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  1. Well at least my pants aren't on fire.....I just checked
  2. Hey man, I don't be spillin or nothin! We get think everything should be shut down. A large portion of the country disagrees. Maybe you just need to put on your big girl panties and come out of your parents basement.
  3. So I have to go to work to make money as well.....if I "opt out" I will be replaced....I spose I could just sit at home in fear, and not make my mortgage payment.
  4. GO BEAVS!!! That the most tense I've been watching a game for a long time!
  5. I'm with you. Looking forward to a competitive division slugfest that means something....hell with the win loss records
  6. I'm in two leagues, and our owners manage their teams weekly even if they are out of the running.....if they didn't, they would be harassed, ridiculed, shamed,'s the's not accepted.
  7. I refused to consider him on the ww when he emerged because of my hatred for the ducks, his alma mater......yea, I know, dumb, but the hatred runs deep.
  8. Seems like if he feels he has to do this weekly, theres a bigger problem with participation, maybe?
  9. Right, unless you feel like you can make moves to make a run next season. I'm not saying they feel that way, but they prolly ain't making the post season, so why wouldn't it at least be a possibility? Guys do get shut down in pro sports, on crappy teams, all the time.
  10. Will the lions score? Or will they continue to be the Beavis of the NFL?