does with dw. Hang you from the heavens New pony
  9. I think he may be the better writer, but he doesn’t have Near the soul or singing talent of Billie. They are a great combo when in the right lane. Will be interesting if she ever decides to work with someone else, but she really seems to relish working with him
  10. Round 16 - FUGAZI - IN ON THE KILL TAKER (1993) Public witness program Smallpox champion Since flop broke the fugazi seal, might as well grab this one now.
  11. do you mean like fight off to save your life or fight like a 12-round MMA match against?
  12. i was thinking of this exact joke a few days ago when someone said why are we worried about rushing through this draft
  13. Just explained this draft to my wife. she said she is “fine” with all of my choices except Metallica. divorce?