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  1. He's getting a second chance. I hope he's on the right path.
  2. Man, I'm not sure who you're listening too, but most of what I heard right after Witten hung em up was he is very good, but not a first ballot HOF'er, and in many instances, not a HOF'er at all. I think youre prolly right with 75/25 but it should be more like 60/40 for guys who do, just like RB's we have specialist TE's....blocking TE's, or hybrid receivers who don't block or can't block..... guys who only catch passes should be grouped with WR's because they are not true TE's. Gronk is a denying that.....but he also benefited tremendously from having Brady throwing him the ball, and hes destroyed his body....he is a shell of what he was.....some of being a pro football player is being available to play.....Gronk looks like he's gonna get injured every play.....he kinda plays out of control, which is partly why he's been great, but its also cut down his career, and he's missed plenty of games.
  3. It's refreshing to see. Ever since Witten has retired all I hear about from all the analysts is how he was a compiler and he only had this many TD's, etc.......nothing about his blocking his toughness his leadership.....tight ends are not wide receivers. It's irritating to me when talking about the greats most people focus solely on receiving stats
  4. I'm a homer so take this with a grain of salt.....and I've used essentially the same argument for Emmitt....tough guy, longevity, etc...blah blah blah I think we get caught up in the stats....we love to crunch stats....and we love to say this stat is more important than that one.....all I know is Witten missed one game his entire career from a broken jaw during his rookie season....he played with a lacerated spleen....and he was a very prolific player in the running and receiving game, so there was plenty of time to get hurt or take time off or whatever....was he exciting to watch? Not really.....his value was more about consistency and excellence in everything he did including blocking, and just being available to to be on the field for his team.....was he as good of an offensive threat as most of the other guys talked about in here? No.....was he an ALL AROUND top 10 TE? I think hes got to be in the 10 top
  5. So when talking about TE's why do we minimize their blocking? We talk about them in terms of receiving stats only, when in reality, blocking is a huge part of what they do
  6. I get it, it's a business, and when a guy like Kirk Cousins gets a huge payday, a guy like Dak Prescott sees he can cash in for really not doing much accept being serviceable at a position that has a scarcity of quality. It just sucks because if you pay a Dak Prescott caliber of QB, how are you going to sign enough talent to make up for his deficiencies under the salary cap?
  7. That whole Rams O hasn't looked the same since Kupp got injured....they just look out of sync right the Pats D, they smelled blood in the water and went in for the kill. That said, Gurley and the rest of the Rams O will be back....there is a lot talent there, but sometimes things just kind of snowball in a bad way......You could see it in the whole Rams offense's body language.....they were beat, and they couldn't respond.
  8. Agree 100% I love Edelman, but his career does not equate to a HOF career......he has like two 1000 yard he's had Tom Brady throwing to him.......he's a stud for sure, and right now one of the best in the game, but he won't sniff the HOF.
  9. Why? Dude was a machine who outworked everyone.....the reason him and Shaq couldn't get along is cuz Kobe was Lazer focused and Shaq wasn't.....they could've won a pile more's a mentality that some of these share and Kobe absolutely had it.
  10. There's a lot of people who have been turned off by the NFL in recent times......imo, its mainly the wishy washy handling of player punishment, their poor handling of CTE over the years, the Kapernick thing, and changing of rules to favor offensive scoring......they've become a bloated bully. To clarify, I'm not stating my stance on the above, just pointing out a reason or perception as to why people are turning away from the NFL.
  11. Count me in the "Gurley is the key to this game" group. CJ Anderson is nice, but a 100% Gurley is a game changer....sets up the play action, and that's where the Rams can win
  12. Bradys mentality reminds me of Kobe or Jordan.....nothing matters except ripping your opponents heart out and stomping on it.
  13. A lot of the talking heads are saying they expect the Pats to take Woods and Cooks out of the game.....I dunno. Cooks got knocked out of last year's SB by that vicious hit, early. This year will be different......I think he has something like an 8 for 90 and teeter kind of stat line.....McVay and Goff will figure out how to get him the ball in space.