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  1. I doubt he'd play even if they agreed to pay what he was asking. He doesn't want to play football. And every time he seemingly has a opp that falls through, the legend grows, which helps him maintain what he has off the field.....the reality is, he'd likely flop, which would hurt the persona he's created off the field.
  2. I don't even realize they were playing over the weekend
  3. Brady needs to ride off into the sunset....he's toast.
  4. Mike takes the heat for it, but they all did it back then. It's a constant arms race that adjusts to the way they call it......any slight advantage you can get without getting flagged
  5. I think it's safe to change the name of this thread today
  6. The offense sputtered at critical moments in the game, and it was mostly when they passed......I'm sure he's wishing he'd have called more run plays. It's what got em there and KC wasn't exactly stopping it
  7. No, the playcalling cost them the game. They should have run the ball every down like they did against the Packers.
  8. The NFL made it to where DB's couldn't even breath on receivers without a PI least the pendulum is swinging back some.
  9. They are definitely calling offensive PI more often, and I think it's a good thing. Receivers get away with it all the time. DB's have been hamstrung for years and now the pendulum is swinging back a lil bit. Oh, and George Kittle is a bigger, stronger, faster, Joe Dirt.
  10. Hi, my name is Kyle Shanahan. I'm known as an innovative play caller.......until I get to the Super Bowl.
  11. He pushed off and got caught. Why is this even a thread?
  12. Yea, he's great. Hes gonna have his biggest test Sunday. Part of my assessment of taking Russ for this specific game is based on him knowing the 9ers. I'll be rooting for Mahomes and Co......they better not start slow like they've been doing, against this D.
  13. How bout, Russ does what he does with less talent around him? The fallout from the the SB runs, and Russ is the constant.....that Hawks team this season was willed to where they got by Russ
  14. If all y'all can constantly discredit the individual 90's Cowboys HOF players based on the their collective greatness, then Eli gets that treatment ten-fold.......his defenses were the MVP's of those SB's......they kicked Tom Terrifics ###!!
  15. Can't fault anyone for picking Mahomes, but Russ is now a crafty vet still in his prime