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  1. I traded Wes Welker, Jason Witten and about 35% of our leagues FAAB for Aaron Hernandez. Literally never got to use him. That stung for a while and definitely made me more hesitant to pull the trigger down the road.
  2. I really feel like each kid needs to become comfortable with technology and learn how to code, or at the least, a good basic understanding. As technology continues to advance as rapidly as it is, it will only become more and more important in every field. For me personally, I was EE, did a year coop, hated it, changed to a math degree, took the P1 actuary exam, and got a job at an insurance company. Quickly switched into IT within the company, and am now considered a Cloud-Engineer/Software Developer.
  3. He keeps a list of all the dumb stuff he's said:
  4. Late to the thread, but I hate to hear it GB hang in there man, I cant imagine what it's like, and if the only thing I can really do to help is read your posts about how you're doing and your thoughts, than I hope it at least provides some happiness and escape for you.
  5. In slow motion and still shots, seems pretty clear the head, neck, and torso are being affected by the facemask.
  6. I was pretty heavy into basketball cards around 5th-9th grade, and some of my fondest memories, was when my dad would surprise me with a few packs of cards when he got home from work. He never collected them, but loved to open them and "let's see who we get!". It was always exciting and fun, and something I really enjoyed doing with my Dad. I had a few buddies that collected with me, and since we were kids, we made an agreement to just give each other rookie cards from their favorite teams. Since my dad is a big Lakers fan, I was a Lakers fan, and thus I have a ton of Kobe Bryant's rookie cards, all of which I put in hard plastic cases once I got them. I checked on ebay, and a few of the Kobe cards seem to be holding pretty good value. I have an absolute ton of other basketball cards as well, none of which are graded, and rarely are they going for more than like $6. My son is obsessed with all things Hockey, so starting last year he started putting together the upper deck sets. He is more interested in just completing the sets than any one player, so we've been just buying a few boxes/packs for christmas/birthdays until he gets down to around 10-15 missing, and use ebay to grab the randos he's missing. He just recently finished the UpperDeck 2018-2019 series 1 set and waiting for series 2 to be released. He keeps them in binders with clear sleeves as his favorite thing to do is read the stats on the backs of the cards. I'm glad that he's into it because now I get to do the same with him. I find myself stopping by a card store and grabbing a random pack or two and getting excited about opening them and seeing how excited he gets when he gets someone he's still missing.
  7. Did you ever get to see the test? I must have missed it. Was it multiple-choice, fill in the blank, etc?
  8. Interesting, so this sits behind the switch plate? Off the top of my head, if I had 3 of these could handle all my lights between my livingroom/dining room/ kitchen, which is just essentially one giant open floor plan and 5ish switches around the spaces controlling all the various lights.
  9. Right, this was my first plan, but if someone turns the other switch off manually, won't it mess up the "smart" switch, too? Definitely planning on going the switch route v bulbs. Got a pack of the bulbs for Christmas, but bought outlets for all our lamps v bulbs and was way cheaper. Just need to figure out the 4 switch boxes, etc. Was planning on doing motion detector switches in the bathrooms, too, as my kids are terrible at turning the lights back off.
  10. I just started adding some home automation, got a few bulbs and outlets. Next is the switches, as seems the cheaper option then getting 9 bulbs for the chandelier,, but the problem I'm running into is that all of my switches in our living room are 3-4 way switches, and with multiple (3-4) switches in each box. For example, behind my couch is a 4 switch box, one for the fan light, one for the fan, one that turns off the light over the table and one for an outlet on the other side of the room. On the dining room wall, is one that controls the light over the table, the main room light/fan and the kitchen light, too. Anyone able to replace that many 3-4 way switches with that many switches per box? And if so, what did you use?
  11. The Flyer's mascot just went running by my office building on 2nd avenue waving at random people as he passed.
  12. Titans had an offer for the Thursday game against the Jags, that was $20 for a ticket and included a $10 concession voucher that couldn't be used on alcohol. Was amazing, and might be the only chance I'll have take the family to a NFL game for under $100 including concessions.
  13. Do you have access to a cloud provider? Or is all this going to be hosted onprem?
  14. Is it just a WordPress site? If so highly recommend And then lock it down. If you're looking for for an entire intranet solution, just use AWS or your favorite cloud provider with an internal vpc.
  15. Agree. He's still in tier 2 for me. Luck, Rodgers, Wilson, Goff, Watson