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  1. You saw what mono boy, aka captain 5 head did to our secondary, right?
  2. Correction, calls....Flowers was hosed on both calls
  3. What really sucks is even though you can challenge things like PI, they aren't overturning blatant bad calls, so coaches are not going to challenge, even if they know it's the wrong call. How did we go backwards on all this?
  4. I'm surprised Trey Flowers didn't lose it! Those two calls for hands to the face were HORRIBLE, and instrumental in the Lions losing the game.
  5. Their defense has been incredible, no matter level of competition......just seems silly to me to have Tom running the ball. He might break a hip!
  6. Why is Tom Brady continually doing QB sneaks? Padding his stats? Seems like a a needless risk to take. He goes down, the Pats are toast.
  7. Obviously not to this extent, but I drafted them based on the matchups on their schedule. It's just paying off at a higher rate than expected.
  8. Brent Jones is a doosh
  9. Cousins sucks. I think that's pretty well established.
  10. I foresee force feeding the ball to Diggs/Thielen this week.
  11. Last night was not promising. Maybe against teams that have a stouter front we'll see more passing downfield. I don't think the Steelers can dink and dunk all season.....I guess they can try, but it will not be sustainable.
  12. He did this in college too. Kinda came outta nowhere and just won games. I think the kid has "it".
  13. Daniel looked pretty good. That defense is good enough for a game manager to that takes care of the ball.