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  1. Yea, but Ben isn't as good as he was either. He sure does like the kid though.
  2. Much like Tommy, looks like father time is closing in......kept waiting for him to really pick the Raidahs apart, but it just never really happened.....very un-Brees like.
  3. So how bad is the OL really? They looked bad in the first two, obviously. Can they get better? I have no clue about them other than they graded to middle/lower of the OL's and Solder opted out.
  4. Dion Lewis is an old, 3rd down back who had one good season with the Pats....Gallman is a meh, career backup Freeman is BY FAR the most accomplished of these guys.....and maybe he won't pan out at all, but he's easily the most intriguing fantasy option moving forward, imo.....I could see the argument for Lewis in ppr
  5. He's a duck, so he won't be on any of my teams.....gotta draw the line somewhere.
  6. It really was a horrible play call....I mean when u telegraph a play on the GL, in the NFL, it's going to fail more times than not.....and it's not like they had another shot. That was it! You spread em out, give Cam options, and make the defense guess.......I mean Cam rolling out looking for the pass, and then taking on a couple guys to get in the EZ.....those seem like better odds, don't they?
  7. RB is #### show this season in FF......he's worth a shot, I mean he got a job let's see what happens
  8. Steve Belichick and his mullet.....of course his name is Steve, and of course he has a mullet.....I hope he drives a camaro, cuz he's the Belichicks world, we are just living in it.
  9. Cam is a physical specimen......Russ is the complete package.
  10. I have to admit, Cam was really good tonight......but he's not Russ.....Russ is a stone cold killer. I found myself mostly happy about Cam being upended, so we didn't have to watch his subsequent, ridiculous celebration.
  11. Best rushing QB in the NFL. He reminds me of Darren Sproles when he scrambles.